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  1. x-Link-x

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Thanks dofr the feedback. =) I have a small update <3
  2. x-Link-x

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Finished <3
  3. x-Link-x

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Sure. This is what I came up with, you can tell me if you want me to do it over. =) While that happens, I have an update for this place. =) To be continued.... <3 ......
  4. x-Link-x

    Fierce Deity

    Hm.... Okay, lets start by analyzing the reason why Majora might have turned Link into a Deku Scrub instead if simply killing him: At the time when the Skull Kid turned Link into a Deku Scrub, Majora wasn't in complete control, this was merely the Deku Kid playing 'harmless' prnaks on people...
  5. x-Link-x

    What Other Zelda Merchandise Do You Own Besides Games?

    I have.... -Master Sword replica -Zelda manga -Zelda T-shirts -Several Zelda guides & that's it, I think ._.;;
  6. x-Link-x

    Zelda RPG.

    A Zelda RPG? That doesn't sound all that bad but it would be a little....'away' from the series, it would be a big change and has a big chance of failing. The thing that would be odd about it would be the character to use in the party, unless Link uses the FourSword again they'd have to come up...
  7. x-Link-x

    Death Mountain...

    Okay so, in just about any Zelda game, when you look over the land, which one of the tallest rock ya see? (that has a name, anyways...) Death Mountain. So, if the Great Sea is merely Hyrule flooded then...where did Death Mountain go? Wasn't it supposed to be the tallest mountain in Hyrule...
  8. x-Link-x

    The Seer

    One thing's for sure, though, it can't be one of the telescope guys, they have a name. "Old Man Ho-Ho" or something of the sort, I would think why they would sign their name as something else. I'd say perhaps there was someone else on that island before, but then again maybe it was further back...
  9. x-Link-x

    Which Zelda is Darker? Twilight Princess or Majora's Mask?

    I would say Majora's Mask would be the darkest of the two. Just a few weeks ago, I was playing the game and for the moment all I could do was wait for certain event (why didnt I skip time is beyond me) and I just sat there taring at Link and then I started to think about all the events of the...
  10. x-Link-x

    Ocarina of Time Has anyone here ever beat the Water Temple without the Zora Tunic?

    Yes, once and only once. The time that I spent in that dungeon without the tunic was by far one of the shortest ever seeing as how I needed to rush on everything I did underwater. I did the same for the fire temple but that's going outta subject here. =)
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    Ocarina of Time Bongo Bongo

    I could have sworn I posted in this thread before or perhaps its a similar thread....anyways... The first time that I fought against him, I was still in Puerto Rico and at that time I wasn't all that great with English. I read Navi's tip over and over again but I didn't quite understand it. So...
  12. x-Link-x

    Ocarina of Time Fourth Bottle!

    In my original file I have everything including the last bottle; but every time I see it it reminds me of so much time of frustration. Its really hard for me to aim on horse back, specially if my target is already moving and the faster I move the faster he moves. At first I was just doing it...
  13. x-Link-x

    Ocarina of Time Favorite OOT tunic.

    I'll go ahead and stick to green. I like having the originals for as long as I can have them. I've always seen Link in green which means that's what I'm used to. He looks best in Green to me anyways.
  14. x-Link-x

    The Mystery with the Ennemies' Weapons!

    I did manage to make that happen, sometimes I would pick it up and hit them with it my self. One of the funniest things that happened is when one of the enemies pics up a weapon and then actually hits another with the same thing. Like after they pick it up they always get desperate and just...
  15. x-Link-x

    Hardest puzzle

    The puzzles that come to mind when I think of hard in Zelda would be: Ocarina of Time: The puzzle in the Ice Cavern, the one when you need to slide the blocks in order to make the path for your self and collect the silver rupees. That one took me a while, at first it seemed pretty obvous but...
  16. x-Link-x

    Saddest Zelda Scene

    Lets see, I think sad scenes are everywhere, they add that certain charm to the game, either way lets start listing them. Ocarina of Time: -The scene when Link crosses the bridge to leave the forest for the first time and Saria is there waiting for him to say 'goodbye.' That scene broke my...
  17. x-Link-x


    A little bit of blood a bruise and a cut there that would be nice to see on Link. I mean the games appear to be drifting towards a more real look. Perhaps with the entire real look kinda thing, blood maybe welcomed. Of course one shouldn't go over board as in splatters of blood and all that...
  18. x-Link-x

    First4Figures Link Statue

    Oh my! That looks fantastic, I want one now! I've always seen them around the net and such and I've never been too trusting to get one because of the whole 'maybe its smaller than it looks' but now that I see yours I really might get one. The one thing that kinda bothers me about it are the...
  19. x-Link-x

    Zelda Manga

    I have a few of the mangas them selves and I'd say they're pretty good. The art is very well done and of course it gives the series that innocent and childish feeling to see the many expression they give the characters. One thing that would be odd about them, however, is the way they have to...
  20. x-Link-x

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    I'm sorry, but if I cannot find a picture like the one you're describing for me, I cannot make the signature. </3
  21. x-Link-x

    Games You Bought Recently

    The only recent game that I've bought was....BlazBlue and that is all v.v I want to buy a few others thought but I am broke! Dx
  22. x-Link-x

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Alright, I'm working on it. =) While that happens, I have a small update. I made it last night. Edit How's this?
  23. x-Link-x

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    I'm glad you like my work so much. I appreciate the comments <3 I'll be glad to take another request from you, give me some work to do. Heehee. =)
  24. x-Link-x

    Ocarina of Time Is Navi Annoying?

    I never really found her annoying seeing as how I have tolerance for partner characters and such. I mean yeah sure, after playing the game once or even twice you don't need her anymore and yet she keeps ranting to you to tell you what to do. I mean sure its nice that she tells you what you need...
  25. x-Link-x

    Ocarina of Time what was one of the worst rages that you got with OoT?

