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  1. Vash03

    More Spirit Tracks Information

    Or maybe Anjean didn't know them at all, and just said that to get close in order to attack Zelda.. kinda taking the whole Ganondorf in OoT route, get close to the Royal Family and attack while they aren't looking. Thats just what I got from it, it could go either way? Unless I missed...
  2. Vash03

    Warning Possible Spoiler!? Hyrule Castles Secret Graveyard

    Wow, i r nub, I can't believe I didn't know about that place.. I was wondering where the heck the final key is. I was all.. What b in da room man!
  3. Vash03

    How to Translate Hylian Writing?

    God Speed, and Good Luck Steve. I feel really stupid now since I didn't even notice that my native tounge was the base for the language in TP, what is the base in WW?
  4. Vash03

    If You Could Have One Wish...

    Duh, I'd wish for world domination... no... universal domination... no.. galactic domination... no.. um.. whats after galactic... well whatever it is.. I want dominance of that... and I'll be a good dominator.. Just every now and then I'll make Nintendo make another Zelda game... and of course...
  5. Vash03

    Do You Have Fans?

    Well, I had a few fans when I was a gamer.. When I played Halo 3 in a few MLG competitions.. But then I was like.. errr.. going to the Millitary brb... now... my friends and family are my fans. Even though I was injured in the line of duty.. they still honor me at every family gathering...
  6. Vash03

    Goron Mines Enjoyable?

    What I thought was really cool, was the magnetisim... it was always fun to have someone watch you when you put on your iron boots and stand still and they are like.. LOOK OUT MOBLINS.. and just before the moblins get to you, you get pulled up... I know.. my reasons are lame.
  7. Vash03

    Saddest Zelda Scene

    LOLOLOL...Man.. I love you.. you're so funny... Man Love That Is.... Erm.. >.> I agree though... but I didn't cry.. Or Feel Like It... THERE WAS SOMETHING IN MY EYE OKAY...
  8. Vash03

    PRINCESS Ralis?

    Well, seeing as Nintendo is a multibillion dollar industry, I'm sure they have people sitting around thinking of things like that all day.... Also score one for Bob and his translating skills.
  9. Vash03

    Do You Want More Link's Crossbow Training?

    Yeah, I don't own any of the spin offs.. but I'm gonna get this one.. since it's a bundle...
  10. Vash03


    I've always thought of Them being aliens, they abduct cows... Have you ever heard of a ghost abducting a cow? I sure haven't lol.. Aliens though.. they do it all the time.. <.<... THEY'RE EVERYWHERE MAN... THEY'RE IN THE TREES!
  11. Vash03

    What I Don't Like About TP

    I'm kinda partial on the subject, I hated doing the quest, I just didn't care for it at all. But on the other hand, I did like that it would basically give me a tour of that area. Also.. I liked blowing up that building.. I even knew the very first time what was gonna happen, but I didn't...
  12. Vash03

    Hardest puzzle

    I didn't use a guide for any of em? I didn't use a guide for any of the Zelda's.. I've got to a point where I almost wanted to.. and then I figured it out..
  13. Vash03

    Hardest puzzle

    Yeah I spent a little over an hour on the PH puzzle where you close the DS to imprint the map... And I finally figured it out when in a public place... I made a huge scene.. It's been a little while but it went a little like this. "YOU WANT ME TO PUT THE TWO MAPS TOGETHER!?!?!?? FINE!!!" Then...
  14. Vash03

    Which Character Would You Be?

    I'd either be Link... or..I'd be... Error... It's like the easiest job in the world, Link walks in to my home and is like... do you has any words of wisdom, Oh sir noble NPC.. and I'd be like.. I AM ERROR.. Yeah, that'd be the life.
  15. Vash03

    How The Series Adapted With The DS

    Blasphemist. >=[ Anyway, I didn't even think about being able to draw on the map.... good point. Also, I like how at one point, you have to use the grapling hook like a slingshot, but shoot your arrow at it so it'll rebound into the eye..
  16. Vash03

    Your Favorite Drinks

    1. DrPepper.... only in Texas though, and Dublin DrPepper is my favorite 2. Orange Soda 3. Bottled Water, only certain ones... some just don't taste right 4. Sprite 5. Chocolate Milk
  17. Vash03

    Multiple Triforce?

    Yeah, like I said, "If I'm not mistaken." lol, Anywho, you can't really disregard that because they are still cannon, at least as far as I'm concerned.
  18. Vash03

    Worst Movie Ever Seen

    Epic Movie was the worst movie ever, It sucked so hard.. I don't even know why I sat through it. I enjoyed Napolean Dynamite and Waterworld, I like Kevin Costner... I think it was because he did really good with Robin Hood. Plus, I always wanted to be able to breathe under water without...
  19. Vash03

    Multiple Triforce?

