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  1. Zelink

    Breath of the Wild Discussion About Zelda Wind Waker U

    As far as adding and taking out, I'm thinking they will take out nothing. Adding, I'm really hoping for another dungeon complete with a boss. I hate dungeons who don't have a proper boss. I'm very excited to sail the great sea in HD.
  2. Zelink

    Hunger and Thirst Meters

    I'm so down for a poop meter, you have no idea.
  3. Zelink

    Are Boss Battles Getting to Easy?

    Aren't boss battles supposed to be some epic showdown? I'm just too good at video games I guess. I wish bosses could take more damage though and have a more diverse array of attacks and better reactions. Yeah I think they're too easy but Nintendo also has to cater to the younger audience as...
  4. Zelink

    Am I the Only One Let Down?

    It amazes me how much people seem to prefer the 3DMM over an HDMM. HDMM has so many more possibilities yet like people say MM3D is mobile. But when I'm out places, I generally have things to do. That's why I won't get a handheld. To me personally, I think handhelds are something more for...
  5. Zelink

    Am I the Only One Let Down?

    But, imagine how cool it would look though with the graphical capacity of the Wii U?
  6. Zelink

    Am I the Only One Let Down?

    I'm "over it" as far as understanding what's going to happen. I just feel a little screwed because i dont play/buy handhelds. Also as far as those hundreds of fans go...TWW was a cartoon style. Im pretty sure TWW fans like to brag about its "timeless" graphics. Making a cartoon HD seems to me...
  7. Zelink

    Am I the Only One Let Down?

    Forgive me here, but I'll be blunt. Am I the only one severely disappointed at the fact we're getting TWWHD rather than MMHD? TWW is an ok game but the terrain of MM just had so much more potential to look absolutely stunning, and adding sidequests for MM would have been not only easy but also...
  8. Zelink

    Breath of the Wild "Rethink the Conventions of Zelda"

    I would welcome non-linear gameplay with open arms. It seems to me as though non-linear gameplay wouldn't limit developers with design but actually challenge them to make each dungeon unique without the aid of other weapons. Traversing terrain could be more sub plot based like The Wanderer was...
  9. Zelink

    Breath of the Wild What Would You Like to See in Zelda Wii U?

    Timeline wise? I guess i don't really care to be quite honest. The things I'm really hoping for are advanced modern realistic graphics, which are long overdue, and I [U]want magic to come back[/U] There really is no other way the monsters and dungeons can function so i guess i don't understand...
  10. Zelink

    Villain with Good Intentions: What Do You Think?

    Totally down. I'm not sure why they keep the writing so primitive in Zelda games. Most every Zelda fan I've talked to is very interested and emotionally attached to the game and the characters in the game. I understand that the creators are obsessed with gameplay, but gameplay only makes it...
  11. Zelink

    Medieval Forevermore?

    Zelda to me is a mid-evil game, and will remain a mid-evil game. Like others have said though, there certainly are elements that are completely beyond mid-evil technology. One good example of this is the hookshot or clawshot. We wouldn't be able to produce these even now. I would be open to...
  12. Zelink

    Breath of the Wild Bosses That Should Return in Zelda Wii U

    A lot of it really depends on the art style. Since I'm hoping for tech demo graphics I'll chose a few. -Horsehead could be extremely scary in HD. The dungeon theme could possibly be chess, which has interesting potential. -Dead Hand which is "hands down" (lol) the most terrifying boss in...
  13. Zelink

    Breath of the Wild Wii U Art Style

    I'll throw my hat in for the Tech demo graphics. I think I would enjoy that more.
  14. Zelink

    Breath of the Wild Songs in ZeldaU?

    I agree for most of the game. But I really prefer dungeons to be atmospheric and ambient. Skyward sword didn't deliver this in my opinion. Dungeon themes are one of the things i look forward to most in Zelda games.
  15. Zelink

    Breath of the Wild Huge Open Exploration. "Lost Woods"

    I think that the way a game goes from great to legendary is the quality of the world Link interacts with. We all know this because we love the dynamic aspect of Majora's Mask. For us to be able to explore a forest in a non-linear fashion would certainly help make the game more interactive. We...
  16. Zelink

    OOT Temples

    Will we see the temples explained? Such as the origins of the water temple, or my personal favourite, the forest temple? I know it's a shot in the dark, but I'm just wondering if logically these are going to fit in at all? I'm thinking personally it's a no but what are your opinions?
  17. Zelink

    What SHOULDN'T Nintendo Do with SS?

