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  1. Pop 360

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    I'm listening to Monochrome Kiss <3 Black Butler opening for the first series, I'm a bit addicted to it at the moment.
  2. Pop 360

    Favorite Band?

    I'd have to say: Paramore, Girls Dead monster, Owl City and Take that :)
  3. Pop 360

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Crow song - Girls dead monster Has to be my favorite japanese band, some of the lyrics are really amazing.
  4. Pop 360

    Happy Easter!!!!

    Happy easter everyone :) I'm eating too much chocolate for my own good XD Again, Enjoy the rest of your easter :zelda:
  5. Pop 360

    Which Food Are You Nomming Currently?

    Mmmmmm, GALAXY MINSTRELS!! I love galaxy :) Easter here so it means the one day you can eat as much chocolate as you like and It dosen't matter :zelda: Now back to Nomming...
  6. Pop 360

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    Japanese Names FTW Easy: Girl- Akira (I just Love the name-Lucky Star) Boy- Hinata/Tomoya (I adore them both-Hinata: Angel Beats,-Tomoya: Clannad)
  7. Pop 360

    Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World .... Zelda Music?

    My mum randomly picked it out of blockbuster for me one day and I noticed there was loooaaads of video game references, also It's a great film, My favorite ;)
  8. Pop 360

    What is the Last Movie You Watched.

    Last Movie I watched was Spirited away :D Its an amazing movie and well, I'ts one of my favorites :zelda:
  9. Pop 360

    FirevsIce's GIMP Graphics

    Hey, I think your art is amazing and I was wondering if you had anytime you could make me a signiture. Can you take 3 characters from this image (The guy with an axe and purple hair, The one winking with blue hair and the girl with bright pink hair and a devils tail) and put them into a...
  10. Pop 360

    If You Were an Enemy.......

    ...in TP when you are surrounded by two and they are circling you and you have one heart left no potions NO NOTHING and link is gasping annoyingly *Gasp, gasp, gasp, gasp* and when you strike and remove armour from one of the darknuts by using helm splitter then suddenly one behind you that you...
  11. Pop 360

    Phantom Hourglass Bellum Last Battle

    Well you have to watch the top screen for when Bellums eye opens, when its open quickly draw a figure eight symbol and run round the back of Linebeck/bellum and strike his eye, before you can freeze time you must attack Linebeck/bellum untill ciela can make a time sphere for you, I would stock...
  12. Pop 360

    Most Annoying Zelda Character?

    I absolutely detest Tingle, he's annoying and just too creepy for his own good,I mean come on he must be in his 30's....It really scares me.
  13. Pop 360

    Spirit Tracks/Phantom Hourglass: Draw on the Maps Much?

    I found it funny to just draw on it whenever I felt like it, I may also note down If I had seen a bunny and failed to catch it. And If I was stuck on a certain puzzle, drawing on the map always helped me out, so yeah I did like the map :)
  14. Pop 360

    What Does Your Custom User Title Mean?

    My user title says "Hetalia" In japanese lettering.
  15. Pop 360


    I'm watching Hetalia and Angel beats at the moment, when I was younger I used to watch pokemon and when I was even younger I watched an anime Called Mewmew power.
  16. Pop 360

    Spoiler What Are Your Saddest/most Emotional Games?

    Professor Layton & The lost Future. I proper cried for at least 20 mins SPOILER: Poor luke, Layton:A gentleman never makes a scene in public Luke:I'm not a gentleman yet :(:(:( I hated it when luke left and when clive and layton had the scene from ten years in the past, I also cried when...
  17. Pop 360

    Twilight Princess Epona...

    I loved using Epona and I only warped when absolutely necessary, I sometimes go on TP to just muck around and ride on Epona, its really fun and also the scenery at the different times of the day was amazing to look at as you were riding through Hyrule field and on the bridge of Eldin.
  18. Pop 360

    Twilight Princess Does Anyone else Get Lost in Hyrule Field in Twilight Princess?

    I've never got lost but when I first got to Hyrule field I couldn't find the right exit and then I kept forgetting which ones I had tried and I got all confused, well I suppose you could say...I got lost :(
  19. Pop 360

    How Much "Link" Do You Want?

    Honestly, I would like a bit of both, I would like some expression and some real feeling to link, but I wouldn't like it if they overacted him, it just wouldn't be zelda, Link has nearly always be quiet and mindless it would be strange to see an adult link act emotions in the way that a younger...
  20. Pop 360

    Spirit Tracks: Very Impressed!(Spoiler Alert!)

    Spirit tracks is a very good game and I agree with you the bosses do get harder as they go along and thats how it should be, Have you played Phantom Hourglass?, if not then you'll like it as it is similar to ST. Phantom hourglass was the first Zelda game I ever played and I adore it its my 2nd...
  21. Pop 360

    Halloween 2010

    Ok this is a random thread but I'm gonna start it anyway, Ok anyone who celebrates halloween like with paries with friends and stuff can post here if they are doing anything zelda related e.g I'm Going to dress up as a re-dead from windwaker :cool: So anything - you misht be doing a zelda...
  22. Pop 360

    Scariest Zelda Enemy?

    Re-deads from Ocarina of time used to and still do...Scare the living hell out of me. And the ear peircing scream, Awfull. D:
  23. Pop 360

    General Art The Story of the Secret.

    I quit again XD Probs will write out whole story again... oops
  24. Pop 360

    Zelda Art Skyward Sword Backgrounds! (These Took Me a While, So Please Leave a Nice Comment ;D)

    woah love all of them especially the purple one, these msut of took you ages, kudos to you!!!
  25. Pop 360

    Twilight Princess The Most Beautiful Place In Twilight Princess?

