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  1. Sonicbowling

    Hyrule Warriors Master Quest Adventure Map Glitch

    Has anyone noticed squares that are glitched where you have to reveal the enemy? I've come across three on the master quest map, so far, where the spots the compass highlights does not work right. Is there any way to progress these?
  2. Sonicbowling

    What Zelda Games Have You Completed/Beaten?

    Zelda games I've beaten: Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, Majora's Mask, and Ocarina of Time. I got to the final dungeon in The Wind Waker and have never played it since.
  3. Sonicbowling

    Skyward Sword Moon Light Merchant

    I believe he only appears after you have completed the Sky Loft Silent Realm. I think they set it up that way to prevent people from upgrading items easily.
  4. Sonicbowling

    Harp-Worst Instrument Ever?

    I was very dissapointed, when I learned the first song I was shocked and mad that it was just Link swiping back and forth, I was expecting more from Nintendo. And you aren't able to really play any songs which is also really dissapointing. This is the only gripe I have of this awesome game!
  5. Sonicbowling

    Keep On Voting!

    For those who are wondering, the contest ends at 10 a.m. for each time zone. So if you're on the west coast, mountain time zone, or central time zone, keep on voting!!!!!!
  6. Sonicbowling

    Spoiler Silent Realm

    Yes, I was scared half to death at times because of the tight situations I got myself into such a staring a wakened guardian right in the face as I dash toward a tear, or stepping in waking water for the first time. But I don't think Skyward Sword would be the same without the Silent Realm, it...
  7. Sonicbowling

    Hardest Dungeon?

    I'm voting for the Earth Temple because I died way too many times in that dungeon while in Hero Mode. The other Dungeon I found rather tricky was the Sanship, some of the puzzles had me confused at times.
  8. Sonicbowling


    My favorite would have to be the Hylian Shield because it's indestructible and it looks the best. Personally, I like the shield meter because it made getting the Hylian Shield much more satisfying and it made combat much more strategic.
  9. Sonicbowling

    Spoiler What's Your Least Favourite Boss?

    Imprisoned II for me. The third fight was a lot easier in my opinion, the second fight was the only fight where I got a game over (cause he reached the top) besides Demise. But my 2nd time playing Demise the whole fight took me less than 4 minutes, very easy fight.
  10. Sonicbowling

    Skyward Sword Need Some Help

    Are they sort of domed and x's on top of them? If so, just keep playing and you'll find out.
  11. Sonicbowling

    Skyward Sword FYI a Game Breaking Glitch Has Been Discovered

    I believe you have to wait until after you learn the Song of The Hero, because after you heal him he tells you to come back to see him after awhile while he thinks of a way to repay you. So I don't think it's possible to obtain the Hylian Shield before you finish with the other Dragons.
  12. Sonicbowling

    Goddess Statue + Sealed Grounds = Temple of Time (speculation)

    You'll come to a better conclusion much later in the game. That's all I'll say since you don't want any spoilers.:)
  13. Sonicbowling

    Skyward Sword Fledge - Too Shy to Give Up His Gratitude Crystals...

    I believe he only gives the gratitude crystals after you beat the 5th dungeon. He wouldn't give it to me before then, and when I came back he gave them to me. So I assume you just have to wait.
  14. Sonicbowling

    Skyward Sword Where Do You Find Bird Feathers

    To get bird feathers, you have catch birds in your bug net. Best place to catch birds is in Faron Woods. Hope this helps;)
  15. Sonicbowling

    Skyward Sword Hylian Shield in SS!

    Just to add to what everyone else said, a tip I would use is to battle the toughest boss first. My first time through I had the 2'nd Imprisoned fight as my 8th battle and he managed to get to the top which really ticked me off, 2nd time through I battled him first and got the Hylian Shield. ;)
  16. Sonicbowling

    Favorite Skyward Sword Dungeon?

