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  1. ZeldaMaster

    Illusore's Art Haven

    Awesome! Thank you!
  2. ZeldaMaster

    Least Favorite Zelda Game

    My least favorite Zelda game is Twilight Princess. Don't get me wrong the game is brilliant meaning the story, gameplay but everything just bugged me. I honestly think Twilight Princess was trying to hard to be dark and gloomy. Lastly I believe that this is the only overrated Zelda game I've...
  3. ZeldaMaster

    Would You Like to See Another Cel-shaded Zelda?

    Recently I've been thinking about The Wind Waker days and have been thinking about how great it would be see another cell-shaded Zelda game. So know I just want to know would you all like to see another Cell-shaded Zelda game?
  4. ZeldaMaster

    Illusore's Art Haven

    Hey, I'd like to make a request if that's okay :D. So here's my form. Signature Size: umm, I don't really know... character: Wind Waker Link, Tetra. Text: ZeldaKingProductions style or theme/colors: Green,Blue (Or just all green) any other details: Wind Waker Zelda. Anyway thanks!
  5. ZeldaMaster

    Is MapleStory Good?

    So I might try out the MMORPG named MapleStory... The only thing is, well is good? And if so could you give me any tips if I do go and try the game? Anyhow thanks!
  6. ZeldaMaster

    Your Thoughts on the WoodysGamertag Accident?

    So if you all don't know in one of woodysgamertag videos he was talking about the Wii U and the possibilty of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 that might see a release on the system but whilst talking about the system and game he said something that completely caused havoc in the hearts of...
  7. ZeldaMaster

    Have You Heard of a Little Game Called SLENDER?

    I've heard of it, seen people play it, watched Pewdiepie and whiteboy7thst both cry while playing it... It looks scary due to the SlenderMan element but without old slendy the game would just be a hopeless girl wandering the woods looking for 8 pieces of paper.
  8. ZeldaMaster

    Top 5 Fav. YouTubers!

    Here are mine :D 5. Brentalfloss- He constantly makes me laugh with VGM lyrics. 4.Ic0nB0y- A CoD Wii player; Helped get the CoD Wii community noticed. 3.JamesNintendoNerd- I love his Angry Video Game Nerd persona! Also it's a guy yelling at crappy games :D 2. SimonandMartina *aka...
  9. ZeldaMaster

    Thoughts on the Pyromania *Meet the Pyro Update*

    So in the last couple days Valve Software finally released the in my words "Highly Over-anticipated" Meet the Pyro. So now what I want to know is what do you think of the update weapons and the Meet the Pyro video. I honestly think the meet the pyro video was very bad... I hated the "pyroland"...
  10. ZeldaMaster

    Do You Think Half-Life 2 Episode 3 Will Be Worth It?

    According to Gabe Newell he said the newest Half-Life game would be Half-Life 2 Episode 3.
  11. ZeldaMaster

    Do You Think Half-Life 2 Episode 3 Will Be Worth It?

    As we all know Half-Life is one of the world's most beloved video game franchises. So if you ever played Half-Life 2 and it's first 2 episodes your dying to know how it ends. Well, I know I am for that matter! So this brings me to ask Do You Think Half-Life 2 Episode 3 will be worth it? Don't...
  12. ZeldaMaster

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Well for me I have several games. 1. Half-Life 2 *2nd playthrough* 2. HL2: Episode 1 *2nd Playthrough* 3. HL2: Episode 2 *2nd Playthrough* 4. Assassin's Creed 2 5. FIFA 12 *Freetime and on my 4th season* 6. Team Fortress 2 *Freetime*
  13. ZeldaMaster

    Favorite Band?

    What Are Your Thoughts on Korean Pop (K-Pop) and Your Favorite Bands. Hey guys so I wanted to find out which ZeldaDungeon users listen to K-Pop because I hear your opinion on it. Also I would like to know your favorite band. So anyway, I think K-Pop could be on of the best music genres out in...
  14. ZeldaMaster

    Is Skyward Sword the Most Challenging Zelda Yet?

    The most challenging Zelda for me was Majora's Mask but this one is pretty hard though.
  15. ZeldaMaster

    Mirror's Edge Sequel!

    So I recently started watching an LP on Mirror's Edge and I did my research and found out they're making a sequel. Now What I want to know is what do you want in the second Mirror's Edge game? OH and the release date has been put out yet but EA said it'll come out when it comes out...
  16. ZeldaMaster

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I recently purchased Mirror's Edge and The Orange Box for Xbox 360. Can't wait for them to arrive!
  17. ZeldaMaster

    Let's Players?

