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  1. loki212

    Muramasa: The Demon Blade

    Got it 2 days beforestreet date and got the preorder poster, loved every second of it
  2. loki212

    Final Fantasy III (NDS)

    you cant get 2 Ultima weapons.... something smells fishy..also NO DEVOT AND SUMMONER BLASPHAMY!!!.. best line up is: 2 onion knights, devot summoner. the game is easymode any way so DOING ALL White mages is do able.
  3. loki212

    Which is the Hardest Game Ever Made?

    Ive found that not many games are hard for me.. Not to say I've never raged quit before but i've beaten just about every game ive played. hmmm.....i guess Dragon Warrior(Nes)..No party, JUST THE MAIN CHARCTER.. Ive punched a hole in a wall because of the game..
  4. loki212

    What Games Are You Playing Through at the Moment?

    UHH... Im replaying TP at the moment, so.. Star Ocean Second Evolution(Psp) Dragon Quest 5(ds) I just recently Finished Xenosaga 1,2 and 3... countless other games.. cave story ect.
  5. loki212

    Phantasy Star Online

    I played PSO back in the day, Ive got PsP for my PSP now sooo..... yeah anyway PSO Zero is out so go buy it...
  6. loki212

    "Them" Aliens or Monsters?

    they are alien in fact they look like the Flatwoods Monster http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flatwoods_monster also its in alot of other games too.
  7. loki212

    Spoiler Timeline Theories

    Wow so manythings wrong with that video. Link's Awaking after phantom hourglass? thats so wrong. I dont think he played half those games. He last line was "This is The definitive time line" THis is a joke.
  8. loki212

    X-Men Origins

    I was at the preminre here in Tempe it was bomb that Huge bought us all breakfast. I like the moive. I thought it gave a good explanation to the origin of Logen but could have been alittle better...as in real deadpool not Ryanpool.
  9. loki212

    Final Fantasy Series

  10. loki212

    If You Could Have Any Character in Brawl Who Would it be?

    we need megaman and zero, Issac and Felix form golden sun, Another sonic character(prefurably shadow) get rid of jigglypuff, bring back mewto and roy, Saki (sin and punishment)
  11. loki212

    Where the Wild Things Are

    Im very excited about this it looks to be of epicness. Cant wait
  12. loki212


    I watched it in American History last year. along with several other great movies. It was good times indeed. Too bad its not on Tv very often.
  13. loki212


    A far better movie about the Titanic and much more true to what really happened is A Night To Remember. its a true b/w classic.
  14. loki212

    Best and Worst Villains!

    you gave a very clicthed answer bub. besides Stay Puff is the best villin ever because he is a marshmellow. Movies Best: Son of Darkness form Legend(played by Tim Curry) Worst: hard to say to many Games Best: Gary Oak/Green.."Smell Ya' Later" Worst: Voyager from Xenosaga...
  15. loki212

    Playing Games with Parents?

    Me and my dad would play Duck Hunt and Super Mario bros together when i was little, but after we got the snes he didnt as much but we still play duck hunt together.
  16. loki212

    Favorite Mario game

    Galaxy is the best mario game as of right now. Ver go a go go is correct it is prefect.
  17. loki212

    What Game Was It That Got You into Gaming?

    Well my family had gone through many a nes in the 90's but when we got the snes is when i really started playing so Super Mario Land and Super Mario All Stars. Before the 2-1 game.
  18. loki212

    Your Favorite RPGs

    5. Skies of Arcada: Legends 4. Tales of Symphonia 3. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest 2. Dragon Quest 8 1. Rouge Galaxy... this is the best game ever. EVER
  19. loki212

    Mars Attacks

    this is the WORST MOVIE EVAR and when Tim burton went down hill.. oh wait his only good movie was Nightmare before X-mas and its not that good. This is the E.T. game of movies.
  20. loki212

    Favorite Superhero.

    Captian America wins hands down. Who else can say the punched Hilter in the face?
  21. loki212

    Jimmy Ate My World

    Fututres was the first one I listend to as well, however I got Bleed american/Jimmy eat world and it is far better than that. I have yet to listen to clarity. and chase this light is pretty good asvell.
  22. loki212

    Final Fantasy Series

    its alright...half of X's soundtrack is a rearranged version of VII's so I can see why people would think they games are connected.
  23. loki212

    Jimmy Ate My World

    Jimmy eat world had become my favorite band over night 2 months ago.. Its good stuff.. I would recomend them to everyone.
  24. loki212


    Twilight = a middle aged womans sexual fantasy.... worst books/ movie/ everthing else ever... no real man would want to even touch this. furthermore... I did break up with a girl because she wanted to take me to this crap.... its true... and i wasnt the only one.
  25. loki212

    Final Fantasy Series

    No you are mistaken... there is no such connection. There are referances to each game in each game..... It's probloy that... just a referance not a connection.... 7 has enough bad squels... To Master Link Game was easy mode but rather fun...tried playing it again tho and well turned it off...
  26. loki212

    How do you play Brawl?

