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  1. Link19x

    Prediction: Zelda 25th Anniversary Surprise= Skyward Sword.

    In GDC, Iwata had confirmed that miyamoto did not attend gdc because he was in japan "working" on zelda's 25th anniversary surprise. Could this suprise be Skyward sword? maybe it could come out earlier than we expected?who knows. I have my doubts about this, but I believe in the possibility...
  2. Link19x

    Traditional Walking or Epona?

    Personally, I prefer walking, because then that would bring back that "adventure" feel that I would get in the older games.
  3. Link19x

    Link's Voice.

    If you haven't noticed, Link has the same voice as he did in twilight princess. do you think they put that voice just for the demo, or do you think thats going to be Link's final voice? I remember in one of the early trailers of twilight princess, Link had ocarina of time Link's voice. so that...
  4. Link19x

    My Opinion on Something

    lately people have been complaining about nintendo not releasing any new information on skyward sword. In my opinion, I think nintendo is making a very smart move. It just makes us more excited about what is going to come, so it could be more of a surprise. but then again, a downside could be...
  5. Link19x

    Dual- Layered Disc?

    just earlier today, I went to gamestop and got my copy of Metroid: other m. As you might imagine, I was very happy. Until I got home and put the game in the wii. My wii was unable to read the disc, because of the dual-layered crap thing. way to go nintendo-.-. this is the same thing that...
  6. Link19x

    Skyward Sword Picture

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ddri4CT-r8 check out this picture I saw on youtube. I doubt it's real, but it looks awesome.:D
  7. Link19x

    SS and OoT

    im starting to get the feeling that skyward sword WILL top ocarina of time. first of all, controls. I think the controls are awesome and the gameplay we have seen so far works fine with the wmp. then comes the difficulty. skyward sword most probably will be a harder game, since enemies are now...
  8. Link19x


    do you think there will be different types of equipment that that you can use? including armor/tunics,boots,Swords, etc. what would you guys like to see?:)
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