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  1. Hero's Shade

    Female Link?

    Woah woah woah, don't worry, this isn't one of those threads, just a slight observation I recently made: Is it really that hard to believe? If you look towards the top right hand corner of the above image, you may notice something that may (or may not) have sparked your interest. There is...
  2. Hero's Shade

    Spoiler Zelda's Scarf

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akira_Sasanuma It's the same actor :)
  3. Hero's Shade

    Past Songs in SS

    That's like a lot of people's redeeming factor of WW, it's hardly underrated xD
  4. Hero's Shade

    Spoiler Zelda's Scarf

    The same as Twilight Princess. :lol:
  5. Hero's Shade

    Spoiler NEW VIDEO!!!

    Sorry, just realised my mistake, my first post when I said the Master sword was forged, I meant Skyward Sword, that should probably clear things up a bit.
  6. Hero's Shade

    Spoiler NEW VIDEO!!!

    Surely the Master Sword could be forged, but be powerless (or something) and then later, she finds out the only way to defeat Ghirahim is to fuse with it, thus making the ultimate sacrifice?
  7. Hero's Shade

    Spoiler NEW VIDEO!!!

    Good Point. This will probably be the first half of the game. I think that the first 3 dungeons, you will collect things to create the master sword, Faron Forest, Eldin Volcano and Lanayru Lake (or something) then something happens, followed by 3 or 4 more dungeons, a la TP and OoT
  8. Hero's Shade

    Spoiler NEW VIDEO!!!

    Eldin, one of the four light spirits that sealed away the Dark Interlopers. Ghirahim a Dark Interloper? That pretty much confirms it. EDIT: Or perhaps the complete opposite?
  9. Hero's Shade

    Seal War Game

    Agree with this completely, especially if it has the HD demo's artstyle, and it will suit the game also, as it seems that Aonuma wants a game's artstyle to reflect the nature of it. It will also give Zelda an adult-y feel and be a good step in winning back old Nintendo fans with the WiiU Make...
  10. Hero's Shade

    Operation Moonfall: When Will The Moon Fall?

    I'm for it, GREZZO could make it in mere months providing they don't add a Master Quest mode. OoT = 4 year dev MM = 1 year dev OoT 3D = 1 year dev MM 3D = <6 months at the most
  11. Hero's Shade

    Majora's Mask What Was the Hardest Part?

    The Castle Town shooting gallery, getting a perfect score in that is ridiculously hard.
  12. Hero's Shade

    Sages in Skyward Sword?

    What I think JuicieJ meant was the FIRST sages, you all seem to be thinking of the OoT sages. I hope that clears things up. Personally, I think we will see the original sages, perhaps with Kaepora Gaebora's Hylian form as well with Rauru?
  13. Hero's Shade

    Worst Dungeon Ever?

    The Forsaken Fortress in WW has always been my least favourite, just don't understand how a lot of others thought of it as their favourite. :lol:
  14. Hero's Shade

    Spoiler Is Ghirahim The Cat?

    You certainly are crazy, but so is Zelda, the only way to get on to Nintendo's wavelength is to think outside the box. You may be on to something!
  15. Hero's Shade

    Ocarinahero10's Timeline Response from Nintendo

    If it's the one I remember seeing a while ago, it was a while ago. Since then, it has been confirmed.
  16. Hero's Shade

    Thoughts About The Skyward Sword Tunic

    They are the same tunic, but I prefer the look of the TP one.
  17. Hero's Shade

    Spoiler The Broken Four Sword

    The Broken Four Sword found in A Link to the Past for GBA was put in there for the retconned version. But my question to you is; Do you believe that the broken sword means that the game must have relation to the FSS? Or do you believe it was placed there as a reference/easter egg...
  18. Hero's Shade

    Skyward Sword "number"

    15th Played, 7th completed (assuming I do so) I really need to go back and complete the older games...
  19. Hero's Shade

    Four Swords Adventures How Do You View the Links?

    Regrettably, the way they are seen in the $00PAH NIN10DOH sketch. Green = Dumb Red = Angry Blue = Tired Purple = Camp Unfortunately, that's the way I'll remember them. :/
  20. Hero's Shade

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess for the Wii or for the Gamecube?

    The Gamecube version is also considered the canon version.
  21. Hero's Shade

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess-The Sequel

    A sequel, or a game featuring the HoT becoming The Hero's Shade would make me very happy.
  22. Hero's Shade

    Skyward Sword: Dark Tribe Antagonists? Majoras Mask Possible Cameo?

    Aonuma did say that they were trying to bring games together and link them. So who knows?
  23. Hero's Shade

    General Modern Will Minish Cap Be One of the Free Games for the 3ds????????!!!!

