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    Link's Awakening Music in Link's Awakening

    I heart the Ballad of the Windfish!
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    Do You Like the Idea of Naming You Bird.

    If there is a default, I'd go with that on the first playthrough.
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    Could the Key to Determining Timelines Lie with the Zora?

    I agree with Locke in thinking that basing timelines strongly on evidence provided by the appearance of the races of Hyrule is not the best strategy. It is not that it is an inherently bad strategy or that the appearance of races provides no evidence. The reason I believe the strategy fails is...
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    What is It About Zelda? Something Strange Has Happened to Me.

    It's all good. Zelda is definitely not just for kids. I am celebrating my 25th birthday today (not 41, but adult I think), and my birthday present from my wonderful wife is a pre-order of the Skyward Sword Bundle. Unlike you, I've been playing Zelda since the NES, so it's not a new phenomenon to...
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    Which Pre-SS Zelda Has the Best Combat?

    I definitely agree that WW combat was fun and a lot of that had to do with stealing enemy weapons. I also agree with everyone who loves the AoL combat. I do think that it has some great sword play if you are patient with the learning curve. The only reason I think it falls behind some of the...
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    Which Pre-SS Zelda Has the Best Combat?

    It's looking like Skyward Sword is going to take the best Zelda combat award by a long shot, but if we consider only games before skyward sword, which game has the best combat. In my opinion, the combat in most of the 3D titles is too easy, especially WW and TP, and the combat in AoL bordered...
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    Twilight Princess Why Was Almost Everybody Dissapointed in Twilight Princess?

    The expectations were just so high! It was a great game, but it aspired to be better than it turned out. For me, if the overworld had more stuff to do and more ways to use your items, the game would be bumped up several notches on my list. I would also love it if the combat were a little more...
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    Adventure of Link Zelda?

    The AoL backstory has been a problem long before Skyward Sword was announced. Any game which occurs before AoL and has Zelda contradicts the AoL backstory. Any game which occurs before AoL and has both Zelda and the triforce of courage contradicts the AoL backstory even more. Games that have...
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    Your Favorite Form in Majoras Mask

    Zora Link! Two reasons: 1) the swimming mechanic is great 2) Love playing the guitar (I am a guitarist)
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    Great Sea Geography

    I have only played phantom hourglass once, so I am not super familiar with the map. I was wondering if anyone has any theories about how the Windwaker map relates to the phantom hourglass map. Are they nearby? Do they overlap at all? Do any canonical locations appear in the PH map as they do in...
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    WW-Wii U TWW on Wii U Virtual Console

    Since the Wii U will not be backwards compatible with Gamecube discs like the wii is, it would be great to see the WW on virtual console; however, virtual console games are just ports of the originals. All virtual console games appear exactly as they were originally produced. For example, the VC...
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    The ONE timeline can be a split timeline. What this interview does suggest is that the games are not split into multiple timelines which do not connect as many people argue that the four swords series is in its own separate timeline unconnected to the rest of the games.
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    WW-Wii U Why Did This Happen?

    I think that it may be wrong to construe the Zora evolution into the Rito as Biological evolution as we know it. The timescale simply doesn't allow for that. However "evolution" can sometimes be used more loosely to simply describe a change. Given the timescales and enormity of the change, it is...
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    Ocarina of Time ¿!Which is Your Favorite Moment in The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time!?

    Best serious moment = Entering Kakariko after beating the water temple when the cutscene is initiated Best funny moment = Ghosts of Koume and Kotake arguing
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    Parodies of Zelda, Funny or Not?

    Any good parody has to have comedy based on references to the original source material. Therefore to truly appreciate most good parody, you have to be familiar with the thing being parodied. A lot of good Zelda parodies are steeped in references that only a Zelda fan would notice. My personal...
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    Majora's Mask Is the Skull Kid from Oot the Same As the One from Majoras Mask

    Link travels from Hyrule to Termina via the Lost Woods, and presumably at the end of the game he returns to Hyrule. Likewise, the happy mask salesman seems capable of travelling between them. What would stop the skull kid from doing the same? Whether Termina is construed as an alternate...
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    Adventure of Link Timing Attacks/dodgings

    If you watch closely,you can see that the Darknut's sword is visible behind its head when its about to attack high and its sword appears behind its back just before it attacks low. It might be hard to watch for it when you are trying not to die in the real game. I suggest watching part 2 of the...
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    Ocarina of Time Is the Water Temple Really That Bad?

