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  1. Beauts


    I currently work in a pub as a bar team member (I just started maternity leave though so no work for the best part of a year now). But I’ve done tonnes of jobs, mostly customer service based. I’m a fully trained barista; which was only a sideways step into bar work as I did that for two years...
  2. Beauts

    Can You Sleep on an Airplane?

    I never sleep on planes because they’re too uncomfortable and I’m usually too keyed up about the next step of the journey (I’m fine with flying but airports make me anxious). I usually have a couple of stiff drinks before or during the flight that makes me a bit sleepy though so I at least get...
  3. Beauts

    Your opinion on facial hair

    As a girl, I like some facial hair. I think it suits some people and most guys tend to look like babies if they don’t even have a bit of stubble. But I’m not a fan of this hobo beard crap that’s been going on for a while. I don’t want to kiss you and get your Santa Claus beard in my mouth thanks
  4. Beauts

    Living in the Past.

    Tbh I think everyone kind of lives in the past to some extent. It’s what makes us who we are. But i definitely try not to dwell on things I can’t change anymore. All it does is get me down.
  5. Beauts

    Have you ever been able to identify your own personal problems?

    I’ve always been aware of issues like my mental health etc. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised my own interpersonal problems too. I’m not great in relationships because I’m not open about how I feel even with myself let alone another person. I can be too headstrong and don’t really listen to...
  6. Beauts

    Falling out of love amicably

    I definitely had that happen in a previous relationship. When you’ve been with someone for a long time your feelings can change. It doesn’t mean you don’t care about someone and tbh I’m a great disbeliever in the idea that you need to hate your exes. Eventually sometimes you become more like...
  7. Beauts

    Could You Date/Marry/Love Someone With the Same Name As Your Brother/Sister/Parent

    I already have. When I was younger I dated a guy called Andrew. One of my brothers is called Andrew. It’s no big deal. You don’t connect that sibling relationship just by name, or at least I don’t.
  8. Beauts

    Xenforo 2 Upgrade Suggestions & Feedback

    First time I’ve been on since the change. So far so not good but maybe it’s just my eyes trying to adjust to the themes etc. I feel like the shoutbox is too fat but to be honest I’ve only been on the mobile site so we will see. To be honest I don’t really have any other feedback. Thanks to the...
  9. Beauts

    What Do You Hate/Dislike About BOTW?

    I love the game. My main complaints are to do with the lack of traditional dungeons like others have said. The shrines were kind of good but their mechanics became repetitive and fighting the guardians, while terrifying, got old. Stumbling across random bosses in the overworld was fun but having...
  10. Beauts

    How are Myths made?

    Myths form from a combination of fiction and fact. Myths from ancient societies were often used to teach morals or to explain what was then unexplainable. If you’re really lucky someone will write down the myths in a book and everyone will worship the fiction and in a few centuries time it...
  11. Beauts

    Julian Assange arrested and talk about whistleblowers being arreasted allover the world

    I think that regardless of his character being unpleasant that it speaks volumes about why the world is absolutely ****ed, when people actually believe we’re better off being lied to by our own governments than knowing the truth because that is what the government has told them. Assange exposed...
  12. Beauts

    Even though we're allowed to change our usernames....

    I’ve thought about changing my username a few times because tbh nobody has actually called me beauts in years irl and it doesn’t really fit me anyway but then it’s a hassle coming up with something else, especially as most people on the forum who have been around as long or longer than I have...
  13. Beauts

    Pay by Cash or Card?

    Generally I tend to use card more, typically by Apple Pay as it’s convenient. However I try to use cash more because I find it easier to keep track of how much I’m actually spending that way and try to have a little cash on me. Usually I get tipped in coins so I usually have some shrapnel to get...
  14. Beauts


    To summarise: What you describe is a fetish not a sexual identity. A foot fetishist doesn’t believe he’s a sock. He just gets off on feet. A transgender persons biological sex at birth doesn’t match their internal gender. Transgender people are not inherently more sexualised than cisgender...
  15. Beauts


    I don’t really know what to make of this. I think it’s very easy to decide the best way to talk to and handle someone who is suicidal when youre divorced from the entire situation. I have two personal things that lead me to my view on this: 1) having been suicidal and attempted suicide...
  16. Beauts

    How do you eat Creme Eggs?

    How dare people say they’re gross! I’m basic. I bite off the top, lick out the middle, then eat the rest of the chocolate. Ps I’m craving chocolate in pregnancy and would die for a creme egg right now
  17. Beauts

    Do you enjoy urban legends?