    There wasn't a triforce of courage... that didn't come in untill ALttP, if I'm not mistaken. I agree with Zenox here, originally there were two triforce's one of power, one of wisdom... maybe they fused and became the Triforce with all three peices, or maybe the Triforce that we know and love...
  20. Vash03

    Ocarina of Time Twinrova, Siamese Twins?

    So, I was reading this story, and it happened to have Siamese twins.. and some how or another I came to thinking, isn't Twinrova just the two twin sorcerer sisters combined, the obvious answer being yes. So wouldn't that make them conjoined, or siamese, twins? I mean I know that they aren't...
  21. Vash03

    Help in OOT

    Not to mention, when it comes to the shadow temple, you have to play the Nocturne of Shadow to get in, also, in order to go back to the Desert Temple thing as a child, you have to play that song.. I forgot both the song name and the temple name.. =[
  22. Vash03

    Thinking in Your Online Handle

    Well, I used this name and another in an mmorpg called Graal, and I'd play it for days at a time... and I used to think I was Kyo, or Vash... I was crazy.. good thing I quit playing.
  23. Vash03

    Favorite Song

    My favorite is Saria's Song on OoT, while in the Lost Woods... it's so happy.. makes me wanna dance. =]
  24. Vash03

    Favorite Boss in ALttP

    I don't know why, but Blind was my favorite boss, the floating heads were cool IMO. Other than that I really didn't care to much for any of the bosses, my favorite part was the over world and heart peices on this game.
  25. Vash03

    Should Zelda have Voice Actors?

    If you want voice acting in Zelda watch the 80's Zelda cartoon.. Once you've had enough of Link saying, "Well excussssssssseeee me Princess." Tell me then that you want it lol. It will ruin your perspective of Link. Everyone imagines Link with a different voice. And when they put someone...
  26. Vash03

    Audience of The Wind Waker

    Personally, I think all Zelda games are for me.. Untill they do some kind of, Legend of Zelda, Adventures of Baby Link, Quest for the Chocolate Milk... or something, I will continue to play every Zelda. They are all fun. I don't even think Wind Waker is good for the regular gamer, I let my...
  27. Vash03

    How The Series Adapted With The DS

    Not sure if "Adapted" was the correct word, but it was the only thing I could think of... Anywho, so many of the Zelda community talk about this game like it is one of the worst in the series. My only problem with it was, it was ridiculosly short. Other than that though, I loved it. I loved...
  28. Vash03

    Ball & Chain

    Like Mases, the first thing I thought of was A Link to the Past, in the castle right before you save Zelda. When I was a kid that guy was hard for me and I think I died a few times, and again when I played TP for the first time, I didn't use guides because it takes all the fun.. and I had no...
  29. Vash03

    Twilight Princess Who Was Your Favourite Boss?

    Though it isn't original, I do agree that Stallord was the most fun. Playing pinball was great when you're the ball. Had a lot of fun, I wish it was like Majora's mask though, where you could play the boss as many times as we want.. I'd totally play it multiple times. =[
  30. Vash03

    Your Video Game Wish List

    Wii: The Ledgend of Zelda for the wii whenever if comes out Red Steel 2 Super Paper Mario New Super Mario Wii Mini Ninjas Trama Center series Metroid Prime Trilogy Metroid: Other M Wii Sports Resort VC: That Monkey Island series... can't remember the name.. Ant Nation DS: Spirit...
  31. Vash03

    New Sword Theory

    Okay, so he doesn't throw it in, sorry, lol.. but if it isn't part of the sword then the sword on his back isn't the PH... Then what is it? Or is it just a mistake? The alternate demension starts when Tetra and Link go touch the ghost ship. Hence why only, I think it was, 10 minutes pass...
  32. Vash03

    New Sword Theory

    No I'm not sure, I remember him realizing he had the phantom hour glass.. and it wasn't part of the sword when he showed it.. so either way.. it couldn't be the PS.. I do remember after realizing that he had the hourglass he ran to the side of the ship and I thought he threw it and then saw Linebeck
  33. Vash03

    New Sword Theory

    The only thing I'm confused about is, I mean it looks kinda like he has the phantom sword.. but in the end he throws the hour glass into the ocean, which is supposed to be the hilt of the PS.. so how could it be the PS?
  34. Vash03

