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  1. Luansnt

    Am I the Only One Who Truly Hated Skyward Sword?

    I'll trust you, that you're not being sarcastic, and if you really aren't :
  2. Luansnt

    Demise Vs Ganondorf

    I love Ganondorf, and I don't really like Demise, but I think Demise is the most powerful. He could defeat Hylia, the only reasons she is Zelda now is him. He wasn't even at his full power in the final battle with him, and this is the only reason Link could even defeat him
  3. Luansnt

    Am I the Only One Who Truly Hated Skyward Sword?

    I actually gave up to understand or reason with the haters after a while. Sure, the game is more linear than other zelda games, but while it is linear, the underworld has plenty to do. The sky had almost nothing, but it's not much worse than TP's overworld or even OoT The controls worked great...
  4. Luansnt

    Am I the Only One Who Truly Hated Skyward Sword?

    You're obviously not the only one, there are others trapped in the Zelda cycle
  5. Luansnt

    Post Apocalyptic Theory Really Not That Far-Fetched

    Isn't it possible that the misuse of resources caused the apocalyptic catastrophe?
  6. Luansnt

    Fixing the Timeline

    Ok, so there was an OBVIOUS mistake in the timeline, but DO NOT WORRY! As I'm here to fix all of this. I've been collecting the facts for weeks, and I've reached a conclusion. Groose is actually someone we've known and loved from another title, the one and only, Captain Linebeck! Why is that...
  7. Luansnt

    Ever Died in the Game?

    never died, almost in the final boss with one heart left :)
  8. Luansnt

    Spoiler Just Finished Skyward Sword

    AND MAN, THAT WAS FREAKING EPIC! seriously, I had no potions, no fairies, and defeated Demise in my first try, when I managed to killed him I had ONE FREAKIN HEART LEFT! THAT FELT AMAZING! I did my best to play through the game without dying, and I've succeeded. I think I'll take a break now and...
  9. Luansnt

    Skyward Sword's Difficulty

    I got the game yesterday, I've been playing for some time, I'm at the Faron woods. I've defeated some Bokoblin and I found them to be quite a challenge for the first time. I was expecting the fight to be a lot easier, I was surprised when the Bokoblin successfully defended himself from a lot of...
  10. Luansnt

    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    "Oh...I see... Saria won't ever come back... But...I...I made a promise to Saria... If Link came back, I would be sure to tell him that Saria had been waiting for him... Because Saria...really... liked...him" Friend zone level : Mido
  11. Luansnt

    Link Plush Doll Giveaway - Favorite Funny Zelda Quote

    Oh? Link, I see you have a nice stick... can I borrow it for a second? Tarin (Link's Awakening)
  12. Luansnt

    My Sudden Off-the-Wall Theory (kinda)

    where is this triforce? can you circle it? EDIT ok it is kinda hard to see sorry here it is [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/32/triforcem.png/]
  13. Luansnt

    Ganon VS. Majora

    the only thing that can kill ganon is the master sword, or the silver arrow. Ganon can rape majora any time.
  14. Luansnt

    Ganon and Ganondorf

    I believe Ganon and Ganondorf are the same, maybe Zelda Wiki did that to have two main articles for Ganondorf, his Human form, and Ganon, his beast/pig form.
  15. Luansnt

    My MC Placement

    Actually nintendo already stated that Skyward Sword is the first game, and it's before Ocarina "Eiji Aonuma: I think we've talked with the Media about this before, about Ocarina of Time sort of the oldest story in the Zelda timeline, but of course in Ocarina of time the Master Sword already...
  16. Luansnt

    Ask Me Anything About the Skyward Sword Demo

    can you still roll? if yes, how?
  17. Luansnt

    Heights of Ganondorf and Link?

    That's because he is flying near the camera.. wait a second.. I finished this game several times but never asked this.. Why is ganondorf FLYING?
  18. Luansnt

    Link, Officially Right Handed Now?

    Actually he is left handed in zelda 1 artwork.
  19. Luansnt

    Heights of Ganondorf and Link?

    ^ what he said, ganondorf is not that tall
  20. Luansnt

    Nintendo Confirms Triforce is Obtainable in Skyward Sword

    oh.. so it was true.. sorry for not believing you.
  21. Luansnt

    Nintendo Confirms Triforce is Obtainable in Skyward Sword

    I'm sorry, but I still can't believe this. I think I'll just wait and see when they release the game...
  22. Luansnt

    Nintendo Confirms Triforce is Obtainable in Skyward Sword

    I seriously doubt that the triforce won't be part of the plot.
  23. Luansnt

    Nintendo Confirms Triforce is Obtainable in Skyward Sword

    can you show us a print screen? I find this hard to belive..
  24. Luansnt

    What Timeline Are You?

    actually, in one of the interviews Shigeru said that this is not true, and confirmed the Split Timeline...
  25. Luansnt

    (Simple?) Question

    I don't think he died, the ending doesn't look sad to me.. About the other question, some say that after Link's awakening he got back to Hyrule only to discover that Ganon was back, and then Zelda 1 starts. This theory is supported by the fact that in Link's awakening he was training for the...
  26. Luansnt

    Poll: Which Version of Princess Zelda Do You Like the Most?

    I like skyward sword zelda, she looks cute and actually have a relationship with Link.
  27. Luansnt

    Link the Loner

    in wind waker he lives with his grandmother and sister, in spirit tracks he lives with niko, in a link to the past he lives with his uncle, in minish cap he lives with his.. uncle again? or was it his grandfather? I don't remember.. I think I missed some games that link lives with someone...
  28. Luansnt

    Link, Officially Right Handed Now?

    they said it makes you feel like you're playing the game for the first time again, never played so I can't say nothing about this...
  29. Luansnt

    Link, Officially Right Handed Now?

    I don't think it matters, he is not going to be a boring swordsman just because he uses his right hand. And actually... I don't see why nintendo made Link right handed in twilight princess and skyward sword, I mean, is it really hard to play with your right hand when Link is holding his sword...
  30. Luansnt

    My Theory on Phi

    I just can't see how the master sword could be the main villain in a zelda game..
  31. Luansnt

    25 Things You Probably Don't Know About Zelda

    I knew 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 24, 25. I don't have much to do home.. so I'm always looking something up on google about zelda..
  32. Luansnt

    Who is the Strongest Link?

    But you guys forgot one very basic thing, Link's awakening is the only game that allows you to.. ...Kill a cucco
  33. Luansnt

    Who is the Strongest Link?

    What incarnation do you guys think is the strongest? I would say that Link's awakening is the strongest, because he was training for the return of ganon, and you can see that his attacks send the enemies away, so I think he have a lot of experience. Some people say that after A Link to the...
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