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  1. Koosholts

    Glad to hear things are working out for you :)! I'm a physics major myself, so I don't get much...

    Glad to hear things are working out for you :)! I'm a physics major myself, so I don't get much diversity other than just Math and Physics haha.
  2. Koosholts

    Seeking Participants for Psychology Study

    I'm looking to interview low-income bisexual women or people who have worked with low-income bisexual women in the past to discuss common health barriers for my Health Psychology class. If you fall under this category and are comfortable with sharing your experiences here, then please answer...
  3. Koosholts

    Geometry or Algebra?

    Algebra, all the way. Geometry is stupid and you only need it for high school, except for the basic principles of it that you acquire from other math classes. Now Trigonometry, on the other hand, is quite a wonderful little subject, and highly applicable to all subjects in Math.
  4. Koosholts

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  5. Koosholts

    How Often Do You Use Your Pockets?

    Well I have to carry my phone and wallet with me wherever I go, so putting them in my pockets is the most obvious choice for me. My wallet goes in my back right pocket, my phone in my front right pocket, and the random crap that I accumulate throughout the day goes in my left pocket (I'm also...
  6. Koosholts

    For Those Who Drive....how Good Are You at Parking Your Car?

    When I was learning how to parallel park for my license, I was really good at it; I learned fast and could do it perfectly nearly all the time. However, I've never once parallel parked since (about a year) so I'm not sure how well I could execute one now.
  7. Koosholts

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    All of my socks are dirty.
  8. Koosholts

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Well, this is awkward... The Hunger Games: God Awful/10
  9. Koosholts

    Under Appreciated or Obscure Games

    Huh, perhaps it has something to do with the demographics of our surrounding areas? Because none of my friends had ever heard of Souls series until I told them about it, and on the internet, I see people passing it over as too difficult to be any fun, etc. way too often. And I agree, ever since...
  10. Koosholts

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    How time has just flew by, and how I wish I could be young again. And, I can't stop thinking about how much it would suck if you were dropped in to the ATLA world and didn't have any bending abilities. I mean, omg that would suck.
  11. Koosholts

    Under Appreciated or Obscure Games

    This is easy for me, Dark Souls. People have either never heard of it, or have heard of it and its unforgiving nature and then quickly pass it off as "too difficult" or "impossible to play." I can understand these complaints, as from the surface the mechanics of the game, and understanding how...
  12. Koosholts

    What are your favorite boybands

    For All Those Sleeping. And before you ask, they are all boys, and there in a band; hence, they're a boy band.
  13. Koosholts


    Does anyone know how to display your FPS while playing your game? Thanks!
  14. Koosholts

    Best Way to Talk to a Girl That Doesn't Know You?

    Just walk up to her and say: "How much do polar bears weigh?" ... "girl gives stupid answer or has a blank face" ... and then you say: "enough to break the ice, can I buy you a pizza?" And if you don't have the confidence to say that, then just tell her that you cannot comprehend how nature...
  15. Koosholts

    A System Fan Won't Work

    I just recently finished up my first PC build ever, and everything went off without a hitch except for one tiny problem; one of the chassis fans won't work. My case came with three chassis fans, and three 3-pin system fan connectors. My motherboard supports four 4-pin system fan connectors. I...
  16. Koosholts

    What Internet Feature is Impossible for You to Live Without?

    Probably Google, or in broader terms, search engines (although I hate Bing and Yahoo as search engines). And if we want to get more specific, Wikipedia. The number times I use my phone/tablet to look up information in school or on my couch is insane. Naturally I love learning, consequently it...
  17. Koosholts

    How Old Should Someone Be when They Get Their First Mobile Phone?

    Easy: The age of when their parents decide they're ready to have one.
  18. Koosholts

    All Newtwo Speculations and News

    Is it supposed to be a baby form of Mewtwo, because I think it's more adorable looking than fierce haha. Anyways, I'm surprised and overjoyed. So far, Pokemon X and Y is doing a phenomenal job; if they keep it up I'm definitely going to be getting them both on release date.
  19. Koosholts

    How Often Do You Change Your Password?

    Never, because I took thirty minutes out of my life to memorize a series of random digits and numbers to use as my password for any and all things. It just sucks when there are character limits for passwords, than I think of something on the spot and I usually forget them, i.e. my FAFSA account :(
  20. Koosholts

    Albums You Should Listen To Before You Die

    North - Matchbox 20 Never been a Matchbox 20 fan, until this album. She's So Mean and Overjoyed are great songs.
  21. Koosholts

    What Does Your Username Mean?

