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  1. MegaTallica

    My Stunning Discovery!

    Well if this comment is for me, I wont deny being crazy, but who isn't?
  2. MegaTallica

    IGN's Skyward Sword Vs. Ocarina of Time Results Video

    I voted for OOT for one main reason, it revolutionized LoZ.
  3. MegaTallica

    My Stunning Discovery!

    Haha it's just a joke. It's my satire at work. I was just making fun of some things I see as stupid in our society. Chaos was a god trapped in the Graygem and when it was broken, he tried to destroy the world of Krynn.
  4. MegaTallica

    Three-Branched Timeline Split Explanations

    Wow, I think you just converted me from believing in a 2-split timeline to a 3-split timeline...
  5. MegaTallica

    My Stunning Discovery!

    Reading the Dragonlance book series.:D I like satire, and as an aspiring writer, I like to practice my art, and what better place to try than with fellow LoZ fans? If you want to know about the post, just look at my reply to TheMasterSword. Hahaha sorry if you feel that it is a waste of time...
  6. MegaTallica

    My Stunning Discovery!

    There is a heated debate going on these days. Actually there are many heated debates going on, but I'm just focusing in on one. This debate is global warming. Is it true or a myth? Well, after hours upon hours of research, I have come to the conclusion that it is a myth, and I will share my...
  7. MegaTallica

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    I've been switching back and forth between The Toxic Waltz and Angel Of Death for last couple of weeks.
  8. MegaTallica

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Metroid Shining In the Darkness Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage Castlevania... FOR THE LAST 15 YEARS!!!
  9. MegaTallica

    What Zelda Town Would You Live In?

    Ahh.... I feel so unoriginal, but I'd have to say Clock Town. There is so much to do and and it is rite in the center of Termina, making it easier to travel from place to place.
  10. MegaTallica

    War in Hyrule

    Well my idea is that there wouldn't be a lot of help for Link while he is doing his thing in the dungeons and what not. It would mostly be him having to help the Knights do something to win the battle.
  11. MegaTallica

    War in Hyrule

    Every time that the knights are in a game, they are completely useless and do nothing. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who thinks this, but I think that it would be cool if for once the knights would get some action. I wan't a Zelda game where there is some sort of invasion from an army led by...
  12. MegaTallica

    Ocarina of Time Hide and Seek

    I'd hide in that little cave with a golden skulltula that's blocked by a boulder on your way up Death Mountain Trail.
  13. MegaTallica

    If You Were a Zelda Character

    Name-Baroodo, the son of Nabooru Race- Gerudo I would live in the Gerudo Desert at the Gerudo Fortress from Ocarina of Time. I would be the antagonist. I would lead the tribe on a conquest of the rest of Hyrule. I would have multiple encounters with Link as we fight during the siege of Zora's...
  14. MegaTallica

    Is Zelda Getting Old?

    I really don't see where Zelda is trending downward. Wind Waker was a great game, but as far as I'm concerned Twilight Princess was just as great. TP was a new style to the series just like WW.
  15. MegaTallica

    Star Trek Vs Star Wars

    Star Wars by far! No other reason than I am a Star Wars fanboy.
  16. MegaTallica

    Creative Conversations III: What if They Made an Every Hero - Every Villain Game?

    I don't think it would be a good idea. 1. There would be too many Links. There would be no time to develop any of them. 2. There would be far too many villains. Again, there is no possible way to develop every single characters personality, their mission, their motives for doing what they're doing.
  17. MegaTallica

    Why is There So Much Legend of Zelda Hate?

    I feel the same way. When I played my first Zelda game, ALTTP, I was only 6 and it was the hardest game I've ever played to this day. It took me weeks, maybe even a couple months to beat it. That is what kept me playing. The dificulty and the numerous hours trying to figure out puzzles was so...
  18. MegaTallica

    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    Any real Zelda fan would still recognize and accept the CD-i games, imo. I know they are old news, but I still hear a lot of people saying that AoL is the worst Zelda game. So I thought I would just incourage anyone on the forums that haven't seen or played them to look at them and find a new...
  19. MegaTallica

    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    I'm not really asking for which game is bad, I'm just wandering which game people dislike the most.
  20. MegaTallica

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Dungeon

    Fire Temple was definitely my favorite. I love to fight dragons and Volvagia is in my opinion the best dragon boss in the Zelda series.
  21. MegaTallica

    General Classic Which is Harder: Water Temple VS. Great Bay Temple

    I actually think that the Great Bay Temple was easier than the Water Temple. I spent countless hours on the Water Temple the first time I played it, but I got through the Great Bay Temple much faster.
  22. MegaTallica

    Ocarina of Time Best Boss: Who Did You Enjoy Tearing to Pieces the Most?

