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  1. DekuNut

    Explorers of the Surface: RP Thread

    @Woyogoyo @giri @Storm Celliera Bleu was up before the morning Cucoo crowed. There was a lot to be checked, a lot to be prepared for. She had two hours before her team showed up to double-check the equipment and her Loftwing. She felt plenty rested, and honestly didn't think she'd be able to...
  2. DekuNut

    Explorers of the Surface (Skyward Sword RP) - Sign-Up Thread

    The RP section has been dead for ages now, and lately I've been having the urge to get back into all this. So, after some thinking, I threw together a concept for an RP to run here. If it doesn't gain traction, I may run it on Discord, but from where we stand i wanted to give the ZD forums a...
  3. DekuNut

    Favorite NES Zelda Art

    I've been looking into concept and official art from Zelda II tonight, and I'm surprised at how good (and kinda realistic) some of it is. What are your favorite pieces from that era? Okay, so technically that one's from LttP, but between how good it looks and how well it fits with the art...
  4. DekuNut

    Nintendo GameBoy Classic - Would You Want It?

    Usually when we consider Classic consoles, we're looking at Nintendo's (and Sony's) console divisions. But Nintendo also has a long history of successful handheld consoles, starting with the Gameboy. Would you be interested in such a console? What games would you want on it? Note: I'm...
  5. DekuNut

    Have You Played Link's Awakening?

    I feel like, in general, Link's Awakening is one of the "forgotten" Zelda games. It's so disconnected from everything else it's rarely discussed with theories, and was on the original Gameboy (and then the GBC), which isn't looked back on nearly as much as most consoles or later handhelds. So...
  6. DekuNut

    Sing the DK Rap Before a Mod Posts

    Same rules as Count to 100, but with the DK Rap instead of numbers You can say one line at a time. When the mods come in, they have to say "He-he-here we go!" So they're finally here, performing for you
  7. DekuNut

    Game Thread Mafia Emblem Gaiden: Scum of Valentia

    Ladies and gentlemen of Valentia, I thank you for coming out today. I don't think I need to explain what we're doing here. This is war people. But remember - we are knights. Soldiers. Fight with honor and with dignity. The rules of the game go as follows: Now last thing before we leave you to...
  8. DekuNut

    Sign Ups Mafia Emblem Gaiden: Sign-Ups of Valentia

    Duma and Mila. Those names are the history of Valentia. The two gods who, after being banished from their homeland, came to Valentia to build a world of their own. Today, the descendants of their blessed heroes still sit on the thrones of Rigel and Zofia, while the gods themselves sit within...
  9. DekuNut

    Most Nostalgiac Songs

    What song makes you most nostalgiac for a certain time in your life? For me, it's Bon Jovi's "Never Say Goodbye". I listened to that song a bunch in early high school. I still connect it with my first girlfriend, my first days on ZD, and my highest point of creativity in regards to my writing...
  10. DekuNut

    Ultimate Design a Spirit

    Plenty of characters still haven't been announced as Spirits. More than could rightly be included in any video game. So here's my challenge for you: choose a character. Then descrive what their spirits battle would be like. That simple. Character, alternate costume, other allies/special...
  11. DekuNut

    Do You Glitch Games?

    Do you spend a lot of time getting to know or using glitches in games? Is it for speedrunning, making the game easier, or just for the fun of it/ Personally, I don't, but I want to hear why some of you enjoy it.
  12. DekuNut

    Best Final Boss Lead-Up

    What games, in your opinion, have the best lead up to a final boss? Ignore the actual quality of said boss. Just focus on the lead-up. Boss rushes, story sequences, that kind of thing.
  13. DekuNut

    Omega War Game Thread

    Hotel Iolaire, 40th Floor. Avalon Falls, Massachusetts, 30 June 2018 Jason Jones dropped a pair of large pizza boxes onto the wooden table in the little kitchenette. He could feel the heat rising from the box. The pizza was fresh, pretty much just out of the oven. "I got dinner!" he called...
  14. DekuNut

    Omega War Sign-Ups

    Welcome to Omega War, the most completely original concept for a superhero RP to hit the internet! An intergalactic conquerer known as Omega has targeted the earth in his search for new members to his army. His target? The planet's large superhero and supervillain population. It's up to the...
  15. DekuNut

    Cast a Muppet Movie

    I saw this Tweet this morning and thought about sharing it with all of you. So here it is. What are your choices? Bonus point for casting your film.
  16. DekuNut

    Legends of Rasul: Hands of Darkness

    As many of you may know, I'm an avid member of our RP section. Just for fun, I decided to start novelizing our current premier RP, which is also the second-longest RP thread in ZD history (the longest RP technically, but we started a new thread around 200 posts into the original, so we're still...
  17. DekuNut

