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  1. Shroom

    If you could add ONE item to BOTW2, what would it be?

    Master Gun Maybe a musical item? Those felt strangely omitted, though, the game didn't necessarily need them. I've always wanted to see the magnet gloves be used in a 3D space too, especially with the ability to pull yourself towards objects. Otherwise, maybe just a power-up like gloves or...
  2. Shroom

    Christmas 2019 Avatar & Signature Competition - Entry Round

    My art speaks for itself
  3. Shroom

    Should Link Speak?

    I'd rather he didn't. I think there's enough juxtaposition with the dialogue options that you can fill in the gaps to how Link actually phrased something when you select a phrase to respond to characters. I don't really think it'd affect my enjoyment or the quality of the games in anyway. I...
  4. Shroom

    What's the best Remaster/Remake you've ever played?

    Ocarina of Time 3D. I love the look of the original and miss some of the aesthetic things it offered, but 3D is just so good and the gyro aim is a god send.
  5. Shroom

    Do you avoid politics online?

    I used to care a bit more about politics and political discussion, and it felt like it had real weight. There's a time and place for it though, and I find some people get too caught up in it for the wrong reasons. We're on a Zelda website, we aren't going to solve the world's problems here, and...
  6. Shroom

    Nintendo You Can Play as Link in Super Mario Maker 2

    It's cool, and will give me an excuse to jump back into the game. With all the functionality of Link, I hope they add more characters into the game with their skill set. I could easily see Samus or Mega Man getting thrown in as power-ups as well, and that could make for some neat levels.
  7. Shroom

    What Annoyed You Today?

    That's three words though... :shrug: Whisk(e)y.
  8. Shroom

    Forms of Government

    An absolute monarchy with our good pal (and relative!) Rich Uncle Pennybags in charge.
  9. Shroom

    The greatest truth you have learned playing Zelda?

    It's a secret to everybody.
  10. Shroom

    Mario Kart Ultimate

    If we don't get characters from other series, I'd certainly like to see more vehicles. The blue falcon works really well as a kart, and I think things like the arwing and warp star could be other great additions. I get people being against adding in outside characters, but I don't see too much...
  11. Shroom

    Blackface Trudeau

    I'd rather people vote against him for his other bull**** and hypocrisy rather than his actions in his younger days. He's done incredibly shady things as an elected official (looking at bullying an indigenous woman into voting his way even though he's a 'champion of said groups'" and other...
  12. Shroom

    Study Habits

    I'd always try to work in a bit of it during my free time when I was at school. Having some dedicated "study areas" also sort of helped, as I found studying in my bed in my room to be a bit of a struggle. My best trick was sort sensory recall? I don't remember the proper term, but I would often...
  13. Shroom

    Have You Ever Experimented With Drugs Or Used Them Recreationally?

    Little bit here and there. Not always for me, but sometimes I do it to unwind with friends.
  14. Shroom

    Enjoying the grind

    It depends on the game I guess. With games like say Pokemon, the grind isn't too too bad because you're typically working towards a foreseeable goal, usually being an evolution or new move. In that way, there's an enticement to grind, and while stat changes are nice, they usually aren't my main...
  15. Shroom

    How Has Growing Up Impacted Your Gaming?

    I definitely don't have as much time for it, but I am able to get more games that I want due to having my own income and mode of transportation. On a side note, but also, since I've grown up, games have more ways to access them with widely available services like e-shops and mail rentals, so...
  16. Shroom

    Thanks friend!

    Thanks friend!
  17. Shroom

    Do you love or hate Revali? And why?

    He grants you the most useful champion ability, and is one of the few NPCs in the game with decent voice acting, so he's a-okay in my books.
  18. Shroom

    Are the enemies in BotW cute?

    I like them a lot. I don't think it's their designs really. Don't get me wrong, I think they all look really nice, but I really believe it's their mannerisms and animations that make them so lovable. Most all of the enemies in the game have gotten a genuine smile or smirk out of me more than...
  19. Shroom

    Headphones vs Earphones

  20. Shroom

    Gigantamaxing; yay or nay?

    It's essentially megas, but like Spirit said, more limited in use and kinda dumb. I think the designs themselves are neat, but it's not practical by any means. Just make them megas so they'd at least be more uniform and easier to keep in line, but we know that gigamaxing will likely never be...
  21. Shroom

    Nintendo Switch Lite Announcement

    No one shared GameXplain's video on this? I guess I'll link her here... Neat colors, like the white button color scheme, and if the d-pad feels good, that'd be another plus, but otherwise, it's not a product made for me. Love my original switch still. Kinda curious where micro sd cards will...
  22. Shroom


  23. Shroom

    2020 U.S. Presidential Election Thread

    What is with this picture and throwing in random people such as Mark Cuban, Mark Zuckerberg, and the Rock? Unless I missed some random candidate announcements? Not hopeful in the slightest about any of the candidates really. Dems backing Joe Biden hard sounds like Trump 2020 to me.
  24. Shroom

    What Annoyed You Today?

    People using another's suicide for personal attention.
  25. Shroom

    Japanese man arrested with Wario-shaped ecstasy pills

    The dark side of gaming strikes aGain!
  26. Shroom

    A Man Played Video Games Nonstop For 73 Hours. This Is How His Organs Shut Down.

