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  1. ReveredPartisan

    Link is Dead in MM and the Shiekah are there too

    Hey guys. I've also posted this on ZU, but I am (despite my infrequent use of the forums haha) a bit more of a ZDer personally, so I'd love to get your guys' thoughts on this. Thanks! Today I'll be vouching for two theories I've always hated. One is that Link is Dead in Majora's Mask, which as...
  2. ReveredPartisan

    "10,000 years"

    I'm pretty confused-- honestly, dumbfounded-- as to the belief that the 10,000 years separating the creation of the guardians and the events of BotW occurs directly between BotW and the preceding game on the timeline (whichever timeline that may be). As though somehow the events of-- humor...
  3. ReveredPartisan

    Hebra and Necluda

    Anyone see these provinces on the map? Along with Central Hyrule and the typicals (Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru). Hebra is in the northwest and Necluda in the Northeast. What could they be? Snowpeak? Desert? Some place entirely new? EDIT: My mistake. Necluda is in the SE, and in its place is...
  4. ReveredPartisan

    The Six Sages

    We saw in this most recent trailer that Link seems to be collecting allies of multiple ethnicities in his quest, and even adventuring with them. This isn't anything new necessarily-- one of the major themes of the series is bringing various races and nations together through selflesness and...
  5. ReveredPartisan

    Return of Bulblins?

    Any chance we'll see the return of Bulblins in Hyrule? Definitely my favorite of the 'blins-- they're by far the most intelligent of the genus, speaking human languages and forming their own (however primitive) societies, and their rugged, "tuskan raider" aesthetic is cool af. Thoughts? How...
  6. ReveredPartisan

    Different Play Styles?

    We've seen in the demo that Link can pick up and wield almost any weapon in the game, ranging from bows and one handed swords to clubs, axes, and hammers. Do you think the game, a la Skyrim and other RPGs, will accommodate different play styles, such that a dedicated archer will have a different...
  7. ReveredPartisan

    Should Miyamoto pilot one last game?

    So obviously Miyamoto's career is well into its waning stages-- these next few years will be his last most likely. So the question: do you want to see him take lead on one last Zelda title, just like old times? Go out wth a bang? Or just fade into the dusk?
  8. ReveredPartisan

    Nintendo should go software-only

    Let's face it-- Nintendo hasn't performed in the console market since the n64 era-- maybe before that. So they struck gold with the Wii-- ok. Good call. Stroke of luck. They certainly haven't made any meaningful innovations in the past 15 years and have been consistently behind the times for the...
  9. ReveredPartisan

    Why TPHD?

    OoT3d was commissioned off a whim, for a sales boost essentially; the idea, at the time, was that it was an isolated incident, not the start of a chain of remakes. WWHD was developed for a few reasons, but primarily because the Zelda team was inspired by its visuals when put into HD. If there...
  10. ReveredPartisan

    Headcanon vs Canon

    My question is, what's the difference? A lot of the crazy stuff I come up with, I'm 100% sure was never intended by the developers. It doesn't mean I'm not making legitimate observations of the Zelda Universe, or drawing logical conclusions from those observations. It's irrational to assume...
  11. ReveredPartisan

    What is "Hylian?"

    I've been thinking lately, what are the biological differences between Hylians, Gerudos, Humans, etc.? My feeling is that they're all the same species (some variation of Homo Sapien Sapien), but different races (White, Black, Arabic, etc.). I theorize that previous to the conception/invasion of...
  12. ReveredPartisan

    What's coming 2016?

    Partly inspired by rvman815's 2016 TP remake thread, but broader. If you want to talk in-depth about the prospects of said remake, that's the place to do it. It's been pretty clear for a while now that Nintendo's been making a concerted effort to release Zelda content more frequently-- ranging...
  13. ReveredPartisan

    Why the Need for a Magic Meter?

    There's been a very charged call for a return of the magic meter for awhile now. I'm not necessarily for or against it, but I am curious as to what, specifically, it adds to the game. Increased resource management? That's the only purpose I've ever really observed it to have served. Link's...
  14. ReveredPartisan

    Issues with the new horse controls?

    To me, and, I'm sure, to many, Epona reached her peak in Twilight Princess-- her ease of control and fluency were unmatched throughout the series in their intuitiveness and responsiveness, and the level of freedom you were given while riding her was a huge improvement over OoT and MM. Of course...
  15. ReveredPartisan

    Why can't Link just speak?

    So, I get it-- Link's a blank-slate, right? The perfect hole for you to stick your head through and experience the world as he does; and as much as I think that's an outdated system, I can respect that-- even enjoy it. But that doesn't give reason for him to be completely mute. He's a...
  16. ReveredPartisan

    General Zelda An Argument for Link's Voice

    Having long been taboo in the Zelda community, and lately having increased debate and division among fans, Link's voice (or lack thereof) is a touchy subject for most people, branching off especially into more extensive debates concerning Link as a character overall. Here, however, I'd like to...
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