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    How Do You Think the Wii U Gamepad Will Be Used in Zelda?

    I think I read somewhere that they will continue with motion controls for a while.... If not, I hope they use it as with the tech demo. With map and other stuff. And those special things with ZombiU. And as instruments, I hope. Makes so more proffesional when you can touch thing. Maybe an...
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    A Cool Idea for Pokemon RPG!

    yes, Fig! The concept of the Shadow Pokemon games! It was that I ment. Just a little more RPG style with more battling and getting more and more famous and stuff!
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    A Cool Idea for Pokemon RPG!

    Ive thought about this in a couple of days. Im not a huge pokemon fan though. Im 14 and like games like AC and Zelda. If pokemon could go in another way? at least one time? Ill try to explain my idea here: You start as normal as a trainer (you decide the looks and clothes) who will choose a...
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    When You Die, What Game Would You Choose to Live In?

    I would love to live in the world of pokemon! In a Zelda game, I would like to live in Skyloft! The feeling of jumping from the ledge and get catched by a bird would be soooo awesome!
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    What Food Would YOU Ban?

    Id ban fish filet. I just dont like it. Other fish is of course alright ^_^
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    Latest Video Game Purchase

    I just purchased Kid Icarus: Uprising earlier today! It is freakin awesome!
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    Any Suggestions of Songs My Band Can Play?

    So me and my band will play for our school in a couple of weeks, and we cant find a song to play. We have two guitarists, 1 bass/keyboard and a drummer + singers. Any song but techno and metal songs. Not Beatles because were going to play a lot of Beatles next year. Songs with 1 guitarist is...
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    How Old Were You when You First Played Zelda?

    I was 4-5 I think. I got the Collectors edition on GC. Its amazing!
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    A Zelda Without an Instrument?

    Twilight Princess didnt have an instrument. Just some grass.
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    The Symbol of Legend of Zelda

    Id say the triforce with the bird crest.
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    Spoiler Did Skyward Sword Ever Make You Cry?

    YES! When Zelda sealed herself, the very end and When Fi sealed herself. When Link saw Zelda sing at the beginning. Maaaaaan! :D
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    Do You Stick With Your Starter?

    I always stick with my starter. Has it as my "main" Pokemon until I catch an Aipom!
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    Story Game

    Asked him to
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    Least Favorite Zelda Character?

    The weird "Link" guy from PH. He was a copycat of Link and told him he was a hero and stuff. I hated that!
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    When I Retire I Will Live In.....

    I would live in Wuhu Island! :D
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    Nintendo Land

    Id think more rollercoasters! GoKart ride from MarioKart, Nintendo themed restaurants, Nintendo Mascots! Maybe like Disney Land! I love that idea!!!
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    Which Game Evoked the Most Emotions for You?

    It must be SS for me. I cried many times in the game and when Link and Zelda was on the statue of the Goddess and Zelda was bending over him, maaaaan!
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    What is Your "Would Be" Name?

    I would have named something about John if I had been born before my sister. But they didnt think so much. Im called of my grandmother (father side) and grandfather (motherside).
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    What Water Based Dungeon Is Hardest?

    I found the water dungeon in TP difficult. But Jabu Jabus belly is the hardest for me. The miniboss is soooo hard!
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    Ocarina of Time If You Were Link...

    Master Sword, Mirror Shield, Blue Tunic, Hover Boots and Hookshot.
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    Do You Have A Home Invasion Plan?

    Not really, but my father have black belt in Ju-Jitsu and has some Ju-Jitsu stuff hanging around. I guess thats a thing.
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    Red, Blue And/or Yellow on 3DS E-shop?

    Yes! Pokemon games are missing at the e-shop. Id love to see some of them there!
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    Favorite Starter Pokémon of All Time

    Oshawott, maybe. Hes so adorable in the anime series!
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    Spoiler Backtracking in Skyward Sword

    I liked the backtracking in SS. It would be just wasted of polace if you only visit it once.
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    How to Pronounce Fi

    Fee, because in Norwegian, i is said like e.
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    Spoiler Majora's Mask: Termina and Hyrule Differences and Similarities and More.

    It may just to make people know who it is. The Postman was in OoT too on the mask sidequest. I dont think there are any important similarities or something like that.
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    Is Skyward Sword a Good Game or a Bad Game?

    Fi was REALLY annoying, and when you tried to hit a monster with your sword, it knew where you would cause its a CPU. I didnt like that. It blocked every attack before I even hitted it!
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    What is Your Nickname

    Mine is: Ginger Lotion (dunno know) Amish boy 1# (Im not amish but I just had a haircut)
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    What's Your Opinion on Upgrades?

    I liked the upgrades. May want to see it again.
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    Forced Hero Mode

    Yes! I was really upset, because I didnt 100%ed it. Then I had to do all over again just to do the side-quests and stuff I didnt do. Maaaaaaaan
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    Spoiler Final Battle Tip/What's Your Method?

    I did mostly the same as you.
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    I watch some gameplay footage and trailers. Not so much reviews, but I see what other people think of the game first.
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    Ever Died in the Game?

    Not in SS as far as I can remember, but I die at the boss fights all the time against The tentacle dude from the Pirate Ship.
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    Favorite Video Game Company.

    Nintendo! Because they have such a good fantasy in making games.
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    What's Your Favorite Zelda Game?

    It is either WW, MM or SS. WW was just my taste of a videogame! I think I go for that one. The graphic was amazing and the characters (and Link) was very good developed. I liked the way you could see how they felt with the cel-shaded graphic. Like when Link was happy, or sad or amazed. The music...
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    Which Town/Village In Zelda Is Your Favourite?

    The goron city in OoT! Not much to do there, but I like the place and the music is just perfect to the place!
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    Scary Games

    The saw II game is really scary. I tried the demo at my friends house, and it was really terrifying!
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    "Hardcore" Gamers.

    It depends on what a hardcore gamer is. It is just sad to tell girls youre a hardcore gamer. Few women thinks thats attractive. Im not a hardcore gamer, but I look at people in my class at hardcore gamers, because the only thing they do, is gaming. All they talk about is gaming. They dropped...
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    Favorite Boss Fight in Any Video Game

    Man, thats hard! Its hard to come to it when youre actually thinking of it, but I think Ghirahim from SS is a feally fun boss! Or someone from Sly 3.
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    Favorite Childhood Video Games

    Mine were: Zelda Dragonball Z Super Smash bros. Meele Pokemon Mario
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    Spoiler Demise

    I agree that ganondorf in TP was much more difficult than Demise in SS. The Imprisoned was a challenge for me, but Demise in little form, was very easy. Yeah, should have done more with Demise.
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    Spoiler PARADOX TIME!

    He only kills Demise in the past at the end. But time travel is a hard thing to explain since no one has ever done it.
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    LEGO Zelda Released December 2012???

    LEGO Zelda would be so cool! Just hope Nintendo will Legalize it.
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    Spoiler What Do You Think SS Was Missing?

    More playable songs and more cities and Gorons.
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    Book and Movie Quotes.

    "YOU! CANNOT PASS!!!!! -Gandalf the Grey
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    Word For Word

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    Positive and Negative

    Positive, but not that much. Likes to take an arrow to the knee?
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    The Member Fact Game

    _GreLink_ is a Metaphysicist
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    The ZD Exchange Vending Machine

    Get a toast of magic. Insert a used, Pink bathrobe
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    Zelda As Main Character???

    Not if shes as she is now. With dress and stuff. Id prefer Link much more, and as far as I can imagine, I cant think of so much cool stuff with Zelda. It just dont.... man whatever.
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