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  1. PrinceofDarkness

    Help with building the 3rd house in Minish Cap

    I recently went back and started trying to complete all the sidequests in Minish Cap and get all the heart pieces and I'm stuck trying to build the 3rd house in Hyrule Town. I've looked around and it says Gorman is supposed to show up near the cat pin and ask you to get rid of the cats there but...
  2. PrinceofDarkness

    My Timeline Theory

    The Minish Cap | | | Ocarina of time from here my timeline splits into to two diff. ones in occordance with each ending in OT. Child Link Timeline A Link warns the Hylians of Ganon's threat and goes in search of navi | Majora's mask | The seven sages confront Ganon and try to kill him but our...
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