    Absolutely nothing; 'dunno where I thought of it.
  22. Koosholts

    How Many Novels Do You Own?

    None, I own e-books. But who owns books? Hasn't anyone ever heard of a public library...?
  23. Koosholts

    Games You Are Dying to Play.

    The Elder Scrolls MMO; I've been waiting for this game for so long. It's going to be epic.
  24. Koosholts

    All Sylveon speculations and news

    Well... it's a hell of a lot better than Glaceon and Leafeon >.>... Still waiting on my poison-type Eveelution. Eveelutions always come in pairs, I wonder what the other type will be?
  25. Koosholts

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  26. Koosholts

    Do You Listen To Music While Performing Other Activities?

    No. I never understood how my classmates can listen to their iPods while doing tests, classwork, homework; -- like ALIT said -- anything that requires mental effort. It's distracting, it screws me up, it lowers my productivity rates, etc. To put it in to perspective, this one time I tried...
  27. Koosholts

    How Do You Advance Your Vocabulary?

    I don't personally care about how robust or expansive my vocabulary is. In my personal experience, trying too hard to incorporate these fantastic and crazy words that rarely anybody uses in every day vernacular (<-- perfect example right there) in to your papers -- whether it be a fiction that...
  28. Koosholts

    "Things to Do Before You Die" Your List?

    - Shake Dr. Michio Kaku's hand - Obtain a Ph.D - Discover a planet - Touch Brooklyn Decker's butt - Write a book pertaining to Astronomy - Own a kitty named Gerald - Own a Great Dane named kitty - Touch Brooklyn Decker's boobs - Sing Karaoke at a bar while drunk - Compete in the United States...
  29. Koosholts

    Do You Believe in Fate?

    Could you elaborate on this? I don't get how time travel plays in to all of this. There are things called designer babies; however that's mostly for the aesthetics of the child (hair color, eye color, etc.). So geneticists can't ensure that all babies are going to be free from genetic-based...
  30. Koosholts

    Do You Believe in Fate?

    To put it simply, no. Anything that seems like fate are simply a series of coincidences that can certainly be explained through rational reasoning. The idea of fate seems weak to me; you make your own decisions and anything that goes poorly in your life -- or anything that goes well -- is...
  31. Koosholts

    Do You Have Any Weird/Unique Talents?

    I can solve a Rubik's cube in under two minutes, and I can memorize a deck of fifty-two playing cards in under ten minutes. I'm working on memorizing a one-hundred binary-digit code in under fifteen minutes, but since my knew semester started at school I don't have much spare time anymore haha.
  32. Koosholts

    Does WWHD Make MM3D More or Less Likely?

    I am 100% confident that MM3DS will be released... when that is, exactly, I have no clue. Nintendo would simply be a bad company if they didn't remake Majora's Mask for the 3DS; an overwhelming amount of the fan-base wants it, and its practically free money since it won't cost much for them to...
  33. Koosholts

    Should Nintendo Remake Zelda Games More Often?

    Honestly, I don't mind it at all. A classic argument for why companies like Nintendo shouldn't make remakes is because it snatches up development time for completely knew installments. It makes sense, people want a totally new game as opposed to a remake. However, -- taking OoT 3DS for example...
  34. Koosholts

    Will Pokemon X and Y Be the Reason You Get a 3DS?

    And you're judging this assumption on what, the three Pokemon that you saw? The tiny glimpses of the games' cities/areas? I don't think anybody can judge the entirety of Pokemon X and Y based off of that short video, so can you enlighten me about these standards that you have? (This isn't...
  35. Koosholts

    The One Thing You Can't Go a Day Without Having/doing?

    Probably working-out. It's funny, because I can remember back to the days where I originally started working-out; it was awful. I had to force myself to do it. Now, its just part of my every-day routine; took about a month for it to get like that though. Oh, and recently I've elected to read...
  36. Koosholts

    Will Pokemon X and Y Be the Reason You Get a 3DS?

