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  1. Xizor

    What Annoyed You Today?

    I logged onto Zelda Wiki for the first time in forever and noticed that it has been moved to Gamepedia or whatever and my username was probably a duplicate so it disappeared and idk how to log in. That was annoying.
  2. Xizor

    Do You Take Interest In Politics?

    I'm actually a Political Science major, and I love political discussions! I think that people who are afraid of politics have been misled on what they actually are, and how to effectively talk about them. It's about more than just arguing and getting angry and using insults! :)
  3. Xizor

    General Art Trial of Heroes

    “This session is now called to order.” The soft chime reverberated throughout the room with a tenacity unfitting its gentle nature. It resounded off great, gleaming blue panels, their metallic sheen reflecting sound and light with equal alacrity. Palpitations of a unified heart of justice...
  4. Xizor

    War of the Operating Systems

    I use OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" and it works wonderfully for me. However, you do realize that "Apple" is not an operating system, right? That's the company that MAKES the operating system. Macintosh is the OS.
  5. Xizor

    General Art G: Sand - A Short Story

    Thanks for the feedback, you guys! :)
  6. Xizor

    Your First Forum

    First forum I ever joined was LoZ.com, and I'm still there to this day. Whoo!
  7. Xizor

    Battle of the Forums

    I'm big on the general boards, but you didn't include them in your poll. I get my needed doses of Zelda discussion elsewhere, and even at that I don't really care for much of it.
  8. Xizor

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Though there is that option, and I intend to use it, there will always be that disparity between what I'm looking at and what the rest of the board sees. :P
  9. Xizor

    Official Suggestions Thread

    You guys also have much lower limits on images, specifically avatars, than we do. We do have 25 there, but I think 20 would be great. Considering how restrictive you guys are on Avatars and Signatures, I don't see it as being severe. I see your point there, but yeah.
  10. Xizor

    Official Suggestions Thread

    I feel very passionately and strongly that only 15 posts per page creates clutter and is rather annoying. I think 20 or 25 would be better numbers for the amount of posts per page. Thank you for your consideration.
  11. Xizor

    What Superpower Would You Have?

    I would love to have the ability to fly. I think it'd be the coolest damn thing ever.
  12. Xizor

    The Legend of Korra: The Spin-Off to ATLA

    I hate to bump an old thread, but I was definitely going to make a thread about this. I'm really excited for this show to be released. I know it's a ways off, but I love A:TLA and I can't wait for this to come along. Hopefully it'll wash the bitter taste of The Last Airbender out of my mouth.
  13. Xizor

    General Art G: Sand - A Short Story

    This is a continuation of the same series started with "Necessity" and "Sweet Dreams" - this one, however, contains no inappropriate content. This one's also been published in print before. =============================================== Sand By: Nick Dineen I feel like I can’t feel...
  14. Xizor


    So are you at a community college? Do you plan to transfer somewhere?
  15. Xizor


    I guess it's different for me, living at the University. I just think you're missing out on individual attention, because what if you CAN'T teach yourself?
  16. Xizor


    Why are you taking all online classes? That seems like a really unfair disadvantage for you.
  17. Xizor


    Beginnings of Winter 2011 Quarter: EARTH 4 - INTRO OCEANOGRAPHY Units: 4.0 Lecture: M W Section: R ENGL 10 - INTRO TO LIT STUDY Units: 4.0 Lecture: T R Section: T FR 3 - ELEMENTARY FRENCH Units: 5.0 MTWR
  18. Xizor

    General Art PG-13/M: Sweet Dreams - A Short Story

    This is a continuation of my last story, "Necessity", which can be found on this page of the Fan Works board if you haven't read it yet. No significant information is revealed in that story that requires you to read it before this one, as this one seems to recap all necessary information for...
  19. Xizor

    An Interesting Thought Provoking Question

    To love everybody else around them.
  20. Xizor

    General Art PG-13/M: Necessity - A Short Story

    Haha, glad to see some more comments on this. I'm probably going to incorporate it into a novel at some point.
  21. Xizor


