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  1. Deus

    Why Eldin Volcano was renamed Death Mountain

    I know that some have requested this to be revisited for the next generation of forum dwellers, so here we go. Here is why Eldin Volcano became Death Mountain. In the earliest point of the timeline, in Skyward Sword, the Eldin region features an active volcano just as it does in every other...
  2. Deus

    Smooth or Crunchy PB?

    Which type of PB do you like? And how do you like to consume it? I like the natural smooth PB, 100% peanuts with no palm oil or any other crap added. Even the supermarkets have started doing this kind now that the demand for a purer product is higher. Another good thing is it is also ok to...
  3. Deus

    Bring back the hyoi pear!

    It was mentioned in the SB that the beetle should return. I liked the beetle but an even cooler idea I think would be to have the hyoi pear return. This could make for a really good item and it could be far more versatile than in Wind Waker. Instead of just one type of creature Link should be...
  4. Deus

    Blackface Trudeau

    It recently came out that Canadian president Justin 'its not mankind it's peoplekind' Trudeau. One of the most insufferable social justice warrior world leaders has a history of blacking it up! Already three incidents have come to light and he has said that he does not know how many times he has...
  5. Deus

    Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker discussion (Spoilers)

    This is the first teaser for Star Wars Episode 9 and here is the thread to discuss everything to do with it. What did you think of the new teaser and are you excited for this movie? I am personally very excited. I actually enjoyed episode 8 though there was a vocal minority who hated it...
  6. Deus

    Pets you have had

    I saw pet talk in the SB and thought I'd make a thread. So here it is, a thread to list and maybe talk a bit about all the pets you have had over your lifetime What kind of animals are/were they? What is/were their names? Did you have a favourite?
  7. Deus

    Favourite Chocolate?

    Chocolate is something that almost everyone likes in some form so I am sure many will be able to participate in this one. I want to know what is your favourite type of chocolate? What brand and cocoa percentage do you prefer?
  8. Deus

    Nintendo President hints they could move away from home console development

    https://www.eurogamer.net/amp/2019-01-06-nintendo-may-move-away-from-home-console-development-says-company-president I came across this article. It quotes the Nintendo President as saying how Nintendo were not fixed on making home consoles and would adapt to the future market. Nintendo started...
  9. Deus

    What did you get for Christmas this year?

    There was a thread about what you wanted for Christmas this year but now it is over what did you actually receive? Did Santa bring you all that you asked for? Maybe he surprised you with things you didn't or maybe you were on the naughty list and got coal...
  10. Deus

    Foods you are addicted to right now

    It's time to come clean. I have told a couple of people so far but I think the whole forum needs to know. I have a crumpet addiction. I have been eating what many might consider to be an excess of crumpets lately and been craving them an awful lot for some reason, hope I am not pregnant. Just...
  11. Deus


    I just got back from the gym and got a craving for something I haven't had in a while. I know British people all are supposed to eat these every day but it is unfortunately not the case. I am talking of course about crumpets! I want to know which of my fellow forum dwellers like crumpets, what...
  12. Deus

    Rank the Bosses of OOT

    Just inspired by talk in the SB so decided to make a thread for it. Rank every boss in OOT from Favourite to Least Favourite. For me 1) Ganondorf/Ganon - Seeing my cousin fight this battle was what made me want to get OOT in the first place. Loved the energy ball tennis and the grand setting...
  13. Deus

    How link was raised by a tree?

    In OOT we know Links mother, likely a casualty of war, brought him as a baby to the Kokiri forest as she was dying and the Great Deku Tree agreed to raise Link as one of the Kokiri. In fact until the beginning of OOT he believed himself to be one of them (albeit living the painful existence of...
  14. Deus

    The chicken thread

    In many years time people will ask what came first the chicken thread or the egg thread? Well the egg thread came first and now is time for the chicken thread! How do you like to eat one of the most versatile meats of all? For me I love Nandos Peri Peri style chicken extra hot. I also love...
  15. Deus

    Eating Animals that still look like animals

    I was inspired by the post of @Ninja in the foods you dislike thread. Can't remember the exact quote but I took from it that he wouldn't eat a fish with the head on because it looked like the animal. This got me thinking because I actually know a few people like this and wanted to find out how...
  16. Deus

    The Shaving Thread

    Due to recent discussions in the shoutbox with @the8thark and @Azure Sage, the great Deus (Winner of the golden key for best thread starter of 2016) has decided to come out of retirement and to grace the general discussion area with another one of his glorious threads. This is the shaving...
  17. Deus

    Favourite Witcher Game

    Just a poll to ask what everyone's favourite Witcher game is. Personally never played 1 but I have heard mixed things about actually playing the game. I would therefore love to see a remake of the original so I can experience the story of it with updated graphics and gameplay. Currently my...
  18. Deus

    Favoorite Hot Drinks laddies?

