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  1. Azalea

    Favorite Sonic Character to Play

    I like to play as Blaze, even though she's only playable in a handful of games. I like her mostly because of the character. She feels like the Rosalina of the Sonic universe to me somehow, maybe it's the quietness.
  2. Azalea

    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

    I hope have city escape as a music option on the next sonic stage.
  3. Azalea

    What Alternate Costumes Do You Want to See in Ssb4

    Today Sakuria revealed new alternate costumes for Samus and Mario. All I can say about Mario's costume is: Samus has her light suit for Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, (not an exact replica) I hope they add more costumes like the dark suit or PED suit. What costumes are you hoping to see?
  4. Azalea

    Who Is Your Favorite Nintendo Developer

    Who Is Your Favorite Nintendo Developer My favorite developer has to be Masahiro Sakurai. His games always have lots of unlockable extra's like stickers or key chains, which is perfect for people who get that completionist urge. http://youtu.be/Q_8Q7RYVzyw?t=17s What is your favorite...
  5. Azalea

    Will There Be A Super Mario Galaxy 3?

    Will There Be A Super Mario Galaxy 3? The Super Mario Galaxy franchise was one of my favorite game series when I was a child. It seemed that after the second game the series was over. Things were quiet and Nintendo seemed to have left it behind, but lately there have been many references...
  6. Azalea

    What Are You Most Excited For This E3?

    What Are You Most Exited For This E3? E3 will begin in only a few more days, and what game are you looking forward too most? I want too see more about the new smash bros, and I hope they have a new character reveal.
  7. Azalea

    What Is Your Least Favorite Day Of The Week?

    What Is Your Least Favorite Day Of The Week? What is your day of the week do you like the least? For me its Thursday, it just seems that Thursday is one day too far from the weekend. What do you think?
  8. Azalea

    What Is Your Favorite Mario Game?

    I recently downloaded Super Mario Bros 3 in the 3ds E-shop a week or two ago and was wondering what everyone's favorite Mario game is? I've never owned very many Mario games, so I don't know too much about the series, but I think that Super Mario Galaxy was probably the best Mario game I have...
  9. Azalea

    What Is Your Favorite Character In Super Smash Bros?

    What Is Your Favorite Character In Super Smash Bros? I can't wait for the next smash brothers game, and it seems many other people feel the same. So out of all the characters that participated in the franchise, which one did/do you use the most? Whenever I play super smash brothers I can...
  10. Azalea

    What Do You Think About Metroid?

    What I think about the other M is that, while it isn't as bad as many people make it out to be, It has problems. Some smaller examples are the fact that you can't move when you want to shoot missiles, and you walking with the d-pad in a 3d world feels strange. What really ticks people off, and...
  11. Azalea

    What Do You Think About Metroid?

    What Do You Think About Metroid? I just beat the original Metroid a few days ago, and have already beaten 18 metroids in the second game! I was wondering, what do you think of the Metroid series? I think its a great classic game, and based on what I've heard about super Metroid, I cant wait to...
  12. Azalea

    How Do You Like Your Pizza?

    I like my pizza with just cheese and peperoni. Whenever I get onions or mushrooms on it I just pick it off
  13. Azalea

    Do People Guess Your Age Correctly?

    People aren't usually close, guessing 16 or 17, but I'm tall for my age so I don't blame them.
  14. Azalea

    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS

    I can't wait for this game to come out. I've spent so much time obsessing over what it might be like, and this series is one of the main reasons I'm finally going to get the wii u.
  15. Azalea

    General Zelda What is your least favorite item?

    I would say the spinner, but at least people remember that, nobody gives a second glance at the dominion rod.
  16. Azalea

    General Zelda What is Your Favorite Zelda Sword?

    What is your favorite zelda sword? What is you favorite sword in the Zelda series?
  17. Azalea

    Where Did You Get Your Username From?

    I got my username from Random person, I think many of you know him, and a link to the past. The first time I used the username was on this website's wiki (as linktorandom), about four years ago back when I had almost no games but listened to the podcast and watched the walkthroughs to get most...
  18. Azalea

    Pokemon Remake Names

    Pokemon Remake Names If you were to make a remake of any of the games in the pokemon series that doesn't already have a remake, like fireRed/LeafGreen and HeartGold/SoulSilver, what it be named? People have heard of HeartGold and SoulSilver, but little did they know of the canceled...
  19. Azalea

    Mysterious Lumiose City.

    This isn't the first time they had had ghosts that behaved that way, It seems so creepy this time though because its so out of context. It almost feels like it's outside of the game. (I bet creepypastas are going...
  20. Azalea

    If You Were to Make an New Animal, What Would It Be?

    Be careful what you wish for...
  21. Azalea

    If You Were to Make an New Animal, What Would It Be?

    If you were to make an new animal, what would it be? If you had the power to make a brand new animal, what would you make? How would it look? What would it do? (P.S. I know I haven't been on here much lately but I promise you I am still alive)
  22. Azalea

    What is Your Favorite Seafood?

    What is your favorite seafood? There are many types of sea food out there, and if you don't like any tell me why. My favorite seafood is the ever-expensive sushi. Tell me yours!
  23. Azalea

    Would You Like Another Double Regioned Pokemon Game?

