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  1. Ganonkiller

    What Language Do You Play Your Zelda Games In?

    Since a Dutch Zelda doesn't exist, I play the American Englisch version, because that's the language I understand the best, besides Dutch, of course.
  2. Ganonkiller

    Spoiler The Sad Stories of Zelda

    You do, in the credits.
  3. Ganonkiller

    Dark Link: My Interpretation

    I tought that in oot, he reflected Link's personality. I mean, think about the dead tree, that could reflect Link's childhood in kokiri forest.
  4. Ganonkiller

    OoT Man Begging You to Sell Him Something

    I tought he was a girl O.o. Anyway, I never sold him stuff. If you complete the Golden Skulltula quest, then you don't have to sell stuff.
  5. Ganonkiller

    Is Skyward Sword a Good Game or a Bad Game?

    I tought the robots were awesome. I loved the irony of the past being more futuristic, en the future more eh... pastiristic? (Is that even a word?)
  6. Ganonkiller

    Goron Reproduction

    Isn't this exactly the same as with the Gerudo?
  7. Ganonkiller

    Should Link Have More Than One Mode of Transport?

    OR a pegasus-like Epona? Then you can walk and fly! :D
  8. Ganonkiller

    Did You Think Link's Name Was Zelda?

    My sister is still thinking that... I correct her every time, but then she says that I'm wrong...
  9. Ganonkiller

    How Do You Prefer to Complete Zelda Games?

    I always 100% just before beating the final boss... I don't know why actually...
  10. Ganonkiller

    Zelda Theme Park

    It would be awesome! Too bad I live in Holland T.T...
  11. Ganonkiller

    In Your Opinion, What Exactly Was Zelda Going to Say?

    Maybe she was going to say "I am your father"... :D
  12. Ganonkiller

    First Experiences with the Silent Realms

    After a week I decided to do the Skyloft one (yes, a week!). There was just 1 tear left... And then I get killed because i couldn't find it... :S
  13. Ganonkiller

    Hardest Enemies in SS

    Those ampilus things (or whatever their name is...) I hate it because it keeps coming back! When i killed one for the first time i was like "Yay! I killed a wierd shrimpylikethingy...." And then it reveived. It killed me...
  14. Ganonkiller

    Favorite Zelda Song?

    The Ballad of the Goddess. I love is 'cauz i have the lyrics (I looooove youtube!). So i can sing it. I also like it because if you reverse it, you hear zelda's lullaby... (Dudu, Dududu, Dudu, dudu, Duuuuu, Dudu, Dududu, Dudu....:ocarina:)
  15. Ganonkiller

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but your closet is locked and there is no key. I wish that I'm the smartest boy on the world... I'm sorry if my English isn't correct
  16. Ganonkiller

    Just a Little Easter Egg :)

    When I first saw it, I tought it was a rupee I'm sorry for my bad English...
  17. Ganonkiller

    Zelda Isn't a Kid Game and Here's Why....

    Most people with a brain can solve the puzzles without a walktrhough. I'm 13, and i can solve most puzzles easily. The sidequests are easy if you know what to do. Zelda games aren't for brainless people, but kids with a brain can play it.
  18. Ganonkiller

    Where Do the Skyloft Knights Live?

    Maybe they live on a island we don't know about.. By the way, this reminds me of a thread on another forum: Where is your Loftwing at night?
  19. Ganonkiller

    Fun Things to Do in SS when You're Bored

    You can knock down the chandelier in the lumpy pumpkin for a second time? I didn't know that...
  20. Ganonkiller

    What Do You Think Of The Timeshift Stones From SS?

    Too bad there wasn't a stone that changed the whole land. I would love it to see the whole desert as a green land...
  21. Ganonkiller

    Spoiler Irritating Enemies

    The Moblins. Fi says you must walk up to their shields like you do with walls. It doesn't work for me... If anyone has tips for this, say it!
  22. Ganonkiller

    Things You Tried to Do.......

