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  1. ReveredPartisan

    Link is Dead in MM and the Shiekah are there too

    Hey guys. I've also posted this on ZU, but I am (despite my infrequent use of the forums haha) a bit more of a ZDer personally, so I'd love to get your guys' thoughts on this. Thanks! Today I'll be vouching for two theories I've always hated. One is that Link is Dead in Majora's Mask, which as...
  2. ReveredPartisan

    Your favourite overworld

    All in favor of disqualifying BotW? The game is in essence literally an overworld. Anyway, other than BotW, probably... I don't honestly know. A cross between WW's for the atmosphere and TP's, for the reasons above.
  3. ReveredPartisan

    "10,000 years"

    I'm pretty confused-- honestly, dumbfounded-- as to the belief that the 10,000 years separating the creation of the guardians and the events of BotW occurs directly between BotW and the preceding game on the timeline (whichever timeline that may be). As though somehow the events of-- humor...
  4. ReveredPartisan

    Where BoTW Fits

    I'm pretty sure the 10,000 years is referring to the events of pre-SS. A single kingdom-- Hyrule-- can't sustain itself for 10,000 years-- that's twice exceeding the approximate age of human civilization.
  5. ReveredPartisan

    Where BoTW Fits

    A pre-WW split in which the Calamity in BotW is the backstory of WW is an impossibility, because we have two separate kings, Daphnes in WW and Rhoam in BotW. I suppose it's possible, actually, that they are in fact alternate versions of the same character, and that the split occurs at his...
  6. ReveredPartisan

    Is this evidence of a timeline spot?

    I think they just regularly include the names of those regions now in the main games. Kind of a hint at continuity.
  7. ReveredPartisan

    Hebra and Necluda

    Anyone see these provinces on the map? Along with Central Hyrule and the typicals (Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru). Hebra is in the northwest and Necluda in the Northeast. What could they be? Snowpeak? Desert? Some place entirely new? EDIT: My mistake. Necluda is in the SE, and in its place is...
  8. ReveredPartisan

    When Are You Making the Switch?

    I wasn't going to buy it... I still don't really want to buy it... but I've waited for Breath of the Wild for five years, and if I have to pay $400 just to play tiat its best... Firstly, **** nintendo... Secondly, I absolutely will do that. Call me a sucker. Go ahead, do it.
  9. ReveredPartisan

    The Six Sages

    We saw in this most recent trailer that Link seems to be collecting allies of multiple ethnicities in his quest, and even adventuring with them. This isn't anything new necessarily-- one of the major themes of the series is bringing various races and nations together through selflesness and...
  10. ReveredPartisan

    That Trailer Though

    Brutal, epic, savage, elaborate, Gorons and Gerudo and the Zoras were so savvy, and hell the soundtrack mother of christ. This just raised the bar tenfold. So beautiful. And that shot of Link dashing along the shoreline? And Zelda seems like such a fascinating character this time around...
  11. ReveredPartisan

    Breath of the Wild: Pics Until Release Thread

    A lot of different cultural influences here-- somewhat Asian, European, maybe Aztec-- but mostly I get a "cowboys and Indians" vibe from him. Fits the "wild" theme. I think his hat and garment imply he's some sort of chieftain. Or at least that his society (whether a village or an an entire...
  12. ReveredPartisan

    Twilight Princess vs. Skyward Sword

    Graphics- TP SS had obviously the greater quality-- there's no dispute there- but I prefer TP's artstyle. Not even simply its art style, its look, too-- its aesthetic. It seems to me so much greater thought was put into the arrangement of space, the lighting, the colors, the scenery, in that...
  13. ReveredPartisan

    Beyond the Boundaries...

    Like mad. All the wooded areas in OoT, the hills and mountains of Hyrule Field in TP, as well as the hills in Ordon. All throughout Gerudo Desert. Actually, TP has a ton of great vistas that drive me insane wanting to traverse their landscapes. I noticed this the other day, actually. A close...
  14. ReveredPartisan

    A brave warrior who only fights for himself

    I'm imagining a gambler-- he only wants to maximize risk when he'll reap a benefit. It's not that he's too cowardly to act for the sake of others, it's that he's simply thinking logically, matching risk to reward. Not a bad idea, but it's been done before.
  15. ReveredPartisan

    Return of Bulblins?

    Any chance we'll see the return of Bulblins in Hyrule? Definitely my favorite of the 'blins-- they're by far the most intelligent of the genus, speaking human languages and forming their own (however primitive) societies, and their rugged, "tuskan raider" aesthetic is cool af. Thoughts? How...
  16. ReveredPartisan

    Mysterious Rito(?) Friend of foe?

