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  1. Molly O'Kami

    Breath of the Wild How do you name your horses?

    I use different methods for my particular games, depending on my mood. Method #1: No Real Reason Giant Horse - "Hunter" (because I use him mostly to run-down animals to get gourmet raw meat to sell White Stalion - "Sprinter" 4/4/5 All-Black Horse w/ "Ancient" horse gear - "Shadow" 4/4/5...
  2. Molly O'Kami

    Breath of the Wild [UNOFFICIAL POLL] Which Horse in BotW Makes the Best "Fake Epona?"

    Since I'm pretty much sure that Nintendo will NEVER make Amiibo data official DLC, and I'll never be able to get the ones I want (seriously, I dont want the figure just the data), I decided when I first played the game that I'd just do without Epona. Thankfully, I later found that, just like...
  3. Molly O'Kami

    What If Link Could "Go Dark" in a Game?

    (If this has already be done, feel free to ignore this; if this hasn't been in the Daily Debate, feel free to take it.) I was watching a few videos about morality factors in games and it made me wonder what if Nintendo made a game with such a mechanic, especially the Legend of Zelda series...
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