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  1. surferguy7

    Twilight Princess Fans of Twilight Princess,

    Love the atmosphere of the game, the world is so large and beautiful.
  2. surferguy7

    General Zelda Favorite and Least Favorite Zelda Soundtrack.

    The majority of the credits themes (WW, TP, SS specifically) and the main themes (WW, TP, SS again) rank near the top of my Zelda playlist. As for the bottom? I'm not sure, there's never really been a track I've found egregiously bad. I mean there are some that are unmemorable, but that's...
  3. surferguy7

    A Link Between Worlds All Killer, No Filler

    It's hard to label something as "filler" in a video game, considering everything could theoretically be labeled as such. Typically, filler pertains to something that's story driven, where the plot doesn't move forward, Zelda on the other hand has never been story driven. So what's filler from a...
  4. surferguy7

    A Link Between Worlds All Killer, No Filler

    Filler is an overused word that people don't understand the meaning of.
  5. surferguy7

    Super Mario 3D World Discussion Thread

    9.6? That's .1 lower than Super Mario Galaxy. Cancelling pre-order.
  6. surferguy7

    A Link Between Worlds Aonuma Has Run Out of Ideas

    Your opinion is so well-thought and amazing, do tell me more.
  7. surferguy7

    Metroid: Other M - In-depth Discussion

    Story sucks, gameplay is good. Can we please move on now?
  8. surferguy7

    So About Gen VI's Music...

    Elite Four Theme is more than worthy of mention. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdSjChtEY3Y
  9. surferguy7

    WW-Wii U Hero Mode - Your Thoughts

    "I wonder what intelligent responses will be posted in this topic!" I whisper to myself as I click the link. ...LOLtypicalpoorarguments
  10. surferguy7

    The Game Has Leaked! Abandon the Internet!

    HUGE MEGA AWESOME SPOILERS EXIST WHEN THIS LINK IS CLICKED! http://instagram.com/kosthedin Some Canadian store broke street date and gave a copy to this man. I'm sticking around for the starter evolutions and then escaping.
  11. surferguy7

    A Link Between Worlds New Main Villain?

    The earrings and eye make-up do indeed match Ghirahim, but the skin tone, hair, and staff-ish weapon matches Ganondorf. I think it's safe to say that he/she is most definitely evil though considering the inverted Triforce symbol.
  12. surferguy7

    A Link Between Worlds New Main Villain?

    Ganondorf's wife confirmed.
  13. surferguy7

    Wii U OS - 4.0.0U Allows Wii-to-Gamepad Streaming

    Unexpected, but very cool. I'll try it out with Skyward Sword.
  14. surferguy7

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

  15. surferguy7

    WW-Wii U I Dislike the Faster Text Speed

    I hate books, whenever I turn the page the words are already there, people can't say things that fast! It ruins the pacing!
  16. surferguy7

    Do You Think Nintendo Should of Made Pokemon X & Y for DSi Too?

    Looks like somebody doesn't understand the concept of system power and technology advancement, because the hard truth is that it doesn't cater to the financially unstable.
  17. surferguy7

    PS4 Will Be Released in Japan in February 2014... WHAT?!?

    Odd? Sure, but there's a logic to it. Besides, Monster Hunter 4, Pokémon X/Y, and Mario are pretty damn hard to compete with back-to-back in Japan.
  18. surferguy7

    A Link Between Worlds ALBW WILL Have Cinematic Cutscenes

    We already know you have a boring flawed opinion, no need to spell it out for us.
  19. surferguy7

    Team Flare's Motivation Revealed - TO MAKE THE WORLD BEAUTIFUL

    The latest CoroCoro gave us some new information on Team Flare, and a few character designs for the admins: Their evil goal is to make the world beautiful. inb4notthreateningvillains Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Hitler thought what he was doing made the world beautiful, and...
  20. surferguy7

    Majora's Mask Borrowing Processes from OoT: Likes/dislikes

    I completely disagree with your opinion on the Skulltula Houses. While a overall Collectathon quest is fun, the Masks covered that, and the houses (Especially the Ocean House) were really great mini-dungeons.
  21. surferguy7

    WW-Wii U Wind Waker HD Has Remastered Music.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdX3GgxF6-8 The Windfall Island theme is noticeably different. Click here for a more direct comparison. The melodies remain the same, but the instruments used seem to be of higher quality. This actually excites me considering WW has one of the best Zelda...
  22. surferguy7

    Hideki Kamiya Would Like to Make a StarFox Game

    Sure, Kamiya makes great games, I'd be all for it.
  23. surferguy7

    Breath of the Wild How Many Dungeons Do You Want in the New Zelda?

    6 - 9 At the very most I would settle for 10. Not that I dislike dungeons, but games like OoT and TP become dungeon crawls during their second halves.
  24. surferguy7

    A Link Between Worlds Aonuma: "Rupees Will Play More Important Role In ALBW Than Ever."

    Actually, I recall Link's Awakening selling a few permenant items in its respective shop, but perhaps they were optional.
  25. surferguy7

    Nintendo 2DS

    It's looks bulky, but perfectly suitable and designed for children so I don't see why everyone is getting their panties in a wad.
  26. surferguy7

    Game Help RE4

    Shoot his legs, or run him into a corner and knife him.
  27. surferguy7

    Skyward Sword Which Race Was Elaborated on the Most?

