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  1. Keese Keese

    General Zelda Is a Zelda Game Good if It Doesn't Feature Link?

    Eh... could it work? Maybe. The problem is that Link has become a, if not the, major figure of the series. The fanbase would likely go into an uproar too. It would be interesting... perhaps to take on journey with one of Link's close descendants (son, nephew, etc) and have him as a side...
  2. Keese Keese

    General Zelda What Puzzles Do You Think the Series Needs?

    I think thay the series needs more... puzzle puzzles, such as the Sky Keep, Isle of Songs, block puzzles (harder, though), Master Sword puzzles, etc. These would be great to spread throughout the game instead of being lucky enough to have merely one or two. The series still has its fair share of...
  3. Keese Keese

    General Zelda What is YOUR Favorite Zelda Quote?

    Oh dear there are too many to mention XD a lot of mine have already been stated, so I'll throw in these. "HEY. LISTEN." -Navi "I... I think I finally understand. I understand what my dad meant when he told me I need to be stronger, like you, Link... He wasn't talking about being strong...
  4. Keese Keese

    General Zelda What Age Were You when You First Started Playing Zelda?

    I think I was about 5 or 6 when I was introduced to Zelda and any gaming other than PC in general. I spied a little wrapped box behind the couch one Christmas morning and revealed it to be a gamecube. Next to it lay The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. My dad, having played a few of the older...
  5. Keese Keese

    General Zelda Introducing the Legend

    1. They will never regret picking one up 2. The gameplay is great and the world is a joy to explore (not the mention THAT MUSIC) 3. It plays on classic tales of heroes, evils, kingdoms, and magic and spins it all together an epic legend. I'd probably recommend the 3D titles first to get them...
  6. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Would You Like to See a New Child Link in Wii U?

    Personally, I loved this younger concept sketch that they had in Hyrule Historia for TP. I was happy that an older Link was picked for that story, however. It's whatever fits :) I wouldn't mind either way, I'd love to see either version or even (stretching my hopes a little far) both ages...
  7. Keese Keese

    General Zelda Will Termina Ever Return?

    I actually had a dream where Nintendo released a new Zelda trailer that said "Welcome back" and showed Termina's landscape. Needless to say, I was utterly disappointed when reality hit after waking up ;) In all honesty though, I don't see it returning in anything other than a Majora's Mask...
  8. Keese Keese

    Ocarina of Time Which Ocarina of Time Dungeon is the Hardest?

    Water Temple, personally. Me and water levels don't often mix well :S
  9. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Who Do You Want As the Zelda U Villain?

    A new villain. As awesome as Ganondorf is, I want to see a new threat. Something we wouldn't expect. Dark Link would be cool to see again, but not as a main villain. I could see him more as a tool being used by the main baddie, however big his role in the game is :)
  10. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Would You Like to See a New Child Link in Wii U?

    Aside from Toon Link, we haven't had a new child Link in a 3D Zelda game since Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask. How would you guys feel about having a new incarnation of Link who sets off on his adventure as a young kid instead of a teenager/adult this time around?
  11. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Do You Want ZeldaU to Be a Light-Hearted Game or Dark?

    ...Neither? :) A good story uses one extreme well, while a great and epic story melds both light and dark and creates harmony between the two with both tone and visuals. I'm hoping for something that has me laughing and feeling good one moment and shaking in my seat or crying the next! That's...
  12. Keese Keese

    General Zelda Things That Don't Make Sense.

    When you do a jump attack/strike when leaping from a drop that would usually harm you yet you land rather safely... :)
  13. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild "Random Events" and Enemy Spawning?

    In Zelda games, the enemies and events that happen in the overworld are already pre-placed. This makes a lot of revisited areas quite predictable as far as what you'll find there, and once you've discovered everything in an area, travelling through it becomes little more than a routine. In other...
  14. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild To What Extent Should The Overworld Be - Scale Wise?

    Preferably rather large, but only what accommodates the game best. I'd much rather take a smaller overworld brimming with life than a vast, void expanse of field and road just for the sake of sheer size. I would love to see an underground network of caves and mini-dungeons to explore too :)
  15. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Zelda Wii U- Why Would It Have "stolen the Show" at E3?

    If it were announced, that would be a lot of Link in your face all at once (not that that's bad XD). We already got TWW HD and A Link Between Worlds at the same time, plus SSB4 with yet more Link ;) There's already so much hype over what's being released right now, Nintendo is sitting back...
  16. Keese Keese

    General Modern More Horror in Zelda?

    I think what won me over in Majora's Mask was its atmosphere. It was dark in an eerie and psychological kind of way. It would be nice to see some of that come back for a little bit in a game, as well as a touch of the more common horror themes in dungeons and an overworld area or two, like a...
  17. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Zelda U May Show Later This Year

    I want to believe it... but I don't! But I do! But I don't! But I do! Oh suspense... :) :) :) Or some down right epic gameplay and cutscenes and music and, well, new Zelda! Good thinking on their part, though. The announcement would have knocked down some hype and sales for TWW HD and A...
  18. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Could This Be a Sneak Peek of ZeldaU Link?

    Mmm... it could be. I wouldn't put much faith in it at this point though. I'd be really happy if it was; he looks very good, probably one of the best designs so far... I love it :) Anywho, he can't quite be placed as an HD SS link or an HD TP, he resembles both (although more TP, with the arm...
  19. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Wind Waker HD Graphics

    Beautiful and stunning, as always. What's cool is that the original's graphics still hold up, even with this release :) They don't feel inferior. So, it isn't a replacement, but rather a whole new package. The blurr/haze effect really makes the lighting and colors soft and well blended...
  20. Keese Keese

    General Modern Is the Franchise Going Backwards?