    I mainly watch NintendoCaprisun YA KNOW IN THE BATHROOM ...Jk about the bathroom thing... I also watch several others such like the recent SirCrest with his Mirror's Edge LP. BUT NCS is my favorite Lper.
  18. ZeldaMaster

    Are You Going to Buy the Wii U?

    I honestly think I will after the price drops. I to among several people have been getting back into a different console gaming with the Xbox 360 being my fallback. Actually I will either way but I'll probably wait until the WiiU has a bigger game library and has a Zelda game. As for now I think...
  19. ZeldaMaster

    Assassin's Creed

    In my opinion, You should go with AC2. Or if you want a shorter AC game go with AC:Revelations. Anyways, Go with number 2 it is less "Boring" plus you get more time as the assassin! Ezio Auditore!
  20. ZeldaMaster

    Are Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas Worth Playing?

    So my friend is going to let me borrow his Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Anyway I want to know are they actually playing and beating?
  21. ZeldaMaster

    Thunder's Signature Gallery and Shop

    Thanks for the Signature! Its Awesomely Awesome!
  22. ZeldaMaster

    Your Favorite Sound.

    To my favorite sound is the ocarina.... It's just so awesome
  23. ZeldaMaster

    Thunder's Signature Gallery and Shop

    Hey thunder-ocarina I was wondering if you could make a signature? anyway here the request form. REQUEST FORM: Color Image= Link and Zelda *Perferablly Ocarina of Time Link and Zelda* Text= ZeldaKingProductions Lightning =Yes Magic Orbs =Yes Pop out = No and thanks!
  24. ZeldaMaster

    What's Your Favorite Quote in the Zelda Series?

    So I've been thinking about all the epic songs and moments packed in all the Zelda games then it hit me. The Zelda canon has a lot of memorable quotes. Now I want to know what is your favorite quote in the Zelda series? Mine would be It is something that grows over time. A true friendship, a...
  25. ZeldaMaster

    Who's Your Favorite LPer (Let's Player)?

    Hey guys ZeldaMaster here! I recently started re-watching an LP on OoT! Which brings me to the subject who's your favorite LPer? Mine is NintendoCaprisun!
  26. ZeldaMaster

    What Do You Think About the Banjo-Kazooie Series?

    Hey ZDUsers! ZeldaMaster here once again . So I recently began watching an LP (Let's Play) on the game Banjo-Tooie. It recently came to my attention that I love these games! Well the original two not the XBox one. So I was wondering what do you all think about the B-K Series. Lastly do you think...
  27. ZeldaMaster

    Ocarina of Time ¿!Which is Your Favorite Moment in The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time!?

    Well overall my favorite part in OoT would be when pull the Master Sword out of the Pedistal of Time. My second part is when King Zora moves away from the entrance to get to Lord Jabu-Jabu...It's the sound that completed that scene.
  28. ZeldaMaster

    Countdown to Skyward Sword Release!

    This game is going to be AWESOME! I can't wait to play it.
  29. ZeldaMaster

    Majora's Mask Thanks for the Helpful Walkthrough

    hey Zelda gamers and the staff of ZD I just wanted to say thank you for the really helpful Majora's Mask walkthrough. It helped me through the whole game and it's excellent temples. Overall thanks for the guide! Oh and can someone give me a suggestion on which Zelda I should play next. I was...
  30. ZeldaMaster

    Majora's Mask Termina Field: I Think It's Pretty Pointless

    In m opinion Termina Field was almost like Hyrule Field. Except that it takes less time to travel. I do agree with you about it's Kick-Awesome music :D .
  31. ZeldaMaster

    DSCraft? (A More Mobile Version of Minecraft)

    Thank You :D Zeldahuman! is it for 3DS only?
  32. ZeldaMaster

    DSCraft? (A More Mobile Version of Minecraft)

    Hello guys and girls, this question is typically pointed towards the Minecraft fans but feel free to state your opinions! Ok, So I recently read this article http://mynintendonews.com/2011/08/22/nintendo-ds-minecraft-unofficially-available-on-nintendo-ds/ and was wondering if you guys think...
  33. ZeldaMaster

    Is Skyward Sword the Last Epic Game to Come to the Wii?

    Just throwing this in there but I think it's the last Zelda game for Wii until WiiU comes out. Anyway there's plenty of epic games coming out such as Modern Warfare 3 which was confirmed:D
  34. ZeldaMaster

    Majora's Mask Thanks for the Walkthrough! Plus Operation Moonfall?