    Trying to land on the top of the waterfall in Skyloft... After 20 tries, I figured out that you can't land on the top...
  23. Ganonkiller

    General Classic The Zelda That Started Your Journey, Secrets I've Kept from Zelda

    When i was 8, i looked in my older sister her closet (bad boy :D) and i found OoA. That was my first Zelda. Later, I saw PH and i bought it. Then ST and now OoT 3d. Of course i`m gonna buy SS. BTW, I never finished OoA... I love my older sister because of that, and of course she is the best...
  24. Ganonkiller

    Ocarina of Time Three Heart Challenge

    I'm gonna try MQ minimalist run... Wish me luck :D (I'm gonna die...)
  25. Ganonkiller

    Spoiler What We Can Confirm About the Game

    IF it is Impa, it`s not the same as in Oot. Because Impa said that she was born and raised in Kakariko Village, so she is not the founder then, is she? I`m sorry if my English isn`t correct!
  26. Ganonkiller

    Origin of the Temples

    The forest temple in Oot looks like a art museum to me. I`m sorry if my English isn`t correct...
  27. Ganonkiller

    Ocarina of Time Hide and Seek

    In the Ice Cavern in the room where you get the Iron Boots. And then in that little hole with the water. Of course with the blue tunic and the Iron Boots! I`m sorry if my English isn`t correct
  28. Ganonkiller

    deleted thread

    In my country the people don`t like adventure games... I`m the only one that doesn`t like FPS. And i can live with that. They don`t hate Zelda, they just don`t like adventure games.
  29. Ganonkiller

    Spoiler Why is Link Called Link?

    Link+s is left in Dutch. But that is off-topic. I agree with Zeldahuman. I read that on Wikipedia, so i think it's true... I'm sorry for my bad English
  30. Ganonkiller

    Can Your Mom Talk Zelda?

    My drama teacher named his cats after Link, Zelda and Zant..
  31. Ganonkiller

    How Skyward Sword Will Begin...

    Someone wakes you up to tell you you're lazy sounds very similair.. I'm sorry for my bad English
  32. Ganonkiller

    Ocarina of Time Why Does Zelda Get the Triforce of Wisdom?

    I think the Great Deku Tree must got the ToW, but he is dead, and he doesn't got a hand...
  33. Ganonkiller

    Ocarina of Time Would Link Still Be Courageous If...

    I think the ones that are chosen by destiny are the ones with the most wisdom, power or courage. And then their wisdom, power or courage are even bigger, so yes, Link would still be courageous. I'm sorry for my bad english...
  34. Ganonkiller

    Mirror of Twilight in Skyward Sword?

    I agree with Aero_Dynamic. It looks more like a gear then the Mirror of Twilight. I'm sorry for my bad english
  35. Ganonkiller

    Spoiler About the Kokiri

    I think they grow up outside the forest, since time not flows there... If you grow, you are getting old, and then die. I'm sorry for my bad English...
  36. Ganonkiller

    Which is Your Favorite Race?

    I likte the Kokiri, they can be young forever. And, if someone says: Grow up! You can say you can't grow up. BTW, there is one Gerudo-like women in PH. That girl that hates Linebeck. I can't remember her name...
  37. Ganonkiller

    If Link Had a Pet

    I was just joking, i think Epona is his pet, or a cow...
  38. Ganonkiller

    Gerudo Race

    Alright, the Gossip Stone says they come to the market for boyfriends. But, what happened to all those mans? And, who is the mother of Ganondorf... :ganondorf:
  39. Ganonkiller

    Sages in Skyward Sword?

    Ah, now i understand you. And the theory above me is very interesting. I think the first Forest sage created the Great Deku Tree. And The Great Deku Tree created the Kokiri, and he created Saria to... Is it possible that he and the first Forest sage created Saria?
  40. Ganonkiller

    Question About Spirit Tracks Timeline

    Tetra called that land (New) Hyrule.
  41. Ganonkiller

    If Link Had a Pet

    I tought Navi was his pet...:D
  42. Ganonkiller

    Sages in Skyward Sword?

    Alright, if the sages are in SS, then Saria must be in the game to. But, Saria is a kokiri. I don't think the Kokiri already existed in SS. So, how would Saria become a sage and help with creating the Temple Of Time? I'm Sorry for my bad English, :(
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