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  1. Ultimatium

    Was majoras mask just a dream?

    So majoras mask is one of my favorite zelda games, and i have always wondered if there was some sort of message within this game. I have read a lot of theories, but i have never really found a theory i was satisfied with, so i decided to come up with my own theory. It goes like this.. The...
  2. Ultimatium

    Is ocarina of time and majoras mask still popular?

    So, im curious if these games still being talked about on this forum?
  3. Ultimatium

    Is it possible to beat the water temple without the tunic?

    So, im curious if its possible to beat the water temple without getting the zora tunic first. If so, has anyone been able to do it?
  4. Ultimatium

    Was the deku nut bug ever fixed?

    So, im curious if theres a version of ocarina of time, where the bug with the deku nut upgrades was fixed? Im trying to get it right now, but it seems like its missing because i previously completed the poachers saw quest.
  5. Ultimatium

    What the story of pamela and her father?

    Hi all, Me and Romani64 have been debating the whole event of the scene from MM where Pamela and her Father are going through a whole bunch of happenings which ends with Link playing the Song of Healing and the Gibdo's mask being separated from Pamela's father...
  6. Ultimatium

    I got some problems with the virtual console graphics

    So, i just bought majoras mask on my nintendo wii from the virtual console shop. Im not sure if its just me, but the graphics are pretty bad. Its an old game, i know, but im playing it on my led tv using a component cable, so the graphics should at least be okay. I did a comparison with...
  7. Ultimatium

    Could someone please help me with my team?

    Hello, Could anyone help me increasing my R/B/Y team? Nidoking lv. 100. ~Earthquake ~Amnesia ~Ice beam ~Thunderbolt Slowbro lv. 100. ~Surf ~Amnesia ~Rest ~Ice beam Alakazam lv. 100. ~Psychic ~Recover ~Thunder Wave ~Reflect Machamp lv. 100. ~Lowkick ~Earthquake ~Rock Slide...
  8. Ultimatium

    Is it possible to battle against professor oak?

    Hello, I saw a couple of clips on YouTube where a guy was battling Prof. Oak. Does anyone know if this is genuine or if it is a fake/hoax? You could probably use a couple of GameShark codes to battle him, but, why would Nintendo include a text in the game saying "PROF.OAK wants to fight!"? The...
  9. Ultimatium

    Is anyone still playing classics like super mario 64 & sunshine?

    Hi all, I'm currently replaying Super Mario Sunshine to get all 120 starshine sprites. currently I'm at 98. I have searched around the web and it seems like there are absolutely no website communities where people still talk about these games, except a few boards where there is almoust...
  10. Ultimatium

    Is majoras mask being underappreciated by its fans?

    So, i have read a few comments, not here in particular, but on various message boards as well as in a couple of reviews, that some people suggests that majoras mask is merely the shadow of ocarina of time. Well, i personally believe somewhat differently. Its my personal opinion that ocarina of...
  11. Ultimatium

    General Classic Is It Possible to Change the Name on a OOT Savefile?

    I have an old savefile that i would really to change to Link, is this even possibly? I would hate if i had to delete it and create a new game.
  12. Ultimatium

    Is twilight princess worth playing?

    So, i own twilight princess on my wii, and it was probably one of the games that i was looking forward to the most, but it only lasted for a couple of hours of playing the game. Im not really sure what to say. I guess i was expecting a game similar to ocarina of time, but right now im apparently...
  13. Ultimatium

    Im going to play the wind waker again today

    Hey guys, I'm going to replay TWW today. I loved this game, though it is a bit unique with the Cel-Shading graphics style. And all the sailing becomes a bit too much IMO. Does anyone else love this game? While i prefer MM/OT on N64, i actually prefer TWW over TP. Does anyone else share the same...
  14. Ultimatium

    Whats the story of the deku butlers son?

    Hello guys, Has anyone noticed the dark and gloomy tree in the underground of Clocktown, right before the initial forest area? I am referring to the tree to the right, the deku butlers supposed son. One thing that i don't quite understand is how the Deku Butler managed to sneak into this...
  15. Ultimatium

    Can you go back through the stone door in clocktowns basement?

    So, im curious if its possible to go through the stone door in clocktowns basement, and get back to the forest stage in the beginning?
  16. Ultimatium

    Whats your favorite place in majoras mask & ocarina of time?

    What's your favourite location in the these games? We are talking the entire game - that includes dungeons, boss rooms, towns, secret locations and so on. Mine is definitely Great Bay coast, beautiful scenery and there is just so much exciting stuff there to do. What's yours?
  17. Ultimatium

    Who has managed to beat ocarina of time completely?

    Who has managed to beat Ocarina of Time to every tiny little detail? In contrast to Majora's Mask, the treasure chests stays open after you open them, so i will allow myself to include them as well. Who has discovered everything in this game? All items,heart pieces, weapon upgrades, faeries...
  18. Ultimatium

    Who has managed to beat majoras mask completely?

    How many of you have actually managed to beat this game completely? I am talking everything 100%, that means all the bottles, all the strayfairies, all the heartpieces, all masks, and so on? Currently i have managed to complete everything, except two heartpieces. The one being the reward from...
  19. Ultimatium

    Whats your favorite minigame in majoras mask & ocarina of time?

    So, my apologies if this topic has already been debated, but im curious if you guys have any favorite minigames. If you ask me personally, i really like the race against the beaver brothers in majoras mask. I found it quite fascinating, that the place you can find up in the waterfall rapids is...
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