    Ancient Cistern is my favorite because it had very unique puzzles and was a very lengthy dungeon. The final boss was amazing as well. And worth mentioning, Sandship comes in close 2nd because it's so unique.
  17. Sonicbowling

    Majora's Mask Rupees

    The EASIEST way, which I have posted in another thread,. Go to Ikana Castle right after you beat Igos Du Ikana, since the roof will still be blown up in main room, and put on a mask that makes Re-Deads dance (Captains Hat, Garo Mask, Gibdo Mask). Then just run into them with the mirror...
  18. Sonicbowling

    Majora's Mask Majoras Mask Remake on the 3DS?

    MM is my favorite Zelda game, and I would absolutely love a 3ds remake. If they made one, it would convince me to buy a 3ds just for that game!
  19. Sonicbowling

    Biggest Quiver Minigame, I Need Some Tips

    Just keep trying, I've only gotten biggest quiver twice in my 9 playthroughs. It's a very hard minigame, keep at it and you'll get it eventually.
  20. Sonicbowling

    Majora's Mask Is Fierce Deity Mask Worth It?

    Look at my avatar, and signature. You MUST get it!
  21. Sonicbowling

    Who's Beaten What Games?

    I've Completed, MM, OoT, TP, WW(up to Ganon's Castle) My bro LOVES WW for some reason. I know he's played TP and OoT, don't know if he's beaten them though.
  22. Sonicbowling

    Zelda Enemies

    I'd be a Eyegore from MM. Why?, because they're awesome enemies!
  23. Sonicbowling

    Top 15 Zelda Bosses

    15. Phantom Ganon OoT 14. Ganon TP 13. Igos Du Ikana MM (he's sort of a boss) 12. Twinrova OoT 11. Volvagia OoT 10. Twinmold MM 9. Argarok TP 8. Molgara WW 7. Goht MM 6. Odolwa MM 5. Barinade OoT 4. Ganon OoT 3. Stallord TP 2. Majora MM. (all 3 forms) 1. Gyorg MM
  24. Sonicbowling

    Best Zelda Character!!

    If you're referring to npc's, I'd say the Part Time Worker in MM. His dialogue just cracks me up.
  25. Sonicbowling

    Top 10 Best Zelda Dungeons

    10. Temple of Time TP 9. Woodfall Temple MM 8. Snowhead Temple MM 7. City in the Sky TP 6. Earth Temple WW 5. Forest Temple OoT 4. Arbiters Grounds TP 3. Spirit Temple OoT 2. Great Bay Temple MM 1. Stone Tower Temple MM
  26. Sonicbowling

    What Enemies Do YOU Want in SS?

    I really hope Darknuts are in. Then we can truly beat a darknut, not just button mash or waggle. As for the Chu's, there's a new enemy called Zol's ( I believe) that look just like Chu's.
  27. Sonicbowling

    Worse Games then CDI Zelda Games?

    Superman 64 E.T. Bible Adventures, snes I believe. I can't think of anymore at the moment, oh wait.... Hotel Mario was really bad.
  28. Sonicbowling

    What Game Have You NOT Played Yet but Are Interested in Doing So?

    Does Skyward Sword count? Otherwise, I don't have a desire to play any other Zelda titles as I've played all the 3-d console titles.
  29. Sonicbowling

    100 % Completion. What Does It Mean to You?

    100% in a Zelda game to me means: getting all pieces of heart, weapon upgrades, weapons, and sidequests done. Getting all the treasure chests seems really tedious to me, I usually get most of them anyways but I will not go out of my way to get ones I missed if it's just rupees.
  30. Sonicbowling

    Ocarina of Time What Was Your Favorite Character in the Game( Link, and Zelda Don't Count)

    Darunia, Malon, and Guru-Guru are the first that come to mind. If I had to choose, I'd probably say Guru-Guru because he plays awesome music!
  31. Sonicbowling

    Two Small Ideas

    Someone's been playing Majora's Mask ;). I love The 1'st idea a lot, it would be like re-living MM all over again! You're 2'nd idea intrigues me, I would love to be able to take in game pictures and send them to the photo channel! That's a great idea!
  32. Sonicbowling

    Skyward Sword Pack?

