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  1. Alita the Pun

    Hollow Knight Silksong, Hornet's Tools

    In a video by Team Cherry, William and Ary discussed the details of what this new game will hold and explained a bit of what we saw in the trailer. A main point was the new tools that Hornet will use in this game. we saw Hornet using tools like some kind of giant buzzsaw, some kind of bomb, and...
  2. Alita the Pun

    Should Zelda Switch have a more complex weapon system?

    So we know that Zelda Switch will probably have BotW elements like cycling weapons and shields, but do you think that ninty could go more technical with this? right now choosing a weapon is "hmm... one is 15 and the other is 20... which one to choose?" But I feel like it could be so much more. I...
  3. Alita the Pun

    Music Competition Beginners Advice (but it's good for all musicians so read up)

    So I know that an issue in the past for participation in Music Competitions is that many people just don't know what to do, where to start, or what to use. Because of this, I have decided to make a thread (the one you are reading now) for people who don't have much experience in the music field...
  4. Alita the Pun

    Ultimate When did you start beating level 9 CPU's

    When you are lonely and refuse to pay for online mode, you get well acquainted with the AI in Smash. with skill rankings 1-9, its a good way of seeing how you compare with others you know who play the game. we all remember (maybe) the first time we beat a level 9. it is quite an achievement for...
  5. Alita the Pun

    What relaxes you?

    Sometimes, we just need to relax and take a moment to take our minds off the horrors of the outside world do things we enjoy and just chill. This varies from person to person. For me, I love to chill on my laptop in the mornings and listen to Lofi or Zelda music (no headphones, open air sound)...
  6. Alita the Pun

    Music Competition Round 5 - Theme

    Welcome ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls! Welcome back to the ZD Music Competition!! This time around our theme is... Nature Fall is one of the best seasons of nature, all the colors and such so hopefully, you will be inspired! Let me know in this thread if you are interested and make sure...
  7. Alita the Pun

    Bot Rating Thread

    Remember the Bot swarm early this year? (2018) yeah it's been a while in this thread, if you see a bot and get to read what it says, give a quick summary and rate it on a scale of 1-10! My favorite one was the Neuro Boost IQ bot. That one was funny: 7/10
  8. Alita the Pun

    What enemy from Zelda history would you like to see in Zelda Switch?

    Zelda, especially in the old days of Zelda 1 and 2, created a wide variety of monsters, many of whom, you do not see in games today. Some of us were a bit disappointed with the rather limited variety of monsters in BotW because many encounters felt very much wash, rinse, repeat. Personally, I...
  9. Alita the Pun

    Favorite Characters in Gaming

    Games, some would argue, introduce characters that capture your emotions better than even books or literature because of the close interaction between you and the characters in game. Because of this, video games often leave us with lasting affection for our favorite of these characters. Who are...
  10. Alita the Pun

    Mii Maker, Yea or Nae?

    Thats right, its time for another one of Domo's Yea or Nae threads! this time we talk about Mii Maker! now when I look back on my childhood, I think of the many hours I spent making all sorts of Mii's so naturally I was delighted when the Switch chose to keep this pleasurable app. What are your...
  11. Alita the Pun

    Triforce Connection??

    So I think its cool how in the LEGO video games you can switch characters on the fly to solve puzzles and stuff. (I guess I could have picked literally any other game with this mechanic but I had to feel old) it would be cool if in an upcoming game, there could be a point where you could switch...
  12. Alita the Pun

    ZD Music Competition - Round 4 - Voting

    Welcome back one and all to the great ZD music competition! In our 4th round the topic of choice was Emotion and I received 2 entries! As always, when voting be sure to follow the site rules. Feel free to comment and critique (respectfully) in the comments below! Good Luck!
  13. Alita the Pun

    How much do you still play?

    It's actually been over a year since BotW was first released. I played the game a ton when it first came out as I know many others did. after all, I had been waiting and super excited ever since 2013 when I first heard a rumor of it. after I beat the story mode I found myself not really playing...
  14. Alita the Pun

    Science Classes

    Which Science class did you enjoy/dislike the most? there are so many varieties that everyone probably has different experiences! My favorite was probably Anatomy/Physiology. I never took biology so I just went straight to that. idk how that happened but it seemed to have worked out fine! my...
  15. Alita the Pun

    Which Musical Genre is Best?

