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  1. NoRush

    Never Played (insert name)

    What Zelda games have you never played? Also, what games have you played and feel that you will just never play again? For me, I've never played Breath of the Wild, A Link Between Worlds, or Skyward Sword. And I cannot for the life of me get into Twilight Princess.
  2. NoRush

    Question: What is the Dream Theory?

    I only remotely did research on what this may be, but I saw a post from 2017 (that for some reason someone recently commented on) and the op said there was a Dream Theory that Nintendo came out with. I'd like to know more about it if anyone can help pass along some info.
  3. NoRush

    Is it possible to beat OoT w/o collecting a single rupee?

    I found this super cool video on YouTube and had to share! 18 minutes.
  4. NoRush

    The Hyrule Journals

    I stumbled upon this scanning YouTube. It should have millions of views due to the quality of it's production, but it doesn't. Yet. Has anyone else seen episode 1 already? An absolute work of art. Check it out for a beautiful and pleasant half hour The Hyrule Journals...
  5. NoRush

    Golden Bee - Who woulda thunk!?

    Who in the world was the first person to find the Golden Bee in the Ice Cave in ALTTP? I would have never found that by myself : / I hate using guides....but I did....I did....
  6. NoRush

    MM-N64 Other ways into Ikana?

    How do Kafei and Sakon enter Ikana without a horse? That's all I came to ask :)
  7. NoRush

    The Wind Waker HD Minority

    Am I one of the only ones around here who prefers the non-HD WW to the HD version? I mean the images look much more clear in WWHD, but so what? I feel that works against the feel of the scene. Maybe the mountains looking less clear suggests fog or haze, which suggests brooding or evil. I...
  8. NoRush

    General Zelda Omniscient Triforce?

    In the opening of ALttP, we are told the Triforce is omniscient. Why then is it said the Triforce granted Ganon's wishes not knowing whether the wish was good or not? "The Triforce, being an inanimate object, cannot judge between good and evil. Therefore, it could not know that Ganon's...
  9. NoRush

    Nintendo's Next Handheld?

    I haven't bought a 3DS for one reason only: I know that sooner rather than later something new and just as expensive is going to magically pop out onto the scene. I don't know how long the 3DS was out when, BAM, what do you know - the XL came out. Anyways, though I love Zelda and would think...
  10. NoRush

    Game Help Emulators and ROMS

    Just one question: is it possible to play with a controller via USB to play ROMS. I've discovered emulators now and...someone just got a bunch of Zelda games. Seems kind of difficult to play on the keyboard. Are controllers an option with usb?
  11. NoRush

    General Zelda "Failure" Timeline, Such a Tough Word

    I was doing some looking for wallpapers of Zelda, and came across one of the official timeline wallpapers. I hadn't seen it before and saw it said "Failure Timeline." How sad! Why does Nintendo give us such a horribly down-trodden word for that timeline? It's so sad, isn't it? Like all the time...
  12. NoRush

    Link's Awakening Hippo in Animal Village

    Who the heck is the hippo in Animal Village who is always sad? Why is she always sad!? I'm near the end of the game, just about to enter the Egg of the Wind Fish, and nothing important seems to be coming from this hippo. I'm just wondering who she is and why she is there.
  13. NoRush

    Link's Awakening Thief + Perfect Ending?

    Hi everyone. I'm wondering: how does one steal something and become Thief but still get the perfect ending? The only thought I have is that one never return to the Shop again. But that's a bit unadvisable is it not? Unless you get the Bow, and never have a true need to go back to the Shop again...
  14. NoRush

    General Zelda Guide or No Guide?

    Hey everyone. I haven't posted on here in quite some time, but lately I've been floating around and keeping up to date. I'm going to completely begin from scratch and play every Zelda game to completion. I personally prefer not to use a guide, but I was wondering what the majority of you all...
  15. NoRush

    Spirit Tracks Spirit Tracks: Was Niko Serious?

    Through general knowledge I have come to know that ST takes place after PH, but was Niko serious when he said, in the beginning of the game, to Link, that his art work story "blasterpiece" could perhaps be the only tihng to remember him by!? I mean there was the picture of him in the back...
  16. NoRush

    All Zelda in One Place?