    When I think of urban legends I think of stuff like Marilyn Manson supposedly having a rib removed but no seriously that kind of stuff is fun, but I’ve never paid much attention to it even as a kid.
  18. Beauts

    Anti-Vax Movement and The Return of Preventable Disease

    Not here to entertain any antivaccine bull****. If you don’t vaccinate you’re not only stupid, you’re selfish. And the antivax movement seems to have an inherent fixation on not wanting autistic kids which I don’t get. Why hate autistic people so much? Also; that’s been disproved a kazillion...
  19. Beauts

    Slippers, socks, shoes or just barefooted at home

    At home I just wear socks usually. Sometimes I wear slippers but mostly I forget about them. But I hate my feet and my house is too cold most of the time to go barefoot.
  20. Beauts

    What do you want to have written on your Tombstone?

    I’ve not given it much thought but something funny would be good. Spike Milligan’s gravestone says “I told you I was ill” and the guy who voiced Bugs Bunny has his catchphrase “that’s all folks”. I’d love to have something like that.
  21. Beauts

    Are you formal when it comes to writing?

    In applications and letters I try to write formally. But if the response is fairly casual, which in my line of work it usually is, I’ll switch to match their style. I find it keeps things flowing and gets you where you need to be. But I start as professionally as possible because I don’t like to...
  22. Beauts

    Your handwriting

    My handwriting is atrocious. I blame being forced to use cursive as a kid too but thankfully that bull died out in secondary school and we were allowed to write however we want, which somewhat salvaged it. That being said if I have to write a lot or quickly you will not be able to read it.
  23. Beauts

    Did Donald Trump give a good state of the union 2019 speech?

    Yeah I also approved of Elle Wood’s graduation speech. https://www.facebook.com/772675290/posts/10161225314335291?sfns=cl
  24. Beauts

    What is your opinion on American Cheese?

    It’s alright in burgers where it’s often disguised by other things and flavours. I still think calling it “cheese” is a stretch though. It is essentially plastic. England, France, Holland and Italy, the real cheese countries, are crying.
  25. Beauts

    Should I name my kid after a Zelda character/mask like my dad did?

    I second everyone else. If you’re gonna do it, go for a name that sounds like a real name. You might even get away with Revali or Kafei (but defo check how you pronounce this correctly first) or Saria for a girl.
  26. Beauts

    Trump Declares Victory Over ISIS in Syria

    I never approved of western intervention. western intervention was what created the climate for ISIS to have so much power in places where we’ve created a power vacuum by forcing our idea of government over nations that never asked for it from us. There is no victory here. Air raids have...
  27. Beauts

    Lyrics of the Day

    Positively 4th Street - Bob Dylan You've got a lot of nerve To say you are my friend When I was down You just stood there grinning You've got a lot of nerve To say you've got a helping hand to lend You just want to be on the side that's winning You say I let you down You know it's not like...
  28. Beauts

    I've been thinking about you all day. A lot is about to change for me Jamie. My entire life will...

    I've been thinking about you all day. A lot is about to change for me Jamie. My entire life will never be the same. You will never have known the version of me that will undoubtedly come from this. Once we thought we'd go through it together. But I know you'd have been supportive. Merry Christmas.
  29. Beauts

    Thank you ALIT, merry christmas to you too <3

    Thank you ALIT, merry christmas to you too <3
  30. Beauts

    Lyrics of the Day

    Sticks and Stones - Jamie T [Chorus] When there’s no one left to fight Boys like him don’t shine so bright Soon as I see the dust settle He’s out on the town trying to find trouble (x2) I took a train again away from shame and blame of city pain To see a friend I hadn’t seen since I was...
  31. Beauts

    Thanks Emma. It's been almost six months now. I don't think it's something you ever stop mourning x

    Thanks Emma. It's been almost six months now. I don't think it's something you ever stop mourning x
  32. Beauts

    French "Yellow Jacket" Protests

    People are more angry that Macron is u-turning on every single promise he has made. This is bigger than discontent about taxes. The French are the only nation who ever speak up against their government and good for them. The rest of us ***** and moan at home but do nothing. I hope the French...
  33. Beauts

    Can a relationship that started sexually last?

    Sorry I didn’t remember who made the original comment. But it wasn’t personal it was just the attitude about it that bugged me.
  34. Beauts

    Can a relationship that started sexually last?

    I don’t think what I said was aimed at yo but if it was, I’m sorry if I misread it or took it the wrong way. I didn’t mean any offence.
  35. Beauts

    Can a relationship that started sexually last?