    I love, but at the same time hate, beating Ganon. I love it because I finally get that great feeling of being a hero and get to say I beat OOT. But then I hate it because I beat OOT:( . Its great to beat the game, but then it just ends. The greatest game in my opinion just ENDS!! I almost cry...
  23. MegaTallica

    Adventure of Link I LOVE Adventure of Link!

    I love Aol. It's just so unique to the series. One of the main reasons that I love it is because it is the only Zelda game that I have died on the first dungeon. The difficulty reached an almost overbearing point towards the end of the game, but it was still at a point where it was a fun...
  24. MegaTallica

    Ocarina of Time What Do You Think Was the Easiest Kid Dungeon in Ocarina of Time?

    I think it's a no brainer. Inside the Deku Tree was by far the easiest. I swear that it is impossible to actually die in that dungeon!
  25. MegaTallica

    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    What!? I have played all of the CD-i games and I never saw anything good in them. But I guess it's not that big of a deal. I'd have to agree that Spirit Tracks was my least favorite. It had a Wind Waker feel to it but it just never got to me like WW.
  26. MegaTallica

    Worst LoZ Game You Say?

    There are some who say that AoL is the worst LoZ game. There are those who insist that Twilight Princess is the worst. I've even heard a rare few, and I know this sound unbelievable, who say Majora's Mask is the worst. But I can guarantee that no matter what game you say is the weak Link in the...
  27. MegaTallica

    Why is There So Much Legend of Zelda Hate?

    I really don't care about graphics, but on the Wii U there will be so many more possibilities with the stronger system. There could be even more elaborate dungeons and epic landscapes.
  28. MegaTallica

    Why is There So Much Legend of Zelda Hate?

    Haha, COD is such a joke. It is the same game, with the same story, same gameplay, same everything except for maybe a few more guns. Each Zelda game is different from the last. I just can't wait untill the Wii U when Nintendo will finally get HD graphics, not that I'm a graphics whore, just so...
  29. MegaTallica

    Is Zelda Underrated?

    Zelda is definately not as popular with the younger generation due to the rise in FPS popularity and that Nintendo is seen as a kids or casual gamer company now, but I still think Zelda is a widely poplar series.
  30. MegaTallica

    Why is There So Much Legend of Zelda Hate?

    Yeah I hate that FPS's have taken over gaming. The same COD game has pretty much been released the last 5 years and people still worship it. It's actually kind of funny that the FPS "gamers", and I use that term very loosely, don't realize that they are just being scammed. Atleast with LoZ, we...
  31. MegaTallica

    Why is There So Much Legend of Zelda Hate?

    I definately agree with you on TP. I've loved every Zelda game, with the exception of the CDi games, but TP was my least favorite. I'm actually surprised that more people are hating on SS than they did on TP. Twilight Princess seamed to be the weak point in the series, but it was still loved by...
  32. MegaTallica

    Why is There So Much Legend of Zelda Hate?

    Well it's been said that SS is supposedly the best LOZ game ever, which would make it better than OOT, which would make it one of the best, if not the best game ever. So I think that it deserved that 10 just off of gameplay and has nothing to do with the legacy of Zelda.
  33. MegaTallica

    What Bosses/enemies Do You Want to See Return?

    The Iron Knuckles could look amazing in an HD game. If Nintendo ever made a darker Twilight Princess type game, just imagine what they could do!
  34. MegaTallica

    Why is There So Much Legend of Zelda Hate?

    Yeah that or the release of Skyrim. I've heard that a lot of people got extremely angry when IGN gave Skyrim a 9.5 and Skyward Sword a perfect 10.
  35. MegaTallica

    Why is There So Much Legend of Zelda Hate?

    I don't really ever pay attention to haters because they are just pathetic and I honestly don't care about their opinions, but there has been a lot of Zelda hate lately. I can't think of anything that is wrong with Zelda or Nintendo that would make people have such a passionate hatred towards...
  36. MegaTallica

    What Bosses/enemies Do You Want to See Return?

    Helmasaur King could actually be a great boss in future games. He looks so intimidating that he could make a great boss later on in the game, maybe like a lead in to Gannon or any other final boss.
  37. MegaTallica

    The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS

    Well looks like I'm trading in my 3DS and getting this.
  38. MegaTallica

    What Bosses/enemies Do You Want to See Return?

    I think it would be pretty sweet to see Aquamentus and Gleeok make a return in HD on the Wii U. I mean look at how the dragons look on Skyrim! Could you imagine how amazing Aquamentus and Gleeok could look? So what do you guys think?
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