    They haven't said anything about a pack. But they have confirmed that they will release a gold Wii Mote+ that we saw at E3. I would bet that it's a pre-order bonus of sorts, but then again I have no idea what Nintendo is planning.
  33. Sonicbowling

    Gamecube Games Beaten Record

    Super Mario Sunshine Pikmin Super Smash Bros. Melee Wind Waker Mario Kart Double Dash Paper Mario Thousand Year Door Mario Golf Toadstool Tour In progress, Pikmin 2 - great game so far! Luigi's Mansion I really didn't like Metroid Prime for some reason, probably cause it's a fps...
  34. Sonicbowling

    Who is the Strongest Link?

    Majora's Mask Link. The above posts cover my main thoughts on this topic!
  35. Sonicbowling

    Ocarina of Time Beating Morpha Without Him Forming a Single Tentacle!

    I've done that for short spurts on the vc version of OoT. It boils down to luck at times as Morpha can move pretty darn fast, but it is possible.
  36. Sonicbowling

    Majora's Mask Majora's Mask E3 2000 Trailer Remake

    Great job man. That should get any Zelda fan excited to play MM, which every Zelda fan should!
  37. Sonicbowling

    Rate the Title

    8.5/10 Fairly creative. Makes sense since your username is Big Octo.
  38. Sonicbowling

    Your Favorite Zelda Sword

    Take a look at my avatar, it explains everything. ;)
  39. Sonicbowling

    Which Would You Rather See a Zelda Game On, the Xbox or the Playstation?

    They could do so much more on PS3's Blu-Ray disc than with the 360's HD DVD. That, and the fact I have a PS3 are why I think a PS3 release would be best.
  40. Sonicbowling

    Ganon VS. Majora

    I'd have to say Majora. He could turn Ganon into a harmless Deku Scrub if he wanted, and then destroy him from there. Plus, Majora gets bonus points for being such an awesome character and villain.
  41. Sonicbowling

    I Just Thought of Something...

    Well, considering it's a conference about the 3DS I would be very surprised if they did release it. I hope I'm proven wrong though ;).
  42. Sonicbowling

    Ocarina of Time Are You a Personal Walkthrough?

    I'm pretty darn close. In TP, and MM I am a personal walkthrough in every aspect of the game. I still have never gotten 100 gold skulltullas in OoT. Speaking of walkthroughs, I've always wanted to make a gamefaq for Majora's Mask. But I'm too lazy to try XD.
  43. Sonicbowling

    Ocarina of Time What is the Point of the Running Man?!

    Nope, no rewards from him. He's only useful for time trials.
  44. Sonicbowling

    Ocarina of Time Biggoron's Sword Sidequest

    You can start as soon as you want to. I always do it as soon as I get the hookshot ;)
  45. Sonicbowling

    Change Something

    Wind Waker. I'd make the sailing less tedious and the overall gameplay harder.
  46. Sonicbowling

    Hardest Mini Game

    Deku playground is actually pretty easy for me. But I agree with you on the Honey Darling Shop, that is horribly difficult but a little more doable than the Town Gallery. Edit: It's only the first day at the Bomb shop that's hard. The last 2 days are a piece of cake.
  47. Sonicbowling

    Hardest Mini Game

    As the title implies, what was the hardest minigame in any Zelda game for you? This includes all heart pieces, item, masks, etc.... Of course, huge sidequests such as Anju/Kafei and Biggoron don't count. I'll start it off with mine. The hardest one for me is definetely the Town Shooting...
  48. Sonicbowling

    Favorite Dungeon Vs. Best Dungeon

    Great Bay Temple is my favorite dungeon. Mainly cause it utilizes the Zora's Mask so much and it has my favorite boss, Gyorg. The best dungeon would have to be hands down Stone Tower Temple. No other dungeon has matched it's complexity and uniqueness since.
  49. Sonicbowling

    Twilight Princess Scariest Looking Boss / Mid-Boss

    Death Sword is the scariest. Argorok comes in at 2'nd for scariest boss imo.
  50. Sonicbowling

    Majora's Mask Majora`s Mask...seriously?

    I used to really hate Majora's Mask before I realized I could save at the owl statues. I have bad experiences saving with Song of Time. Now it's my favorite game of all time! MM has arguably the best gameplay elements put into a Zelda game, which is the main reason I love it so much. Try...
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