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  1. DekuNut

    ZD Forum Change Concerns

    I take back my previous argument. At its core, it doesn't matter what our name is. And the ZI peeps seem pretty chill. I like the idea of having them join our community. Do I prefer this forum style to that one? For sure. But once again it really doesn't matter. It's a forum, that's the big...
  2. DekuNut

    ZD Forum Change Concerns

    I read the thread. It looks like there's misconceptions on both sides. Since Huk linked them to this thread, I'll send the link to their copy http://forums.zeldainformer.com/index.php?/topic/10059-zelda-dungeons-forums-are-merging-into-our-forums/#entry415965 As for the ultimate issue, it would...
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