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    Which Pre-SS Zelda Has the Best Combat?

    It's looking like Skyward Sword is going to take the best Zelda combat award by a long shot, but if we consider only games before skyward sword, which game has the best combat. In my opinion, the combat in most of the 3D titles is too easy, especially WW and TP, and the combat in AoL bordered...
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    Great Sea Geography

    I have only played phantom hourglass once, so I am not super familiar with the map. I was wondering if anyone has any theories about how the Windwaker map relates to the phantom hourglass map. Are they nearby? Do they overlap at all? Do any canonical locations appear in the PH map as they do in...
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    What is the Biggest Problem in Your Own Theory?

    So, I've been a member since back in 09, but unfortunately I've been away from the forums for almost 2 years (stupid real job), and I'm trying to come back. It's easier to start a discussion than to try to catch up on everything already going on, so here's my question. We all have our pet...
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    Second Quest

    I've played and beaten LoZ many times, but I've never played through the second quest. Every time I beat the game I don't feel like going directly into another play through without some time off. Then once it has been a while I never want to jump directly into a second playthrough, and so the...
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    First Zelda Released in Your Lifetime?

    Browsing profiles on this forum, it occurred to me that most members were not even alive when the first few Zelda games were released and that probably has a lot to do with how different members feel about the games. LoZ was released in Japan in Feb. 1986 and I was born in Nov. 1986. The game...
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    The best timeline I've seen

    I would like to propose a timeline. There is a lot of discussion about timeline theories, but I would like to actually propose one which I think does a better job incorporating all of the elements of all of the games than any timeline I've seen. I did not create this timeline, but I've given it...
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    The White Sword

    Ok, I'm new to this site (just registered tonight), but when I saw a section about Zelda mysteries, I just had to bring this one up. In the TMC the we find out that the picori (or four) sword without the power of the elements is the white sword. We only see the white sword in one other Zelda...
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