    Hey I was wondering if you guys could tell me who wrote the MM guide. Not only is it REALLY helpful but it is the best guide I have read up to date. Now also I'm not sure if you guys have heard but I want to know this...Is Operation Moonfall against or towards Majora's Mask 3DS. Thanks for...
  35. ZeldaMaster

    What Zelda Game Would You Like to See on the 3DS?

    Like the title says, what Zelda game would you like to see on the 3DS. Mine would be Majora's Mask.
  36. ZeldaMaster

    Whats Better Hookshot OR Grappling Hook?

    Honestly in my opinion they both are equal but the grappling hook is a little better. By that I mean that the hookshot played the same role like in OoT and the grappling Hook played a more distinctive role. Im saying that it helped you in more than one way. It let you swing across gaps,bring up...
  37. ZeldaMaster

    Coder wanted!

    Recently me and my friends and I have started making some ideas for a Minecraft like World of Warcraft game. We need some coders who are willing to help us. Also you can join our team! PM me for more details. It's a free game so no money will be profited. And no one gets paid sorry!
  38. ZeldaMaster

    Ocarina of Time Has Anyone Noticed This Before?

    I noticed it when I exited Link's houde. It is a drawing of him *the little stick figure with shield and sword* fighting a dodongo*the dinosaur thing*
  39. ZeldaMaster

    Live Brodcast!

    Hey guys! I recently signed up for spreaker.com a web site in which you can be a DeeJay with out even trying! Anyway I will be broadcasting live or making a podcast. if you wish to view here is the url- www.spreaker.com/user/cody_moore and click on My shows! and click the The ZeldaMaster Show!
  40. ZeldaMaster

    Wanna Join?

    Hey fellow ZDusers I recentley to up the idea to make a non-profit gaming company. The gaming company has yet to recieve a name but it will be releated to Zelda. Heres the catch.. the company will be based on ZFG ( Zelda Fan Games). SO Private message me if you want make this dream a reality!
  41. ZeldaMaster

    List Your 5 Favorite Zelda Games

    My top five favorite Zelda games...well...My list is going to have a little blurb with a reason why. 1. Majora's Mask- It had a great storyline and just kicks butt! :Triforce: 2. Ocarina of Time- Great storyline...but Kicked my butt instead. :D 3. Wind Waker- Introduced me to the wonderful...
  42. ZeldaMaster

    General Art ~Mizuki~ (Josie's) Graphics

    I was wondering if I could request a signature?
  43. ZeldaMaster

    Favorite Band?

    Ok here is my favorite bands with the genre oh...its a top 5list! 1.I Set My Friends On Fire-Experimental 2. Miss May I- Metalcore 3. Deadmau5-Techno/rave 4. Asking Alexandria- Metalcore 5. Black Veil Brides- Metalcore
  44. ZeldaMaster

    A Request!

    Hey guys and girls I was wondering if you all could do me a favor? My favor is could check out my first FAQ video and leave some positive and negative feedback? That would be great! Its called Zelda FAQ #1 and its by ZeldaKingProductions
  45. ZeldaMaster

    General Modern Why Do People Dislike the DS Zelda Titles So Much?

    Well I think most people disliked the DS Zelda title because they took away the open world exploration. For example in Phantom Hourglass when you arrived on a island you got to walk around but you didn't get to enjoy the environment like you did on the console Zelda's. What most people need to...
  46. ZeldaMaster

    Live FAQ!

    Hey ZDUsers I will be having a LIVE FAQ on ustream! check it out tonight at 1:00 A.M. if you will attend then do so.. also if you want to ask a question feel free to leave it as a comment below! please watch! heres the link... http://www.ustream.tv/channel/zelda-questions-and-answers
  47. ZeldaMaster

    The Blade of Evil's Bane Article By: ZeldaMaster

    The Blade of Evil's Bane Many Links have passed through the Royal Family! Each one was brave and heroic and well equipped. At least every Link in the Zelda franchise has used a special sword! In this the special sword would be the Master Sword. ( The Master Sword was in a big majority of the...
  48. ZeldaMaster

    What's your favorite location?

    To make it short,sweet and to the point I have to say Clock Town because it has wonderful music!
  49. ZeldaMaster

    Anyone Want to Help?

    Well to start of I want to be a video game designer! Now for the question Do any of you want to help me make a game if so PM me and we'll figure the details out... P.s. Minecraft is an insperation
  50. ZeldaMaster

    Call of Duty Ps3 Clans

    Hey guys I was wondering if any of you where in a clan which is recuriting if so PM me Thanks!
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