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  1. ComposerBrother

    Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yishNJosf5c One of those songs that got stuck in my head in the middle, such a shame the original had an obnoxious dubstep ending. =l
  2. ComposerBrother

    Graphics Vs Gameplay

    I believe this picture said my thousand words.
  3. ComposerBrother

    What instrument do you play?

    Trumpet =) Been doing it since 4th grade, still going strong in high school.
  4. ComposerBrother

    Tech Help How Do You Record a Computer Screen?

    Fraps for pc. Quicktime player for mac. When you have it launched, look at the top of your screen it says "screen recording". Bada boom. Haven't touched a pc in years lol....
  5. ComposerBrother

    Diablo III

    Started Nightmare mode recently, I believe the majority of the game development was devoted to the higher difficulties of the game honestly. True, the plot doesn't seem to meet up to the standards that we previously expected, but the conflict between the Archangels in the "Wrath" cinematic was...
  6. ComposerBrother

    Diablo III

    So I looked around and saw there were no threads on this game, so who else here plays D3? I stayed up on opening launch May 14 2012-shame they postponed it till 3am on my timezone. What are your thoughts on the game so far? What class do you roll? Finally, what do you think of the lore that they...
  7. ComposerBrother

    The Most Interesting Fact You Know

    It really shouldn't be on a snapple cap or something, I'd just like to hear some cool tidbits from you guys. =) I'll start: Human's do not live 'in the moment', they actually live 8 nanoseconds in the past because it is the time required for our neurological signals to react at the least. So...
  8. ComposerBrother

    World of Warcraft

    The addiction is a turn off for many, so many infamous videos about people nerd raging over it. :lol: It's like reading a really good book, you don't put it down just because someone simply asked you, but it's not like your life can't function without it. Should you ever be away from home one...
  9. ComposerBrother

    World of Warcraft

    I'm just curious... and though many FPS fanboys would cringe at this very thread, does anyone else here play WoW? When/how did you start? What do you do nowadays when you play the game? Despite the connotations that it has of addiction and social abomination, the game really is enjoyable...
  10. ComposerBrother

    2012: Ringo's New Album (Y Not?)

    You must live a very sheltered life to not know who the Beatles are/were. Just kidding, but it would be nice to hear from a stranger to them what they think initially. Rather than a line and leaving. =) (Pretty much took the 1st-5th slots all at once on the billboard charts back in the 60's...
  11. ComposerBrother

    2012: Ringo's New Album (Y Not?)

    So I may be the only guy who pays attention to things like this, and if that were true I find no discomfort in that. The purpose of this thread is to see if anyone else noticed Ringo Starr's new album this year. If fellow Beatles fans who dine afterward could see the existence of this. Or anyone...
  12. ComposerBrother

    Your Favorite Skyward Sword Music

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Myes6TOQ1cU This place is so relaxing, its nice that they put a little comfort into this area. It sort of reminds me of Ordon and Lon Lon Ranch at the same time. I also like the epic badass boss music and scenes too but Zelda makes the best villages. :D
  13. ComposerBrother

    What Starter Should I Choose for Kanto and Hoenn?

    choose whatever you think looks coolest, it really doesn't matter on type if you're gonna hate playing it. Otherwise a good option would be mudkip due to its type adantages and sheer movepool
  14. ComposerBrother

    Chuck Norris In World of Warcraft Commercial

    lol Sir Ozzy Osbourne snagged me into WoW Glad to this day that I started playing it, despite its stereotype of 40 year old men in their parent's basement as a playerbase, my 2 hours a day are worth it. LONG LIVE THE ALLIANCE!!!! :O
  15. ComposerBrother

    Pokemon TV Series

    It was a major part of my childhood lol, but many are right when it went downhill Most of the characters seemed to have been more mild over time and less energetic, as if ash's fire and competitive side ran away so he can be a calm wuss. Even though its the remains of a good series, i still...
  16. ComposerBrother

    Pokemon Types to Get to Beat the Johto Gym Leaders

    Overall, totodile is much easier than cyndaquil because of its balance in both regions. Though if all you want to do is finish the game and roll to the credits, Cyndaquil's high attacks and low final evolution level fit the bill.
  17. ComposerBrother

