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  1. Jimmu

    Your Fast Food/Chain Restaurant Tier List

    A (somewhat) recent trend on the internet was to battle it out over fast food/chain restaurant tier lists. You can make your own at the following site (which allows you to add more with a logo URL) and screenshot the result to post here: http://feedkaceytron.com/tierlists/fastfood/ For me I...
  2. Jimmu

    What did you once think you would never do, but you do now?

    I feel like this thread is titled poorly... What things did you flat out refuse to do, or think you would never do in the past that you do now? For me, before I turned 18 I thought I would never drink alcohol but on my 18th birthday I tried it and since then I drink it at most social...
  3. Jimmu


    Do you like to buy and/or use stickers? Lately I’ve been buying quite a lot, especially from B Side Label since they have some awesome stuff. This is my laptop at the moment. I have a hell of a lot more though and I am hesitant to ever use some of them in waiting for the perfect thing to use...
  4. Jimmu

    How's Your Mobile Data Plan?

    What kind of plan do you have for your phone and do you find it to be of good value? Do you find the 4G coverage to be decent enough in your area/on your carrier? I currently am on a 12 Month SIM only plan with a telecom called Optus. I'm paying $45/month for: 100GB Mobile Data Unlimited...
  5. Jimmu

    How Has Growing Up Impacted Your Gaming?

    As we grow up and get older a variety of things change in our lives from our friends, to our living spaces, cities, jobs, schools, and even hobbies. So how has gaming shifted for you throughout the journey that is your life? For me, I started gaming quite young when my uncle purchased a SNES...
  6. Jimmu

    Have You Ever Had Something Stolen From You?

    Has someone ever stolen something from you? Perhaps they took it directly from you or broke in to your home while you were out for the day. What did they take and did you ever see it again? I am lucky to have not had anything significant enough for me to remember being stolen from me. That is...
  7. Jimmu

    Headphones vs Earphones

    Do you prefer to listen to music (or whatever else) via earphones or headphones? Which type do you use? I've always been an earphone person, I just find headphones bulky and generally uncomfortable. Earphones are always much easier to take on the go too. I've always found the Apple earphones...
  8. Jimmu

    Can You Sleep on an Airplane?

    Are you able to get some precious shut-eye during your flights or is the discomfort of the seating generally too much for you to even get a wink? Perhaps you can get only a little? For me, I've only ever flown in economy class so my experience is limited to that. I've rarely been able to get...
  9. Jimmu

    Do You Eat 3 Meals Per Day?

    In most places around the world the three main meals each day are Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Do you usually eat all three or do you often skip a meal? I generally skip breakfast because I hate waking up early and want to sleep in as long as possible. Thus, I'll maybe have a banana once I get...
  10. Jimmu

    Shower: Morning and/or Night?

    Do you take a shower after waking up, before bed, or maybe both? I almost always shower twice per day. I can't wake up properly without having a shower, but on the other hand I feel gross going to bed without having one too. So both it is! (if you take a bath, then that also counts)
  11. Jimmu

    Lorule Lounge Opt-Out (and back in) Thread

    Lorule Lounge has been added back to the forums again and should be viewable to all logged in members. I understand that given it is essentially a spam forum some people may wish to not see it. If that is the case for yourself, please reply to this thread to opt-out and a Community Coordinator...
  12. Jimmu

    Xenforo 2 Upgrade Suggestions & Feedback

    Hi Everyone! Thank you for sticking around for the upgrade, it has been completed and all the important data has transferred (as far as I can see) and I am starting the long process of restoring as much as I can of the previous functionality that comes through add-ons. @Satan will kindly be...
  13. Jimmu

    Pay by Cash or Card?

    What is your preferred payment method when shopping at physical stores? In Japan I exclusively use cash because it is a pretty cash based culture (with the exception of sometimes using my IC Suica Transport Card when I am low on cash). Back in Australia I always would rather use my card so I...
  14. Jimmu

    Virtual Reality Gaming

    Virtual Reality style gaming experiences have been developed for quite a while. Now in 2019 there are a range of VR-style gaming headsets available such as Oculus, Playstation VR, Samsung Gear VR, and more. Have you had a chance to use any of these "VR" devices yet? Do you find them to be an...
  15. Jimmu

    Do You Pack Light or Heavy?

    When you travel do you often find yourself packing so much more than you end up needing? Or are you more of the travel light kind of person? I almost always pack too much crap that I don't end up using because I am worried that some situation will come up where I'll need whatever item. More...
  16. Jimmu

    Do You Vote?

    My state had an election yesterday and I voted online since I’m not in the country. In Australia voting is compulsory and you will receive a fine if you don’t show up to vote (there are some excuses/exceptions such as being overseas). It’s always held on a Saturday (with prepoll options...
  17. Jimmu

    Which Mario Kart Title Have You Played the Most?

