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  1. VergilDante100

    Best Videogame for Each Genre

    And the nominees are, nah just kidding here's my picks for the following three categories. Best Action Adventure Game - Castlevania Symphony of the Night Best Platformer - Super Mario Galaxy Best First Person Shooter - Unreal Tournament 2003
  2. VergilDante100

    Favorite Mario Kart Game

    I would have to say the original kart game that started the franchise is the best, nothing can beat the sheer fun of battle mode on super mario kart espically against a friend and you have a round robin with the winner staying and the loser giving up the controller to another player.
  3. VergilDante100

    Rate the Siggy!

    Interesting color scheme and such, i must admit 8.25/10 and yes i round to the exact number.
  4. VergilDante100

    A Link to the Past The Flowery Portal

    Sounds like a minor bug with the game, which version are you playing out of curiousity, since i've never had this happen to me personally.
  5. VergilDante100

    Majora's Mask Termina's Epona?

    Perhaps this could be the alternate version of epona after all, i am not too sure however if epona was being ridden at the beginning of the game and the skull kid did his thing to steal her away, he wouldn't go as far to kill the horse, perhaps just send it into termina where link finds her...
  6. VergilDante100

    SS Not As It Seems?

    I am actually glad there is not a lot of hype for a game such as this, since of course hype is sometimes bad remember look at windwaker, when it was first announced it was less received then a lot of the other zelda games but it took off, not saying that is a bad thing however but let me state...
  7. VergilDante100

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Boss

    Personal favorite ends up being Bongo Bongo, since of course his mechanic for the boss fight is the fact you can get thrown around if your not wearing the hover boots, which is a lot more difficult that way, however the fight is a simple one, provided you do it quick and correctly, then again...
  8. VergilDante100

    Skyward Sword Will Be Featured at Paris Games Week

    Well usually with nintendo they tend to release new teasers and tidbits of information for us people to try and figure out, as well as the fact most of the time miyamoto is specific on what details and information is released to the general public, even if it is in the form of a trailer, so we...
  9. VergilDante100

    General Modern Wind Waker or Twilight Princess?

    Story wise these games both have their own style and flair, as well as in the design, however if it was up to me and i was the reviewer in most cases, based upon story it would have to be twilight princess. But if it was up to sheer design and inguenity i would have to say it goes to windwaker...
  10. VergilDante100

    Night Owl?

    Most of the time i read to pass the time before crashing, but sometimes i'll end up playing the DS to pass some more time.
  11. VergilDante100

    Who Would You Want to Play As?

    Fierce Deity, why well he's a demigod and has a really nasty temper reminds me of me technically.
  12. VergilDante100

    Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

    Well i saw the movie like a week after it came out and i loved every single minute of it, it was hilarious, witty and very entertaining, i've read the comics as well and i must admit michael cera played a awesome role and nailed it perfectly every single time, his humor was perfect and all that...
  13. VergilDante100

    Ocarina of Time Fire Temple Boss Technique (easy and Helpfull)!

    Actually if you do it right in a 3 heart run, even though i've never tried it, getting the biggoron side quest done before the forest temple makes this a lot easier, as well as the fact makes Volvagia a piece of cake in the long run as well as the other temple bosses, i've never had much of a...
  14. VergilDante100

    Hockey and the NHL

    Provided of course 2 things happen, we get rid of beauchemin of all things since he cost us dearly in last night's game and the offense and defense smartens up, btw the islanders right now are on top of their division so i wouldn't say bad about the isles even though the leafs are also still on...
  15. VergilDante100

    Your Username

    Mine was just randomly thought of from a friend of mine since at the time i loved the devil may cry series and the third game espically, named after both vergil and dante.
  16. VergilDante100

    Diablo 3

    I've not been following the Diablo 3 stuff that has been announced thus far and it really doesn't have my attention at this point, however if it was to befall me to get this game and play it, provided the security of the disc retail copy doesn't suck i would have to choose the route of the witch...
  17. VergilDante100

    What Games Are You Awesome At?

    I seem to have a knack for platformers and the like, Ratchet and Clank, Castlevania etc it's just easy for me to master these types of games that come out that are platformers those and strategy RPG's like Fire Emblem
  18. VergilDante100

    Ratchet & Clank

    Insomniac had a lot of praise when they first announced this series to be quite honest and it turned out to be one of the most respective franchises on playstation's lineup, even with the first one i think insomniac had a smash hit of a franchise off the bat like they did with spyro of all...
  19. VergilDante100

    The Most Useless Item in Zelda Series

    Probably i'd have to go with the gauntlets, they were very limited in usage, plus the fact you got them so late in the game means you would have to backtrack to use these items and then go back to the main quest which is going to ganon's castle at that point, not a good idea to have a item that...
  20. VergilDante100

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Quite a few games actually Final Fantasy X-2 Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn Mario Kart Wii Ratchet and Clank: Up your Arsenal Ratchet Deadlocked
  21. VergilDante100

    Any Doctor Who Fans or Likers?

    Tennant was probably the best doctor i have ever seen to be quite honest, but matt smith has me thinking twice about the decision since he's got the same wit and charm as the 10th doctor, but eccleston had a great run however short it was at the time when he finished the 13th and final episode...
  22. VergilDante100

    Ice Arrows

    Well technically the ice arrows are personally the most useless item in OOT besides of course the zora tunic after the water temple, it is just there for asthetic purposes and all that, however the dungeon they were in is so easy for me these days and all that, however the dumb part is you gotta...
  23. VergilDante100

    Was Vaati Hard?

    I'd have to say personally Vaati was a difficult boss since this was the first zelda that wasn't a port of a old game on the GBA at the time and all that, though i must admit his second and third forms were quite a challenge it was nowhere near as hard as the Twinrova fight in OOA to be quite bold.
  24. VergilDante100

    Should I Buy a Gamecube or a DS?

    You do realize the Wii can play the gamecube games no problem so technically you should get a Wii since the Wii is a backwards compatible system and nintendo has made sure to integrate both game types into the system since they are on disc, so go out and spend that little extra since the Wii is...
  25. VergilDante100

    Favorite Quotes

    "Please tell me that did not just happen, oh crap it happened" Me one time at a local tournament
  26. VergilDante100

    Hockey and the NHL

    Personally i am a big fan of hockey since i'm from toronto and well the maple leafs are doing somewhat well this season not like last season where it ended up being the worst finish for us in 20 years to be quite honest. Also the fact we're on a 3 game losing streak at the moment due to some...
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