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  1. BloodKnight88

    A Link to the Past The Tunic?

    but if you plan on doing a 3 heart challange, it'd be a great idea to get 'em though
  2. BloodKnight88

    Zelda: All In One

    it would most definitely be awesome, but it'd also be pretty expensive, but it'd be worth it, especially if the included a lot of bonus stuff with it, like a "making of" of all the games or something. also they should put back in all the stuff that was taken out of the released version. and if...
  3. BloodKnight88

    Sword Beams

    i think in 3D zeldas, they should have the sword beam, but you don't need full health to use it . but the less health you have the weaker the beam is. so you'd have to still resort to actually using the sword most of the time. but if you do need to use it. it'd be there, albeit just a weaker...
  4. BloodKnight88

    Number of Sages

    Really? odd, i never noticed that before,
  5. BloodKnight88

    Majora's Mask Im Against a Majora's Mask Port for the 3DS...

    MM never crashed for me. ever. as far as i can recall at least.
  6. BloodKnight88

    Post Your Zelda Pet Peeves!

    ...... it IS called Zelda 2 Adventure of link. I have the Gold cart of the game for the NES and it SAYS that, get your facts straight.. or are you just saying that you hate the fact that it's the title of the game? if so then i'd have to agree.
  7. BloodKnight88

    Number of Sages

    actually it was the water sage he killed.. and also, the sages in TP obviously aren't the one s from Oot, TP is in the child timeline, where the sages weren't awaskend because Ganondorf was captured and imprisoned in the twilight realm. so they wren't needed. and as for TWW those two sages are...
  8. BloodKnight88

    Ideas for an Original 3DS Zelda

    also maybe a sequel to AOL would be in order.
  9. BloodKnight88

    Why So Angry?

    did you say the same about OoT3D? also SS is coming out in a few months so i don't think they'd start on a new game so soon (then again maybe they might). everyone will be busy with SS anyway so what are people complaining about? do they really want a brand new 3DS zelda THAT bad?
  10. BloodKnight88

    How the Master Sword is "hidden"

    why wouldn't he have a descendant?
  11. BloodKnight88

    Ask Link A Question

    The tunic make me look even more manly! :) Link, what do Deku Nuts taste like?
  12. BloodKnight88

    Ask Link A Question

    what do you mean? it's not cold at all! or maybe that's because the Goron turnic i'm wearing keeps me warm. Link, what's the difference between Shadow Link and Dark Link?
  13. BloodKnight88

    Slender Man

    fake and gay? how is it gay? and of course it's probably fake, like everyone else in this thread said it was.. horror movies are fake, but you don't see people in the movie theaters shouting "this is fake and gay!" do you? see what i mean?
  14. BloodKnight88

    A Link to the Past IGN'S No.1 SNES Game of All Time Is........

    disappointing? are you serious? it's the best 2d Zelda in existance! and one of the best Zelda games period.
  15. BloodKnight88

    Zelda Art Real Ocarina of Time Mirror Shield

    wow, really awesome! speaking of which where did you get those majora's mask and minish cap replicas?
  16. BloodKnight88

    General Modern Fails/Mistakes/Dumb Things You've Done in Modern Zeldas

    one of mine would be in TWW. during the snake form of puppet ganon i kept chasing it around the romm trying to hit it's tial, it was really hard and i always missed, and i usually got killed. then i learned to stay a fair distance away and stand still and then try to hit his tail as it came into...
  17. BloodKnight88

    Spoiler Favorite Moment in the Zelda Series (preferably from the 3d Ones)

    mine were seeing ganondorf turn into ganon in OoT, when link stabbed the Master sword in ganondorfs' head in WW. wjen the happy mask salesman throttles link for not getting the mask early on in MM.
  18. BloodKnight88

    Zelda, Is It Truly Hard?

    yeah how in the world can TP be the easiest? It's the the HARDEST one so far. and the scope of it is part of the reason i think. it's just hard to find everything without using my 436 page guide. ant OoT is easy enough to beat without a guide (except for the water temple of course)
  19. BloodKnight88

    Adventure of Link I LOVE Adventure of Link!

    yeah, i like my games to be fun, with a decent difficulty. not have a castlevaniaesque difficulty that takes all the fun out of it,
  20. BloodKnight88

    A Link to the Past Discovered a New (to Me) Quote at Dwarven Smiths Home

    so i'm playing ALTTP gba just a few minuted, i was messing around in Kakariko Village. I decided to go the the Dwarven smith for the heck of it, i wondered if they would say anything if i hit the anvil with the magic hammer, i tried hitting it from the bottom, nothing, I tried again from the...
  21. BloodKnight88

    A Link to the Past What's YOUR Death Count?

    a lot of my deaths in TP were due to failing to beat the cave of ordeals, especially the second time, died a lot then, mostly during the fight with the three darknuts at the end, talk about brutal.
  22. BloodKnight88

    General Classic Sword Quest

    you get the fairy sword by returning all the stray fairies of each region to their fountain, after the last one the great fairy there gives you the two handed sword. as for the gilded sword. you probably want to get it as soon as possible, you won't regret it, hard part being winning the race at...
  23. BloodKnight88

    General Classic Sword Quest

    can you clarify what you mean by sword quest? do you mean the great fairy sword? or the Gilded sword?
  24. BloodKnight88

    Ocarina of Time Is It Really the Best Zelda Game Ever?

    i completely disagree with your TP comment, how is it a rip off? and it certainly isn't a step back, TP is 10 times better than OoT
  25. BloodKnight88

