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  1. Junehs

    How the Master Sword is "hidden"

    I always thought when he was returning to Hyrule, he got lost in the Lost Woods and became a Stalfos because when children get lost in the woods, they turn into monsters. The timeline is really confusing so it's hard to figure things out. x.x Too many theories. lol
  2. Junehs

    Any Acclaimed Games/series You Dislike?

    If anything, Pokemon bugs me. I am going to join the group of people who say the game was good when it started and it was. However, with recent Pokemon games, it bugs me. Dunno why. I guess it's the Pokemon species, gameplay, or what.
  3. Junehs

    Why Did You Start Zelda, and Why Do You Still Play?

    When I was 3, my brother and my dad ALWAYS played and I was pretty much influenced by my brother. I wanted to be just like him. I eventually grabbed a controller (and held it upside down lol...) and played the N64 OOT. It was the first Zelda game I had ever played. My brother got frustrated...
  4. Junehs

    Embarassing Gaming Habits

    I swear, I gloat, sing the background music, and literally think the characters in the game have feelings. Oh geez.
  5. Junehs


    Oh a talent thread! lol - I can draw - I can do graphics - I can type quickly - I'm a fast learner - I kind of have color theory memorized
  6. Junehs

    Graphics How-To

    Have you tried tinypic? It isn't your file if it's saved correctly.
  7. Junehs

    Perfect Woman for Link?

    I think Malon would be good for Link, and I think he does marry Malon because if you think about it, TP Link grows up in a village centering farming and Malon was a farmer. But general speaking, I like the MalonxLink, ZeldaxLink, and MidnaxLink.
  8. Junehs

    Ocarina of Time What's Your Favorite Warp Song?

    I love Nocturne of Shadow. I don't know why. I also love Serenade of Water. ♥
  9. Junehs

    Majora's Mask Using The Song of Time to Go Back to Day 1: Do You Lose Progress?

    The only progress you lose is the rupees, and if you were in the middle of a dungeon, you lose your progress in there. However, when you beat a dungeon, you don't have to worry about going back to complete it over and over. c: You also do lose arrows and other equipment you might of been...
  10. Junehs

    New Genre Uprising - Dubstep (What Do You Think of It?)

    I've been listening to dubstep for a while now and I love it. c: I noticed how many people are listening to it. o.o
  11. Junehs

    General Modern Your Favorite Item in Any Modern Zelda?

    The Spinner from TP. Oh my gosh, that is fun to ride on. lol I also love the boomerang from Wind Waker.
  12. Junehs

    Majora's Mask Why is Majora's Mask So Underrated?

    I agree. People find MM underrated probably because they haven't played it too much. With all the sidequests to do, who wouldn't enjoy it? I enjoy the dark theme of it. A moon falling on a poor town? Reunions in the game that are heart touching? Many masks to collect? I think this game is...
  13. Junehs

    Twilight Princess Was TP Ganon's Final Appearance?

    Nintendo wouldn't get rid of one of the main antagonist of a story, so Ganondorf is coming back. His Triforce disappeared probably because he got killed. As Djinn mentioned, companies need to spice things up with different enemies. c: It wouldn't be fun if it was the same thing over and over.
  14. Junehs

    Ocarina of Time I am sooo glad I have this: Which is most useful?

    I voted Master Sword since it's more powerful and you go to adult form to fight Ganondorf with it. However, I agree, bottles are really important since it carries fairies, potions, etc.
  15. Junehs

    General Art ENA-three!'s Art Thread!

    These are really good! I love them! Make moarrrr. 8D
  16. Junehs

    Would You Make Fun of Zelda

    Bwuahahah! That's funny. "Dead again?"
  17. Junehs

    Ocarina of Time Get'em While They're Young

    When I was around 3, my brother showed me Ocarina of Time. I do remember paying attention and then getting stuck in the water temple. xD Today, 11 years later, my brother, my dad, and I are huge fans of Zelda. My dad tried to get my mom into it, but nope she won't get into it. So getting a kid...
  18. Junehs


    Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT, Shugo Chara, Fullmetal Alchemist. Yep.
  19. Junehs

    Ask Link A Question

    She has indeed! It took my ages to clean it up. :( Link, please tell me, why must you never eat?!
  20. Junehs

    Ocarina of Time Is Navi a Fake Fairy?

