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  1. CynicalSquid

    Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

    Of all the things on my list, that's what you had a problem with? XD That dungeon was hard to navigate especially with how annoying it is to swim as Zora Link. Gyorg is also the worst boss in that game. I just hate Great Bay's area as a whole as well. The only thing I liked about Great Bay is...
  2. CynicalSquid

    Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

    Favorite: Forest Temple (OoT), Water Temple, Spirit Temple, Stone Tower Temple, Arbiter's Grounds, Snowpeak Ruins, City in the Sky, Least Favorite: Tower of Hera (Both ALttP and ALBW), Fire Temple, Great Bay Temple, Goron Mines, Lakebed Temple, Palace of Twilight
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