    There’s no more reason it wouldn’t last than any other relationship. Just depends on the people involved. Sex is a big part of a relationship though so if you find out early that you’re compatible sexually it is a bonus. I’m sorry if that upsets people who still pretend that stuff doesn’t matter...
  36. Beauts

    Toxic "Soft" Masculinity

    There is such thing as toxic masculinity, where men are taught shame for having normal emotional reactions throughout their lives and are conditioned to behave in societies approximation of what it is to be a man, which can be very damaging if it causes a man to suppress trauma of some kind...
  37. Beauts

    You taught me how to be open with my feelings and not be ashamed. I unfortunately unlearned...

    You taught me how to be open with my feelings and not be ashamed. I unfortunately unlearned everything you taught me. You were the only person I ever trusted with my deepest thoughts and feelings. You knew everything. And now I am really really grappling with my inabilty to express myself. If...
  38. Beauts

    Should Countries Assist Others in Their Time of Need?

    I think providing humanitarian aid is the responsibility of well off nations. I think involving yourselves in conflicts which have nothing to do with you just because a leaders policy might intervene in your access to fossil fuels or just because you don’t like it is bull**** and kills people...
  39. Beauts

    Book and Movie Quotes.

    Favourites from Sons of Anarchy: "There's an old saying: 'That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger'. I don't believe that. I think the things that try to kill you make you angry and sad. Strength comes from the good things - your family, your friends, the satisfaction of hard work. Those...
  40. Beauts

    Favorite Alcoholic Beverages?

    Sorry to double post but it depends on the type of gin. Some dryer gins are best tempered with lemon rather than lime. Some are better cooled down by cucumber. It depends on the distillation of the gin, before you even get close to sticking fruit in the glass. Also, gin is versatile enough that...
  41. Beauts

    Favorite Alcoholic Beverages?

    I tend to drink vodka or gin for spirits. I don't 'like' vodka per se but it agrees with me when I drink it, with no negative drunken effects. My preferred brand would probably be Grey Goose but since I'm not a damn millionaire, I will settle for Absolute or Smirnoff. I really enjoy gin, but...
  42. Beauts

    Is President Donald Trump, a Racist and Sexist?

    Short answer is, yes. Long answer is, there is a buttload of evidence. Okay, I will say I am not an expert in whether or not he's racist or to what degree. His policies appear to be very racially biased, though. But he is most definitely sexist and that was true way before he became president.
  43. Beauts

    Life or Choice? The Abortion Discussion

    It will surprise nobody here, to know I am 100% pro choice. I think the reasons that women should be in charge of their own bodies, and why children growing up unwanted or ending up in the foster care system, *hopefully* but not definitely being adopted by a loving family, is a bad idea and a...
  44. Beauts

    Spoiler Does anyone else think that the original version of OOT was better than the 3DS version?

    I want to say N64 version is better because of nostalgia but to be honest, the graphics in the 3DS are so much better, also the fact you can have the Iron Boots as an equipable item without having to open the pause menu a hundred times over in the Water Temple may seem like a small change but...
  45. Beauts

    Harmless Habits That Annoy You

    I agree with every single thing in this thread so far. Bad table manners is disgusting and a huge no-no. I can't stand slow walkers and I get pedestrian rage and I have uncountable stories of people trying to ask me to break absurd notes for tiny amounts. Like one time five mins after opening...
  46. Beauts

    Harmless Habits That Annoy You

    Theres probably been a similar thread to this at some point but I can’t find it or it wasn’t exactly this, plus everyone enjoys complaining sometimes so What is something that people sometimes do which isn’t in any way harmful or bad, or even deliberate, but just really annoys you? The reason...
  47. Beauts

    Lyrics of the Day

    What You Waiting For? - Lily Allen Since we separated I've been suffocated, oh yeah All the empty space in my head First I felt liberated by it But solitude is overrated The other day I swear someone said Someone else is sharing your bed Maybe you picked up where I left And now my heart is...
  48. Beauts

    Have family pets ever freaked you out?

    They do say that animals are tapped into a plane we can't access and seem to have some kinda psychic intuition. I had a cat when I was a kid, and one time he was out in the hallway, staring (like cats do) except he got really like freaked out by something, his hair was standing on end and he...
  49. Beauts

    When Zelda lies

    Skyward Sword had a lot of back and forth in production. I can’t remember which way around it was but Aunuma or Miyamoto wanted a non linear game which I believe was closer to what BOTW became. The other one wanted it more traditional. They wanted various elements changed and overworld contents...
  50. Beauts

    Pips and seeds in food

    Just put your big girl boots on and eat it or take it out of your food. It’s not a big deal.
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