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    Mafia Championship Season 9

    Hi friends, general heads up that Fext's mafia championship game is starting shortly!!! You can follow it here on Mafia Universe: https://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/threads/35689-Season-9-Game-4-KoC-s-Never-Gonna-Give-You-Up-Walrus-Mafia-Championship If you want to discuss the game, please...
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    Mafia Championship Season 8

    Hi there!! Heads up that The Sun Fan's mafia championship game has randed, and will be starting today!!! GAME 8: JUNE 21, 36/12, 12AM EDT EoD Apogee (Giant in the Playground) DeKay (The Sims Forum) Dubz (Student Doctor Network) evakyoo (Mafia42) HumanDawn (Bulbagarden) IBA (Good Gamery)...
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