    There are hundreds of variations in music, normally classified in genres. From country to hip hop to rap, theres literally something for everyone. Now I try to keep an open mind as a musician which normally leads to me appreciating some very weird sounding music that many people don't like. My...
  16. Alita the Pun

    ZD Music Competition - Round 4

    Welcome one and all to ZD’s 4th round of the Music Competition! This is a chance for all of us musicians to show of our skills. As some have noticed I have inherited the mantle from Tristan so I just wanted to take a moment to thank Tristan for running this so far and I look forward to hosting...
  17. Alita the Pun

    Antman and the Wasp Discussion, WARNING! Potential Spoilers!

    okok, so yeah the movie is all great but lets also not forget about those post credit scenes. alright ive talked enough, discuss!
  18. Alita the Pun

    The Phrase Thread

    I often times find myself start saying a certain phrase or slang in my every day language. like recently I started saying "What's the deal peel?" after a few weeks, I start hearing all of my friends and family saying it as well. it seems like I'm something of a trendsetter when it comes to the...
  19. Alita the Pun

    "Coming Back Around" a Wind Waker Story

    Ok ok BotW yadda yadda yadda. It's great and all but I wanted to see how it felt when compared with some of the older games. you see I loved BotW, but I'm not the biggest fan of these non-linear, open world games. I like to have a bit more of a structured story to my games. once I beat the main...
  20. Alita the Pun

    E3 Discussion Thread

    Not sure why this wasn't made yet. With E3 2018 already here, theres a lot of talk about the newest and blue-est games that lie just around the corner. Here's a place for you to talk about the games you want to see during E3 and discuss the games that have already been revealed! Enjoy E3!
  21. Alita the Pun

    Let's talk art

    ok so I was thinking about the potential artwork in the new game, I know ninty will follow the same art style as BotW with the more orientally inspired artwork, but what would it feel like? will it be darker? more light hearted? will we see new takes on the established monsters? I don't want to...
  22. Alita the Pun

    Is VR the Future for Zelda?

    I've been thinking about this a lot, could we see a Zelda game in VR? I know that Zelda games are usually in the 3rd person view, but we have seen that Nintendo is willing to make big changes and we have also seen drastic improvements in VR technology. I remember when it was still a cool idea...
  23. Alita the Pun

    CAUTION SPOILERS!! Infinity War Discussion Thread

    Once again, SPOILERS! Read at your own risk. Infinity war came out this past week and was probably one of the most shocking cliffhangers of our time. It left me speechless while the rest of the audience was vocally lamenting during the credit roll. Discuss.
  24. Alita the Pun

    The Eggs Thread

    This is the most important thread on ZD right now! Eggs are one of the most versatile foods. With so many ways to cook them, they are much better than boring old chicken meat. What’s your favorite preparation of eggs? :bubsy::bubsy::bubsy:
  25. Alita the Pun

    What’s the hottest food you’ve ever eaten?

    Some people enjoy a little zest in their food, others make it a way of life. Obviously people can handle different amounts of spice depending on the person so do you like hot food and if so? What’s the hottest thing you’ve eaten? :bubsy::bubsy::bubsy:
  26. Alita the Pun

    Electronic Music: Yea or Nae?

    Electronic music is becoming ever popular these days, however, there is also visible movement against it as certain people say that creating music digitally takes the skill out of the performance. Some say that it is a good genre because anyone with a laptop and headphones (and a good source of...
  27. Alita the Pun


    someone needs to learn how to make better thread names. and use capital letters at least. I know that this thread will be deleted or moved to lorule lounge to die so discuss while you can.
  28. Alita the Pun

    Is Cereal Soup?

    I feel like this is one of the descisions to define America as a people. I ask you to think carefully before responding and please be tolerant of other people’s responses. :bubsy::bubsy::bubsy:
  29. Alita the Pun

    Zelda Dungeon: Yea or Nae?

    Seriously, do you even like this place? I mean we are trapped here forever so it makes sense to ask: do you even like it? Where does it stand compared to other forums?
  30. Alita the Pun


    For years, video game designers have included rivals in their games. They not only help move the story along, but they also give the player a reason to keep getting better and stronger in game. Often times these rivals will not be actual enemies but more of antiheroes. Rivals tend to be pretty...
  31. Alita the Pun

    Eye color: Yea or Nae

    eye color is pretty cool, it’s a defining feature of your face and everyone has one. Some eye colors are more common while others are a little more rare. I hear that green eyes are rare. Blue eyes make you smart. And whatnot. My question is three pronged. 1. Do you like eye colors? 2. What...
  32. Alita the Pun

    Pudding: Yea or Nae?

    Pudding is one of God’s greatest gifts to us as humans! But I am aware of some who do not appreciate this gift as I do! So do you love pudding with your heart and soul like me? If so, what flavor is best? If not, EXPLAIN YOURSELF!
  33. Alita the Pun

    Phone Gamers: Yea or Nae?

    Are you a scrub who plays video games on phones with gross in-app purchases and ads out your ears or are you refined, snobby and too good for such plebeian entertainment? Discuss now.
  34. Alita the Pun

    What is your favorite Side Quest?

