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  1. AbrahamLinkoln

    MM-3DS Any Ways They Can Take Advantage of 3D to Improve the Experience?

    Pinnacle Rock could be cool in the seasnake lair.
  2. AbrahamLinkoln

    General Zelda Which Game Would You Consider Yourself to Be an "Expert" In?

    A Link to the Past I generally play it once a year around Christmas.
  3. AbrahamLinkoln

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Hyrule Warriors
  4. AbrahamLinkoln

    General Zelda Best Zelda Soundtrack

    ALttP. It started the best over world theme ever.
  5. AbrahamLinkoln

    A Link Between Worlds This Game Isn't Good: Here's Why

    We always find the compass or the map the first couple of rooms you walk into anyway, it's not like you search the whole dungeon before finding one of these items. As far a ALttP not having maps not sure what your talking about every dungeon in ALttP has a map
  6. AbrahamLinkoln


    So back in May when Wolfenstein: The New Order came out if you pre-ordered the game, it was said that we would get access to the Doom beta(or Doom 4). Has anyone heard when this is getting realeased or anything about it?
  7. AbrahamLinkoln

    Throwing It All Away For The One

    If that person was really your one true love? Then why would they make you get rid of or why would you have to throw it all away for possessions or kin that you already loved?
  8. AbrahamLinkoln

    A Link Between Worlds This Game Isn't Good: Here's Why

    I don't agree with most of what you are saying, I liked the renting system as it let you tackle whatever dungeon you wanted to first you don't what the the exact same game as ALttP, and there was plenty of other items to find with the heart pieces, bottles, master ore, miamai's, etc. What boss...
  9. AbrahamLinkoln

    General Zelda VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 119!

    To me he will always be Link, and Link is what it stays on my file.
  10. AbrahamLinkoln

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    Resident Evil Revelations
  11. AbrahamLinkoln

    Hyrule Warriors North American Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition is Exclusive to Nintendo World

    I don't live anywhere close to NYC so this sucks, I bet these are just left-over from the pre-orders in Europe and one store Nintendo really? They hate us over here in the states.
  12. AbrahamLinkoln

    New Nintendo 3DS ..

  13. AbrahamLinkoln

    How Much Energy is Required to Destroy One Gram of Fat?

    Well if your a guy and you want to be under 100 pounds, I'd say that's pretty unhealthy unless your like 9
  14. AbrahamLinkoln

    General Zelda What Are Your Top 5 Favorite Zelda Games?

    1. Majora's Mask 2. A Link Between World's 3. A Link to the Past 4. The Minish Cap 5. Skyward Sword
  15. AbrahamLinkoln

    Breath of the Wild How Would You Feel if Link Moved Even Further Away from the Blank Slate Spot?

    I agreed with you ZeldaFreak, your sig. pretty much says it all "we all know his name is Link anyways." I never name Link anything but Link. However I prefer he stay a mute as I like reading the dialogue. Might be interesting though to have everyone speaking
  16. AbrahamLinkoln

    General Zelda Favourite Zelda Game to Mess Around In

    A Link to the Past I use to just walk around that overworld hours looking for secrets or anything hidden. Even when I got the game when I was 5 and didn't know what to do I would just explore the overworld.
  17. AbrahamLinkoln

    New Nintendo 3DS ..

    You had to have the expansion pak, it also came with the game. I hope it's remaster for the 3ds and not a remake the game is pefect the way it is. There also some talk that we might get an HD version for the Wii U instead. I'll take either but I hope we get at least one.
  18. AbrahamLinkoln

    General Zelda Who is Your Favorite NPC from the Zelda Games?

    I always like it when Dampe shows up
  19. AbrahamLinkoln

    What is Something You Just LOVE Doing but Others Look Down on You For?

    I can't stop getting tattoos. Most of my family doesn't care but some of them just seem to look down upon me for, now when I go to family gatherings I cover them up with a long sleeve shirt.
  20. AbrahamLinkoln

    Breath of the Wild Padre

    What makes you think it will be a sequel to TP?
  21. AbrahamLinkoln

    Breath of the Wild Why I Think Zelda Wii U Release Will Be Majora’s Mask Related

    We know about all the ALBW and MM references, I want a 3ds version(which I think they will make before an HD) but I'll take either of them, but how does this post have anything to do with Zelda Wii U?
  22. AbrahamLinkoln

    Hyrule Warriors Will Hyrule Warriors Do Well? + Will You Buy?

    I think it will sell well enough cause because the man in the green tunic on the front. I played a couple Dynasty games when I was younger and kinda got into them. I'm definitely going to give it another go with HW on day one.
  23. AbrahamLinkoln

    Is There Multiplayer Mode in Fire Emblem Awakening?

    Fire Emblem or Bravely Default?
  24. AbrahamLinkoln

    "New 3DS" Exclusive Titles

    It will still play DS games right?
  25. AbrahamLinkoln

    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I bought Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U edition today, I'm enjoying it so far
  26. AbrahamLinkoln

    DT Theory - Link's Wish in ALttP

    Can't explain why goron's don't but there are Zora's in ALttP
  27. AbrahamLinkoln

    Breath of the Wild Padre

    All these games over all these years we never see the man that fathered the Hero. I would like to see Link's father in Zelda Wii U, you know mabye he's a old haggard wise man that looks somewhat like Link except old and gray and has a massive beard, I don't know just spitballing. What do you...
  28. AbrahamLinkoln

    Outside of the Zelda World, What Games Are You Hyped For?

