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  1. DreamDevourer


    Gotta spread the pride...TDWP is from Dayton, and being a Daytonian myself...heh heh. Aside from that, they're pretty good. Not many good metalcore artists emerge nowadays, let alone stay original after three albums. Danger Wildman is a great song, and I do like the odd song names - it puts...
  2. DreamDevourer

    Friday by Rebbeca Black

    I stopped watching after the first time the chorus played, and it wasn't cause I'm a metal head...it was just that bad. "Front seat, back seat, which do I take"? Well...how about the back seat...seeing as unless you sit on the CD case, there isn't a seat in the front. "Gotta have my bowl...
  3. DreamDevourer

    Any Recommendations?

    The Fallen, by Thomas Snesgoski (something like that, don't feel like getting up to check). It's not medieval, but still is fantasy/teen romance. It's about a 17 year old who finds out he is a nephilim - the son of an angel and a mortal woman - and that he has to do nephilim stuff. On the side...
  4. DreamDevourer

    What is the Last Movie You Watched.

    Jacob's Ladder. A very odd, chilling movie that was different from my usual area, but definitely one of my favorites now...the shaking head shots, asylum scene, and demons were all very well done and chilling. The ending was the only thing I didn't like - when his dead son leads him up the...
  5. DreamDevourer

    Zelda Easter Eggs

    I don't know if anybody else caught this (I'm not interested in reading 11+ pages to find out, either), but I thought I saw a teeny bit of Hylain writing on the bus in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Before the camera goes over to Cap'n, look at the top right corner of the screen and you'll see a...
  6. DreamDevourer

    Favorite Movie

    Without a doubt, 100%, with every ounce of my heart and mind, Donnie Darko. I really can't do it any justice, but the acting was imensley believable, the characters enticing, and the whole story a beautiful mix of love and meloncholy. I'm not as partial to Richard Kelly's later work, but this...
  7. DreamDevourer

    So What Are Your Initial Reactions Now?

    My first, initial reaction was more or less "What?" After watching the trailer I was kind of shocked by the graphics. I was expecting more of a refined TP look, and when it was shown to be a mix of TP and WW, it pretty much blew my mind. I mean, they do look beautiful and very Zelda like, but...
  8. DreamDevourer

    Pikmin Series

    Pikmin is, quite simply, amazing. It proves that even after Miyamoto's first few ideas took off that he can still come up with brilliance. Highly recommended. When Pikmin 3 rolls around i pray there is online!
  9. DreamDevourer

    Favourite Metroid Game?

    Why couldn't Metroid Prime Trilogy have been an option? I don't want to single the other two Prime games out... :-) All of the Metroid games are incredible, but Metroid Prime really stands out. Along comes a new studio out of nowhere and takes one of Nintendo's established franchises and turns...
  10. DreamDevourer

    Your Favorite Video Games

    1. Chrono Trigger- It blew my mind, and for a whole summer (and long into the school year) I was playing it until I had seen every ending and bit of its awesomeness. 2. Legend of Zelda: OoT- Not much question there. 3. Metroid Prime- My favorite of the three, an incredible world to explore 4...
  11. DreamDevourer

    2012 Movie

    Eh...was an okay movie. Most of it was explosions and buildings collapsing, with a lot of deaths that made me go, "Oh, poor people!" All in all, if you are bored, have excess money, love death and explosions, then by all means see it.
  12. DreamDevourer

    If you wrote a book...........

    I would write a book compiling all my thoughts and internal struggles into one tolme, and a few poems to boot (hah! Socrates cannot write poems, yet Demonthenes can). If you haven't already read any of the poems, they're on Joshua's page a few pages into our conversations. And of course, none...
  13. DreamDevourer

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    And more...sorry.... 21)Goodbye, by Hollywood Undead 22)My Black Dahlia, by Hollywood Undead 23)Undead, by Hollywood Undead
  14. DreamDevourer

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    If it is a boy, Crassus, Cyrus, Locke, Cicero, or Demothenes. If it is a girl, Alice or Marie. As you can tell, I like boy names better. But even so, these are increasingly rare names.
  15. DreamDevourer

    Titles and what you're known for.

