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  1. Burgy

    What's a remake and what's a remaster?

    This is exactly what I was about to say really. +1
  2. Burgy

    Xenoblade Chronicles X

    Oh wow, that's coming up soon. I'm excited now
  3. Burgy

    Xenoblade Chronicles X

    I watch Etika on YouTube and when he was showing footage form the direct it really made me want this game, I don't really know anything other than the world is huge, awesome visuals and cool as hell mech suits. Is there a release date? (havent read previous posts sorry)
  4. Burgy

    Alternative Rock

    you goofed me
  5. Burgy

    Alternative Rock

    Iunno, Pinback, Wilco, Interpol, Mogwai and Modest Mouse are all from the 90's but I see what you are saying. It has been getting fairly tame, Modest Mouse concerts used to be a few hours of a hairy white man screaming at you
  6. Burgy

    Alternative Rock

    Basically alt-rock is basically anything that isn't considered mainstream (at least that is the way I see it.) There are just some bands in this wide range that have a specific sounds that I enjoy. (Also that was a sweet video, enjoyed it)
  7. Burgy

    Alternative Rock

    I don't know about you guys, but i'm super into Indie & Alternative Rock. So, I thought I'd share some artists that I think are noteworthy in the scene. All of these are personal opinion and we may have some conflicting opinions, buy hey! This is my list. (Still is from the Coyotes music...
  8. Burgy

    Burg-boy's Avatar/Signature Shop

    Welcome to my little corner of the signature & avatar forum, I have been making signatures for a while and it's always a great time to doodle for you pals. I host a signature thread on a seperate forums so i've already made a website to take requests so if you could use that to request from me...
  9. Burgy

    Post your desktop or phone wallpaper

    http://i.imgur.com/4s0uEXe.jpg Beep bop boop
  10. Burgy

    How many hours sleep do you have?

    Generally I try to get about 6 hours of sleep so I can function but lately i've been getting around 4-5 maximum. When I can I will sneak in 8 hours on the weekend
  11. Burgy

    ZD Drawing Competition: Round 20—Theme

    Ah ****. I would've entered if I'd have joined early. Maybe I'll participate in the next one.
  12. Burgy

    digital snakeoil

    Very well written and a nice read. I whole heartedly agree with everything you're saying here. The only instance I have ever used Cloud services is in the case of Google Docs and Google Drive since it allows sharing & collaborating documents and files in such a simple and streamlined way.
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