    Question in title ^ I'm not sure which it would be between the Nintendo 64 version and the Wii version. When I was young I would play it all the time with my brother and next-door neighbours and as I got a bit older we'd also spend many evenings and days racing through the Wii version. I never...
  18. Jimmu

    Gaming Groups

    This is a placeholder thread and will eventually contain more detailed information about setting up a gaming group.
  19. Jimmu

    How Often Do You Backup Your Devices?

    How often do you backup the data on your phones, computers, or other devices? I generally back up my phone and my laptop once a week at the least. I've never had to use it so far but it is nice to have the piece of mind that I have a second copy if I'll need it.
  20. Jimmu

    Link’s Awakening Switch Forum

    Hello all This is a new forum that has been created for the Link’s Awakening Switch remake. Please direct all threads regarding the remake to this section.
  21. Jimmu

    Bringing Zelda to Mobile

    Given that Nintendo has been increasingly moving toward mobile development in recent years, there has been rumour that the Zelda series will have some kind of game or application developed before long. Do you think that you could enjoy a Zelda mobile game? Do you think they'll do it? I...
  22. Jimmu

    Do You Care About Your Family History/Ancestors?

    I've never personally cared too much about where people in my family came from (as far as I know, many generations ago they came from somewhere in Europe but I never cared enough to learn much more than that). Going back far enough seems fairly disconnected and I'd just rather focus on the...
  23. Jimmu

    Post a Video Game Tune That Has You Feeling Nostalgic

    Sometimes many of us like to listen to music from video game soundtracks. So, what are you listening to and what memories are attached to it? Donkey Kong Country 2 on the SNES is one of my favourite games of all time. I have very fond memories of sitting down with my brother and two girls who...
  24. Jimmu

    General SSB Favourite SSB Game?

    Now that Ultimate has been released it's a good time to re-evaluate what is your favourite title in the Smash Bros series. Perhaps Ultimate has become your favourite already, or maybe your "favourite" title will be based on nostalgic feelings or other reasons. ---------------------------- I...
  25. Jimmu

    Super Smash Bros Sub-Forum

    We've now added a Super Smash Bros Sub-Forum under General Gaming due to the large amount of Smash Bros related discussion happening recently. I've also added the options for the following prefixes that may be used here: Spoiler SSB N64 Melee Brawl SSB 3DS/Wii U Ultimate Future SSB General SSB...
  26. Jimmu

    Favourite Overwatch Characters

    Which characters do you main in Overwatch? (Inspired by a certain blog you should check out) The character I play the most is D.VA. I really enjoy playing on the offence and the way her ultimate works. If I'm feeling like a more defensive and long-range roll I play with Hanzo. I'm not quite as...
  27. Jimmu


    Have you ever experienced an earthquake before? How big was it and did it cause any harm or damage? I’d never experienced an earthquake until I came to Japan and have since experienced them once or twice a month. They’re generally small and haven’t caused any damage that I’ve noticed so far but...
  28. Jimmu

    What's Your Favourite Item in Your Gaming Collection?

    What item in your gaming collection is your favourite? I won a rare Zelda OoT 3D Scroll from participating in a 25 words or less competition via a code I received at the Nintendo Connection Tour in 2011. There are three different designs and only 26 or 27 of each design were ever made. You can...
  29. Jimmu

    Favourite Arcade Games

    What are your favourite games to play when you visit arcades? I really enjoy rhythm games mostly. My favourites are: Chunithm Mai Mai Project Diva Arcade Dance Rush Stardom Sometimes I play some of the UFO/claw games if they look easy enough to win but they can tend to be a waste of...
  30. Jimmu

    Calling or Texting?

    Do you still use often your mobile phone to make calls and/or send text messages? Perhaps rather than traditional calls and text you use other services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, LINE, etc. In any case, do you rather call with voice or send text-based communications? I...
  31. Jimmu

    New Popular Technologies/Services You Don't Use

    Each year many new technologies and services become available and popularised. Which of these in recent times have you still not used, at least frequently. Online Shopping - I very rarely purchase physical products online, usually only making digital purchases such as music or games. Uber - I...
  32. Jimmu

    Do You Use Afterpay/Credit Cards?

    As in the title, do you use deferred payment services or pay up-front for your shopping? I don't own any credit cards or use any afterpay because I am afraid of debt and would rather just save for what I want to buy before I buy it.
  33. Jimmu

    Sleep Schedule

    Do you find yourself going to bed at a similar time each night and waking up at a similar time each morning or not? When are these times and how many hours do you generally sleep? I have a terrible schedule and it changes each night. I usually go to bed between 1am-2am and get out of bed...
  34. Jimmu

    Bands, Concerts and Live Shows You've Attended

    What bands, concerts, and live shows have you been to see? So far I've seen ONE OK ROCK, Porter Robinson, Madeon & Porter Robinson, Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses, and REPLAY: Symphony of Heroes. Of them all the most memorable ones are easily the Symphony of the Goddesses and the Shelter Tour...
  35. Jimmu

    Most Moving/Emotional Place You've Visited?