    Except people can't become birds? Barring some obscenely gross bestiality on part of the hylians.
  17. ReveredPartisan

    ZD Writing Competition Round 16 - Voting

    Get ready, cause I'm gonna sound like a dick. But I really did enjoy it all. So please don't hate me:D #1: I kind of see what you're going for here-- trying to draw the reader in to a place of comfort, of elusive bliss, and then confronting them with the grave underpinnings of that bliss...
  18. ReveredPartisan

    Do you think BotW's season mechanic exists?

    I always felt like Hyrule has a sort of temperate climate- Mediterranean maybe, or North Atlantic. Either that, or we've never seen it in anything other than spring/summer. Going off TP, the north of Hyrule can be bitterly cold (high altitudes in Snowpeak), and seasons seem to vary such that...
  19. ReveredPartisan

    Wind Waker or Twilight Princess?

    They're actually very similar games. I'd say without a doubt that the Zelda game most similar to WW is TP, and the game most similar to TP is WW. It's no surprise, seeing as they were made for the same system in the same era under the same direction. My favorite is TP; the cinematography is...
  20. ReveredPartisan

    Different Play Styles?

    We've seen in the demo that Link can pick up and wield almost any weapon in the game, ranging from bows and one handed swords to clubs, axes, and hammers. Do you think the game, a la Skyrim and other RPGs, will accommodate different play styles, such that a dedicated archer will have a different...
  21. ReveredPartisan

    Should Miyamoto pilot one last game?

    So obviously Miyamoto's career is well into its waning stages-- these next few years will be his last most likely. So the question: do you want to see him take lead on one last Zelda title, just like old times? Go out wth a bang? Or just fade into the dusk?
  22. ReveredPartisan

    Nintendo should go software-only

    Let's face it-- Nintendo hasn't performed in the console market since the n64 era-- maybe before that. So they struck gold with the Wii-- ok. Good call. Stroke of luck. They certainly haven't made any meaningful innovations in the past 15 years and have been consistently behind the times for the...
  23. ReveredPartisan

    Do you want every new zelda game to be open world?

    Not necessarily. The open world fad-- it's hardly a fad; trend? era?-- will die out in time, new technology will allow for new, innovative experiences which might not be suited to an open world style of play. Besides, let's see how Zelda U turns out first.
  24. ReveredPartisan

    Timeline placement for Zelda U?

    My thoughts to the tee.
  25. ReveredPartisan

    Two Deserts(or larger then we thought?)

    I agree with nearly this entire post-- firstly, that there are in fact two deserts; and secondly (and less importantly), that the Spirit Temple and Arbiter's Grounds cannot be one and the same (although I do believe they share a similar period of construction-- but that's a far removed theory...
  26. ReveredPartisan

    How another Hero of Time game could work

    I don't think it would be pointless at all. Part of the appeal of a third HoT game would be witnessing the (almost certainly tragic) conclusion to his saga and precisely how the Hero's Shade, a manifestation of his regrets and shortcomings from his time on Earth, comes into being.
  27. ReveredPartisan

    A Way To Make The Hero Defeated Timeline Work!

    Well, my biggest gripe with this is the Phantom Ganon fiasco-- it's overly convoluted and unnecessary. Take him out entirely, leaving just the bit about the time traveling knight, and you have a decent theory. I understand that there has to be an agent working behind the scenes in order for the...
  28. ReveredPartisan

    Nintendo President Satoru Iwata passed away at 55

    "On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer." Very sad, and very shocking, news. It has to be said that Iwata presided over the highs, and the lows, of Nintendo's long history; and despite receiving much criticism for...
  29. ReveredPartisan

    What country does Hyrule connect to, IRL?

    No worries; but even still, France was a monarchy during the Middle Ages.
  30. ReveredPartisan

    What country does Hyrule connect to, IRL?

    Where do you conceive that Hyrule is a republic? It's a monarchy. Politics is obviously a very complex topic that ties into a lot of different fields and is typically oversimplified. So, I suppose in that sense, Hyrulean politics are too vague, too up in the air, to properly denote its being...
  31. ReveredPartisan

    What country does Hyrule connect to, IRL?

    If I was to place it anywhere, I'd put it south of France, linking Northern Italy and the Iberian Penninsula. A few reasons for this: 1) Climate. Hyrule seems to have a very moderate climate-- Mediterranean, one might say. Deserts to the west of Hyrule coordinate with the dryer, more arid...
  32. ReveredPartisan

    One man born every 100 years is a myth?

    Idea 1 is pretty much exactly my line of thinking. Here's my theory: The Gerudo likely originated as a collection of different nomadic clans scattered throughout the desert. With little resources, such as water, life was a bitter struggle; their way of life couldn't sustain any more than a...
  33. ReveredPartisan

    Dark or Light? Maybe Humor?