    I do not have a specific title, but I am known as the easy-to-piss-off emo poet-who-always-wears-the-same-grey-hoodie. It is a good title.
  16. DreamDevourer


    My God...finally! Some recognition to one of the best bands ever. Hanyou, it is a shame that you listened to Believe. That is their worst out of all of their albums (4, I know, and it is still pretty good!). Indestructible and Ten Thousand Fists send messages that are clear (to me) and...
  17. DreamDevourer

    What is your color?

    Black, dark blue, or grey. I feel hopeless sometimes; that is the grey. I feel pesemistic sometimes; that is the dark blue. I feel horribly angry; that is the black. All of these mix toghether to form my personality.
  18. DreamDevourer


    None in particular (I don't have TV), but when at a friend's house I see a lot of Bleach, Naruto, Dragonball, InuYasha, and "special" animes.
  19. DreamDevourer

    What instrument do you play?

    Clarinet. Good range of meloncholly low, squeaky high, and in between.
  20. DreamDevourer

    Favorite music.

    If you've read anything else about me, you know that I love Disturbed. With songs that give off vibes of anger, murder, revenge, insanity, and rebellion, I can't get enough of their music. Specifically "The Night," "Torn," "Enemy," "Darkness," and "Awaken."
  21. DreamDevourer

    Embarrassing But True

    Disturbed, when getting to angry, hateful parts, such as Enemy as a song or the "NO MOMMY!" part of Down with the Sickness, are a bit strange to listen to with others around. Especially when I get that hateful look and start to mouth the words along, spit flying and teeth barred.
  22. DreamDevourer

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Where to start... 1)Scars, by Papa Roach 2)Conflict, by Disturbed 3)Torn, by Distrubed 4)Down With the Sickness, by Disturbed 5)The Night, by Disturbed 6)Indestructible, by Disturbed 7)Stricken, by Disturbed 8)Perfect Insanity, by Disturbed 9)Awaken, by Distubed 10)Darkness, by Disturbed...
  23. DreamDevourer

    Green Day

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Viva La Gloria. Viva La Gloria for when I'm feeling strangely happy, and Boulevard of Broken Dreams when I feel normal.
  24. DreamDevourer

    Favorite(least) School Subject

    Favorite subject: American History Least favorite subject: Math Favorite part of School: Girls Least favorite part of School: Human Interaction (I know that sounds contradictory, but...)
  25. DreamDevourer

    Who's Your best and Worst Character in Brawl?

    I'd have to say my best is Peach. I spent so much time fighting as her just to look up her dress that I actually got good with her! I absolutely can't win with Sonic.
  26. DreamDevourer

    Should Link Die?

    I think it would be an interesting plot point if Link died temporarily in a Zelda game. Once Link dies, play as Zelda or Tetra or some other character until he is resurected (like in Chrono Trigger).
  27. DreamDevourer

    Your Favorite Drinks

    Mountain Dew all the way. Any flavor. Any other soda, really. Milk, too. Gotta have my calcium! Water. Just cause. And juice. I like juice.
  28. DreamDevourer

    What Song Reflects You?

    Scars by Papa Roach. I'm trying to get used to being rejected by a girl I really care about, so this song sums it all up. And Disturbed songs Awaken (from Believe), Perfect Insanity (from Indestrucitble), The Night (also from Indestructible), and Down with the Sickness (from The Sickness)...
  29. DreamDevourer

    Favorite Video Game Music

    The beauty of Yansori Mitsuda's Chrono Trigger songs are unparralled in any other game today. The man is almost as good as Disturbed.
  30. DreamDevourer

    Do You Have Fans?

    I'm known as the super-Conservative jerk who you shouldn't talk to if you're a liberal. Most people then mock me because I prefer handshakes to highfives, as I try to get people to appriciate things they take for granted. But they missinterpret it into me being a freak. So naturally, everyone...
  31. DreamDevourer

    What's Your Zodiac Sign?