    They're trying to hold the player's hand all the way through everything now, and SS, while I love it, was the biggest example of this. Fi would make you dowse (spelling? Eh) for hearts for goodness sake! Why Nintendo??? I admit I started on modern Zelda, and I'm trying to catch up on the older...
  21. Keese Keese

    General Zelda Firearms/Guns in Zelda

    If a gun were to make its way to Link's arsenal, it would definitely be something special. I wouldn't want it to be anything more than an item though, and shouldn't overpower the other items. A reasonable ammo limit would be needed, perhaps no more than 10 shots per whatever they would be stored...
  22. Keese Keese

    General Zelda Messin' with Gravity

    I'd LOVE to see a magnetized dungeon in Zelda that requires flipping to walls, ceilings, and confronting specialized enemies. Awesome puzzles are a given ;) perhaps it would even render your sword useless. An item could be a magnetic hookshot of sorts? Maybe we could even see a dungeon in...
  23. Keese Keese

    Skyward Sword Could M+ Have Been Better Utilized?

    The motion controls were implemented enough for me in SS, some were awkward and others quite enjoyable. I. Could. Not. Stab. For. The. Life. Of. Me. Which made situations involving enemies that required a sword stab a living Inferno. And the sword swinging wasn't perfect, for it registered your...
  24. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Musical Instrument? Thoughts?

    I don't have much of a problem with Nintendo trying to be innovative, they've done alright so far. I do agree with the frustration of using Zelda as a mere guinea pig and wish they'd take it more seriously sometimes. However, when you look at it, the series has always introduced new things. As...
  25. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Musical Instrument? Thoughts?

    Music and musical instruments have definately made their home in the series. So, here's the question: Instrument controls, type of instrument, or none at all? Personally, I would love to have an instrument in Zelda U. It would be a great tool for Nintendo to experiement with and use the Wii U...
  26. Keese Keese

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    Currently: A few shirts Hyrule Historia Twilight Princess guide SS gold Wii Mote 25th anniversary symphony
  27. Keese Keese

    What is the Most Recent Dungeon That You Completed?

    Dragon Roost Cavern from Wind Waker. Playing through the game with my little cousin :)
  28. Keese Keese

    General Zelda Survivalism and Customization

    Everything listed here would be great, and yes, please more hidden skills! It would be great to find them hidden around the land and learn from different people. Perhaps for some, if you help them in some way, they would offer to teach you some swordsmanship. Also, for each skill, you would have...
  29. Keese Keese

    Spoiler Valoo and Argorok: One and the Same?

    Hmm... that certainly is interesting, and it's possible. Although, as far as physical characteristics, Valoo has forearms and Argorok is more of a wyvern type dragon without forearms. Also, Argorok's wings are large and scaled while Valoo's are rather small and feathered. However, these...
  30. Keese Keese

    General Zelda Hyrule's Technology??

    It seems like Hyrule (or rather whatever Hyrule was before) was quite prosperous in technology and magic before the reincarnations of the hero came to be... we don't know how long the stretch is from the creation of the land to SS was, so it could very well have been a time of constant...
  31. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Can We Please Get a Day/night Cycle?

    Thanks Lady of Hyrule :) doing different actions at different times of the day would be great too, like you mentioned. It would be interesting how that would work. It makes me think of some magic abilities or spells... It would be nice to see more behavior changes in species as well with the...
  32. Keese Keese

    General Modern What Kind of Innovations Could Turn This Series on Its Head?

    Have Link defeated at the end. Not like their new 3rd timeline split, but actual in-game canon. They had the courage to say it happened, so it isn't impossible for them to take it a step further? I think it would be interesting to see a story where the final battle killed both Link and his foe.
  33. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Unexpected Elements?

    I was thinking that too... honestly I haven't really looked into it, but I'm wondering if Nintendo will add something along the lines of "achievements" like on 360 accounts through completing sections or challenges in the game, which would go along with the competitive aspect of the online...
  34. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Can We Please Get a Day/night Cycle?

    Good point, SS had its own variations of day/night with sleeping and such too. It all boils down to whatever fits that particular game best, I guess (same could be said for graphical styles). Off on a bit of a tangent, something I was bummed out about at first was the inability to ride around on...
  35. Keese Keese

    Too Many Timelines?

    I think Nintendo really just wanted to open their options up to make new games with new stories... the less games in a line, the more opportunity to fill in "holes" I think. Having Link defeated and splitting the timeline a third time, especially from the same junction as the other two, just...
  36. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Can We Please Get a Day/night Cycle?

    Agreed! The woods probably would have been beautiful, especially if the mushrooms glowed like they did in the first temple :) I'd also love to have a day/night cycle back because of all the time opportunities it could provide too. Certain things may only happen at a certain time of day, kind of...
  37. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild HD Visual Preferences

    I don't know if this is too cliché or not, but I absolutely fell in love with the tech demo graphic design. It wasn't that it was "realistic", but instead it was fantasy with detail, if that makes sense. It felt like Zelda, and the colors were still vibrant. It felt fresh and new yet remained...
  38. Keese Keese

    Breath of the Wild Which Terrain Are You Looking Forward to in ZeldaU?

    Ever since seeing TP's first trailers with that dense and unrestricted forest, that has been on my wish list. I just love the vibe that you get from that kind of scenery. The forests up until now haven't been very satisfying... most of the time they're a narrow path with woods surrounding it as...
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