    New Sword Theory

    You didn't prove him wrong.. you used a theory that is based on the slight similaraties of the two swords and then you said he was wrong. That doesn't mean he is wrong. And it's possible that since he brought the PS into the WW demension, that sword could have a bigger roll in ST, maybe even...
  35. Vash03

    New Sword Theory

    Though I don't agree with it being made by Zauz's people or the the phantom sword was ever also known asthe Master Sword... but the fact that the sword is still in Ganon's head doesn't matter... seeing as you have to have a new PS made anyway. I do agree with whoever said the MS is to the PH as...
  36. Vash03

    The Beatles

    If you haven't seen Across the Universe you should, I know you're probably like, Vash, nothing could ever match the Beatles.. Mr. Kites song on Across the Universe, imo, sounds better than the original.. WHICH IS HARD FOR ME TO SAY, I didn't want to admit it for a long time, but I finally did...
  37. Vash03

    The Beatles

    I'd say Jude's wife was his greatest love.. they started speaking again recently though when he found out she was sick. He started doing things to make life easier for her... How nice of him.
  38. Vash03

    Name for Zelda Wii

    More than sufficient evidence huh? One Picture?! Wow.. She looks like the same fairy from Mother Daughter island in WW... guess she was the master sword too huh? It Is Not Confirmed That She Is The Mastersword. There Is No Real Evidence That She Is. Go Read The Stupid Article Again, And...
  39. Vash03

    PH Help

    You might have forgot that you got it, I thought that was one that I was missing also.. it isn't that one if neither Oshus or the men in the bar will give it to you.
  40. Vash03

    If you wrote a book...........

    Mine would be so horridly written.. it'd be an action packed book... starting in a high school where I did my day dreaming for it.. lol.. the kid would be the unpopular tough scrapper... "terrorists" would take over the school.. reasons unknown... it'd turn out they were looking for him because...
  41. Vash03

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    Chuck Norris round house kicks himself in the face when he needs a shave, the only thing that can cut Chuck Norris, is Chuck Norris. The power it takes to power the country of Australia for an hour is equal to 1 CNRK (Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick.) Chuck Norris doesn't get wet, water gets...
  42. Vash03

    The Beatles

    Man.. I've been listening to them since I was old enough to remember.. My father used to sing to me when I was a child and he normally sang The Beatles... I love their entire story.. they were first made famous in the town they grew up in.. going by The Beatles and everyone thought they were...
  43. Vash03

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    OMG, FREAKING AWESOME.. THANK YOU SIR! I mean uhh.. -cough.. looks around- Yeah.. it's cool.. I guess... I owe ya one.
  44. Vash03

    Lost Woods [GFX Gallery]

    Erm.. can I request something with a little bit of Trigun, and some Link in the Mix.. maybe possibly? Please? Sir? And maybe an avatar somewhere down the road? Ya know.. just throw my nick in the Sig.. erm.. unfortunately I don't have a pic to give you for reference.. so use your own judgement...
  45. Vash03

    LoZ Old Man

    ... =[ Well now that diety ruined the suprise.. spoiler... when you get there I'm pretty sure there are some statue things.. and the stairs are under one or them.. if I'm not mistaken.. No offence, and I know i'm not a mod or anything.. but if you haven't played you shouldn't really post "I...
  46. Vash03

    LoZ Old Man

    lol.. did you go to the eastmost penninsula? There is a secret there... I mean I don't mean to be blunt about it.. but if I tell you it'd ruin it.. if you can't figure it out though... go to the stratagey guide... also.. shouldn't this be in game help?
  47. Vash03

    What if They Rebooted the Series...

    I agree with Shadsie there.. leave the larger elements of the game.. The triforce has been there since LoZ. You can't just drop things like that and the goddesses. Anyway.. What if they were already doing that for the new Zelda for Wii? We don't really know anything about it.. It's possible...
  48. Vash03

    Name for Zelda Wii

    I can't wait until more is released about the game and everyone finds out that she isn't THE MASTER SWORD SPIRIT! It could very well be just Ledgend of Zelda.. like a remake.. It's only been on 8 different consoles.
  49. Vash03

    Power Gems in Phantom Hourglass.

    If you have 10 power you can use the spirit of power and your attacks will be stronger.. if you have 20 it'll be even stronger, 10 courage you get a sword beam, 20 it's stronger, 10 wisdom you are stronger so attacks hurt less.. like a shield.. or nayrus love.. but it doesn't use magic.. if you...
  50. Vash03

    Summer Movies You've Seen So Far.

    I've only seen X-Men Origins, and Drag Me To Hell, the former was awesome... the latter not so much.. it was kinda lame.
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