    - Kikwi's are cowardly, cute, cuddly, and naïve. - Mogma's are funny, obsessed with treasure, helpful, and brotherly. - Robots are technologically advanced inventors, miners, pirates, and crewmen. I liked the robots the best because it had the most notable characters. Scrapper was hilarious...
  28. surferguy7

    General Zelda Why Don't the Villains Try to Kill You More?

    - He specifically mentions Zelda's presence being gone during Skyview, so he's got time. - Impa decided to be a hoe in the Earth Temple. - Zelda escapes during the Temple of Time cutscene. At this point in the story, Zelda is god-knows-where to Ghirahim, so it's more "Busy, gotta think...
  29. surferguy7

    Favourite Final Cut Scene/Ending

    I take the whole final battle into account when it comes to endings. Anyways, as far as Zelda games go: Wind Waker - Having the entire ocean fall down on you while fighting Ganondorf? Could it get any more awesome? Not to mention drowning Hyrule forever in favor of a new world was such a...
  30. surferguy7

    Did You Lean More Toward the Law or Chaos Sides of Shin Megami Tensei IV?

    I struggled to try and get neutral, but I ended getting Chaos. Anyways, for the most part Walter had it right, Mikado was really sketchy and conservative. On the other hand, Infernal Tokyo looks like a god-awful place to live.
  31. surferguy7

    General Zelda Why Don't the Villains Try to Kill You More?

    During Skyview, Link was barely even a threat, so Ghirahim didn't think much of it. Even in the Earth Temple, Ghirahim pretended as if he didn't know Link's name, pretty much cementing the fact that he still treated Link like a toy and he just used Scaldera for giggles. In fact, it's pretty...
  32. surferguy7

    General Zelda Why Don't the Villains Try to Kill You More?

    Because whenever we actually get a threatening villain like Ghirahim that tries to kill you on multiple occasions, some people like to cry "omg he failed at killing you weak villain." Apparently intimidation to some people means sitting on a throne and doing nothing.
  33. surferguy7

    A Link Between Worlds A Link Between Worlds Gamescom Footage

    Same demo, but the game looks solid.
  34. surferguy7

    Breath of the Wild Off TV Play or No?

    Absolutely not. There are tons of puzzle opportunities to be had with the Gamepad, and it'd be a complete missed opportunity to not use it.
  35. surferguy7

    General Zelda Why So Young?

    "I want an older Link so I can feel more mature and adult."
  36. surferguy7

    Worst Ending

    You're free to have an opinion, it's just odd. "Dumb" is such a childish way of describing things. Wind Waker's ending kills off Ganondorf, Hyrule, and the Master Sword showing that it'd be an excellent ending to the series, and that Hylian society has to move on from the old land and...
  37. surferguy7

    Skyward Sword Best Region in SS?

    *Sitcom laugh track* Not that I don't respect your opinion, but it's quite a horrible one.
  38. surferguy7

    WW-Wii U How Might WWHD Influence SSB U and 3DS.?

    Little to none. Sure we may see Toon Link return, and as usual we'll definitely be keeping a few tunes from Wind Waker, but we'll be getting more influence from Skyward Sword. (Perhaps even Ghirahim as a character.)
  39. surferguy7

    Worst Ending

    All opinions from this user are hereby irrelevant, inane, and to be disregard at the nearest opportunity.
  40. surferguy7

    WW-Wii U Wind Waker HD - Leaked Hero Mode + Wii U Bundle Trailer

    I'll save Hero Mode for a second playthrough.
  41. surferguy7

    Skyward Sword Best Region in SS?

    Lanayru, quite obviously. And robots are no more one-dimensional than Gorons, Zoras, Deku, and any other Zelda race you can think of.
  42. surferguy7

    WW-Wii U Wind Waker HD - All Known Changes

    The first thing I'm going to do is whip out my Pictobox and take a selfie with Ganondorf during his battle.
  43. surferguy7

    So I Finally Got a 3ds

    Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward if you want the greatest story ever told.
  44. surferguy7

    WW-Wii U Zoras Evolve for WW? What?

    Ha. In no way have you proven me wrong. It's cute how I've maintained a sense of dignity and elegance during this discussion and never used puerile comments as a childish retort.
  45. surferguy7

    General Zelda The Zelda Fanbase

    It sucks, I'm the only good one out of all of you.
  46. surferguy7

    WW-Wii U Zoras Evolve for WW? What?

    You're not really giving me an argument, you're just throwing a bunch of jumbled poorly constructed repetitive paragraphs. I said "Does it matter?" because having the Zoras 'protect' the drowned Hyrule is completely inane, not because this entire discussion didn't have merit. Furthermore...
  47. surferguy7

    WW-Wii U Zoras Evolve for WW? What?

    Does it really matter? The Zoras, theoretically, could guard the kingdom, but why guard a forgotten land? The "they evolved in order to deliver mail" argument still holds because water travel isn't exactly the best way to deliver paper. Furthermore, considering they don't even get their wings...
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