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  1. Sydney

    Color? Colour? Center? Centre? WHICH IS RIGHT?

    Don't be that asshole that says both are right, because you are lame and nobody likes you. SO LET'S SETTLE IT PEOPLE WHICH IS CORRECT AND WHY????///
  2. Sydney

    Hyrule Warriors Is Hyrule Warriors Worth It?

    I'm pretty hyped for this game, but something is telling me it'll be a game where I'll play it for a few hours then get bored and never touch it again. I'm also getting the impression that it's a very repetitive and generic hack-and-slash type of game, which I'm not sure if it'll be appealing to...
  3. Sydney

    Resolved Username Changes

    So I was thinking, I kind of want to change my username, however the change is permanent according to our current rules (unless you're Gobli). Various ideas have been brought up as a way to go about username changes. I'm proposing two ideas: •Change the rule to allow two username changes per...
  4. Sydney

    Game Help Should I Buy a WiiU?

    I mean, with Zelda U coming out and Hyrule Warriors and all, I'd really like to be able to play all these games, but I don't know if it's really worth it. I don't want to purchase the system and have it collect dust because, as well all know, the games are disgustingly expensive. Then again, I...
  5. Sydney

    Isla Vista Shootings (Elliot Rodger)

    So another shooting's happened in America (at this point I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not bother anymore). This time a 22-year old male named Elliot Rodger shot 6 females, as well as wounding 7 others before being killed (unknown whether it was self-inflicted or not). His attorney...
  6. Sydney

    Was Team Flare a Hit or a Miss?

    Pokémon X and Y gave us a brand new evil syndicate to engage in combat with, and it was none other than the flamboyant Team Flare. Though, in this case, their flamboyancy may not have saved them. From a leader who seemed to be constantly PMSing, to scientists who didn't seem to give much of a...
  7. Sydney

    Is Feminism Sexism?

    I'm not interested in writing a long, drawn out post about Feminism (let me tell you how low that is on my priority list), but I do feel that this is up for discussion. When I mean Feminism, I don't mean Feminazism, or simply radical feminism (aka tumblr feminists); no, I mean establishment of...
  8. Sydney

    Anime: Yaoi & Yuri

    Anyone who's ever watched anime before probably has seen some subtle hints of boyxboy/girlxgirl love in there. It's a common theme in a lot of animes, and it's usually accepted by a lot of people who enjoy viewing anime; however, I do not speak for everyone when I say that. My question here is...
  9. Sydney


    And by that I mean tHE SUPER BOWL, BEOTCHES! Some hate it, and some are so crazy in love with it that they've considered marrying it. This year marks the XLVIII (because I honestly have no idea what that is) Super Bowl, and it's gonna be hella (not really). We've got the Denver Broncos versus...
  10. Sydney

    Do You Like Your Parent(s)/Legal Guardian(s)?

    A stupid question to some, and a hard-to-answer question to others: do you really like your parent(s)/legal guardian(s)? We all go through a phase in our lives where we may say that we hate them, but do we really? Is it truly just a phase, or is it something more? Discuss. My response:
  11. Sydney

    The Hunger Games: the United States' Fate?

    I'm sure almost everyone on this forum has been made aware of the Hunger Games series, but if you haven't, it's essentially a socialist/totalitarian society with 13 poverty stricken districts and a lavish capital (referred to as The Capitol). Every year, one boy and one girl from each district...
  12. Sydney

    General Zelda What's With All the Gold?

    Ocarina of Time 3D Box Art - Gold Skyward Sword Box Art - Gold A Link Between Worlds Box Art - Gold The Wind Waker HD Box Art - Gold I'm not sure if this is supposed to be some trending theme or not, but why have the past several box art covers been gold? Is it archetypal? Is it to...
  13. Sydney

    The Robin Thicke Controversy - "Blurred Lines"

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyDUC1LUXSU Robin's Thicke's song "Blurred Lines" has been generally well received amongst critics, but not amongst some women. This controversy revolves around Thicke's song as many women have claimed it "trivializes sexual consent", and that the song's message...
  14. Sydney

    Games That Didn't Meet Your Expectations

    (This totally wasn't inspired by justac00lguy's thread. :right: ) Sometimes we purchase games expecting them to be great, more than likely because the franchise has a good reputation. But sometimes those games fall short of our expectations. Whether it be gameplay, graphics, or even the...
  15. Sydney

    The Greater Error

    Before you get confused, I'll explain the title. Everyone in this world is different, but some of us are similar in more ways than we think. Some of us are very passionate about what we do, while others are very objective. Some may view this as an error in the way they think and preform tasks...
  16. Sydney


    These two definitions are just some of many that I could find online. Feminism in modern times has been both bashed and praised. Some people support the idea, and others do the exact opposite. Wherever you stand on the matter, is Feminism truly a bad thing? Are the feminists themselves the...
  17. Sydney

    Have the Games Reached Their Decline?