    You seem to have mistaken. The ambassador program is 10 NES and 10 GBA games. The two Oracle Games may well be released on the eShop but will most likely not be part of the ambassador program.
  24. Hero's Shade

    General Modern Will Minish Cap Be One of the Free Games for the 3ds????????!!!!

    It certainly is a possibility, and would indeed be a good move by Nintendo. My only worry is the fact that Capcom developed it, not sure if that will matter, but still.
  25. Hero's Shade

    General Modern When You Think Zelda

    Adventure, Sidequests, Awesome (sometimes) story
  26. Hero's Shade

    WW-Wii U Finally Beat Wind Waker

    Probably the weakest of the 3D Zelda games, I played earlier in the week from start to finish in 24 hours. It was better than I remembered, but that hardly says much. Primarily it was let down by the fact that so much content was removed from the game, sailing felt like a chore after the...
  27. Hero's Shade

    General Modern The Future of Zelda

    I want exactly what they showed us, graphics-wise. I would like a sequel to Twilight Princess or a delayed sequel to Majora's Mask.
  28. Hero's Shade

    Twilight Princess Funnest Boss in Tp

    Argorok, just the way that the music 'intensifies' as you're on his back slicing his eye.
  29. Hero's Shade

    Twilight Princess Twilight Princess: An Underrated Game?

    Twilight Princess is a lot better than The Wind Waker. Haters gonna hate.
  30. Hero's Shade

    Three Heart Runs, How They Annoy You

    Iron Knuckles are easy to defeat as they have a set moveset, enemies with random ones would be a lot more difficult.
  31. Hero's Shade

    Ghirahim's Love Interest?

    *Walks into this thread* *shudder* *Walks out*
  32. Hero's Shade

    Majora's Mask Operation Moonfall

    I find it ridiculous the amount of people seem to believe that this would detract time from Nintendo. The only reason Aonuma said it (probably) is that it would be so easy for Nintendo to get GREZZO to do it again. The original Majora's Mask took around a year to make. and I expect the remake...
  33. Hero's Shade

    The Answer to Our Problems...

    This seems fairly believable, the only problems have been brought up already. @Locke Excuse me for asking, what does SZS stand for?
  34. Hero's Shade

    Avoiding News?

    At least there is a worldwide (or close to it) release this time.
  35. Hero's Shade

    What Zelda Character Looks Like You?

    Probably Link to be perfectly honest.
  36. Hero's Shade


    Thing is, I (and probably a few of you) don't take Miyamoto's word when it comes to the timeline. It's Aonuma who is in charge of the story aspects and therefore the timeline.
  37. Hero's Shade

    Canonical Proof for Zelda Timeline!

    Whilst that is interesting, and a good point, it doesn't necessarily mean that ALttP and the older games still fit into the same timeline as the rest of them.
  38. Hero's Shade

    Did You Ever Notice...

    Never noticed that before. Well done, but it has no significance as the shield was modified for Link after OoT.
  39. Hero's Shade

    Canonical Proof for Zelda Timeline!

    What I was trying to get at, albeit confusingly I'll admit, is that, can something fit into a plan (the timeline) before the concept of it was even created? People only started theorising the timeline with the release of WW and even moreso with TP. Now I don't think Nintendo has been planning...
  40. Hero's Shade

    Canonical Proof for Zelda Timeline!

    It all depends on whether you consider a game canon in the timeline or not. Zelda 1 - The timeline was not around Zelda 2 - The timeline was not around ALttP - The timeline was not around LA - Originally thought to be a sequel to ALttP OoT - Only considered to have a set in stone place after...
  41. Hero's Shade

    Ocarina of Time Gerudo Valley 20 Rupee Secret

    Jumping in the cooking cauldron nets you 20 rupees also.
  42. Hero's Shade

    Release Date?

    November 25th has been rumoured for EU, which is a Friday which is the day most games are released over here.
  43. Hero's Shade

    Demon Lord Ghirahim Ancestor of the Twili?

    You've correctly stated that SS is the beginning of the timeline, yet in your sig you have placed MC between OoT and SS despite them being confirmed as sequels to eachother. Very little is EVER confirmed officially by Nintendo, but you've made a mistake. Regardless, welcome to the forums. (not...
  44. Hero's Shade

    SS: Buy Immediately or Wait?

    First day for me. Especially if it is a worldwide release date. I'm not strong enough to resist the urge to spoil it for myself. :'(
  45. Hero's Shade

    New Hyrule

    I believe that the Tri-force is in fact not a physical item. Besides it's magic. Magic can swim. Right?
  46. Hero's Shade

    What Zelda Game Would You Like to See on the 3DS?

    GREZZO to do MM3D Nintendo to do something new, a bridge between MM and TP perhaps, find out a lot more about the Hero's Shade... *ahem* me?
  47. Hero's Shade

    Skyward Sword's Rating

    PEGI 12+ I reckon, failing that 7+
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