    Zelda games are always chock-full of mini games and side quests that make the game interesting and fun. They range from collecting skulltullas to shooting targets to killing certain enemies. What are your favorite Side Quests?
  35. Alita the Pun

    Anime: Yea or Nae?

    Do you think anime is only for weebs and weirdos or are you a big fan of it? I personally don’t watch it. How about you? :bubsy::bubsy::bubsy:
  36. Alita the Pun

    Would you like to see the dark side of Hyrule?

    So I was thinking that even in the darkest places in Hyrule, the atmosphere seems to be optimistic and almost unbelievably perfect. But I’ve been thinking a lot about Castle town and how most medieval castle towns were likely dirty, cramped, and filled with crime. As you got closer to the...
  37. Alita the Pun

    What type of gamer are you?

    I believe there are two types of people. Hardcore gamers. Those who are dedicated to games. Who spent countless hours finding every secret room and upgrade. Those who catch on to the concept of games quickly and find them very easy, they tend to breeze through the game and not die a lot. This...
  38. Alita the Pun

    San Diego Fires

    I don’t know if this had been posted already since I’ve not been here but I just saw on the news that there is a massive fire in San Diego that has moved into residential areas and is demolishing entire neighborhoods. It’s to windy for air support with winds of up to 50 mph (the biggest factor...
  39. Alita the Pun

    Do Fidget Spinners really work?

    I have seen a bunch of 10 year olds messing with these things but do they actually work? idk? whats the science behind that anyways?
  40. Alita the Pun

    TFH What is your favorite costume?

    So, there are quite a few of these costumes in our “favorite” game: TFH. (I actually do like it a lot) Which ones are your favorite? Which ones have the best abilities? I like the fierce deity for its look. The kokiri tunic is the most functional for me. Hbu?
  41. Alita the Pun

    Las Vegas Shooting

    Recently, there was a shooting in Las Vegas. A gunner got a hotel room overlooking a concert attended by thousands of people. During the concert he began shooting down on the people before The police broke into his room. He shot himself before they caught him. He killed over 50 people and...
  42. Alita the Pun

    How much do you play?

    Now that the game hype has simmered down and most people have beaten the story mode, what do you think of the post-story game? There's certainly no lack of things to do, but how much do you find yourself playing BotW?
  43. Alita the Pun

    What sports do you play?

    Sports are quite popular, whether you play or watch, it can be very entertaining. So as Dan once said, I'm Bi-curious. What sports do/did you play, and if applicable, what position did you play? I play basketball and I play forward. Hbu fam?
  44. Alita the Pun

    Domozilla777's Gallery of Chezzy Things!

    As some of you know I've been working on some drawings. (One I posted in the picture thread) but I've been drawing more often now and I want to show off some of it! Enjoy!
  45. Alita the Pun

    The Rito's Beak RP Thread

    Welcome to the Rito's Beak RP thread. Let's get this started!! The small crew upon the Rito's Beak sets sail to cross the seas and find treasure, adventure, and other things of significance. Gordin Yasmar exits his quarters and puts on his unique hat with a patch depicting Jabu-Jabu sewn on...
  46. Alita the Pun

    The Rito's Beak RP SU

    The Rito's Beak RP SU Welcome to ZD's most recent pirate RP. Arrr! We will all be crew members on a mighty pirate ship and sail doing various things to get as rich as possible. This RP takes place in the wind waker universe so plan your character accordingly. It takes place after the main...
  47. Alita the Pun

    Nintendo ARMS!!

    So I'm writing this the day before Arms comes out but I realize that when some people read this, it may be dated. I have been obsessively counting the days to this game release in I am Super exited that it's finally here. It looks like a quality game overall. Few non-Zelda games get me excited...
  48. Alita the Pun

    Schwarma (is that how you spell it lol?)

    Recently I are Schwarma for the first time (I couldn't stop thinkkng about iron man in Avengers :P) at first I thought it was some weird vegetarian thing (not that vegetarians are exceptionally weird) but I soon realized that ITS LITERALLY A GREEK TACO! I was encapsualized in a world of...
  49. Alita the Pun

    Have you rage quit yet?

    So I was in Divine Beast Vah Naboris (the camel) and from the instant I set foot inside, I couldn't stand it. The constant rotation of the barrels was very reminiscent of certain water temples. I guess the problem is that they overused the "gimick" of the barrels. It was like a giant rubix cube...
  50. Alita the Pun

    Could there be s new timeline?

    I sincerely hope not but some sources (of which I have only heard of and do not have links sry :P) are saying that BotW will not exist in the same universe as other games, specifically OoT. If this is the case, I'm thinking that they are starting a new timeline or ripping out Oot and putting...
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