    General Modern Spirit Tracks

    ugggh PH, that was my first handheld Zelda lol I absolutely loved it, because the temple of the ocean always had difficulty and suspense. But once I played Spirit Tracks like you have, it felt like a giant load was lifted from my shoulders. :D If you want to play it for the sake of storyline...
  18. ComposerBrother

    Pokemon Types to Get to Beat the Johto Gym Leaders

    In the early stages of development, Game Freak intended the starters to be each more difficult to play than the next. Basically it boils down to: Cyndaquil-Easy Tododile-Medium Chickorita-Hard This setup was for the Johto gym leaders, where cyndaquil had the most type advantages while...
  19. ComposerBrother

    Training Strategy

    Meh, if I'm playing a new pokemon game for pleasure when it first comes out, I tend to just focus on my starter and just have him dominate. Though I've recently learned how to evenly level in black and white so no level 100 charizard for me lol.
  20. ComposerBrother

    If You Were a Pokemon What Would It Be?

    Snorlax . . .at least I'd want that opportunity to sleep any time/place I want without consequences xO
  21. ComposerBrother

    ...what is This for Now?

    lol ok, it actually makes sense to some extent now haha.
  22. ComposerBrother

    ...what is This for Now?

    I'm sorry if I sound like I'm negatively criticizing this but where did the Pokemon forum come from? Was it by popular demand or something because I go here to see things about Zelda, and then Smogon to see pokemon. The threads themselves aren't even competitive in the slightest too, because no...
  23. ComposerBrother

    Majora's Mask Majoras Mask Parodox

    *brain explodes* I try to avoid time travel in my everyday life whenever I can, but the chance comes up so often. :P I think link essentially goes back in time and loses the stuff he didn't have back then, except the ocarina and masks cuz they see to be eternal?
  24. ComposerBrother

    Zelda Character You Would Marry

    well...I like to eat fish but I also like Ruto... I guess it could work out. P:
  25. ComposerBrother

    Embarassing Gaming Habits

    Every time I go on the computer, my hands immediately go to the WASD keys. -.-
  26. ComposerBrother

    Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    How many of you have seen this move? How enjoyable was it for you? I absolutely loved it today even after seeing the original four 1970 movies a few years ago and not understanding them when my dad waved it on front of my face hehe. The CGI effects were amazing, but I personally loved how...
  27. ComposerBrother

    Post Your Videogame Collection

    Meh, i just have a stack of wii games that are about the same width as a microwave. The old ps2 ones and portable games are too much to count. :P
  28. ComposerBrother

    Most Stupidest Thing You've Ever Done in Any Zelda Game

    Getting Ocarina of Time on the virtual console for the wii for the first time...and sitting for half an hour doing nothing because the controller was unplugged the whole time. :O meh...did that count even if i didn't start the game itself? :P
  29. ComposerBrother

    Siege and Sabotage (Sign-Ups)

    Name: Brann Bronzebeard (Don't ask where i got that name from ;) ) Age: 48 Gender: Male Role: General K HoT, got it. :D
  30. ComposerBrother

    The Sorting Hat

    I will be a Hufflegryphonslytherclaw!!! :D rly tho...i'd be a hufflepuff because i have almost none of the other traits, maybe wisdom if i weren't modest lol
  31. ComposerBrother

    Where Would You Live in Hyrule?

    Ordon village :P It has got to be the best place of all time in my opinion...but if you aren't talking about the TP hyrule then I would pick the Windmill with the Song of Storms playing.
  32. ComposerBrother

    Davy Jones (Pirates of the Caribbean)

    I know I'm 5 years late..but I saw no other thread about this guy. He is probably my favorite villain of all time (next to Ganondorf maybe :P) and i loved watching all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies when i was younger. Does anyone agree that this dude was the best part out of all of them...
  33. ComposerBrother

    Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

    just try to post something large perhaps? idk but here :D : "Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate!!! Chocolate...
  34. ComposerBrother

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two

    I liked it, rather happy with the last scene when the dark atmosphere to the movie vanished. :) it just scares me that when you watch the very first Harry Potter movie and then watch The Deathly Hallows part 1, u just go "WTF?!?!?!?!?! god i hate gloom lol :P
  35. ComposerBrother

    What Are You Afraid Of?