    -Smash Wii U -Bloodborne -The Order: 1886 -Fifa -MGS: The Phantom Pain
  29. AbrahamLinkoln

    General Zelda New to Zelda... Tell Me What to Do Next.

    I would also recommend Majora's Mask for the reason's that he gave above although I felt that it's a bit more difficult than Ocarina, that being said IMO it was the better game. If you don't want play MM and you might not cause the side quests are what really make the game fun, not that the rest...
  30. AbrahamLinkoln

    General Zelda The Hylian Shield?

    I don't know what you mean by that
  31. AbrahamLinkoln

    Rate the Last Movie That You Watched

    Metro with Eddie Murphy and Michael Rappaport and it was awful. D-
  32. AbrahamLinkoln

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    I'm only working on two games right now as I try to only have one console and one handheld going when I play but currently it's Kid Icarus: Uprising and LoZ: MM
  33. AbrahamLinkoln

    Hyrule Warriors If You Could Add One More Character to Play As, Who Would It Be?

    I know we getting Ganondorf, they should put Ganon in the game also we can wield that trident around Aquaman style.
  34. AbrahamLinkoln

    General Zelda Your Favorite Zelda Self Reference?

    I like the Majora Mask references in ALBW
  35. AbrahamLinkoln

    General Zelda The Hylian Shield?

    I was just curious why the Hylian Shield is found in Lorule in ALBW? Yuga connects the two worlds for the first time through Lorule's Saced Realm, so how would the Hylian Shield be in Lorule?
  36. AbrahamLinkoln

    Ocarina of Time VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 114!

    N64 version and still have it
  37. AbrahamLinkoln

    What You Smell Like?

    "Ricky Bobby it seems you win or you crash the car trying to win" "Well Dick here's the deal I'm the best there is plain and simple, I wake up in the morning and piss excellence."
  38. AbrahamLinkoln

    Favorite Little Things in Gaming

    Some of the things the soldiers would say on the battlefield in Battlefield 3
  39. AbrahamLinkoln

    Game Help Majora's Mask Odawala

    Touche sir, I will go and see. I love you sig by the way gets me every time, and I might be the only person in the history of Zelda to miss a heart piece after a boss fight.
  40. AbrahamLinkoln

    General Modern Most Interesting Place You Were When Beating a Boss

    I beat the Big Green ChuChu from TMC on the sand dunes in Colorado.
  41. AbrahamLinkoln

    Game Help Majora's Mask Odawala

    Ok so I may have had one too many beers yesterday and that it would be a good idea to dust off the 64 and play MM, it was. I had been playing for awhile and made it all the way through Woodfall Temple and ended up defeating Odolwa, I got his remains but somehow missed the heart container, yeah i...
  42. AbrahamLinkoln

    Favorite French Fry Shape

    I'm gonna go with potato wedges if they count.
  43. AbrahamLinkoln

    Zelda MMORPG 2D Zelda The Gold Kingdom

    If it is I don't see why they would only make it in spanish. Also what's the deal with the ALTTP over world map at 1:34?
  44. AbrahamLinkoln

    Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition Hyrule Warriors With Link’s Scarf Confirmed For Europe

    Nothing as of now, but I hope we get a little something.
  45. AbrahamLinkoln

    Breath of the Wild Should the New Game Have a Helper Guide?

    Originally Posted by Salem My issue with these "helper" characters is that Nintendo might get tempted to make them automatically interrupt the game and give hints or advice, even if just occasionally, I don't remember, what wasn't WW the one with the least kind of things like that? Tatl...
  46. AbrahamLinkoln

    Breath of the Wild What Items and Weapons from the Current Games Would You Like to See in Zelda Wii U?

    I'm all about the fishing rod that would be awesome. They should put all sorts of fish in the game too like animal crossing, I use to spend hours just fishing. Ahh I miss the Gamecube, anyway I would also like to see some open world Pegasus Boots and the Boomarang.
  47. AbrahamLinkoln

    What's Your Nationality!?

    I'm a quarter Native American and I couldn't tell you what else, some sort of caucasian
  48. AbrahamLinkoln

    General Zelda The Zelda Game That Took You the Longest to Beat.

    I would have to say Skyward Sword, it took me 53 hours and I didn't even get all the gratitude crystals or catch all the insects.
  49. AbrahamLinkoln

    Used Games With Old Save Files

    I wish people would delete there profiles, I bought a used copy of Kid Icarus: Uprising the other day and could not for the life of me figure out how to delete saved profiles. So after ten minutes of clicking on everything I could had to go to the damn internet for a solution, and it wiped all 3...
  50. AbrahamLinkoln

    Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf: The Mane

    Well of course they have the a close link, Ganondorf is an incarnation of Demise they are the same being right? Like Zelda is incarnation of Hylia
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