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  1. Skunk

    Think before you act or...

    I think before I act, probably to my detriment. It's hard for me to make decisions a lot of the time.
  2. Skunk

    thank you! sorry it's been a couple months, :whistle:

    thank you! sorry it's been a couple months, :whistle:
  3. Skunk

    Thank you ! :pikalove: Happy New Year! :party:

    Thank you ! :pikalove: Happy New Year! :party:
  4. Skunk

    Little Traditions

    Does anyone have any little series traditions? I ask because I do an(almost) yearly replay of Ocarina of Time(and often Majora's Mask) and have been debating whether I want to continue that or switch to another game. I also always play the Oracle games Seasons first. :bear:
  5. Skunk

    Linear Timeline expanded

    Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to play Wind Waker yet, but probably! Again, I don't think it's super important whether it's a direct followup since it seems thematically different to Ocarina of Time in relation to Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. If I played and replayed each game, and...
  6. Skunk

    Linear Timeline expanded

    If we're talking alternate timeline models, I'll toss my hat into the ring! Behold, the Cluster Timeline Model :bear: Looking at the development of the games, it's clear that there are little chunks the games are developed in. You could choose to put them all in a single line, or make branching...
  7. Skunk

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 521!

    I like Labrynna's ! :bear: In keeping with the time theme, there's been enough duration between the points in Labrynna's space that you can visit to alter the course of the river, but the original river is also definitely still there(you can see where the castle moat used to be, for example)...
  8. Skunk

    Have you played through every mainline Zelda game yet?

    I haven't played through all of the second game, Minish Cap, Twilight Princess, or Breath of the Wild. And I've never played Wind Waker. It's not that I don't want to play these games(other than sorta the second one) all the way through, I either just can't right now or haven't gotten around to...
  9. Skunk

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 520!

    Hey I was here back then! Although I might have been more active than now... :bear: Anyway, I would love to see another Zelda game with seasons! I think seasons can be really fun in games, and maybe a project after the sequel to Breath of the Wild could be fun to play around with them in.
  10. Skunk

    What is happening during the time travel in Ocarina of Time?

    One way to think about it is that time/Hylia adjusts Link to an age consistent with the time he's in. Link isn't present for the seven years between when he pulls the Master Sword, or at most he's present inside the sword chamber in the Temple of Time. I think of it as Link being moved from one...
  11. Skunk

    Characters you simply can't forget even if you want to

    Beedle is that for me too, although I think of him as he is in the DS games since I've played those more.
  12. Skunk

    Favourite Underrated Game?

    Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light is basically only ever mentioned as being Bravely Default 0, but it's a good game in its own right and hardly anyone talks about it.
  13. Skunk

    Are you a note taker?

    For school, I take notes mainly so I don't have to go over the material again later. A few people said that writing it down helps them know it then without looking back at their notes, and that's usually how it is for me. Outside that, I'll take notes if I need to remember something or if...
  14. Skunk

    Fire Temple Boss...

    Google Translate takes the Japanese name as "Valbasia" which doesn't sound awful to me even though it's almost certainly not the intended way to read it.
  15. Skunk

    Zelda related cross stitch W.I.P

    That looks really nice! :)
  16. Skunk

    Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

    Honestly, I don't really care if the games aren't on the cutting edge with their graphics. They can't be with the way too short development time, and I don't want the workers at Game Freak to have even more on their plates than they probably already do. I also kind of just... like weird old...
  17. Skunk

    What Made You Happy Today?

    The weather is very spring-like and pleasant today(if a little windy)! I also had a nice breakfast.
  18. Skunk

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 502!

    I think it would be cool, but we also know very little about them. There's not a lot of information about what people in Hyrule even really think about them, so they'd have to be worked into the world in a way that either made them more personal(bring back oracles?) or used their vagueness to...
  19. Skunk

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 498!

    I would like to see penguins, since it means there would be a snowy/icy area! It would be especially neat if we could go underwater and there was a little penguin village to find where there would be penguin friends, :bear:
  20. Skunk

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 497!

    I think the same thing, though they've also had the most designs since they're the most common -blin type.
  21. Skunk

    weird animals

    Sea angels ! They're aquatic slugs
  22. Skunk

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 494!

    I like forest areas, so I picked Faron Woods. :bear: That said, it would probably be fairly difficult to live anywhere in Skyward Sword's world. Even up in Skyloft, you have to be careful not to fall!
  23. Skunk

    Word association

  24. Skunk

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 493!

    I would like to play it at some point it's just sorta hard for me for the time being :kawaii:
  25. Skunk

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 493!

    I haven't played much of Twilight Princess yet, so I don't have strong feelings about them.
  26. Skunk

    What Are You Doing In Zelda?