    The original version is a bit harder because it lacks the colored lines leading you where you need to go. It is more annoying because the interface involved with putting on and removing the iron boots was not as smooth. You had to pause and equip or unequip them constantly. However, even on the...
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    Ocarina of Time Running Man

    After all these years, things like this is why it is good to see a new generation of Ocarina Players. Back in 1999 or so, I wasted hours trying to win the heart piece I was sure awaited after beating the running man.
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    Ocarina of Time How Fast Can You Beat Ocarina of Time

    I've never timed myself, but I've beaten it in one night several times, and that included taking time for sidequests, heartpieces, skulltulas etc. I'm not sure I've ever done a 100% in one night, but I think I could with a little refresher playthrough to remember where everything is.
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    What is the Biggest Problem in Your Own Theory?

    That's an interesting suggestion that never occurred to me. I think it might actually work, but it does involve a great deal of between game speculation, and I try to avoid that in timeline debates as much as possible. It always leaves room for the objection "why think it happened THAT way?"...
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    Link's Awakening Version Differences

    I've beaten the original, but I never played the DX even though I have a copy. I was planning on playing the DX version soon, so I'm glad I saw this first. I'll know what to look out for.
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    Majora's Mask I Just Completed the Anju and Kafei Sidequest.

    Agreed! P.S. Love that your "avatar" is Sokka
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    Your Favorite Gamecube Game

    My top few are all Zelda titles. I'd pick Metroid prime except I only played the wii rerelease. Favorite besides Zelda games is probably smash bros melee. Also loved Eternal Darkness and RE4.
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    Which Zelda Game Has the Best....

    -sidequests- Majora's Mask (So well devoloped, Anju and Kafei forever!) -bosses - Link to the Past (Lot's of variety and strategy) -weapons - Legend of Zelda (Everything was so useful, I bombed and burnt everything, magic rod was a lifesaver on low hearts) -story - Link's Awakening (Best...
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    Help With Fishing?

    Here's the best way. You have to tease the big fish into biting your hook, so if you get about the right distance from him, as you reel in the hook by moving the lure, he will follow the line right to your feet, and if you time it well, he'll bite so close to you that when you pull back the pole...
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    Which Boss Would You Like to Be Friends with and Why?

    Bongo Bongo so we could jam. djsaklfdstypetoreachcharacterlimitdjfasldf
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    Ocarina of Time What Should I Do

    I don't recommend trying this if you are new to the game, but I think it is actually possible (though very hard) to win the race with the other horse.
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    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    It was tough, but I picked the original LoZ. I thought about OoT, ALttP, and LA as possibilities, and as much as those games moved the series forward, the original holds a special place b/c it was my first.
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    General Classic The Zelda That Started Your Journey, Secrets I've Kept from Zelda

    My first Zelda was the original LoZ for the NES which I actually played on an NES. I was born in 86, but around 1990/91 I played Zelda at a friends house a little, but I didn't get my own NES until much after the SNES had been released. In fact, when OoT released, I was still chugging away at my...
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    What is the Biggest Problem in Your Own Theory?

    One worry with Spirit Tracks is the technology of trains and steam power does not seem to lead into the original titles very well, but I can't decide if this is really a problem. The other worry is that I was hoping to salvage the AoL backstory by placing it between Windwaker/Phantom Hourglass...
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    What is the Biggest Problem in Your Own Theory?

    I find it surprising that so many people cite the oracles games as there primary difficulty. I've always thought of the oracles games as one of those that could be consistently placed in many different timelines. Oracle of Ages is actually the only Zelda game (other than Skyward Sword of course)...
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    Best Time Line, In My Opinion Of Course :)

    He mentions True Edge whose videos you should check out as well. TrueEdge is hopelessly wrong IMO, but he's as good a linear theorist as you'll ever encounter.
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    The Concept of Hardcore Gaming

    I see what you're saying, but the fact that you get different kinds of enjoyment from different genres is irrelevant to one genre or another being hardcore. Maybe it's because I am one of the old guys who started playing on an NES and was blown away by the awesome graphics on Super Mario 3. The...
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    The Concept of Hardcore Gaming