    Beedle vs. Tingle

    Who's the better side character who takes all your rupees and why?
  18. DekuNut

    Mafia Championships 2018 Representative Discussion

    Since nobody else has started this thread, I guess I'm going to. Who all would be interested in representing ZD in this years' Mafia Universe Championships? Jamie has been our representative the last two years, but since he made it to the finals last year, he's unable to do so again this year...
  19. DekuNut

    Game Thread Inception Mafia

    At one time, Dom Cobb was the best at what he did. He was an extractor, someone with the ability to enter another person's dreams and take information that they had withheld from others. However, Dom's skills cost him his children, his well-being, and his wife. After being given a second chance...
  20. DekuNut

    Sign Ups Inception Mafia

    I won't worry about flavor or anything here, but hey! New mafia game! If you haven't seen it, you don't need it to really understand what's going on, but I do suggest it. One of my favorite movies. I can finagle this game to work for really any number of players, so just feel free to sign up...
  21. DekuNut

    Legends of the Ex-Presidents SU

    In 1969, the crew of the Apollo 11 discovered a yet-unknown element. Kept secret to the world, the US government began experimenting with it, and were eventually able to use the element's power to return President Kennedy from the dead. Deciding to keep the element - and the resurrection -...
  22. DekuNut

    Spin-Offs We Don't Need

    These days, we're getting spinoffs and sequels about a lot of things, from The Rock in Fast and the Furious to a textbook in Harry Potter. Some of these are interesting, like Rogue One; others are not. What Spin-Offs or side stories do we not need told? This can be books, video games, movies...
  23. DekuNut

    Nintendo Star Fox 25th Anniversary

    Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the original Star Fox game on the SNES. In light of that, I come forth with the question: what's your history with the franchise? What do you think of it? What's your favorite game? I personally haven't played any games in the series. However, my roommate has...
  24. DekuNut

    Game Most Worthy of Remaking

    We've been getting a lot of game redos lately. TPHD. MM3D. Shadows of the Collosus. Final Fantasy VII. Crash N-Sans Trilogy. What games need a remastering or remake? Any classic NES games you want to see with modern graphics? Do you think classic Zelda needs voice acting?
  25. DekuNut

    Character Design: The Goodest Goods

    Characters have always been designed so we can use their physical traits, colors, etc. To determine what we think of them and who they are as a character. So what good guys have been designed to look the most like a good guy? What looks so good about them?
  26. DekuNut

    What Counts as Retro?

    What counts as a retro system to you? Is it anything that's 8 bit? 16 bit? Is the Gamecube a retro system now? Tell us what you think.
  27. DekuNut

    Best Versions of Christmas Songs

    Inarguably, music is a large part of Christmas for many people, myself included. A lot of these songs have been around for decades, if not centuries, and been covered numerous times. What are some of your favorite versions of these songs? For example, I love the Tobymac and Owl City version of...
  28. DekuNut

    Best Mega Man Series

    Since today is Mega Man's 30th Anniversary, I've been thinking about exploring the spinoff Series. For those who've played them, which is your favorite? Are there any you want to try out?
  29. DekuNut

    OOTSW - Morgavia

    Noctis Keep, Morgavia Noc Soare sits in his throne, staring down at the sword in his hand. A crimson blade, it sits in his hand, almost transparent. It has been far too long since hes used this sword. After conquering the city, he'd used it to keep peace, but now peace has been kept. He stares...
  30. DekuNut

    Best Year in Gaming

    I spent tonight building a list of video game anniversaries in 2018 and saw judt how many great games were released in 1998. Starcraft, Banjo Kazooie, Ocarina of Time, Sonic Adventure, Half-Life, Spyro the Dragon, and more. This inspired me to wonder what people believe to be the best year in...
  31. DekuNut

    Game Thread Death Note Mafia

    Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining me here today. For those who are still blissfully unaware, the vigilantic killer known as Kira has been killing criminals around the world for weeks, and we've brought you together - some of the greatest investigative minds the Japanese natiolnal...
  32. DekuNut

    Young or Adult Link?

    Which do you like playing as better? A child/pre-teen Link, or an older teen/young adult Link? Do you think one is more compelling than the other? Does it really matter to you?
  33. DekuNut

    Sign Ups Death Note Mafia

    Ladies and gentlemen, as you have heard, the National Police are officially ceasing any and all investigations on the terrorist known as "Kira". I, however, am not. I have friends in high places who are willing to aid me in my investigations, and I invite each and every one of you to join me. I...
  34. DekuNut

    Sonic Mania 2 Wishlist

    With the success of Sonic Mania, I expect well be seeing more games in that same vein coming up. With that in mind, what would you like to see from that next 2-D game? Want any more zones to be remade for It? Have cool zone ideas in mind? Any characters you want to see made playable?
  35. DekuNut