    Sae it's time fur another one of mah wee threids, laddies and lassies. Todees topic will be yer favoorite hot drinks. What es yer favoorite hot drink an' what brands or cafes dae ye like tae use?
  19. Deus

    Chicken Nuggets

    Forget thread of the week this is thread of the year. I wanted to make a thread discussing one of the finer things in life. Namely the eating of chicken nuggets. Nugs...Nuggers...Whatever you want to call them they are golden coated bites of deliciousness. I want to know where your favourite...
  20. Deus

    Best VR games

    So VR is the future. It is amazing. I can't believe how much my opinion on it has changed since actually trying it and of course I have my own VR now. I just had to. I want to know what the best games are for VR that I haven't tried. Robo Recall is a great one. You feel like such a badass dual...
  21. Deus

    Foods you hate

    What kind of foods do you really hate? Number one for me is Baked Beans I am somewhat phobic of them and the thought of touching them even makes me feel sick. I have never eaten nor will I ever eat baked beans. I can eat plain beans or green beans but specifically the baked beans in tomato...
  22. Deus

    Are you an innie or an outie

    Belly buttons! There are two types that I have seen, belly buttons that go in and buttons that go out. I think ones that go in are more common. But there are quite a few outies out there too. I want to know what ratio of innies to outies we have here so be sure to answer the poll.
  23. Deus

    Would Video Games work better as series than movies?

    A big problem with video game movies is that when you take an experience which can last for over 20 hours then condense it into a 1 1/2 hour film a lot of character development is cut. I think as a director it would be very hard to have to cut so much content out and be left with a good...
  24. Deus

    John Cena in talks to play Duke Nukem

    http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/john-cena-star-duke-nukem-film-a8174256.html Duke Nukem isn't exactly relevant right now but they are making a film with John Cena in talks to play the character so I'm sure his participation would produce interest and I think old fans...
  25. Deus

    Toilet Time Megathread

    You wanted it you've got it! Part two of the wiping your ass thread series has arrived! This thread is here to find out what ratio of folders to scrunchers we have in our forum. Personally I am a folder. Three pieces of paper then folded in half. I have tried scrunching to see what all the...
  26. Deus

    What do you put in your salads?

    Robbed of the enjoyment of answering this thread which @Satan pretended to make. I have decided to make it for realsies. I don't like salad but I will eat it just for the goodness. I will eat leaves including lettuce and kale or spinach but that is about it. The thought of eating tomatoes...
  27. Deus

    Which of these gifts would you pick?

    I saw this on Facebook and thought it would be a fun thread idea. Answer the poll and if you want to say why you made your choice just comment in the thread.
  28. Deus

    Do you wipe sitting down or standing up?

    Until recently I didn't even know standing up to wipe after doing a poo was a real thing. I thought the idea was loo-dicrous...hehe. But I looked online and apparently it is actually a thing some people do. So I wanted to make a poll and find out the ratio of sitters to standers in ZD.
  29. Deus

    Do you take supplements

    Whether you are looking to grow muscles and loose fat with some megadrox containing the finest horny goat weed you can buy, and from our very own spam bots too! Or perhaps you try to look after your brain and heart health with some omega 3. Supplements are a huge industry and there are plenty of...
  30. Deus

    A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2

    The trailer for season 2 of ASoUE has been released. I loved the first season and am therefore super excited for the second. Especially as this adapts my favourite book of the series. Number 6. What do you think? Will you be watching when this releases?
  31. Deus

    The PROPER way to say Scone

    Every PROPER British person drinks tea and eats scones. But there is a debate on how to pronounce the name. Some say it rhymes with gone and some say it rhymes with bone. If you say it the PROPER way it rhymes with gone but I am interested to know how everyone here pronounces it.
  32. Deus

    Do you wear pyjamas in public?