    Rages in Zelda games? Oh, all the time, specially in the older ones seeing as how difficult they are an such, I just couldn't stand to lose so many times at the start of each game and such but after a while that shimmered down. But I remember when I was a child (younger than I am now) I was...
  26. x-Link-x

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    I haven't updated this in a bit, I hope the double post is fine. =) If it isn't, I apologize. I recently made banner I hope you enjoyed the small update, comments and critique are always welcome and encouraged. I appreciate them and of course just alone that you viewed my...
  27. x-Link-x

    Link's True Age and Hair Color

    Well, if we think about it this way: we can always go with the art for the original game, the first Link made. I think that would be the closest thing one could ever come to seeing Link's 'true' hair and eye color.
  28. x-Link-x

    Hyrule or Termina?

    I like Termine for the one fact that is has more 'attractions' than Hyrule really. The over world of Hyrule was pretty empty, there were hardly any monsters out there or anything else to explore. I mean sure there was always the occasional cave or mystery, but it was never something, how can we...
  29. x-Link-x

    Link's True Age and Hair Color

    I never gave this much thought because, I have always believed that in each game (almost all of them) its a different Link. I mean there can't be one sole man in the entire world called "Link." If we think about it a types of 'series' kinda thing; I never worry too much for a character's...
  30. x-Link-x

    Zelda Easter Eggs

    I think I have two....I dunno if they've been posted yet but in MC, Din, Nyru and Farore can be found inside the Town's hotel. They'll fuse kinstones with you <3 In WW, there are several masks and the moon from MM hanging behind the sculptor guy at the Nintendo Gallery. Oh and uhm Flat and...
  31. x-Link-x

    The Deku Mask

    I was thinking that right now, it was never a mask before the song was used....so what if when Deku's naturally die they just turn into normal trees?[I mean that's kinda what happened to the "Great Deku Tree"] And maybe.....the Butler's son was trying to return home when he encountered the Skull...
  32. x-Link-x

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Thanks! I use PhotoShop CS3, I was thinking of moving to CS4 but Im not sure yet, I'm so used to CS3 and yeah e.e;;
  33. x-Link-x

    Should Zelda have Voice Actors?

    xDD For the sake of awkwardness? I dunno, I think I'd blink and stare at he screen for about 10 minutes...to take in what Link just said. I mean, it was that bad in WW, when ever he said "Come on!" because it was short and sweet but....if he said more, I dunno. x.x;;
  34. x-Link-x

    The Rubik's Cube

    I love paying with these things but I can't frigging solve them....ever! Dx
  35. x-Link-x


    Gaby Gabe Gabo Ryuuki Link Teepha Ash Ashe Bea They keep going xD
  36. x-Link-x

    What's Your Zodiac Sign?

    I am a Scorpio. I read the description for them and it actually sits very well with me I'd say. Most of the time I don't pay mind to them, though.
  37. x-Link-x

    Have You Ever Met a Famous Person?

    Daddy Yankie, he's this Spanish rapper guy. I'm, not a fan but I happen to meet him at the airport once. I got his autograph e.e;;
  38. x-Link-x

    What Language(s) Do You Know?

    I know English, Spanish, French and a bit of Japanese. Lets starts by saying that Spanish is my first language, after all, I am Hispanic. Heehee. <3
  39. x-Link-x

    Should Zelda have Voice Actors?

    I don't think voice is truly necessary, always makes me think that actions speak louder than words. Not to mention that, one can suppose were just a little hyterical of how the voices will actually turn out and such.
  40. x-Link-x

    Your Video Game Wish List

    For the moment PS3: BlazBlue King of Fighters XII Final Fantasy XIII PSP: Final Fantasy: Dissidia Soul Calibur Legends PS2: We love Katamari I might have more but that's it for the moment
  41. x-Link-x

    Should Zelda have Voice Actors?

    Stuff like that I'll always accept as long as they're not clear English words or something of the sort. I suppose its just tradition. I mean, you guys saw what happened last time Zelda had voice acting, it was horrible! Dx! I like Zelda voiceless, come on now, kids need to practice their...
  42. x-Link-x

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Thanks again guys, greatly appreciated! =) A small update. =) Just recently made like....3 minutes ago? xD Ritsuka <3
  43. x-Link-x

    The Deku Mask

    Okay, you guys keep saying that is the Skull Kid who killed the Butler's son but the thing is that, when you talk to the Butler, he says this his son left home a long time ago; I'm pretty sure that long time ago had to be longer than the Skull Kid had the Mask. Also, I was thinking that at the...
  44. x-Link-x

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Finished with this one. =) Avatars Signatures Enjoy! <3 Thanks for the comments, guys! Greatly appreciated. <3
  45. x-Link-x

    The Razor Sword

    You can completely skip the Razor sword and get the Gilded sword; that's why I never bothered to get the sword after the first time of course.
  46. x-Link-x

    What Would You Do?

    I would.... Yeah I would go along with it. After all, Link wasn't anything special as far as human abilities came along. Sure I would be scared at the start and come close to dying countless times but that's the whole point of having courage: to be able to do things even if one is unsure or...
  47. x-Link-x

    Koume's Potion

    Yeah, I have.... When ever I first started playing the game, I used to giving people the potions and other items but just stading close to them and pressing the c button that had it. In this game it was different ant it really did take me about 3 tries toactually remember "Oh right, I have to...
  48. x-Link-x


    In MM, they're even at the bottom of the well in Ikana, sure we know that we need them for then Gibdo trading thing, but hoes a cow get down there in the first place?! o.O;;?!?!
  49. x-Link-x

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Done with this one
  50. x-Link-x

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Least give me the name of the character you'd like for me to use.
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