    In short, yes. I haven't bought a 3DS because, like you said, there is a very limited library for the price of the handheld. Don't get me wrong, I think the handheld is the best of its generation (smokes the Vita), but I'm not going to fork over $200 for it just to play one game (OoT 3DS...
  37. Koosholts

    Sudoku, Picross, Crosswords, Solitaire

    A few months ago, I didn't even know what a Sudoku was until my friend told me about them. Now, I'm hooked; I love playing the easy ones to see how fast I can get them done. I play the extreme difficulty ones when I just want to relax and pass-time. My fastest record for an easy-level Sudoku is...
  38. Koosholts

    What Do You Drink with Breakfast?

    Coffee, always coffee; can't function without it. If I don't have a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, I'll have a splitting headache and become irritable until it reaches my palate. If you want my advice, don't start drinking coffee. It blackens your teeth, it's not the healthiest...
  39. Koosholts

    Do You Ever Wake Up in the Middle of the Night?

    Do I wake up in the middle of the night? ... Story of my life. wtf lmao xD
  40. Koosholts

    Skyward Sword Worst Zelda Game Since DS Games?

    I waggle, and I beat the game -- twice now. Explain this paradox? Sure, I guess it would be easier to use precise swings with the Wii Mote+, but I'm impatient when I'm faced with repetitive enemies half-way through the game, so I just waggle. When I'm playing, Skyward Sword can just be as...
  41. Koosholts

    The Official "How Do I Build a Computer" Thread

    As Kazumi knows, I've been buzzing around the idea of building my own PC. This comprehensive thread will undoubtedly be of incredible use to me, and I thank anyone who contributed to its information. Now, I have two question: 1.) How difficult is it to transport your PC? I want to make one...
  42. Koosholts

    Do You Curse Often?

    Every other word; I don't think it's that big of a deal. I mean, they are just words. It's societies standards that make curse words "impolite" or "inappropriate." Ironically, though, I find it attractive if a girl doesn't curse every other sentence. I don't know why, it's just cute I guess.
  43. Koosholts

    Pen or Pencil?

    I'm with Locke -- but if I had to choose, I would use a pen. But only if they're the high quality pens. You won't see me writing with one of those God-awful pens that you buy in packs of ten at the Dollar Store. Nope, I have a certain brand and type of pen that I have to use, otherwise I refuse...
  44. Koosholts

    Designs You Would/would Not Like to See

    I want more valuable poison-type Pokemon. Gen V took a step in the right direction with this, but I was still ultimately let down. I want at least two three-stage evolution poison type Pokemon that are not completely useless. One of them could specialize in Special Attack, the other Physical...
  45. Koosholts

    Happiest Moment in Gaming

    Completing Dark Souls for the first time. Honestly, I could go on for endless paragraphs about Dark Souls, harping about its incredible difficulty level, long - albeit rewarding - learning curve, and how satisfying it is to beat its end game for the first time. But, instead of doing that, I'll...
  46. Koosholts

    Pokémon X & Y: Favorite Starter Design

    If we're strictly talking about the design, than my vote goes to Froakie. It easily has the most unique design; it's a breath of fresh air from the poor design choices of the 5th generation. However, if we're going with personal favorites I'd have to choose Chespin. I just picture that lil' guy...
  47. Koosholts

    What Do You Want Pokémon X & Y to Change or Add to the Pokémon Formula?

    Here are some of the things on my wish-list: - A more flushed out story with a not-so-cheesy plot. Also, I want the two legendary Pokemon to be heavily intertwined with whatever plot/theme the developers choose to go with. Instead of having a cheesy (albeit classic), cynical cooperation like...
  48. Koosholts

    Impression of X/Y Overworld Preview

    I don't want to seem too negative so early on, but I'm disappointed with what we saw of the overworld. I thought some of the sprites seemed choppy and un-polished, some of the camera angles were a-bit wonky, and I am REALLY upset that we don't have Colosseum movement; instead we're stuck with...
  49. Koosholts

    When Do You Purchase Technology?

    I purchase new technology when I know that it will be a good long-term investment, and when I know I will get a lot of use out of it. For example, I just purchased the iPad 4; that will be useful to me for the upcoming four years of college.
  50. Koosholts

    A Link Between Worlds What Next for Zelda?

    Majora's Mask 3DS is going to happen eventually, there's no doubt in my mind about that. There's too much money for Nintendo to make in that re-make. However, I do believe that Zelda 3DS will arrive first; hopefully before 2013 is over. EDIT: Sorry, forgot to post my input on what Zelda 3DS...
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