    Many places around the world can elicit strong feelings from people for various reasons. Perhaps from some famous event or even for a more personal reason. Have you ever visited such a place? Where was it and what was your experience there? The most emotional places I've ever visited are...
  36. Jimmu

    Tap Water vs Bottled Water

    Is the tap water safe to drink where you live? Do you often purchase bottled water or stick to the water that comes from the taps? I live in an area where the tap water is said to be safe to drink and I often use it. I do however also purchase more bottled water than I should and would like to...
  37. Jimmu

    Limited Edition Consoles

    Sony recently announced a limited edition translucent PS4 Pro console to commemorate 500 Million consoles sold. Have you ever been convinced to replace/upgrade a perfectly working console just for a new limited edition design? Perhaps you hold off on upgrading until a limited edition is...
  38. Jimmu

    Emotional Support Animals + Planes

    So recently I've been seeing articles like this one about some rather exotic "Emotional Support Animals" being requested to be taken on flights in the USA. In my home country Australia and here in Japan the only time you can bring an animal into the cabin of a plane is if it is a certified...
  39. Jimmu

    The Great Controller Debate

    Controllers are an extremely important part of the gaming experience. So, which console has done it best? What do you consider to be your favourite? For me, my favourite controller is the Playstation 4. I find the layout to be intuitive and the body off the controller to be very comfortable...
  40. Jimmu

    Which Messaging Service is Popular In Your Country?

    When traveling I’ve noticed that different services are used as the mainstream in different countries to get messages between friends. For example, here in Australia I think most people (at least young people) currently use Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat to communicate with each other. But...
  41. Jimmu

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    Props to @Jamie for the initial idea in the BOTW forum. I figured we should also have a thread for what you’re doing in any Zelda game in general too for World of Zelda, so here it is. I’m playing through Wind Waker at the moment with a friend. We finished the Forbidden Woods and travelled home...
  42. Jimmu

    Growing Up, Changes, Moving On

    Getting older and the passage of time often means some important things in your life must come to an end. Often, letting go of these things is quite a strong bittersweet feeling but it’s just a part of life. When were some times in your life that you’ve been reluctant to let go and move on from...
  43. Jimmu


    I noticed that there seems to be a lack of threads here about cryptocurrency, so here we are. Does anyone here take an interest in or hold any cryptocurrencies? Do you think they're here to stay or just a fad? I own a little over $50 worth of Bitcoin (which was worth only $1 when it was given...
  44. Jimmu

    Mafia Game Moderator Permissions

    I've created a new user permissions set for mafia game moderators. The permissions will allow you to apply thread reply bans and lock/unlock threads in the mafia section. Thread Reply Bans: This permission may be used to ban users from replying to your thread once they have been killed (they...
  45. Jimmu

    Where Do You Spend Your Time Outside The Dungeon (Informer)?

    Which other forums on the Internet do you browse regularly, if any? These days I don't spend a significant amount of time on any forum aside from this one. Sometimes I checkout the Xenforo forum to check for any add-ons that may be useful for us but that's all really. My first forum was...
  46. Jimmu

    Have you ever been asked to leave?

    I was talking with a friend recently about how they were kicked out of a McDonalds store for having a food-fight when they were younger and it got me thinking that people probably have some rather interesting stories. So, have you ever been asked to leave a premises or been evicted by security...
  47. Jimmu

    Profile Field Additions (Discord + Favourite Zelda Title)

    Hi All I have added an option for Discord ID Contact Details to be added under Settings > Contact Details, this will be displayed in your profile under the Information tab. An option under Settings > Personal Details is also now available for you to select your favourite main-series Zelda...
  48. Jimmu

    Dual Citizenship?

    Are you a citizen of more than one country? If not, given the opportunity would you take it up? Which country would you choose and why? Would you ever renounce your current citizenship to take up that of another country? I'm only an Australian citizen but would likely take the opportunity...
  49. Jimmu

    Forum Software Update

    Hi All Recently we have undergone a forum update. This has come with a few new features, these include: - Two-Factor Authentication (highly recommended for security) - Email notification when your password is changed - Email notification to initial account if the email account is changed -...
  50. Jimmu

    (NEW) Favorite/Least Favorite Dungeons

    Now with Breath of the Wild out it's time to remake these threads to get some renewed discussion and opinions which take into consideration the newest titles too. Discuss your favourite and least favourite dungeons of the Zelda series below.
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