    Imprisoning War RP Thread

    Five years ago, the Hero of Time was slaughtered by the Gerudo King Ganondorf, who took his Triforce, as well as that of Princess Zelda, to become an unstoppable force. An all-powerful sorcerer. But, in doing so, he shed his natural form, and all that was left was the beast he had become...
  36. DekuNut

    Saddest Video Game Songs

    Like in most forms of media, video game music is usually an important part of the atmosphere. What are your favorite songs that portray a sad tone? I'll call out two immediately: the first 30 seconds or so of "Never Turn Back" from Shadow the Hedgehog (the piano bit) and Dear My Friend from...
  37. DekuNut

    Imprisoning War Sign-Ups

    Five years ago, Link, the Hero of Time, faced the traitorous Ganondorf Dragmire in battle... And lost. With his death and the capture of Princess Zelda, Ganondorf found himself holding the entirity of the Triforce, and becoming a near-unstoppable force. Taking on the form of Mandrag Ganon, the...
  38. DekuNut

    Non-D20 Systens

    D20 is the system that games like D&D and Pathfinder run off of. It's the most popular, and until more recently, the only one Ive played. Do you have other preferred systems, or ones youd like to try? Call of Cthulhu? Shadowrun? Personally, I want to play a Call of Cthulhu game eventually...
  39. DekuNut

    Setup Discussion Thread

    As discussed in the discussion thread, here's a thread to talk about the setups of previous games. Break down what worked and what didn't, explain the reasoning you had behind the roles you did, etc. @Mellow Ezlo @Pendio @Minish_Link all showed interest in this I'll post about my games later.
  40. DekuNut

    Shadow Dragon Bad Ending

    I just beat Shadow Dragon a few days back and decided to look into the worst possible ending. It involves: Killing Caeda, as well as slaughyering Tiki without recruiting her Max 15 total characters at various points throughout the game Two characters dying before the prologue ends Not killing...
  41. DekuNut

    Great Lakes Avengers SU Thread

    Hello, heroes of Earth-616! I am here to offer you the chance to join the Great Lakes Avengers! Are you a superpoewred person who doesn't have the skill of Captain America or the raw power of The Hulk? Does your power seem useless or even nonsensical, but you still want to help? Look no further...
  42. DekuNut

    D23 2017 Discussion Thread

    General news and discussion thread for D23 (like SDCC, but earlier and all Disney). Star Wars Land, Wreck-It Ralph 2 footage (ft. Disney princesses), Incredibles 2 footage, and more.
  43. DekuNut

    Castlevania Netflix

    The Castlevania Netflix show released today. Four episodes, a little under 25 minutes each. What do you guys think of it? I just finished it, and enjoyed it. I admit to knowing little about the series (I've only ever played the NES original), but the exposition is done well, the action is good...
  44. DekuNut

    Dark Disney RP Thread

    It's just past 2pm, and Jaz Hugo, as usual, is standing behind the desk in the City Hall, holding a pin board for a little kid to trade with and generally enjoying the day. Despite it being late September, it was still blazing hot, and she was glad for the air conditioning vent behind her...
  45. DekuNut

    Dark Disney SU Thread

    September 28, 2018 Lake Buena Vista, Florida A sudden hurricane surprises the state of Florida and attacks the state, leaving many areas without power, including the tourist attraction that is the Walt Disney World Resort. It's thankfully a quiet day at the park, not one of those bustling summer...
  46. DekuNut

    Elevator RP Game Thread

    As the doors shut, the people in the elevator look straight forward, not wanting to make eye contact with the people in the elevator with them. Suddenly, the car shutters, and someone falls to the ground in surprise. The elevator has stopped.
  47. DekuNut

    Weird Video Game Premises

    Video games are weird. We can all agree. It's a genre that celebrates sprinting hedgehogs, turtle-crushing plumbers, and the seemingly-immortal Mortal Kombat characters. But what are some of the weirdest premises for video games you've seen? Just off-the-wall, bat**** crazy things that make no...
  48. DekuNut

    Next Zelda Game Theory

    One of the major questions coming out of Breath of the Wild has been: where to go next? This game has recieved massive praise, and may be the single biggest game Nintendo has ever released. They said they want to make Open World the new standard for a Zelda game. Add in the recent remakes of...
  49. DekuNut

    Nintendo Super Nintendo Land

    With the MCU being what it is, Disney has retrieved (at least partial) rights to having Marvel characters at their theme parks from Universal. A while back, we heard a rumor that Universal then started looking into Nintendo to replace Marvel This trailer released Friday announcing Super...
  50. DekuNut

    8values Test

    Here's another political compass test to take part in. Instead of basing it around simply liberal/conservative lines, it splits into four sections for more detailed answers: Equality vs Markets (Economics), Nationalistic vs Internationalistic, Libertarianism vs Authoritarianism, and Traditional...
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