    This may be the only game in the series where you shouldn't confuse Link for the sole protagonist. Much of the internal conflict we see arises from Midna, whose many outlets-- the vivid parallels between her and Zelda as flawed rulers, her humbling victimization by Zant and her consequential vow...
  34. ReveredPartisan

    Metroid Prime Federation Force

    I don't consider this a Metroid game in the least-- and I'm kind of put off that Nintendo does.
  35. ReveredPartisan

    TFH Zelda Tri Force Heroes

    Don't know what to think, honestly... I'm a little underwhelmed by that flop of a digital event right now. But this looks pretty cool. Fun, at least. I'll probably get it. It's nice to see Four Swords get some love, even if it's technically... Three Swords...? Like others have said, it seems...
  36. ReveredPartisan

    Dark or Light? Maybe Humor?

    In that case, I encourage you to delve deeper. What's more immediate is often more apparent; and OoT, as a simpler narrative, may speak to you on a deeper level because TP's heart, more complex in structure, character, and theme, is more difficult to extract. Really thorougly analyzing a game...
  37. ReveredPartisan

    In which Zelda game was the music most important?

    I'd also have to say OoT. Like Spirit said, it would just have seemed soulless with out its very memorable soundtrack. While I don't think it was necessarily the most complex or emotional score, it definitely lended such a prominent atmospheric flair to each and every area.
  38. ReveredPartisan

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 154!

    This one is a little odd for me, because my favorite minigame (is it even a minigame?) would be lure fishing in TP, the reason being that it's such a diverse yet relaxing break from the main game (or possibly a pursuit after the story's been completed). However, fishing on the hole tends to be...
  39. ReveredPartisan

    Dark or Light? Maybe Humor?

    You're certainly right, edginess does not equal darkness. So explain how TP is "edgy." Please, do. This is why I sometimes feel people don't actually listen to the arguments of those they disagree with, because not a single point I made supported TP being "edgy" over being a substantially...
  40. ReveredPartisan

    Dark or Light? Maybe Humor?

    TP is far darker than OoT. There are quite a few deaths in TP, many of them implied. For example, the Kakariko residents were brutally massacred by shadow beasts prior to your arrival in the town; not only do their deaths occur, but the haunting feeling of desolation throughout the town, of...
  41. ReveredPartisan

    The Best Concepts from Previous Zelda Games for Zelda Wii U

    Don't forget the pot filled with... *ahem*... "Lantern oil"
  42. ReveredPartisan

    Where does everyone poop?

    Well TP's Castletown has a sewage system, so the existence of toilets would logically follow. Besides, you never see the inside of any of the city's houses, barring a few, so it's entirely possible that there could be toilets. As for Skyloft, literally any hole will suffice.
  43. ReveredPartisan

    Sidequests/trading sequences

    To me, sidequests are an essential aspect of the series-- but that doesn't mean they're all that great. The best sidequests, IMO, are diverse; you're not just completing a meager task, you're undergoing a lot of very different trials that have you interact with the universe in new and unique...
  44. ReveredPartisan

    Headcanon vs Canon

    Sometimes the lines do get blurred, yes, but to be honest, because I (try my best to) build my headcanon off of what I can conclude from canon, they remain pretty distinct. From what I've seen, however, a lot of heavily accepted notions in the greater community tend to be based off a whim, as...
  45. ReveredPartisan

    What might happen if the Ark of the Covenant was found?

    Yeah, a war would be most likely; but truthfully, it wouldn't be a war between states, but rather extreme sociopolitical chaos as entire nations (especially in the Middle East) are overthrown in religiously motivated revolutions. The Ark would probably go to the UN, whose job it would be to...
  46. ReveredPartisan

    How peaceful should Zelda U's overworld be?

    Why just one of the two? Hell, why even both? IMO, a vast overworld should mean a diverse one. Let's have some areas be of higher concentrations of certain enemies that others, i.e. one region is a Bulblin stronghold, and a while south of that is a valley home to an extensive Moblin tribe. East...
  47. ReveredPartisan

    Romance in Zelda U

    Honestly I think we're talking about two different types of romance here. You have the developed, emotional romances, the likes of which you see in TP with Midna and SS with Zelda. Then you have the flirtatious relationships, such as pretty much every single one in OoT, or Peatrice in SS. TP...
  48. ReveredPartisan

    Why TPHD?

    OoT3d was commissioned off a whim, for a sales boost essentially; the idea, at the time, was that it was an isolated incident, not the start of a chain of remakes. WWHD was developed for a few reasons, but primarily because the Zelda team was inspired by its visuals when put into HD. If there...
  49. ReveredPartisan

    The Father Ganondorf Theory

    And thus it's not much of a theory. I think we're done here.
  50. ReveredPartisan

    Do bosses make or break a dungeon for you?

    I consider them pretty distinct experiences. Case in point, TP: awesome dungeons, poor bosses; neither one dilutes the other. IMO, a bad boss won't ruin a good dungeon (Stone Tower Temple), nor will a good boss redeem a bad dungeon (Jabu Jabu comes to mind), but a frustrating boss will make a...
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