    Scorpia. Google it and read for yourself about the awesomeness incomprehensible to those not Scorpias.
  32. DreamDevourer


    I have four kitty cats. And I love them very much. Two are Russian Blues, Sadie and Sophie, and the other two, Serena and Cowboy are just your everyday housecats. They're so cute.
  33. DreamDevourer


    Most of my dreams are disturbing to me, and normal to other people. For example, I dream about me and some random girl I was thinking about running away from horrible things. And then she dies. I die. But I'm still concious. And I can't get out. And I hear voices laughing at my feeble...
  34. DreamDevourer

    Your Username

    A DreamDevourer is exactly what I feared so much in my younger years- nightmares about my hopes being crushed (or were those actual memories?) and ground into oblivion. Then I became what I feared so much- in retaliation to being scared I started to thrive on hate and criticism. I also really...
  35. DreamDevourer

    Chuck Norris Jokes

    Chuck Norris can ride a bike while driving a car. Can you?
  36. DreamDevourer

    Which Link Are You Most Like?

    I am most like the OoT Link, as in my own eyes I am kinda a social outcast (not cause i don't have a fairy- because i don't like people). I also like to stab things.
  37. DreamDevourer

    New Stuff for the Next SBB

    I agree that Naruto wouldn't fit in SSB. They've already got a SSB style fighting game for Shonen Jump, so get that if your a hardcore Naruto fan(its in Japanese, but probably still fun). And yeah, blood doesn't really fit in Nintendo's world either. While Sin and Punishment did have blood...
  38. DreamDevourer

    Chrono Trigger

    well this game was my first fav of the rpgs and still is, i know it was a bit of difficult but i still give it a 10/10 great game. i have known that it has many endings (how you play it, it would choose the path for you) it has like 10 different endings, i have completed the game and i have got...
  39. DreamDevourer

    Did You Like Twilight Princess

    This is my favorite Zelda game- it was the first one i really got to dive into. The plot was excellent and the action was fufilling.
  40. DreamDevourer

    Who Would Win?

    The TP Link was older, stronger, and overall cooler then the rest of the Links. Why should there be any contest?
  41. DreamDevourer

    The Return of Fierce Diety Link

    How could anyone NOT want to see him again? He (or it) is one of the coolest Links ever, with a big sword, funky facepaint, and cool armor. I would really like to see him come back.
  42. DreamDevourer

    Favourite Disney Movie

    Aristocats for me. I really don't like it how France usually has some prestegiousness associated with it, but I love kitties more. With some cute cats and a nice story, I thought it was a nice one. And its hand drawn to boot! WOAH!
  43. DreamDevourer

    Disney Pixar's Up

    I thought this was a very nice movie. Family friendly but not bland, and a touching story, I enjoyed the film. Pixar movies usually are pretty good (with the exception of Cars. That sucked.) Next year we get Toy Story 3!
  44. DreamDevourer

    Worst Movie Ever Seen

    I'd have to say anything 40 years or older (with a few exceptions). Old stuff that thinks that in 50 years we will be in space with blasters and robots that do everything are usually pretty bad for me (the old "The Day the Earth Stood Still" is okay, though).
  45. DreamDevourer

    Twin-bladed Link

    Link doesn't seem like the run-in-and-slash-everything kinda guy that two swords would fit with- Link seems more refined, fighting when he has to but not to experienced with killing things in cold blood.
  46. DreamDevourer

    Tingle. Good, evil, or on something?

    Why does Tingle have to be anything? He's just a guy you have to see, what, 7 to 10 times throughout WW. In MM he is optional- you rarely have to talk to him. So.......why does everyone make fun of him? Hey, I don't like him- but complaining about him is like complaining about Link's Grandma-...
  47. DreamDevourer

    Star Wars 1-6

    The real Star Wars are the old ones. 4-6 were the most fun to watch for me, cuz Mark Hamil did a really good job on LUke.
  48. DreamDevourer

    Your Top 3 Artists and Songs

    God, does no one recognize the best? -Disturbed, Down with the Sickness -My Chemical Romance, Welcome to the Black Parade -Green Day, Viva La Gloria And anyhing Mitsuda, Kondo, or Uematsu.
  49. DreamDevourer

    Favorite Books

    What, does John Knowles get no credit, and the Inheritance series DOES? Chris Paloni, while maybe descriptive, is not the most original author. John Knowles' "A Seperate Peace" and Orson Scott Card's "Ender's Game" are two of the best books ever, and few mentioned them. Ah well... maybe more of...
  50. DreamDevourer

    Chrono Trigger

    Finally! This is THE best game of all time. No doubt. Better than some Zeldas, even. With stunning music from Mitsuda and a deep story, who COULDN'T like this game?
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