    I remember a while back I posted a thread about the decline of the Pokémon Anime series, but this time I'm focusing on the games. The entire franchise started off on the right foot with the releases of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow. Ever since then, people have been mixed on whether or not that...
  18. Sydney

    Were B2/W2 Rushed?

    I don't speak for everyone, but I certainly felt that they were. Within a few hours, I was already at the third gym, and it felt like a breeze getting there. The only thing I feel that B2/W2 really gave us were two new forms of Kyurem, a new gym leader here and there, a new town or two, enhanced...
  19. Sydney

    General Zelda A Story Told Through Multiple Perspectives

    Throughout the Zelda series, we've only seen each and every story through the perspective of the main protagonist, Link. But what if they added more than one perspective to play through in each game? For example, a Zelda game where you start off as Link, finish the game, and are able to unlock...
  20. Sydney

    Joking About Cancer

    In the world we live in today, cancer has become a monumental health issue among millions -- even billions of people. Many of our friends and family may have caught the disease, and are struggling to fight it -- even worse, they may have already lost the battle. Nevertheless, due to the...
  21. Sydney

    [SPOILERS] Team Flair/Flare

    In the latest CoroCoro leak, they revealed the brand new evil syndicate, and their name is Team Flair/Flare. It's been revealed that their sole purpose is to acquire money. Taking their name into account, as well as their orange apparel, I concluded that they'll more than likely be using Fire...
  22. Sydney

    Most Difficult Shadow Pokémon to Catch?

    For those of you who've either played Colosseum or Gale of Darkness, you've must've caught quite a few Shadow Pokémon during your expedition. That being said, which capture was the most difficult for you? Did you manage to catch it, or was it too difficult, causing you to run out of Pokéballs...
  23. Sydney

    The Zimmerman Trial - Is He Really Guilty?

    I recently vacationed down in Florida, and the Zimmerman trial is a BIG deal down there. Citizens of Florida are heavily divided between George Zimmerman being either guilty and not guilty. I believe Darknut_Hunter made a thread about the Trayvon Martin shooting, but now that the trial has begun...
  24. Sydney

    Do You Use Zelda Dungeon Wiki?

    You better. Well, do you?
  25. Sydney

    How Important is Reading to You?

    Reading is a fundamental of daily life, and a skill we use everyday. Such a skill is even used to read threads such as this one. My question here is, how important is reading to you? If it's not important, why not? If it is, how often do you read? In general, do you like reading?Discuss.
  26. Sydney

    How Do You Deal With Humiliation?

    We've all had a humiliating moment occur sometime in our lives, but my question here is how do you handle yourself in such a situation? Can you take the humiliation? Or do you cave under the pressure? Do you have an experience you'd like to share that supports your answer? Discuss.
  27. Sydney

    Your Head, Heart or Gut?

    We all let one of those three dictate our choices in life. My question to you is, which of the three do you depend on the most? Do you trust your instincts? Do you follow your heart? Or do you trust your thoughts? Which one and why? Is the one you follow the most very dependable? Why or why not...
  28. Sydney

    What/ Who Matters to You the Most?

    A simple question that may require a complex answer. Many, if not all of us have something or someone that matters to us a lot. What or who is it, and why does it, or they matter so much? What caused it or them to matter so much to you? How would your life be different if it wasn't, or they...
  29. Sydney

    How Impulsive Are You?

    Everyone's a little impulsive now and again, but in general terms how impulsive are you? Are you someone who makes rash decisions very quickly, or are you someone who takes a little longer to make certain choices? On a scale from 1, being the least impulsive, to 10, being the most impulsive, how...
  30. Sydney

    In General, Are Video Games Educational?

    Before everyone says "no", let me explain this a little further. I'm sure almost every single one of us here plays video games for fun, right? Well, do we ever stop to think, "is this educational?" Of course we don't, we just continue to play without a care in the world. But I'm requiring you to...
  31. Sydney

    My Little Mafia: Friendship is Treacherous - Game Thread

    It was a gloom day in Equestria; everyone seemed depressed. It felt terrible to be surrounded by such negative vibes. I shook out my mane and noticed something strange. I made my stride towards a nearby puddle and was flabbergasted by what I saw. There I was, transformed from the beautiful...
  32. Sydney

    My Little Pony Mafia - Sign-ups

    Bonjour mes fellow bronies and pegasisters, it's that time of year again! No, not summer, silly! It's time for the next Mafia game! This Mafia game will be based around the cartoon series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Sounds fun, doesn't it!? Boy, I'm getting super excited just thinking...
  33. Sydney

    Who Inspires You?