    Pyjamas are just for sleeping in right? Or are they? It may just the way things have always been but what if it is time to question tradition and ask ourselves is there a better way? I think there is a better way. And that way is wearing pyjamas in public. It is something that some people have...
  33. Deus

    How often do you pet dogs and cats in public

    This is one of life's great pleasures for me. I don't have my own dogs and cats so I have to get my fix by petting other people's. I will always stop to pet cats if I encounter any on my travels and if I see a cute doggo especially a :pug: standing around I find it hard to resist going up and...
  34. Deus

    Universities could face fines over 'no platforming'

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-42481329 "From next April, a new regulator - the Office for Students - will have the power to fine universities that fail to uphold free speech. Universities UK has said it will not allow legitimate debate to be stifled." I have just read one of the only...
  35. Deus

    What do you do on Christmas day?

    Everyone does Christmas differently and has their own traditions so I am interested to hear what the traditions of my fellow prisoners of this forum have. What are your plans for Christmas day and are they the same as usual? Christmas Day for me involves getting up late, showering and then...
  36. Deus

    Are you on the naughty or nice list this year?

    Christmas is coming and many of us will have asked Santa for what they want on the big day. But how many of you think you deserve it? Have you all been good boys and girls this year or do you think you're on Santa's naughty list?
  37. Deus

    Major movies you haven't seen

    There are some films such as The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, The Matrix, Forrest Gump e.t.c which everyone should have seen. However this isn't actually the case and some people actually haven't seen such major releases even though they have had plenty of time to. If you are one of...
  38. Deus

    Do you like your food spicy?

    I love spicy food. And tend to eat at least one spicy meal a day. It can get addictive really and over time I have found I have needed to increase the spice to get the same enjoyment. So what about you, do you like a spicy meal or are you one of those who can't handle the heat? Also what are...
  39. Deus

    Who would you go to dinner with?

    If you could go to dinner with any 3 people who would they be? Here's the rules. One must be living now, one must be someone who is dead and one must be a fictional character. So what three would you pick and why?
  40. Deus

    Favourite soup?

    Just a thread to find out what the forum dwellers favourite soups are. For me it is leek and potato. What about you guys?
  41. Deus

    Best tasting medicines?

    I don't get ill very often but when I do get a cough or cold there is always one joy to be had out of it and that is consuming some delicious Night Nurse. I think the American equivalent is Nyquil. I know some people say medicines taste horrible but more often I find them to be enjoyable...
  42. Deus

    Fantastic Beasts 2

    So they recently released a cast photo for Fantastic Beasts 2. Also the subtitle has been revealed to be 'The Crimes of Grindelwald' Looks like a lot of returning faces from the first film and of course we have Jude Law joining as Dumbledore. I like anything Harry Potter related and thought the...
  43. Deus

    The Lord of The Rings: TV series announced

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/11/13/entertainment/lord-of-the-rings-tv-series-amazon/index.html A Lord of The Rings TV series is being made and it is said to take place before The Fellowship of The Ring. I don't know if this means right before or a long time before. If it...
  44. Deus

    Great actors who were wasted on bad parts

    I wanted to make a thread on poor film characters that had a good actor wasted on them. Recently I would give the example of Javier Bardem and his role as Captain Salazar. Bardem is a great actor and brought Bond villain Raoul Silva to life, he was also fantastic in No Country For Old Men yet...
  45. Deus

    How long have you been on hold for?

    I imaging at some point in your life you have been put on hold when making a phone call. Relaxing elevator music would be played down the speaker and often a pre recorded voice would say something like 'thank you for your patience, someone will be with you shortly' of course this is often a lie...
  46. Deus

    Are you a day or night person?

    Personally I'd prefer to sleep in the day and be awake to enjoy more of the night. I actually feel more alert towards the end of the day, and start really waking up at around 5pm. Some people are the opposite however and seem to like getting up early, preferring the daytime hours. Just...
  47. Deus

    Least favourite food

    We had the favourite food thread recently. Now introducing...The LEAST favourite food thread! What are your least favourite foods? Also is there anything people commonly consume that you just wouldn't even touch.
  48. Deus

    Pulling a sickie

    Do you or have you ever done this? Are there any memorable times when you felt you had to pretend to be ill to get the day off school or work. What are your best excuses? Just curious. I'm not secretly your teacher or anything...
  49. Deus

    The Last Jedi New Trailer

    The new trailer for TLJ has released finally. Thoughts?
  50. Deus

    Hair colour

    After being told in the SB to dye my hair purple and magenta (totally not my colours by the way) it got me thinking about hair colour and what colour hair my fellow forum dwellers had. 1) What is your current hair colour? 2) Do you dye your hair and if so what is your natural colour? And has...
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