    You are probably absolutely right about the shift in meaning. My comment was geared more as a statement of what "hardcore" should denote (if anything) rather than what it actually does. "Hardcore" both then and now holds connotations that if one is hardcore one is part of the gaming elite, in...
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    Spoiler Ghirahim Attack Scene

    Nice work! It's probably not the exact cutscene we'll see, but I'll bet it's about as close as you can get.
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    The Concept of Hardcore Gaming

    I would think that if there really can be a division of gamers into hardcore and casual, it would be based more on game difficulty and length than on graphics, blood, and gore. World of Warcraft for instance tends to be a "hardcore" game, not due to gore, but because people who play tend to play...
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    Ocarina of Time Fave Thing to Do in OoT

    Horseback Archery Range!!! I've been playing since the original N64 days and I still haven't gotten a perfect score.
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    Best Time Line, In My Opinion Of Course :)

    I've always liked Lancun's theories. In fact, the theory I have assumed until recently was basically his old theory. It's good to see he's changing with the times. Despite my broad agreement with his timeline, I think Lancun's theorizing faces two problems. First, in other videos you see that...
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    What is the Biggest Problem in Your Own Theory?

    So, I've been a member since back in 09, but unfortunately I've been away from the forums for almost 2 years (stupid real job), and I'm trying to come back. It's easier to start a discussion than to try to catch up on everything already going on, so here's my question. We all have our pet...
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    Adam's Timeline

    We seem to differ on how much weight we give the history surrounding the release of the games especially before OoT. I think the games were originally conceived as closely connected, but since the connections were never made fully explicit, there has been plenty of room for ret con, and I think...
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    Tye's Timeline

    Fanfic-ish? It is all based on in game information. It is simply the most consistent way of piecing together Ganon's appearances in the game. Fan fic involves making stuff up within the universe of the game. I've got very little use for it.
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    Tye's Timeline

    It goes like this (I think) OoT AT -> Ganondorf sealed away, returns in WW and is impaled by Master sword -> returns in Ganon form in LoZ and is killed by silver arrow, then in AoL minions attempt to bring back the fully killed Ganon. OoT CT -> Ganondorf sealed in twilight realm, Ganondorf...
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    Adam's Timeline

    This same issue seems to have come up between us in the thread "Tye's timeline" Since I just wrote at length about my views on that thread, I won't get to deep into it here, but the long and short of it is that I do not see your motivation for placing LoZ/AoL where you do. I think that Ganon's...
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    Tye's Timeline

    I am afraid I do not follow you here. How is it that there MUST be an unexplained Ganon appearance? and how are there 2 if you put ALttP and LoZ on different timelines? My suggestion is that OoT splits and we get WW in the AT and TP on the CT (I'm skipping games w/ out Ganon like MM for now)...
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    Adam's Timeline

    This looks like exactly the right answer. All indications show that Nintendo has given timeline considerations much more weight in the post OoT era. revisions like the temple of the foursword and the fact the Ganon gets the triforce in FS appear to be obvious revisions to make things work. A...
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    Tye's Timeline

    I actually don't think that this is the biggest problem with this timeline. Remember Ganondorf is also impaled by the master sword at the end of WW. If this is a total Kill for Ganon/Ganondorf, the WW and TP have the be at the very End of each fork of the split timeline (and not on the same...
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    Correct by Ganondorfs, But Could You Check by Triforce, Etc.

    This discussion has gone in too many directions to fully respond to everything, but it seems the root of the debate is about the placement of LoZ/AoL stemming from the original suggestion that a MM time split is the best way to make them fit given the inconsistencies with putting them anywhere...
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    Second Quest

    I've played and beaten LoZ many times, but I've never played through the second quest. Every time I beat the game I don't feel like going directly into another play through without some time off. Then once it has been a while I never want to jump directly into a second playthrough, and so the...
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    Did You Ever Pick the Potion Instead of the Heart in LOZ?

    Exactly what I was thinking. I'd only do it on a 3 heart run through. I will probably do that eventually, but even after playing this game since the early 90's. I still don't feel ready. The first time I played I just picked the heart container b/c I recognized it from having beaten a dungeon...
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