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  1. Veely

    What Song Reflects You?

    Hm... Glitter and be gay- Kristen chenoweth No good deed- Idina Menzel Defying Gravity- Idina Menzel White and nerdy- weird al TGIF- Katy Perry Party Rock Athem- LMFAO And the original doctor who theme song... Well the 7th doctors... Loud and obniouxios
  2. Veely

    What Song Reflects You?

    What song reflect me is.... 1. Hot and Cold By Katie Perry 2. I'll Be There By Jackson 5 3. People Are Crazy Billy Currington 4. Crazy By Patsy Cline 5. Last Call By Lee Ann Womack 6. I Run to You- Lady Antebellum 7. Wild at Heart- Gloriana 8. You Belong with me- Taylor Swift 9. Cowgirl Don't...
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