    I'm wondering if all Zelda games will be re-made for the 3Ds, or downloadable like LA at least. ANd if not on the 3Ds, at least on some future counsel? I recently purchased a 3Ds, and then returned it because though OoT looks amazingly AMAZING on it - if it's the only 3D zelda games coming I...
  17. NoRush

    The Legend of Zelda Ten Ten?

    :D:D:D:D:DSo I just beat Legend of Zelda (yay me! totally awesome! no guides!) But who the he** is Ten Ten hahaha? I noticed that in the credits, and no Miyamoto?
  18. NoRush

    General Modern Where is Four Swords Adventures Walkthrough?

    I was wondering why I didn't see Four Swords Adventures (for the Gamecube) along the top row of games on this site!? Is it not considered one of the "legit canonical" games? I was also wondering before and after what game it was created? Thanks!
  19. NoRush

    The Legend of Zelda An Intimidating Excursion

    So I haven't yet started playing The Legend of Zelda, seeing as how I just beat the Minish Cap earlier today, but reading many forums, articles, reviews, etc. over many months has really come to put a bit of a stress factor on this game. I almost feel like right off the bat I'm going to be...
  20. NoRush

    General Classic MC - Why is the Mirror Shield So Useless?

    I mean really, I beat Vaati and didn't even KNOw I could get the Mirror Shield until afterwards! :S I'm almost 100% done with the game, after a few months. I need 1 more kinstone fusion and about 20 more figurines. I'm hoping I didn't mess up with the Gregal and the Ghost sidequest. (oh, and...
  21. NoRush

    General Modern Minish Cap - Din Fusion?

    I have only 5 fusions left and I have been asking every one multiple times! I've also been asking the animals and found all the wall fusions. But my question is, can I fuse kinstones with Din? And how long did it take you to complete this quest? Are the fusions event sensitive, meaning, if I...
  22. NoRush

    The Minish Cap Gambling Game Hard

    Ok, this is ridiculously annoying and hard. I am def. frustrated. Why the heck can I NOT win...ever. I'm playing the gmbling game on hard and I've spent like 2000 rupees so far and I still haven't won the hard version. How long has it taken most of you? Have you still not beaten that part of...
  23. NoRush

    Spoiler Difference Between ALttP Handheld Vs. Counsel?

    (There are no spoilers, I don't remember clicking that..) I have both and I am about to beat Minish Cap which means I can start on a new game soon. I'm wondering, is there any difference between these 2? Do I have to beat them both in order to say that I have really beaten it all..I mean, 2...
  24. NoRush

    3 Girls..or Goddesses?

    Farore, Naru,...and yes...I have forgotten the 3rd! :P I was in the hotel and I had fused kinstones with..the green one (haha) and, well, I have a couple fo questions. I have no idea the timeline theories so I'm lost as to, 1. Are these 3 girls like actually goddesses from the OoT? Are...
  25. NoRush

    Kinstone Pieces

    I'm always finding an abundance of these green kinstone pieces. Obviously some are more rare than others. My questions is: is there a set number of kinstone pieces for each color/shape? I thought these were super rare tihngs until I started finding a bunch of green ones lying about in grass...
  26. NoRush

    The Legend of Zelda Dungeon 2 Spare Key

    I have an extra left over from beating dungeon 2. Is this normal? Did I need to use it somewhere and didn't?
  27. NoRush

    The Legend of Zelda Resources - BS

    I was just wandering around in the Resources area and I found a piece called BS for LoZ, in Japanese only. Is it necessary to watch this or know about this information in order to play the game, or even better understand it. I'm about to begin my guide-less adventure on what I hear is one of...
  28. NoRush

    Starting Point

    I was not sure if I should post this in "General Gaming" or not. Did not want to post in the "Timeline" area of the forums because it's not the main point of my post. I want to play through all of the Zelda games, however, I also want to be able to formulate my own timeline theory as I go...
  29. NoRush

    The Meaning of a Victory (for the Moment)

    It has been many months since I've posted here (really even visited the site), and in that time I have been playing Zelda games randomly on and off. Yes I've played many of the titles and some of them I've beat. It's worth noting at this point: I completed the games 100% only using the guides...
  30. NoRush

    Red Star at Night?