    Navi was sent by The Great Deku Tree to aid Link in his quest. She kind of becomes his friend (even though she bugs me lol).
  21. Junehs

    Zelda Art Rats from Wind Waker

    Thank you! ♥ I don't know why, but I always enjoyed the rats (who look like mice lol) from Wind Waker. O: Thank you! c: 1. Probably around 3ish hours at most. :P 2. Photoshop CS4 3. I've been drawing since November 2007 8D 4. YES I DO. :3 I might post more later this week or so. Thank you...
  22. Junehs

    Zelda Art Rats from Wind Waker

    Oh my gosh -- I feel bad for disappearing from this site a few years back! I should be more active now. lol So, if you remember me drawing that rat thing for the 2009 art thing with Spirit Tracks, that was me. c: And I've improve a TON since I left. Here you go:
  23. Junehs

    Have Recent Zeldas Disappointed You? Thats Your Fault

    I can see where you're coming from and how you view this matter, but any Zelda is worth discussing its matters. I enjoyed Wind Waker, yes, it had a change of graphics but it doesn't interrupt anything because people look down and not see what the amazing game includes. What about OoS & OoA...
  24. Junehs

    Zelda Art June's Art: Cuccoo Drawing

    Thank you! yes, he does. The poor cuccoos. XD
  25. Junehs

    Zelda Art June's Art: Cuccoo Drawing

    Might as well show artwork I do. I always wanted to draw a cuccoo since 2008 but never had a motivation until tonight. XD Me being sick means doing the most random things you could imagine. :lol: Why do these cute creatures have to be so dangerous to poor Link? All he does is attack them with...
  26. Junehs

    Zelda Art Tetra, the Unknown Princess

    Hey, grammar is my weakness! I love the idea you have behind! Maybe indent it? I kind of lose track if I read your story (can you indent on forums? o.o)
  27. Junehs

    Rate the Siggy!

    I love the dragons but I never been a huge fan of dragons. 3/10 (1/10) for all. :P The quote and actual sig is pretty good. C: I'll give a 5.5/10 so in total 8.5/10.
  28. Junehs

    What is your color?

    My favorite color is green. Well, I love bright happy colors. It does fit me well, because I love being happy. If you know me well enough, I'm always happy and cheerful. The only times I feel sad is when people don't understand me and use it against me and makes me go in a "miserable" mode.
  29. Junehs

    What Was the First Zelda Game You Played and Was It Good?

    Oh my goodness, same! I was about 2 years old when I first played Zelda. I remember using the controller backwards on the N64. When I snuck on my brother's game, he beaten it and was at Ganon's Castle and I played it. I was crying so much when I saw Ganondorf attack me. He got mad at me though...
  30. Junehs

    Who is Your Favorite Artist?

    Actually, I tend to not have one. I do favor over Cascada, Deadmau5 & Nightwish. ^^ Guess you can call me a trance freak. I don't like Taylor Swift a whole lot. Every once in a while, I listen to her music. I mainly love Love Story & You Belong With Me. I love instrumental more than pop...
  31. Junehs

    Dark's Gallery

    Lovely work! I love the current sig you have now. C:
  32. Junehs

    Is Twilight Princess HUGE!!!

    Oh my gosh, I remember when I first played it and set foot on the first part of Hyrule. I was all 'OH MY GOD IT'S SO HUGE.' Now that I've beaten in three times, it's just normal to me. Not really big now. D: I guess we all feel like that towards games of all kinds that have "vast lands".
  33. Junehs

    Hookshot in ZW?