    Cube controller is the best way too go.. I've gotten many a blisters with my well worn wavebird.
  27. loki212

    Final Fantasy Series

    the bad ending and becareful when in Jagd because if ur people die they are gone for good like in fire emblem.
  28. loki212

    What element?

    Earth Sign with fire raising. EARTH FOR THE WIN...also these are Platos elements are they not?
  29. loki212

    What's Your Zodiac Sign?

    Virgo here... to myungster just read a famers alminac those have all that stuff in them.
  30. loki212

    Family Guy

    I've stared to hate family guy more and more, because it just give Seth MacFarlane a soapbox to stand on and insult people of his opposing political view point.. that plus the "homor" is random and for the most part geared too underage&b andway.
  31. loki212


    I have the Sidekick 2008 phone and use it every day for mostly the web browser, so i can look up stuff in class. also i get my email on it so i dont check it on the computer anymore. I have the 5 favs thing tmobile does, which works for me because i only call lik 5 people.
  32. loki212


    Not only is Amy Lee hot but she has one hell of a voice. Evanescence is a very good band....althought The Open door was not as good as Fallen.
  33. loki212

    Favorite Genre

    Sci fi movies fosho... I love Sci fi so much. Action movies are good too, like the new die hard movie, and comedys.. Looking forward to TF Revage of the Fallen
  34. loki212

    Super Size Me

    I saw this movie as pure bs through and through.. This idiot goes form eating nothing but Vegan food to mcdolands....of course he is going to get sick, his body wasnt used to food like that. It proved nothing. It was just a scare tactic by the liberal advocates to make you eat what they want you...
  35. loki212

    Borat: Good or Bad?

    Its worth watching once just for a laugh or 2 then toss it..you'll never want to see it again.
  36. loki212

    Worst Movie Sequels

    I have to agree that Diseny Sequals are crap... I saw Pirates as one big movie in 3 parts like back to the furture. Tmnt 3 is bad. Star Wars ep 1 sucks and me and my friend ryan hated ep 2 but 3 on part with 4 5 and 6. All of the Matix sequals were bad and kinda ruined it. Jurassic park 3 was...
  37. loki212

    Super Mario Bros. Movie

    I love it because of its so bad its funny... It was one of the first DVDs we ever bought, me and my friends agree it's bad but we still like watching it for S&G's
  38. loki212


    I like to watch it both ways... if there is no dub thats fine, if the sub sucks ill watch it in english....Cowboy bebop comes to mind good english dub bad japanese dub... I recently just watched the Tales of Symphonia Ova and I have to say that the Jap dub was very good. but the subs were...
  39. loki212

    Super Mario Bros Super Show

    I have all 3 volumes of the dvds and the Zelda one too...13 bad eps
  40. loki212


    I really liked Ragnorak, Love Hina, Chrono Crusade and Pokemon Special.... this website had a bunch of manga that u can just read online...so no real reason to buy it www.onemanga.com
  41. loki212

    Pokemon Series

    The real question for pokemon is what else can they do? I mean number 493 is the God of pokemon...so whats going to be in gen 5?
  42. loki212

    Final Fantasy Series

    As someone who owns every Final Fantasy game to date I'll give you a good insight on them. FF1 is good best ver to get is the psp one....mmmm widescreen. FF2 is bad...really bad.... dont bother. FF3 super easy and can be easily abused with the Onion Knights. FF4 my personal...
  43. loki212

    Majora's Mask hard?

    MM was never hard for me, I just got another copy of it on Sunday, Ive played 4 times and Im half way done, I do 100% each time because I use a routen when I play it, however I do spend more time just playing it than the other games because its just beatiful.
  44. loki212


    OP is troll. not a one liner
  45. loki212

    Favorite Song

    its a cover by a j rock dude its pretty good.
  46. loki212

    Favorite music.

    I will listen to anything but Country Rap (cant spell Crap without rap) and Those "Really Popular Bands" as in Metallica AC/DC and so on, I cannot stand them at all. My favorite bands are Slipknot, Rammstein, Killswitch Engage. favorite Singers/Pop Billy Idol. Favorite Genres are, Nu Metal...
  47. loki212

    Favorite Song

    let me open my iTunes.... "Take On Me" A-ha "Dancing With Myself" Billy Idol "White Wedding" Billy Idol "More Than A Feeling" Boston "You" Breaking Benjamin "Room 409" Bullet For My Valentine "Waking The Demon" Bullet For My Valentine The whole Discovery album by Daft Punk "Kids...
  48. loki212

    Favorite Books

    So many so many. LotRs and the Hobbit- Tolkien "IT"-Steven King Cujo-King Carrie-King Dark Tower books-King Jurassic Park and Lost World- Michel Crichton The Andromeda Strain-Michel Crichton Sphere- Michel Crichton The Infero-Dante Frakenstein-Mary Shelly Beowulf-Anon War Of the...
  49. loki212

    Favorite T.V. show

    THEN IVE GOT NEWS FOR YOU new eps in Feb. FINALLY btw Futureama is my fav other than Transformers (any)
  50. loki212

    Favorite Movie

    Hayo Miyazaki's movies are possible the greatest films ever to grace the screen. AND I HAVE THEM ALL MWAHAHA.
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