    I'll have to say Zoras domain's pool underneath, near the mother and child rocks, its a really beautifull and peacefull and when I'm on TP I love to visit and just swim around and talk to the zoras, Its great. :zelda:
  26. Pop 360

    General Art The Story of the Secret.

    OK, This Is my story it has no sign up and the other one I said I would Write is not happening, ok if it sounds the characters dialouge is childish its because of their age. Leave your comments below.>.> . Prolouge Erm... well most of you know I cant make up a story so I guess I’ll just tell...
  27. Pop 360

    Zelda Art Summer Camp

    Yeah I remember oops sorry :kawaii:
  28. Pop 360

    The Blame Game

    I blame cel-shaded deku for my friend telling my personel secret that only she is supposed to know, now 4 people do...
  29. Pop 360

    What Item is the Most Useless to You?

    The Telescope in ww it was useless you used it once at the beging and if he hadn't looked through it he wouldn't have to do the whole quest!!! I thought It was a useless item I never used it at all thats mine.
  30. Pop 360

    General Classic Most Annoying Character

    So far in WW I ahve found that The most annoying character is the king of red lions, I hated the way he told you what to do in the temple even though you knew what you were doing it spoils it, and he is the slowest boat EVER made
  31. Pop 360

    What Would You Like to see in future Zelda handhelds?

    I think It should be an open world aswell, Because ST and PH were very similar to be honest and I would like a change in scenery if you know what I mean, also I think they should try to be more craetive with Items, I mean you need the classics such as the: Boomerand, bow and arrow and something...
  32. Pop 360

    Sign Up for My Fan Fic, Hurry Limited Places!!!!

    Ok I'm sorry huys but the fan fic has been postponerd untill further notice, I will get back to you if it is back on sorry...
  33. Pop 360

    Mandi's Sig Shop

    Thats AMAZING madi thanks sooo much
  34. Pop 360

    Mandi's Sig Shop

    Could I request one please Pixel size: 150X400 I dont really mind though not a size that goes over the limit though Color's used: shades of blue but the darker colours like Elecrtic blue e.t.c and if nessicary black aswell Image...
  35. Pop 360

    Zelda Art Summer Camp

    Wow great ending... But where is smitie she was at the beggining,but she just dissapeared!!!
  36. Pop 360

    Zelda Art Summer Camp

    Yay! I am alive!!!! Its very good and interesting-Meego who is standing next to my right now (yeah I am, heeeere) says there will be an epilouge I hope everyone is looking forward to it because I am.
  37. Pop 360

    The Pirate (Sign Up)

    May I? Name: Chloe Atkins Age: 17 Gender:Female Weapons: Short bow, two daggers, and a longsword Occupation: Crows nest vigillant appearance:5ft 9 , skinny, wears: Shirt,waistcoat and tailored shorts, long red hair to hips. Good friends with Atsuma. Friends with vatti but she has her...
  38. Pop 360

    3 Hearts or 5?

    3 heart deffinitly honestly its not that hard at all I have just done three three heart run on PH its simple.
  39. Pop 360

    General Classic Which Should I Download?

    I downloded Majora's mask on Virtual console and its great but,if i were you I would get ocarina of time which is also on VC As it is the pre-sequel to majora's mask but its your choice...
  40. Pop 360

    Twilight Princess Zelda Vrs. Midna

    I am with Xinnamin when she says If it was a battle between them then I think zelda would win because she is alot bigger and presumably stronger too (I am assuming you mean midna's origianal form) Also because Zelda has a lot more knowlage in battling and she will probably have good tactics.
  41. Pop 360

    Asgard Legends

    Good start atsie 4 1/2 stars so far :lol: JK 5 stars all the way ✰✰✰✰✰
  42. Pop 360

    Sign Up for My Fan Fic, Hurry Limited Places!!!!

    I'm sorry ember you are a bit late, but I may be able to fit you in later.... Ok, Closed no more entries untill further notice please
  43. Pop 360

    Sign Up for My Fan Fic, Hurry Limited Places!!!!

    No it doesen't have to made up...
  44. Pop 360

    Sign Up for My Fan Fic, Hurry Limited Places!!!!

    I am going to write a fan fic and I need some characters, there will only be seven places so hurry if you want to be in it, lay out your characters profile like this E.g Name: Poppy Fantasia Age: 14 Race: Hylian (can be any zelda related race) Weapons: Dagger and shortbow (Maximum 2)...
  45. Pop 360

    Links Good with the Ladies

    Link is probably one of the better looking characters in all the zelda games I have played, so that wold atrract the ladies, also recscuing people and Killing evil monsters that are creepy may add to that too, I should know aswell :embarrassed::lol:
  46. Pop 360

    Mythbusters: What Do You Think of Them?

    I've seen it once quite entertaining actually! I honestly thought you couldn't fold a piece of paper more than 7 times but, it proves me wrong!!! :lol:
  47. Pop 360

    What Legend of Zelda Game Got You into the Franchise?

    for me it was phantom hourglass, I couldn't wait till the next game would come out, I didn't realise it had other games in the series then i found twilight princess, found here and BAM!!!! ZELDA IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!
  48. Pop 360

    Favorite Quotes

    "Legs yes,bowtie...cool,fez....I can buy a fez" Matt smith (Dr. who) (lol makes me laugh every time I hear it)
  49. Pop 360

    Favorite Book Series

    I Really liked the Inkheart triology and the harry potter series they have to be my faves :)
  50. Pop 360

    Why Do People Dislike Phantom Hourglass?

    I loved phantom hourglass it was my first Zelda game and it got me into the whole series, I have just played it again doing the three heart challenge and I was reminded how good it was. I am not sure why everyone puts it down, maybe its because its one of eaiser games, maybe beacuse of just...
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