    Yes. It's so fun hooking onto things and going WHEE! No, my real reason depends. Do we need to get across things that NEED hookshot/clawshot? I think they are going to add it.
  34. Junehs

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    Mine isn't really amazing. I'm such a Macintosh wannabe. http://i50.tinypic.com/o59ggj.png
  35. Junehs

    Zelda Art Psychotic Dark Link (Drawing)

    Your art is so pretty -fangirl scream- I never would imagine someone drawing him like that. I love how he's like a creeper of the night. Very detailed. c:
  36. Junehs

    Graphic Requests

    I would, but I can mainly draw animals rather than humans. Good luck!
  37. Junehs

    The Most Useless Item in Zelda Series

    Silver/Gold Gauntlets. I used them for the big rocks that need to be thrown. Other than that, it's pretty useless.
  38. Junehs

    Which TP In-Temple Mini-Boss Was the Easiest?

    I personally found Ook easy. All you had to do is have simple knowledge. Run into a pole and he'll fall off. Then whabam! whack him with your sword.
  39. Junehs

    Ocarina of Time Is OOT overrated?

    Not overrated. I enjoy all the Zelda games besides Phantom Hourglass no offense). I enjoy OOT and MM the same way. But MM seems more depressing than OOT. Wouldn't you worry if your home was destroyed?
  40. Junehs

    What's something you will remember from 00T?

    When someone mentions OOT, I instantly remember the Water Temple. The Water Temple was the one I got stuck at on my very first try of OOT. I have a new slot and I beat the Water Temple a lot and I used to hate it but it's the only really challenging part - except for when I have to take on and...
  41. Junehs

    Fear.....it Gets the Best of Us.

    When I was little, I used to go on my brother's room and start playing Ocarina of Time (first game, I was like what? 4?) and I was scared of Ganondorf. He was running all around and knocking blocks down, I was screaming and crying and my brother is like "It's nothing to be scared of." But I was...
  42. Junehs

    Should Link Die?

    He cannot die. He is the main character. If he died, it must be for the last game. Like Dirty Link said, Nintendo will never do it. Link is suppose to be the hero and save Zelda from Ganondorf, Vadi or w/e the bad guy in the game is. if he was dead, who's going to be the main character? Zelda...
  43. Junehs


    My brother and I are getting Spirit Tracks and probably going to play nonstop because we hear it is one heck of a good game. At first when I heard a new Zelda game for the DS I thought it'd be a joke, since I can't really handle Phantom Hourglass without being upset. D: It isn't my favorite of...
  44. Junehs

    Favorite Books

    I used to love reading when I was younger, but when I got older I despised reading. I never understood why people liked about reading. When I was in 5th grade I picked up a book series and it had cats (one of my favorite animals) and so I proceeded to read a few chapters. It was really good, I...
  45. Junehs

    Your Least Favorite Temple/Dungeon

    I never really liked the first dungeon, mainly because it's like you could hardly do anything at the beginning. But once you get going, it's fun. I also never liked the ending part (the mirror room) in the Earth Temple.
  46. Junehs

    Is Princess Ruto DEAD??!!?

    I always thought they were spirits after OOT because of their crystal ball forms at credits. And I agree with Dirty Link, it does make sense that they die. Haven't you wonder what happen to them? Saria was in trouble, Darunia went in and tried defeat the dragon, and it is obvious he got killed...
  47. Junehs

    Ocarina of Time Who is the Cutest Female Character in OOT?

    I love the older Malon. Mainly because of her dress. I'd love to have that dress! XD I also like young Zelda more than older Zelda. Young Zelda looks more beautiful and adorable. Older Ruto - kills to say it - is cuter than her younger time.
  48. Junehs

    The Movie"The Hero of Time"

    I agree, the movie really did stink. The beginning made it seem really interesting. I continued to watch and it really stunk. The acting to be honest was one reason I disliked it. The other reason is the graphics, yes. I honestly didn't understand the plot. I know how OOT is basically laid out...
  49. Junehs

    Spirit Tracks Enemy Artwork

    I drew a Rat. lol I am not the best at drawing animals that are not cats. I do love drawing mice, so here is a rat for you. ^^ Also, I don't know why but, when I saved it it was really good. Now it comes out a little low-quality. :c
  50. Junehs

    Ocarina of Time OoT: Darker Than MM?

    Majora's Mask because of the mask and the plot of the whole game. The mask takes over a good skull kid, right, but I would totally freak out if the world was going to end especially with a moon with a face crashing on my poor little town. Other things were like what happened with Anju, and how...
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