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  1. initialDable

    Zelda remakes/(enhanced)ports.

    I haven't played many of these remake except for OOT 3D and MM 3D, I'll speak about those. I have played LAX and FSA Anniversary Edition, but not the originals. I don't have much to say about those. OOT 3D It was a great remake, the better of the two N64 remakes in my opinion. It didn't have...
  2. initialDable

    Humor in Zelda

    Heck, even a serious game like Majora's Mask was riddled with humor. I think Zelda games are already filled with so much humor. Just listen to the ridiculous sounds that some characters make. It's awesome! :lol:
  3. initialDable

    Majora's Mask: What Type of Time-travel is It?

    I believe the technical term is a temporal or time loop right on par with lazarusryu. Here's a wikipedia link that talks about it for further readings: Time loop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. initialDable

    A 7 Day Cycle

    Yes, I agree with this. I was thinking the exact same thing a seven day cycle would be great. Although it might get kind of long so three worked out just fine. Thanks for that bit of information. I never knew that 7 days was the original plan. I guess it makes sense since that's the amount...
  5. initialDable

    Zora Paradox

    Well first of all, I have a theory that you don't have Mikau's soul in the mask. If you did, how would he appear to Link after he gains the zora mask? It is that the mask has Mikau's merits and powers. Mikau's soul is free. This is my theory anyway. Secondly as far as him being dead, it could be...
  6. initialDable

    Who has beaten majora's mask completely?

    I have. I believe I actually beat it 100% a couple times (once on original N64 then on Gamecube Collectors Editon after). This was actually the very first Zelda game I completed 100%.
  7. initialDable

    Majora's Mask Help

    You do not need to beat the temple over again to get the powder keg. You can use the fire arrow to melt the ice chunk blocking the entrance to the place where you get powder keg for the first time.
  8. initialDable

    Haunted Link's Awakening Cartridge

    To LolGames4U - Search haunted Majora's Mask Anyways, it is more that likely a glitch or something like dust got into the cartridge. You can try cleaning it with a cotton swab or cloth or something. What's the chances of a haunted game?
  9. initialDable


    Potion shop is inside the island where the Deku Tree is. Beatle's shop floats around the main island where the King of Red Lions lets Link off at first.
  10. initialDable

    Ask a Stupid Question/Get a Stupid Answer

    He never did why does ganon look like a piggy?
  11. initialDable

    Link's Statue In Majora's Mask

    Ok, I'm thinking that just maybe it could be a statue of a soldier from Ikana. Possibly one that bears a resemblance to Link.
  12. initialDable

    Twilight Princess What is Zants Mask Supposed to Represent

    Perhaps the mask has something to do with Ganondorf since that's who Zant got is evil power from. :triforce: :ganondorf:
  13. initialDable

    Favorite Handheld Zelda Game?

    I chose Minish Cap because I played that game the most out of the ones listed. There's just something that I like more about Minish Cap than the others.
  14. initialDable

    Majora's Mask Land with a Blood-stained History

    Ah that's right the war between the Garo and Ikana. It probably is referring to the Ikana region then.
  15. initialDable

    Return of the Magic Rods!!!!

    I agree. I liked the rod weapons. I was actually hoping to these return in another Zelda game. I'd like to see them have some new spells in Skyward Sword. Maybe they could somehow integrate the wii controls in with magic spells. That'd be awesome. :)
  16. initialDable

    Majora's Mask Land with a Blood-stained History

    In Majora's Mask the poe salesman guy says that Ikana Kingdom was founded on a land with a blood-stained history. What could he be referring to? Is it the Ikana Canyon region itself? Is it referring to Termina? I'm just not sure. I've seen some Ikana and Termina theories on here, but found...
  17. initialDable

    Who is the Masked One?

    In all honesty I don't have any reason to think it would be anyone but the skull kid. He was the only obvious menacing "masked one" that we come across in the game. He probably doesn't travel through time though. He communicates with the dead ghosts that haunt Ikana during the present time...
  18. initialDable

    Could Majora Date Back to Skyward Sword?

    It is very well possible. Only it is likely that it would be happening in a different dimension where Termina is.
  19. initialDable

    Majora's Mask The Majora's Mask Odd Shape

    I don't know, but in a way it's almost looks like the spikes on the mask somehow turn your eye's attention from the heart shape.
  20. initialDable

    Theory of Majora's Mask with the Moon Scene from the Game, Alternate Dimension Theory

    "The moon station" (not official name) as I heard it once called This could be several things such as an alternate dimension as mentioned. Also it could be a Heaven-like plain, Termina in the past or even the land where Majora was originally from. I like the idea of a mind warp or illusion.
  21. initialDable

    "Princess Zelda" and Link Vs Queen Zelda and Prince Link or King Link

    This is a good question. Actually in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl instruction booklet it calls Zelda Queen of Hyrule. All we know is that Zelda is a strong, wise, independent woman who could practically run Hyrule herself if she had to do so. (yes, the underline implies the the triforce of wisdom)
  22. initialDable

    Best Mario Party Game

    Mario party 3. It was a good game. After this I stopped playing mario party.
  23. initialDable

    Lets Count to 2,000... by Fives!

    1170 and we're still 830 short of 2000.
  24. initialDable

    Oracle Of Seasons/Ages I Really Don't Understand This.