    Dang.... Video games are scary... :(
  27. Shroom

    How is links awakening

    Link's Awakening is a game you should not sleep on! 4.5/5 :bear:
  28. Shroom

    What’s one forgotten mechanic you wish they brought back?

    The best feature in SS: sitting. Sitting to regain hearts was so simple, but it felt like Link interacted with the world a little more rather than his normal "stand on chair" or "throw chair" approaches.
  29. Shroom

    US Senator announces a new bill to ban loot boxes.

    Good. It's scummy, and companies that notoriously do it try to sell their lack of microtransactions in a game as a feature, even though it's littered in their other games. Lookin' at you EA. This stuff should just be in the game for free, or just gone in general. You wanna release new...
  30. Shroom


    I personally don't have an issue with it. I have a lot of good times with old games still and I love to revisit a lot of stuff. One thing that does keep me away from playing old games is just having to set everything up. The thought of it just tires me more than it's worth, so I just never get...
  31. Shroom

    So, The Master Cycle Zero

    Maybe I'm late to the party, maybe I'm just seeing things, but I play a lot of BOTW, and I've had the master cycle for a long time. When you first unlock it, you're told that Link is going to get his own divine beast, and I'm paraphrasing, so I just always assumed that this motorcycle was sort...
  32. Shroom

    Which classic moments are you looking forward to in this remaster

    Animal Village in general, and then also each picture moment will be neat to see again.
  33. Shroom

    Xenforo 2 Upgrade Suggestions & Feedback

    I think the only feature I've seen lost that hasn't been brought up is the old feature we had that let you hide user's signatures if you don't want to view them. If it's already been brought up, my apologies, but I figured I'd point it out.
  34. Shroom

    Who is the enemy in video games - a discussion

    I think Nazis..... are not very good!!! Also, Bethesda heard complaints about their game Wolfenstein II and decided to make one where you switch roles called Adolfenstien II. Play as a literal Nazi and remove freedoms from people who don't look the same as you in this historically accurate, no...
  35. Shroom

    What Annoyed You Today?

    This happens to me way too often, and it drives me insane. I always forget how to get the duplicates off my phone too, and :mad::mad::mad:
  36. Shroom

    How do you eat Creme Eggs?

    I normally will crack one open, fry it sunny side up, then take that delicious yolk and slap it on a sandwich or hashbrowns. An Easter delight! :gitem:
  37. Shroom

    Daemon Ex Machina Prototype Missions demo Impressions

    ALIT pretty much had the same impressions I did. I like the concept a lot, but I just don't feel like the gameplay feels good. When I shoot stuff, I just feel like I'm doing little to nothing, and the ammo system isn't ideal.
  38. Shroom


    But I like a toasted Italian BMT. It's always solid. Provolone or colby jack cheese.
  39. Shroom

    Do You Like the New Link's Awakening Art Style?

    If Nintendo ever made a new Zelda game with a 3D style of the official artwork of Link's Awakening or the Oracle games, I'd buy it in a second. It's easily my favorite art style in the series, and they need to revisit it.
  40. Shroom

    Should I try Fire Emblem?

    I've played a handful of the games, and will likely look into getting Three Houses. Combat is sort of a blend of RPG match-ups and stats, and the movement idea of games like Chess. I first played Sacred Stones, that's the one on the 3ds Ambassador's program, and it's pretty alright. It has a...
  41. Shroom


  42. Shroom

    Do You Like the New Link's Awakening Art Style?

    I like the toy look of it. I always have a fondness for that art style, and Link's Awakening could make that look work. I'm glad it isn't just ALBW graphics put on the Switch, and I think the more we see of it and at better angles, the more love it will get.
  43. Shroom

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm in the same boat. Good luck to both of our sanity's >:
  44. Shroom

    Bringing Zelda to Mobile

    I'm not really sure how it'd work really. I mean, Pocket Camp is sort of Animal Crossing lite, Mario Run is simple 2D Mario, and Fire Emblem Heroes is simplified Fire Emblem, but I can't really see how you'd dumb down Zelda enough for it to be mobile and still be related enough to the series...
  45. Shroom

    Ultimate Smash Bros Ultimate

    I like plant boy so far. I think the side b is gonna be nerfed in a future update since people are abusing it by grabbing after releasing a poison cloud and racking up like, 50-70%, but otherwise, I think he's a fun addition. I'm excited to see who's next after Joker.
  46. Shroom

    ZD Drawing Competition Round 27 - Voting

    These are all really good. Great job to all the entrants!
  47. Shroom

    Nintendo What's Something 2D Mario Still Does Right?

    I think the level of consistency you get going into a Mario game still speaks volumes. You know going in that you're gonna have some tight controls. Another thing that I don't think gets enough credit is the smaller touches in the 2D Mario games. Recent ones I can think of are the little dance...
  48. Shroom

    Games that were too long

    Definitely agree with Dragon Quest 7. It's got cool mechanics, and I love job systems, but man, some parts of the game are just needlessly tedious and it drags for no reason at all. It's based around finding different tablets and completing tasks in said tablets, but some of those just feel so...
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