    We all have someone who inspires us in some way. Whether it be artistically, emotionally, religiously, etc. They're someone we admire, who we look up to and cherish them for who they are. We all have that one person in mind, but who is it? Who's that special person who inspires you the most? Why...
  34. Sydney

    Forum Games: What Do You Like/Dislike About Them?

    *For the sake of this thread, Mafia can be included as a forum game. Forum Games can be played on plenty of forums all across the web, including right here on Dungeon Gaming Network. Whether you find them fun, light-hearted and entertaining, or a designated section for intense spamming, Forum...
  35. Sydney

    What Speaks Louder: Actions or Words?

    We've all heard that famous quote before: "Actions speak louder than words." But is that really true? Do actions truly speak louder than words? Sure, body language, posture and other physical movements can tell a lot about a person, but what about word choice? The words people choose to...
  36. Sydney

    Is There Any Place You Refuse to Travel To?

    I'm sure all of us have somewhere we dream of traveling to someday, but what about the opposite? Is there a place on this planet you refuse to visit? If so, how come? What causes you to dislike it? For me personally, I really have no desire to visit the continent of Africa. It's not because I'm...
  37. Sydney

    How Important is Popularity to You?

    Popularity is a debatable subject at best. Such a thought is often perceived in a negative manner, but is popularity all that bad as we make it out to be? Being popular does have its pros and cons, but it all boils down to one question: how important is popularity to you? If it is important, do...
  38. Sydney

    [SPOILERS] Diversity & Extensive Customization

  39. Sydney

    [SPOILERS] New Ways to Battle + New Pokémon Released!

    MAJOR SPOILERS Thoughts?
  40. Sydney

    Your Favorite/Least Favorite Castform Form?

    Castform is a very versatile Pokémon, just like Deoxys, it has a multitude of forms it can take shape to. Whether is be an ice form, a sun form, a rain form, or simply its normal form, we all have our personal favorites. The questions here are, which do you like the most? The least? Why? Discuss.
  41. Sydney

    How Important Are/Were Grades to You?

    Our grades in school are a reflection of how well our intelligence pays off; however, you can still be incredibly smart but have bad grades due to sheer laziness. Overall, though, it boils down to this question: how important are/were grades to you in school? If they are/were important, does/did...
  42. Sydney

    Would You Swap One Trait for Another?

    Let me explain this a little bit, as the title may be slightly vague. I'm talking about personality traits, not physical traits. That being said, all of us dislike that one trait that we have. Whatever it may be, if you had the ability to swap it with a different trait, would you do it? If so...
  43. Sydney

    Your Favorite Region NOT Seen in the Anime?

    *For a full list of Pokémon regions, feel free to click here. Okay, let me explain this a little bit. A lot of us already know the major regions that we've seen throughout the anime (and some games): Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and soon, Kalos. That being said, there are still a...
  44. Sydney


    Anyways, ladies (guys can share their thoughts too, but this is generally directed towards women), do you get offended when people refer to a group as "guys"? When I say group, I mean a group of both males and females or just strictly females. For example: "Hey guys, how's it going?" "Have...
  45. Sydney

    How Would You React if You Found Out You Were Related to Justin Bieber?

    I'd jump off a cliff. :cool:
  46. Sydney

    Your Favorite Internet Acronyms?

    Whether it be LOL, ROFL, GOML, or even just plain BRB, which internet/text acronym is your favorite? :rolleyes: I like GTFO! :)
  47. Sydney

    Who's to Blame?

    Base your decision on this scenario: A very young boy and his family go to a nearby fast food restaurant for a quick fix. They order burgers, and eat them like normal. All goes well until their young son begins to become severely sick. They take him to the hospital and find that their son has...
  48. Sydney

    How Long Does It Take You to Do Your Homework?

    *I could not find a similar thread. **This thread implies that you still receive homework assignments. If you no longer receive such assignments, try to post an estimated time. Hey, guys, I'm doing a project for school and I need some help. I need to survey 30 people (or more) and create...
  49. Sydney

    Artistic Ability

    *I could not find a recent, similar thread. This is a pretty simplistic thread, really, do you believe you have any artistic ability? The arts consist of a wide variety of arranged topics and subjects. You can be involved in to anything all the way from theater, to painting, to singing...
  50. Sydney

    Are You Observant?

    *I could not find a similar thread. A generic question, really, are you an observant person? Do you notice things easily? For me, I'd say I'm pretty observant, but not the most observant. What about you? Are you an observant type of person? If not, how come? If yes, what makes you come to...
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