    I think this should happen, but all with time. This can be used again not only because of the addition of gameplay, but because of nostalgia. There should be a longer wait because the second factor should not be wasted with a quick release. Maybe a release with sinnoh, but even that is cutting it.
  24. Azalea

    How Many Hours Do You Sleep a Night?

    How many hours do you sleep a night? How long is your sleeping pattern. I like to keep it to it to 8 if I can but sometimes stay up pretty late. Also, what do you think about my age? I was nervous showing it, worried I would be judged differently, but decided this was a good community.
  25. Azalea

    Do You Like the Summer, or Winter Olympics Better?

    Do you like the summer, or winter Olympics better? Do you prefer the summer Olympics track based activities, or the Winter Olympics snowy activities? Tell me below!
  26. Azalea

    Do You Prefer Pie or Cake?

    Do you prefer pie or cake? This is a hard decision indeed, and most people couldn't decide, but tell me what you like better. I like pies.
  27. Azalea

    What is Your Favorite Type of Cake?

    What is your favorite type of cake? What flavor is your favorite? I personally don't know myself.
  28. Azalea

    What is Your Favorite Type of Pie?

    What is your favorite type of pie? What type of pie do you like best? Chesnutt, pumpkin, apple? Mine is probably apple, what is yours?
  29. Azalea

    What is Your Favorite Fruit or Vegatable?

    What is your favorite fruit? Do you like apples, pears, oranges ect.? I prefer oranges and eat them very often. What about you?
  30. Azalea

    Have You Ever Had An Infestation?

    Have You Ever Had An Infestation? Have you ever had an infestation of insects or rodent? Luckily I haven't, but after watching an over dramatized documentary, I was wondering who in the Zelda Dungeon community has.
  31. Azalea

    Lucid Dream Experiences

    Dream characters can actually break the fourth wall depending on how lucid you are, as you realize you are in a dream, they realize they are dream characters. This is all because they are literally generated by your mind, and they now as much as you do about the dream, usually. Sometimes you...
  32. Azalea

    Lucid Dream Experiences

    Any lucid dream memories you want to share? A lucid dream is a dream you can control because you realize your dreaming while your asleep.
  33. Azalea

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I try so hard but it doesn't matter
  34. Azalea

    Random Writing!

    Random Writing! This is the thread were you just write a few random sentences, no more than twice a day, with no more than 10 sentences! Example: Samuel wrote a song. It came in eight colors: nyan, blue, orange and green. The cat ninjas were jealous, and wanted revenge. Samuel...
  35. Azalea

    Things That Are on Your Mind

    I'm thinking about cat psychology...
  36. Azalea

    Find Out Who Your Ancestors Were by Looking at Your Toes?

    I'm almost completely Egyptian according to this, which seems strange because my family is almost completely German.
  37. Azalea

    What Color is Your 3ds?

    What color is your 3ds? What color is your 3ds (if you have one). Is it one of the 3 traditional colors, Red, Blue, or Black, or another color. Mine is purple (master sword color!) tell me yours!
  38. Azalea

    A Link Between Worlds What Did You Consult the Walkthrough for (if at All)?

    I didn't use it for my first play through, but I used it for my 100% with maiamai (How do you pronounce that? :?) locations
  39. Azalea

    What Annoyed You Today?

    I can't focus on z talk and the forum today without getting distracted. (I always listen to z-talk, curiosity shop, ect. when using the forum)
  40. Azalea

    Coffee Or Tea?

    Coffee Or Tea? Do you prefer to have coffee or tea as a drink? I personally like tea, because I think it tastes more natural and I like to avoid things that I would come to rely on, like coffee in the morning. What do you think. (sorry I haven't been on much for the last couple days...
  41. Azalea

    General Zelda Is Zelda Using Too Many Alternate Worlds?

    I don't consider any of those games to have alternate worlds. Just ones with dimensions like Albw
  42. Azalea

    Ocarina of Time Why Are There Scratch Marks on the Tree in Lake Hylia?

    Possibly there Is a connection between the fact that there is a dead tree in the middle of lake Hylia, and also in the area were you fight dark link?
  43. Azalea

    A Link Between Worlds What Does Ravio's Diary Say? (spoilers)

    I don't think that Ravio did go to Termina, but if he did, the thief girl later, after you rescue her, wears a mask that looks suspiciously keaton like, and says she got it from an abandoned house. Possibly Ravios?
  44. Azalea

    What Did You Do Today/What Are You Currently Doing?

    Waking up from a bad dream about climbing a mountain of owl pellets to find a pencil case.
  45. Azalea

    Miiverse is the Worst Garbage I Have Ever Used in My Life.

    I haven't thought of miiverse like that, but I haven't really used it much. (Shame on me I got my 3ds a month ago :facepalm:)
  46. Azalea

    Your New Year's Resolution(s)

    That's my new resolution!
  47. Azalea

    General Zelda Isn't It Time That TLoZ Made It in the LEGO World?

    I really don't think they should do a video game, because while you can do a game for a movie series or tv show, just try and Imagine them trying to do any Zelda game, with the style and such with an over world, dungeons, bosses and side quests. It wouldn't work.
  48. Azalea

    Do You Prefer Walmart or Target?

    I agree, target does seem cleaner.
  49. Azalea

    Do You Prefer Walmart or Target?

    Do You Prefer Walmart or Target. What store do you like better? Walmart and Target aren't all that different (setting aside how people view them) but what do you think has the best service or the best products in general?
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