    We'll see how far I get, but I'm starting a playthrough of the Oracle games. They just feel like good games for this time of year to me, and I don't know why.
  27. Skunk

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    I like to switch them out with the seasons and this the one I use at this time of year.
  28. Skunk

    Breath of the Wild When and where did you defeat and/ or encounter your first Lynel?

    My first one beaten was the lightning arrow one. I usually just skipped it before then, but on the file where I beat it, I decided to give it a try. It was really difficult and I did it by a mixture of parrying, stasis, and perfect dodging. I had to reload several times but I did eventually do it (:
  29. Skunk

    Happy birthday !

    Happy birthday !
  30. Skunk

    Majora's Mask vs Wind Waker: What was your preferred sequel?

    I haven't played Wind Waker(yet) but I like Majora's Mask a lot and think I probably would like it more. I like seeing all the different people in Termina and doing their different stories, and watching how you interact with the game change so much even though it's a smaller setting.
  31. Skunk

    Animal Crossing What is your favorite new feature?

    It's not really a "new" feature for the rest of the series, but I'm glad gyroids are back. I also really like the new designs ! I think they're really cute.
  32. Skunk

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 492!

    I don't know that I'm hoping for those specifically, though I also wouldn't be upset to get them I guess.
  33. Skunk

    Thanks ! <3

    Thanks ! <3
  34. Skunk

    Thanks ! <3

    Thanks ! <3
  35. Skunk

    Sheikah and Dwemer similarities.

    We also know a lot more about the Dwemer, which creates a situation where we can ask more questions than there really seem to be available answers for. The Sheikah guard Hyrule's royal family, and it's somewhat unclear if there are ever very many of them. The Dwemer were continent-spanning, had...
  36. Skunk

    What is the best Kirby copy ability?

    I don't know if it's the best, but I like the mirror ability! The dash you get from it is really fun and it looks cute.
  37. Skunk

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 491!

    I really like the area at the end of the Ice Cavern where you play the Serenade of Water with Sheik, so I'll vote for that, but the Gerudo Highlands and winter in Oracle of Seasons are fun, too.
  38. Skunk

    What Made You Happy Today?

    I finished the last semester of my junior year of college. Two semesters left!
  39. Skunk

    What is your favorite non-Master Sword blade?

    I like the Great Fairy's Sword. It looks really strange, and is immediately identifiable as a product of its time's design sensibilities(which I like). Having to sacrifice a button for it is annoying, but at least design-wise, I think it's really fun.
  40. Skunk

    How would you handle Zelda as a protagonist?

    I think something cool they could do with Zelda as the protagonist is have puzzles centered on music/magic. Maybe working physics puzzles like some of the ones in Breath of the Wild into having more rhythm-based solutions? Since the Hylian royal family passes down their magic in the form of...
  41. Skunk

    VikzeLink's Weekly Sunday Poll 476!

    I think Genie would be fun since the juggling fireballs thing could be a lot more interesting in 3D, as could throwing the bottle(maybe at something specific instead of just the wall?).
  42. Skunk

    Eye Colors

    My eyes are grey-green, though sometimes I wish they were brown.
  43. Skunk

    Thanks! Sorry for these thanks being a bit belated XD

    Thanks! Sorry for these thanks being a bit belated XD
  44. Skunk

    MM-3DS A Flexible Schedule for Doing as Much in One Cycle as Possible

    Oh, I think I misunderstood what you were saying. And also, it's pretty much the same with mine, considering that the only "minigame"(if you can call it one) in my schedule is the dog race. And like I already gave my thoughts on Song of Time shenanigans uwu
  45. Skunk

    MM-3DS A Flexible Schedule for Doing as Much in One Cycle as Possible

    Also optionally you could squeeze calming the soldiers and construction workers in Clock Town with the Couple's Mask in during the Business Scrub sequence, but I'm not 100% sure and haven't tried to yet.
  46. Skunk

    MM-3DS A Flexible Schedule for Doing as Much in One Cycle as Possible

    The way I see it is that every quest that gives you some kind of permanent reward(so non-consumables like masks and heart pieces) always end up being done if you get whatever that reward is, though that's pretty much just my headcanon. You could probably do a bunch if you only stuck to Clock...
  47. Skunk

    MM-3DS A Flexible Schedule for Doing as Much in One Cycle as Possible

    This isn't exhaustive, but it should be a good guideline if for some reason you want to try to do as many things in one cycle as possible. I am using the 3DS version for reference, but really the biggest changes are to the Pirate Base and the location of the Stone Mask soldier. So nothing too...
  48. Skunk

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    Frens are online on their 3DS's and keep logging in and out :^) Orange flashing lights are on my mind tbh
  49. Skunk

    Do you people actually sleep?

    I sleep too much XD
  50. Skunk

    Playing the Elder Elder Scrolls Games, Today!

    Arena... Yeah, it aged very poorly. But Daggerfall is still a pretty cool game! The dungeons can be a little wonky, but they aren't terrible. Daggerfall is a certified good time.
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