    Yeah, the same thing happened to me in OoS. I believe until you get a linked game, it will say that.
  25. initialDable

    Majora's Mask Question

    No, Zelda Dungeon is celebrating Majora's Mask month in November this month.
  26. initialDable

    Sealed in a Mask

    Majora's Mask and Fierce Deity Mask are loop holes in this theory. It's possible that Majora's Mask could just be evil in itself and that no demon or evil entity is inside. The mask is just evil and Link killed that evil. Though it makes more sense to to say there is something inside of it...
  27. initialDable

    Sealed in a Mask

    Forgive me if I only repeat a topic. I searched, but found nothing on this. The song of healing in Majora's Mask is a melody that heals evil magic and troubled souls turning them into masks. It can be said that the masks (especially the transformation masks) created by the song of healing...
  28. initialDable

    Corrupt a wish!

    I wish that zeldafan098 and I would remember to make a wish after we corrupt one.
  29. initialDable

    General Modern Who's Better, WW Link or TP Link?

    Yeah definately. Too bad he is not a choice.
  30. initialDable


    It would be a neat new idea to have a pegasus. I'm doubtful though. It doesn't sound like Skyward Sword will have all that much sky traveling besides traveling between Skyloft and the land below. Ya never know though. ;)
  31. initialDable

    General Modern Who's Better, WW Link or TP Link?

    I will go with this. I like Tp Link better.
  32. initialDable

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted. Oooo. Your magic meter is kinda low and magic jars are just never showing up.
  33. initialDable

    Which Goddess Would You Worship?

    I agree with all of those who say all of them. I'd have to say if had to choose one of them, I would side more with Farore. She is the symbol of courage and nature. Without heroic courage, evil would prevail in Hyrule.
  34. initialDable

    Corrupt a wish!

    You got it. Only one cracker is left for you to eat which is not enough to satisfy one's hunger. You also have no more money to buy more food. I wish to get some sleep.
  35. initialDable

    Majora's Mask Why Does Link Go to Terminia to Search for Navi?

    I don't know why he went to the Lost Woods. At first I thought that Navi was shut in the Temple of Time where the Master Sword was after the Door of Time closed. Then I realized that she must have flown out the window. Link happened to stubble across Termina while going after the Skull Kid.
  36. initialDable

    Majora's Mask - Doppleganger Theory

    Well, this is a good thought, but Termina is not necessarily a copy of Hyrule. It is parallel meaning it features similiar traits to Hyrule. I don't think every Termina character would have a Hyrule double nor every Hyrule character have a Termina double. The Skull Kid arguably appeared in...
  37. initialDable

    Theory on Majora's Mask - What is It?

    Very very interesting. It was interesting to me how your theory tied the Happy Mask Salesman and the moon children to the Ikana people. You're correct. The part with Majora being an evil spirit sealed in a mask with magic or Song of Healing is debatable since it is not clearly mentioned in...
  38. initialDable

    The ABC's of LoZ

    T - Temple of Time
  39. initialDable


    Oh it is possible. Just very hard.
  40. initialDable

    Frequent BGM's

    Hang Eight, Air Crash and Plant Food BGM (Crash Bandicoot 2) Phendrana Drifts (Metroid Prime), Must be catchy...? Ending Theme (Super Metroid) Various Megaman songs Gameover theme (Legend of Zelda)
  41. initialDable

    Kaepora Gaebora: Not an Owl at All?

    Well it's interesting you ask that because not only does Kaepora Gaebora's wings make sounds, but he is abnormally huge. O.o For an owl.
  42. initialDable


    Only playing the Song of Time in MM the first time would be a big limitation! ;)
  43. initialDable

    Majora's Mask Getting Majora's Mask

    Very true. Even if Fierce Deity Mask is as evil or more than Majora's Mask, we do not know how much destruction or corruption it is capable of bringing. Link was restricted to only wearing it in boss rooms.
  44. initialDable

    Majora's Mask Pain?

    Honestly, I really think this is the only reason. I think it is only Link's pain and Link's pain only. I mean, his entire genetic make up is totally rewritten. Imagine his DNA being wripped open in every cell in his body, and the information being drastically changed into that of another...
  45. initialDable


    I think the dark tribe would make a really interesting villian. The final battle could be between several people/creatures instead of just one. That'd be cool and unique.
  46. initialDable

    Earth and Wind Temple Before Flood?

    Originally in OoT the forest temple was going to be a wind temple. Also the sage Fado in WW has the same name as a Kokiri in OoT who could have been a sage of wind. It is also possible that both temples (in addition to the 6 other ones) did exist during the time of OoT, but they served no...
  47. initialDable

    Majora's Mask Path to the Snowhead

    This pretty much does it. You need Gorons Lullaby.
  48. initialDable

    Twilight Princess The Most Biggest Zelda Adventure of All Time?

    Twilight Princess is no doubt a big game; I really like that part about it. The realistic aspects of the graphical style are just simply amazing. I also kind of think the colors start to become monotonous. Overall TP's graphics were great! It had some really nicely designed and large dungeons. I...
  49. initialDable

    Majora's Mask Path to the Snowhead

    I recommend using the goron mask and rolling up to the temple. By the way what's giving trouble is it the snow boulders, snowy wind, slipping off the cliff?
  50. initialDable

    The Toughest Zelda Dungeon

    I'll go with this. I as many others struggle in AoL dungeons. >.<
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