    Maggots, just Maggots. I saw the movie Squirm accidently when I was 4 and refused to take shower for days...until my mom told me that stink and filth attracts them too. D: Eaten alive by gross wrigling worms is the only thing that would ever scare me lol. oh and sliding down a giant...
  36. ComposerBrother

    Adventure of Link How in the World Do People Beat Adventure of Link?

    A bit of unicorn dust and some gnome ear hair! :D Seriously though...people who lived their childhood in the 80's have some unnatural skill in video games compared to today. <_<'
  37. ComposerBrother

    Ocarina of Time Favorite Temple to Beat

    Water Temple surprisingly... it was the only challenging part of the game and i felt a great sense of accomplishment with every puzzle I solved, as well as a great sense of relief when I killed the boss.
  38. ComposerBrother

    Who Likes Justin Bieber?

    Q: What do you call Justin Bieber having kids with a woman? A: Well it ain't gonna happen so I don't see the point in giving it a name. :P
  39. ComposerBrother

    RPG Tips?

    If you have the ability, play World of Warcraft ;) other than that amazing MMORPG...i cant help you bro because zelda isnt considered one haha go to this page, i was hooked http://www.wowwiki.com/Human_(playable) there are a bunch of other playable races...but thats what interested me-the...
  40. ComposerBrother

    'Golden Age of Gaming'

    I'm going to keep this short and sweet... I love the Gamecube 1998-2006 era due to my best childhood memories (sad thats about vegitating lol) i would come home from school in 4th grade to pokemon firered or minish cap while having 'Drake and Josh' airing on tv...god i miss those days :(...
  41. ComposerBrother

    The Zelda Races Game 2

    Im srry bro, this thread is dead. :( SW isnt rly gonna brainstorm for a new game so far...
  42. ComposerBrother

    Guild Wars 3: SSBB (Game Thread)

    THP, is the day period over? I'm willing to think so but idk...if so then Jedi/Josie are already dead by now <_<'
  43. ComposerBrother

    Guild Wars 3: SSBB (Game Thread)

    Then why did u play in the first place? :?
  44. ComposerBrother

    Guild Wars 3: SSBB (Game Thread)

    Guys, I'm still keeping my vote on Jedizora...he subtlety tried to tell us he wasn't scum in that post I also think Dracomajora has some connection to him, because it is indeed true that Josie jumped on the bandwagon, but he was rather hysterical about it and defended Jedi with that vote
  45. ComposerBrother

    Guild Wars 3: SSBB (Game Thread)

    lol I'm not trying to be mean, but you can just quit u know... <_<' It would bring us closer to lynching someone than u just voting for yourself and raising the chances of a tie Edit: I noticed jedizora and maybe a few more people are voting for you recently, is this the whole reason y u...
  46. ComposerBrother

    How to Destroy the 30 Charecter Rule.

    Grabs Justin Bieber and carries him to the 30 character limit, guess what happens next....
  47. ComposerBrother

    Guild Wars 3: SSBB (Game Thread)

    here, I change my vote until Jedizora somehow justifies what he just said in that last post...it is so frickin suspicious to even mention how u were a townie in the last few games Unvote: Kokirion Vote: Jedizora
  48. ComposerBrother

    Guild Wars 3: SSBB (Game Thread)

    And I'm town again. ^----- Whoah whoah whoah, are people allowed to show their roles if they're townies? Or are u just referring to a past mafia game strangely jedizora? P:
  49. ComposerBrother

    Guild Wars 3: SSBB (Game Thread)

    What do you think of lurkers? Is it okay to lie? How many mafia games have you played What is your time zone? Do you prefer town or scum? What are your views on RVS(random voting stage) and RQS(Random questions stage) 1. Idk what they are...and this was my first mafia game in like...
  50. ComposerBrother

    Guild Wars 3: SSBB (Game Thread)

    Thats mah birthday :O...of September that is RVS: Kokirion lol srry bud, but Yoda senses the scum strong in you ;)
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