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  1. OwenGTA

    What is Termina? How Could It Possibly Be Another Dimension?

    As it has been stated, the official game booklet mentions that Termina is, in fact, a dimension parallel to Hyrule. Also, that isn't Death Mountain you see from Termina - it's some other volcano near Woodfall. I believe you stand against it when you reach your first encounter with Kaepora...
  2. OwenGTA

    Top Awkward Moments in Zelda

    Awkward?? That's probably the best reward Link has ever gotten ;)
  3. OwenGTA

    What is Your Favorite Cut-scene in Zelda?

    I love the cutscene in Majora's Mask after you defeat Captain Keeta. The Captain says "May I take leave sir???" And Link just stands there for a silent moment, and then gives him the salute to R.I.P. Was epic as hell.
  4. OwenGTA

    Beach Spider House Curse

    In Majora's Mask, ##SPOILER ALERT## (kinda?) When you beat the Swamp Spider House, after you collect the 30th Gold Token, the game tells you; "The Curse has been lifted!". And you return to the entrance to find the spider-man (heh) is now a human again and you gain his Mask of Truth...
  5. OwenGTA

    Majora's Mask and How Link is Portrayed As a Messiah/etc.

    Hey guys I'm glad for the most part this idea was taken positively :) Very true, it is indeed possible for the seperate heroes to coexist within Termina. I used "God/Messiah/etc." in quotes for the most part in my original post. This was simply because I didn't really want too much emphasis on...
  6. OwenGTA

    Majora's Mask and How Link is Portrayed As a Messiah/etc.

    I had recently thought about it. Now I am not religious at all, but bare with me; Across the modern world, most known religions depict a 'Messiah'/prophet/'Chosen One' that had come to save their people. Strangely enough, there are also a ton of similarities between these 'Messiahs' however...
  7. OwenGTA

    Spoiler Why The "Link Created Termina With His Mind" Is NOT True!

    You can never dig too deep for a game as complex as Majora's Mask.
  8. OwenGTA

    Spoiler Why The "Link Created Termina With His Mind" Is NOT True!

    This. He may have 'created Termina in his mind' via dreaming, but not some fantasy he made up out of no where. A widely accepted theory suggests everything in Termina reflects what Link has been through from his past adventure in OOT.
  9. OwenGTA

    The Member Fact Game

    Has an unique name. Seriously, I think it's awesome.
  10. OwenGTA

    Pokemon Button Holding Myth - Is It True?

    LOL. Yeah I used to think pressing B rapidly helps the catch-rate.
  11. OwenGTA

    Goron "Link" at the Inn

    What do you mean the two Malons being in the same place at the same time? If you're talking about Cremia and Romani being the same person, they're not.
  12. OwenGTA

    Zelda Riddles

    Please do. It's really annoying when people answer correctly and just leave us to wait.
  13. OwenGTA

    Strange Things

    Not to mention that if you already have the Cow Mask (forgot its name), then her reward is a big 'ol hug to her chest. ;)
  14. OwenGTA

    Most Touching Moment

    I agree with everyone here on the "Anju and Kafei" moment. On my playthrough of the game a while ago, I remember finishing up their segment and later on when I was ready to finally beat the game and fight Majora, I redid the Anju and Kafei quest and killed Majora in that same 3-day segment. :)
  15. OwenGTA

    Goron "Link" at the Inn

    Wow, you pointed out the obvious that no one here seemed to notice. Goron Link was a baby when Link was an adult, and now in MM he is a kid again but Goron Link is older? Yeah doesn't make sense. Thanks for pointing it out.
  16. OwenGTA

    Why Ocarina of Time is Not That Great of a Game

    Before even coming to this forum or anything like that, I was speaking with my friend in school and brought up Ocarina of Time as my favorite game ever. I doubt he even played it because he was just laughing and saying "nah", etc. Why do I love it so much? I don't know. Every time I open the...
  17. OwenGTA

    Strange Things

    When riding to town with Cremia on her milk wagon, she mentions her problems and one of those is Romani says things like "I must prepare for the ghosts.." because she is shooting her bow all the time. They're no new species of Poe lol, Romani just didn't know they were aliens. Plus if Poes are...
  18. OwenGTA

    Goron "Link" at the Inn

    We could take both ideas of the age and the fact that all Gorons look alike into consideration. Link obviously grew from his young age (mentioned in my first post) and why not the Goron? We don't know how fast Gorons age. This could've easily made it easier for Nintendo to put together because...
  19. OwenGTA

    CD-i Titles As Bad As Everyone Thinks?

    I request walkthroughs for the three games. :devil:
  20. OwenGTA

    Who Do You Think Would Win in a Fight Ganondorf or Majora's Wrath?

    Baby Ganondorf couldn't touch Majora's Wrath. 50 char..
  21. OwenGTA

    Fear.....it Gets the Best of Us.

    These are my three right here. I hate getting frozen by the redeads and that woman-like scream always shouting. Like Likes, for obvious reasons. It gets worse it they're at the edge of a cliff and they spit you out off it. You can say buy to your stuff. And Wallmasters because they creep me out...
  22. OwenGTA

    Goron "Link" at the Inn

    Thanks for all the positive replies. Always glad to help.:)
  23. OwenGTA

    Zelda Riddles

    I say you just post another riddle Pocket Asian. The game must go on.
  24. OwenGTA

    What Zelda Games Have You Beaten, Have Played, or Are Playing?