    Caeda, I would have a more in depth reply, but it is sort of straying from the point of this thread. Let me just say I don't play the handhelds, so I'll have to keep that in mind in the future when I post. And good point on TWW. The bottom line is I just don't like Zelda. Link's awesome but...
  18. Zelink

    Can the Story Be More Important Than the Game?

    I think that the story is much more important than the game. Bad story=PO'd player evertime. Great controls=dunno, depends on the story. For an adventure game like Zelda.
  19. Zelink

    New Boss Concepts

    Thank god for that lol. I don't think I'd last another Zelda with the same formula
  20. Zelink

    Graphics: Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess.

    Hyrulian, imagine howw much more intense that would be with TP graphics. If TWW had TP graphics it would easily be the best Zelda ever.
  21. Zelink

    What SHOULDN'T Nintendo Do with SS?

    Yeah, Midnafan80521 is, in my opinion correct on a lot of things. I actually dislike zelda's character. It's true. I think she is an overall boring and useless character. And let's face it, a more appropriate name is The Legend of Link. That's because as the series progressed, it became...
  22. Zelink

    Floating Head/Hands Boss in SS?

    God I hope not. Zelda doesn't need the same thing again. Zelda needs to look forward and be innivative.
  23. Zelink

    Graphics: Skyward Sword Vs. Twilight Princess.

    For me its as simple as: TP is a step forward in graphics and SS is a step backwards. I don't mind the SS graphics but it sure was nice when people were like, "Hey those are some pretty good graphics" way back in '06. I think it's easier to get into the story with more realistic graphics.
  24. Zelink

    What SHOULDN'T Nintendo Do with SS?

    What they should not do. This is a fantastic thread for a pessimist like me with whorribal spelling. lol They should not: -include ganon. They need to make something fresh. Link believe it or not, is actually really cool on his own. Think about it. He's this athletic beast that uses...
  25. Zelink

    Bosses Gigantic or Man-sized??

    I think bosses are supposed to be monsters who are large enough to be a threat to an entire town. I dont know if a man sized boss can do that. I think there needs to be scenes where you swordfight with someone your size. But I think a boss is supposed to strike fear into you like, oh my gosh...
  26. Zelink

    Previous Characters We Would Like to See in Skyward Sword

    Kaepora Gaebora in Skyward Sword I was thinking about this after watching the Zelda mailbag. Axle said that he was an ancient sage, generations earlier than other sages. He is the Owl in OOT. I think it is unlikely that we will see him but perhaps there is a chance. Thoughts, opinions, facts?
  27. Zelink

    Nintendo's Next Council

    Most of us here believe that Nintendo is the best of the "Big 3" (Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony) However, the simple reality is that the Wii is completely outdated. Note that the Wii was a commercial success outselling the PS3 and X-Box 360 by a long shot. However as of Now Wii sales are...
  28. Zelink

    Temples Why Are They Called That??

    I see your point. Im going to go through some "temples" OOT - forest temple-an old mansion in the forest. most likely not a place of worship. Deemed a dungeon. fire temple- a simple place of worship. you can tell their fire/mountain god are those statues with the flames in them at the...
  29. Zelink

    Your Favorite Zelda Game

    I'm a little surprised that OOT wasnt no.1. alas my favorite is MM because of the character development. It really is the most important part of any story
  30. Zelink

    Idea For a Dungeon (Don't Laugh)

    I agree that a light temple would be very cool not to mention a tad trippy haha!
  31. Zelink

    What Themes Would You Like to See?

    I think I have a couple really interesting theme ideas. But first I'd like to say the idea of a mechanical dungeon is just gold. it would be so cool. imagine all the springs and such in a dungeon that has a mind of its own. like your trying to dodge certain things flying by as you go across...
  32. Zelink

    In a New Zelda Game, You Would Rather Have:

    Ok I chose to have traditional zelda with no link ganon or zelda. Now I know this may seem like a worse case senario to some on this site there are reasons for my decision. -I'm tired of Ganon. That's pretty strait forward. I've been playing zelda now for 10 years and it seems like it's time...
  33. Zelink

