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  1. fredfan11

    What is Your Favorite Eye Color?

    I wish I had green eyes.
  2. fredfan11

    Twilight Princess Does Ganondorf Even Fight Seriously or is It All a Joke to Him?

    None of the enemies really take Link seriously. I think Ganondorf is only half trying.
  3. fredfan11

    Favorite Word?

    There's actually a word called Starrify which means to decorate with stars. Epalpebrate -Lacking eyebrows (ikr there's a word for that?)
  4. fredfan11

    Sleeping Positions!

    I sleep on my back with my head turned to the side.
  5. fredfan11

    Any Roller Coaster Lovers Out There???

    I love rollercoasters, depending on their level of scariness.
  6. fredfan11

    Best Avenger

    Actually Spiderman was in the New Avengers, but not the original Avengers Initiative.
  7. fredfan11

    Dubs Vs Subs

    I'm more of a dub fan, I like hearing english :D
  8. fredfan11

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Lady Godiva by Alex Day
  9. fredfan11

    What Game(s) Are You Playing at the Moment?

    Skyward Sword!!! Woot
  10. fredfan11

    Thoughts on the YES! I Got First Comment!

    I never understood why people make such a big deal about it
  11. fredfan11

    Twilight Princess Bug Hunting, is It a Waste?

    Not if you like the big wallet
  12. fredfan11

    Twilight Princess Scariest Looking Boss / Mid-Boss

    The Death Sword was creepy
  13. fredfan11

    How Were You Introduced to Zelda?

    My friend had one of the games, and I checked into it.
  14. fredfan11

    Toon Link, Adult Link, Kid Link, or Adolescent Link

    Adolescent Link, he's cool.
  15. fredfan11

    What's Your Favorite Season?

    I like summer, no school, sleep in, loads of free time, wonderful warm weather, swimming. I love summer!
  16. fredfan11

    Using the Shield

    I think I use my shield more than my sword :D
  17. fredfan11

    Fun ONLINE Games!

    Kongregate has a lot of good games.
  18. fredfan11

    What is the Last Book You Read

    Everlost by Neal Shusterman
  19. fredfan11

    Twilight Princess LoZ Related Dream with Some Humor Mixed In.

    What an interesting dream! I wish I had Zelda related dreams, all of my dreams are rubbish -.-
  20. fredfan11

    Lego Video Games

    I love lego games! I can't wait for Lego LOTR! My fav is lego Star wars
  21. fredfan11

    What Kind Of Bellybutton Do You Have?

    I have an innie, and I like it.
  22. fredfan11

    Least Favorite Enemy?

    Redeads by far. Hate how they scream at you *shudders*
  23. fredfan11

    Last Watched

    The last movie i watched was The Avengers. And it kicked butt.
  24. fredfan11

    New WiiU Controller Leaked?

    Idk, i've always liked analog sticks better
  25. fredfan11

    WW-Wii U Title Screen?

    Ikr, I was playing the game an thinking, deja vu?
  26. fredfan11

    Would You Rather.

    At least the water temple is fun
  27. fredfan11

    What's Worse: Trolling or Spamming?

    Spamming is worse, trolling can sometimes be funny.
  28. fredfan11

    Favorite Soup

    I like split pea soup!!
  29. fredfan11

    What Do You Think About a Legend of Zelda Game with 2 Playable Characters?

    I suppose it would be cool, I'd have to beta test that.
  30. fredfan11

    Longest Gaming Session

    4 hours on Brawl playing Subspace Emissary.
  31. fredfan11

    The OFFICIAL "What Did You Eat for Breakfast?" Thread

    I had a croissant and that's it.
  32. fredfan11

    You know when You buy something, but don't use It?

    Yes, I'll buy something that looks real cool, but never open it.
  33. fredfan11

    How Do You Prefer to Complete Zelda Games?

    Ehh I usually try for 100%
  34. fredfan11

    Post Your Phobia!

    I have daemonophobia the fear of demons. I figure hollywood has done this to me.
  35. fredfan11

    The Next Link's Hair Color

    Depends on the atmosphere, but if it was just a default color It'd be cool as brownish blonde.
  36. fredfan11

    When Was the Last Time You Played Brawl? Anyone Want to Play?

    I played like a week ago, I would play but my connection isn't so great.
  37. fredfan11

    Jello or Yogurt?

    i like me some yogurt!
  38. fredfan11

    Avengers Opinion

    T'was amazing!!! i loved it when The Hulk smashed Loki on the ground.
  39. fredfan11

    Would You Want to Be Link at All?

    Yes, the adventure and fun kind of override the stress.
  40. fredfan11

    Best DS Games to Pick Up?

    MarioKart for sure, and maybe Animal Crossing.
  41. fredfan11

    Mythical/Extinct Creatures.

    I want a pegasi. Or better yet an alicorn.
  42. fredfan11

    Twilight Princess Did You Like Wolf-Link?

    He was faster than Link's hylian form, but Epona was faster :]
  43. fredfan11

    Do You Like Pants?

    Well erm it depends on the weather?
  44. fredfan11

    Which is the Scariest?

    Ugh Redeads, they scream at you and make you freeze.
  45. fredfan11

    Kakariko Village?

    Tough one...i cannot decide atm. And I believe it is pronounced Kack uh reeko. At least that's how Caleb says it.
  46. fredfan11

    Why This Stereotype?

    Probably because of the fanbase.
  47. fredfan11

    Why Do Parents Let Kids Play M Games?

    My brother is 11 and all he plays is M games...but he understands that it is just a game.
  48. fredfan11

    Any Martial Artists Here at ZD?

    I have a black belt in Taekwondo, a Korean martial art.
  49. fredfan11

    POLL: Hena (the Fishing Hole Girl) or Iza (the Canoe Girl)

    Hena is such a hopeless romantic, I like her better.
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