    Good luck with the Great Bay temple. It's hell. Anyways, I've beaten Ocarina of Time around 5 times I'd say. It's my favorite game. I've 100%'d the game once. I'm in the middle of a run-through of Majora's Mask. This would be my 3rd time beating it. My second time around I 100%'d the game...
  25. OwenGTA

    CD-i Titles As Bad As Everyone Thinks?

    Before even clicking the topic, I thought to myself "Well if the AVGN made a video based off them.." and you beat me to it. Seriously though, I wouldn't spend my money on the games (ignoring the fact that AVGN points out they're super-expensive), but I guess it wouldn't hurt to DL a rom and play...
  26. OwenGTA

    Goron "Link" at the Inn

    I never really looked into these things that much, but I guess it must be pretty obvious to most people. Hopefully if anyone is reading this, they've discover something new about Majora's Mask.
  27. OwenGTA

    Goron "Link" at the Inn

    Alright, this thought just came across my head while watching a 100% speed run of Majora's Mask. When you recieve your key to the Inn in Clock Town, there was an apparent reservation under your name, 'Link'. You didn't put down this reservation but who cares, free room right? You found out a...
  28. OwenGTA

    Which (mini)boss Would Win?

    Oh alright :hmm: I don't think so.. Of course Twinmold couldn't eat Link with the Giant's Mask on..The Giant's Mask allowed Link to grow 500 ft. taller :dry: but the other bosses won't have a Giant's Mask to help them. Odolwa, Gyorg and Ghot are nowhere as close to the size of Twinmold. If...
  29. OwenGTA

    Your Favorite Video Games

    My favorite video game will always be OoT, but besides a Zelda game, my favorite would probably be GTA: San Andreas..Oh the things that game had to offer..
  30. OwenGTA

    Which Site Do You Go with

    I subscribe to Game Informer magazine, so I sometimes judge the games off their ratings. But if a game looks interesting to me, I look up some playthrough online by people with voice commentary and that convinces me if it's good most of the time.
  31. OwenGTA

    Which (mini)boss Would Win?

    Changed from Garo Master to Gomess from remembering that you need the Lights arrows.. TwinMold for bosses, no contest. He could just eat the other ones. Edit: That was really strange looking at your Sheik sig, then I post here and it suddenly changes haha.
  32. OwenGTA

    Your YouTube Favorites

    Adventures of Duane and BrandO, THESE SONGS ARE AMAZING. ZELDA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTCe_0KxK2w ZELDA 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0i8Oy2l0cjo&feature=related
  33. OwenGTA

    Hardest Zelda

    3. Majora's Mask. Degrading the number of Temples from 8 to 4 made it twice as hard. Not to mention you always had a time limit. 2. Adventure of Link. For obvious reasons this game was always a struggle, but it was no doubt a classic. 1. Original. If you were on your own, you would have some...
  34. OwenGTA

    Who Was Your Favorite Random Character in the Legend of Zelda?

    '???' in Majora's Mask was a hand that came out of a toilet in the only hotel in Clock Town. He always asked for "Paper Please!" and if you brought him a Deku Title Deed you would get a heart piece from him.
  35. OwenGTA

    100+ Things I've Learned From Playing Zelda

    182: Staying in towns stop the flow of time. Ultimately day and night.
  36. OwenGTA

    What Would You Call Your Child?

    Link or Zelda. Just kidding. (that joke was probably already made..) Boy: Sander; I have a great friend from the Netherlands who is named Sander. I think it's a good name. Girl: Dunno. I'm only 17 so I don't really care to worry about it.
  37. OwenGTA

    Games You Enjoyed but Didn't Get Well Received

    Medal Of Honor. The classics of FPS war games. I thought it was a dead franchise..but it seems a new one is being made and will take place in modern times. Most likely because of Modern Warfare 2 and BF: BC 2.
  38. OwenGTA

    Post Your Videogame Collection

    I used to trade stuff in all the time, so I don't have as much as stuff as I used to: CONSOLES: -GameCube -Xbox 360 -Gameboy SP GameCube: -Legend of Zelda: Collecter's Edition -Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Xbox 360: -Guitar Hero 3 -Guitar Hero: Metallica -CoD 4: Modern Warfare -CoD 6...
  39. OwenGTA

    100+ Things I've Learned From Playing Zelda

    179: OoT- When you're young, don't go out after dark..or skeletons of children will come from the ground and attack you!
  40. OwenGTA

    What Happened to the Sages?

    Saria got lost somewhere in the Forest Temple. That or imprisonment by anything within it. Darunia, as we know, went to fight Volvagia. He knew of the Megaton Hammer, but I guess thought there wasn't enough time. He most likely died trying to fight Volvagia. Ruto was trapped in the ice at Zora's...
  41. OwenGTA

    Bosses Always Have a Weak Spot! Mainly the Eye!

    BTW: Morpha's weak spot wasn't an eye, it was its' nucleus.
  42. OwenGTA

    Link's Mother: Where is She?

    In the OoT and MM timeline, she died. After the Forest Temple is beaten the Deku Sprout says that you were left in Kokiri Forest and since I just did a recent playthrough of the game, I know that it mentioned her death.
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