    Role of the Kokiri

    yeah where I was going with that Saria link thing was that later link may have resembled the link she may meet in SS. BTW this forum is all speculation I have no reason to believe the kokiri are in or not in SS
  34. Zelink

    Spoiler Saria Will Be a Cradle Robber if She Goes Out with Link

    Yeah I actually have an opinion on this go figure haha. anyway I thought that what Mido said about Saria REALLY liking link in the game was a give-away that she had romantic feelings for him. I do agree they were probably more of a childhood crush than anything. and what she said in the...
  35. Zelink

    Role of the Kokiri

    I heard that it was centuries earlier not thousands of years......yeah that would throw my theory of quite a bit
  36. Zelink

    Role of the Kokiri

    I think we might get to see the Kokiri in this game because of its confirmed placement before OOT. its possible we may even see saria possibly explaining why she liked link so much in OOT. I think in the one of the screen shots we can see the kokiri forest. So im wondering if there could be...
  37. Zelink

    Temple Ideas

    I think it would be interesting if they did the forest temple in its prime when it was being used. Assuming this is a prequel to OOT. It would be weird to see what it was
  38. Zelink

    Wii Sports Resort= Zelda Wii Weapons

    Hey did anyone notice the obvious use of wii sports resort programs for zelda wii? such as the beetle which is like the airplanes or the bowling? I guess this sort of bothers mee but I'd like to know what the Zelda Community thinks of it.
  39. Zelink

    Different Temple Types?

    haha that would be awesome. I would play that. It could make references to classic zelda. and you would go into a 2d room. that would be funny. If they took it seriously though, I wonder how long it would take me to figure out it was the first level. I'd know right away......that's...
  40. Zelink

    Forest Temple Theme

    Ever since I've been young maybe six, I always loved this theme. I feel like there is something very unique about it. I just wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone else finds this song sort of like being in a trance or some minor form of hypnosis. Post your feeling about this song...
  41. Zelink

    Over World Type?

    This is what I was trying to say worded perfectly. props to you :cool:
  42. Zelink

    Why Ocarina of Time is Not That Great of a Game

    I thin that for me personally as well as some other people, if you played OOT in 98/99 when it was around it was sort of burned into, at least me. I think the game is absolutly brilliant but to be fair I was much younger with a more active imagination. I think what sort of happens is when I...
  43. Zelink

    Over World Type?

    Allright I like turtles, just throwing that out there. Anyway we need more interaction in the overworld. I've talked about this before with character development so I'll save you the trouble. Let's just say TP would have been twice as enjoyable had the overworld been well, um, populated? Ya...
  44. Zelink

    3d Dot Game Heroes First 10 Minutes Discussion

    haha athenian200 way to stick up for yourself. But 300$ plus a game that's like 39.99 or something is going a long way to prove a point across the internet. Aside for that I hope nintendo retaliates with it's own 3D type game like this.
  45. Zelink

    What Do You Think of the Nostalgic Feel of Majora's Mask?

    I think it's very nostalgic. This is because we played as kids and now we're older. At least for me
  46. Zelink

    Why Ocarina of Time is Not That Great of a Game

    I see it as if you don't get it you just don't. This game is golden.
  47. Zelink

    What Do You Think is the Most Revolutionary Game and Why?

    I'm going to sa the original legend of zelda. Compare it with other games in 87 and see just how revolutionary it was. It kicked off an intire series pushing the limit on what video games could actually do. It was one of if not the first video game to be truly 100% entertaining. It invented...
  48. Zelink

    Different Temple Types?

    On one hand I would say that the themed temples were accustumed to are reliable. But yes change would be nice as long as it's done correctly. I don't really consider oot forest temple a temple but more of a castle. So if they went with the idea of a castle in a forest they could really expand...
  49. Zelink

    Repetative or Different?

    Different for sure. Remember in OOT how each temple was a journey to get to? It sets the mood for the temple Dampe-forest temple Climbing volcano and saving goron link-fire going through ice cavern-water well-shadow the whole gerudo thing-spirit. That's what reaching a temple should be. MM...
  50. Zelink

    What Do You Think of 3D Dot Heroes

    So there is this new gaming coming out for the PS3 and it's called 3D Dot Heroes. IT's coming out MAy 11th I think. any way if you bother to follow this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoFYEtj2tDw You will understand why I listed this under world of Zelda. This is essentially a Zelda...
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