    I'm not sure if this is some important revelation that occurs at the end of the game, if it is, please don't explain haha. I've noticed that there is one red dot in the sky at night, looking South and just a tiny bit to the right. Is it a star or something else?
  31. NoRush

    MM and the Rumble Feature

    This might be more invloved than I anticpite but: is the rumble feature helpful, perhaps even necessary, in playing/completing Majora's Mask? I want to but MM on the VC (even though I have the delicious Gold Cartridge for N64), and I don't think the rumble feature can be used then, no?
  32. NoRush

    Ocarina of Time Spirit Medallion Symbol

    I just received the Spirit Medallion and noticed it is in the shape of the Yin Yang, which is spiritual. I'm not sure if this worthy of a thread all of it's own, but I do think I read another thread somewhere on here that was talking about Zelda games being mixed with old legends or myths of...
  33. NoRush

    10 Big Poes

    I'm having a problem finding all 10 Big Poes. After a couple hours searching by myself, I went to the guide to find the last one. I still cannot find it! So aggravating! I'm pretty sure I'm missing the one in the South with the bunch of trees, the one by the lone boulders is hte one I'm missing...
  34. NoRush

    7 Years Passed, but Gone?

    Link was sleeping for 7 years in the Temple of Time! How would you feel if you had seven years taken form you? Me, given the circumstances...well I'm not sure actually. Surely I would miss many people, memories and experiences that would have been will never be. Then again...that would mean...
  35. NoRush

    Ocarina of Time Soldier in the Alley

    I was running around the Market and went into the Alley, and...and...:(:(:(..! Poor soldier! D: This is one reason why I love Zelda games so much. Characters like these, that if went unnoticed wouldn't really affect the games outcome, but finding these people and talking with them just makes...
  36. NoRush

    Dampe and the Kid Wanna-be.

    Wanna-be is not meant to be harsh here, I love the little kid in Kakariko Village Graveyard! But honestly, why would anyone, especially a little kid like this, ever want to be like Dampe? NO NO NO! I am not being mean at all to Dampe! I swear! o.o I feel sympathetic towards Dampe because he is...
  37. NoRush

    Insider Info. or Pleasantly Surprised?

    All this new info. on ST is awesome, it just is. It's great to have information about a game for many reasons, some being either to learn more about the game to sway one's decision to buy it or not, or simply to learn as much as one can about it before it even comes out. This thread basically...
  38. NoRush

    Permanently Stuck in LA

    I am not. BUT! I am wondering if they are ways, and how, one could go too far, or forget something vital and keep playing, and then cannot go any further because something is irreversible. Is it possible to get stuck and HAVE to restart the entire game?
  39. NoRush

    How to Translate Hylian Writing?

    Is it possible to translate the writing? If so, how? Has it been done before?
  40. NoRush

    AlttP: A Couple Insights and Queries.

    First off, I have to say, MAGIC POWDER IS HILARIOUS! I wonder still what the actual purpose of such an item is, but I have too much fun turning those green-bean looking things into little Mr.Potato heads! hahaa Oi. also, A.Bumpkin and B.Bumpkin. The 2 lumberjacks directly East of the Lost...
  41. NoRush

    Starting Point in AoL

    Ok so I FINALLLLLYYYYY reached the old and smelly Great Palace with one life left and ended up dying, of course...why wouldn't I? So I thought I get to start at the Great Palace if i died? Do I have to choose continue in the stead of the save option in order to begin at the Great Palace, or...
  42. NoRush

    What Happens When...

    *pauses AoL* Hey! What happens when 3 bit looking monsters on the over world screen move together as one and I touch them? Would there be triple the monsters I would face? Just curious.
  43. NoRush

    Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland?

    How come I have never heard of this game until now?!?! It looks really...well....silly. Has anyone played it? How is it?
  44. NoRush

    Loz/Aol, Related How?

    So I'm new to these forums and I've been erading a lot into the timeline's (seems I'm not as GODLY as a fan as I thought I was....sheesh ;)) and I think I need to underdstand more the 1st 2 games before going on. I have both LoZ and AoL on a Gamecube disc, and I also have LoZ downloaded from...
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