    Ocarina of Time What Was It for You?

    you are the only person i know of that doesn't like Oot. there is no reason not to like it
  26. BloodKnight88

    Ocarina of Time Your Favorite Boss!

    i also loved the Twinrova fight as well, i think i like that one a bit more than Volvagia. mostly because of the use of the mirror shield in the fight to reflect her own magic back at her,
  27. BloodKnight88

    Ocarina of Time Your Favorite Boss!

    i agree, it was fun playing whack- a -Mole with Volvagia
  28. BloodKnight88

    Ocarina of Time Convince Me

    how can anyone lose interest in OoT? i've played it since got it back in '98 and i'll never lose interest. . but that water temple is definitely the most confusing Temple in the game that's why i don't like water or ice based dungeons in Zelda games.
  29. BloodKnight88

    Ocarina of Time Which first, Shadow or Spirit?

    agreed, i once did a fire-forest-water-spirit-shadow order once. but it didn't feel right to me. the order Sheik said is best to me.
  30. BloodKnight88

    A Link to the Past Why Do I Have to Go Through the Whole Dungeon when I Die in a Dungeon in ALttP?

    honestly alttp isn't THAT hard i only died twice last time i played.
  31. BloodKnight88

    General Classic One Game You Would Take Out

    i wouldn't take any of them out. period, the only thing i don't like is the fact that the CD-i games have the Zelda name attached to them, it sickens me, what was Nintendo on when they let Phillips make those abominations?
  32. BloodKnight88

    General Classic Temples or Side Quests?

    well about as many Temples TP had was enough, about 9 i think it was. and they were huge and complex. and what about side quest WITHIN temples along with those in the overworld? but also i'd like to see small mini dungeons sprinkled on the map, like what they did with lantern caverns in TP.
  33. BloodKnight88

    A Link to the Past What's YOUR Death Count?

    in my most recent playthru of ALTTP i died only twice, in the ice palace and misery mire. i think i once managed a no death run of the game a while back.
  34. BloodKnight88

    Majora's Mask Racism in Majora's Mask

    she's a furry? heck yeah! er... i mean... she said zora link was cute? hard to see a non zora calling a fish person cute.
  35. BloodKnight88

    Any LoZ Mangas You Liked Better Than the Game?

    so far i've only read the a Link to the Past comic that was in Nintendo power, it kind of sucked, i mean they left out like half the maidens, only Zelda and two others appeared.also Zelda kills ganon? wtf? that isn't right, but it was interesting to see her get revenge for being kidnapped, lol...
  36. BloodKnight88

    Am I the Only One That Finds This Ironic?

    yeah. i get what you mean. the Master Swords magical properties give it the advantage over other swords, even if they are stronger. In ALTTP trying to reflect Aghanim's magic fireball back at him with that a regular sword would only get you electrocuted (i assume). but the master sword. can...
  37. BloodKnight88

    Am I the Only One That Finds This Ironic?

    speaking of the golden sword, is it an upgraded Tempered master sword or a new sword altogether?
  38. BloodKnight88

    Majora's Mask Whats the Difference Between MM Gold and Grey Cartridges?

    i have the hologram label cartridge as well as the GC version, i can't seem to recall either of them freezing much at all. but i think they have at least a few times. although haven't played them in a while. might do so just to confirm if either of them freeze after any length of time.
  39. BloodKnight88

    A Link to the Past Super Bombs

    also did you remember to throw the sword in the fair fountain behind the cracked wall to get the golden sword?
  40. BloodKnight88

    The Silliest Things in Zelda

    yeah, i never noticed 'till you mentioned it. it is a bit terrifying i'm sure there is some creepypasta about that, and I've stayed away from that stuff for a bit. **shivers** creepy stuff. also Tingle has to be the silliest thing ever, the MM version of him was not quite as sill though, but...
  41. BloodKnight88

    Favorite Shield in the Zelda Series

    my other favorite shield is the one in a link to the past. the instruction booklet shows what it should look like, i'd like to have that shield too, i'd say it ties for my favorite.
  42. BloodKnight88

    Help I'm Stuck Here.

    only thing under the block is another key IIRC you don't really need it to get through the training ground. i always ignore it
  43. BloodKnight88

    Majora's Mask Rupees

    the way i always did it was get the bunny hood,. go to east clock town, go up the stairs, take a right then run forward over where the guard is till you get to the top of the honey and darling shop. you need the bunny hood because without it you won't run fast enough to jump far enough. anyway...
  44. BloodKnight88

    WW-Wii U Mail Sorting on Dragon's Roost

    yeah it is hard, i think my best is 27 or 28. i can usually make one or maybe two mistakes and still be able to do it. once you get good at it it's a decent way to make money
  45. BloodKnight88

    General Classic Ocarina of Time- Hammer (Fire Temple)

    also cast Farore's wind so that if you do fall you can go back to the entrance of the room.
  46. BloodKnight88

    Link and Descendants

    i used to think the Link in WW was a reincarnated OoT link. Ganondorf even says he must be just before you fight him. thing is OoT link was sent back to the child timeline. which means he dies in the CT which means it's impossible for him to be reincarnated in the AT, especially if he is the...
  47. BloodKnight88

    Favorite Shield in the Zelda Series

    mine is the Hylian shield from Twilight Princess. i have a replica of it i bought along with my Replica Master Sword
  48. BloodKnight88

    General Art Azure's Artwork

    wow it looks pretty good. especially since it's your first time using charcoal
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