    How is school going for everybody? What classes are you taking? What are your goals for this year? Where will you be next year? Personally, I'm at UCSB as an English Major, and my first quarter has been interesting. I'm especially looking forward to next quarter, though. Much more interesting...
  22. Xizor

    Why I Love ZD

    Zelda Dungeon...how you have changed in the 7 and a half years I've known you. My latest foray into this site's community on this particular board started around 3 years ago. I've seen this site go through many ups and downs with its community. Content on the front page has never really been in...
  23. Xizor

    General Art PG-13/M: Necessity - A Short Story

    No, it didn't. I thought to include such a disclaimer as I have before, but I didn't this time. Thank you for the comments, though! =]
  24. Xizor

    Night Owl?

    As a fellow keeper of the night, Jo, you understand that "Night Owl" almost doesn't describe the insanity with which I keep myself up late, and then force myself up early. I fell asleep around 6:30am today, and awoke again at 7:15. Interesting, no?
  25. Xizor

    What Does Your Custom User Title Mean?

    It means I work at a Fansite other than Zelda Dungeon. It's from the fact that my usergroup is designated as such.
  26. Xizor

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I recently bought StarCraft: Brood Wars from the Blizzard website. I don't wanna pay for SC 2. I will probably get Diablo III and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm when they come out.
  27. Xizor

    Official Suggestions Thread

    Hmmm...Axle saw it before, too, but now it's gone. Weird. Dunno. I'm not a vBulletin Code expert. :P
  28. Xizor

    Official Suggestions Thread

    http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/member.php?147-Xizor Getting funky errors on that page, and it looks weird. No similar results on the few other profiles I checked.
  29. Xizor

    What is Your Job?

    I'm now working at the Front Desk in my Residence Hall. It's the easiest job ever.
  30. Xizor

    General Art PG-13/M: Necessity - A Short Story

    I wrote this a couple of years ago, and it's the first of several short stories in a series featuring the same first-person narrator. Be warned, there is some foul language, and some fairly graphic violence for a paragraph, but it's nothing any mature teenager could not handle. Enjoy...
  31. Xizor

    Election Day

    I didn't see a thread like this already, so yeah. Anyway, yesterday was Election Day in the US. I voted for the first time! =D Sadly, Proposition 19 (a ballot initiative to legalize Marijuana) failed here in California, but it came closer than anything has before! Other than that...
  32. Xizor


    What'd you guys think of the Rocky Horror episode? I was mixed.
  33. Xizor

    What is Your Job?

    Your Job Where do you work? Do you enjoy it? What are you future plans? I'm a movie theater manager and I do quite enjoy it. I plan to be a teacher someday, though.
  34. Xizor

    Favorite Household Cleaning Product

    We have this one at work called "Vandal Remover" which is used on Marker and stuff when people graffiti stuff. However, I always laugh at the name, because a "vandal" is the one committing the vandalism, so the product name is a misnomer. While it might be effective at removing someone if I...
  35. Xizor

    Your Favorite Video Games

    I feel like 25 is too many...but I definitely rank Super Mario World and A Link to the Past in the top 5. I mean, if I came up with 25 games, it would just be arbitrary after about 10 or 11 because I'd just be trying to fill it up to 25.
  36. Xizor

    What Is Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?

    I love this kind of raspberry sorbet that Cold Stone does. Otherwise, I only like Frozen Yogurt these days. :P
  37. Xizor

    Where Are Your Ancestors From?

    I'm mostly German, but some Irish and English.
  38. Xizor

    What Cell Phone Do You Have?

    I have a Nokia Nuron. It's pretty bamf.
  39. Xizor

    Favorite Household Cleaning Product

    I love to use '*****-Be-Gone' - I used it last week, and it was great!
  40. Xizor

    Should Link Die?

    I don't know if anybody said this, cause honestly I don't want to sift through 5 pages of it, but I'm 99% certain, if not 100%, that Link HAS died, and subsequent "Link" characters that are encountered in future games are not the same person as the original namesake.
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