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  1. Storm Fox

    Violet's Hall of Graphics.

  2. Storm Fox

    You and a Anime Character

    Post the anime character that totaly or almost looks like you in real life and post the anime name where the character came from like this and this is mine. Anime: Sword Art Online Name: Kirito Anime: The Knight in the Area Name: Kakeru Aizawa
  3. Storm Fox

    Sword Art Online (Information)

    Sword Art Online (Information) Plot Overview: Warning Spoiler Alert: This contains details about future plotlines described in the light novels. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled. Aincrad (First Arc, SAO) In the year 2022, Kirito (the main protagonist), a solo player who had...
  4. Storm Fox

    Violet's Hall of Graphics.

    Nice it looks great i agree on Azure the avatar is little creepy compared to the signature well anyway nice job.
  5. Storm Fox

    Broken Kingdom Sign-Up Thread

    Name: Kirito Job:◾Former Solo player (SAO) ◾Moonlit Black Cats (Former) (SAO) ◾Knights of the Blood Oath (SAO) Age: 16 Appearance: young with black hair, weres anything thats black Personality: is someone who is not good with words, as said by Klein, and can be quite direct. This is due...
  6. Storm Fox

    New X&Y Trailer (Japanese)

    yeah yeah i live in japan i already played the demo
  7. Storm Fox

    General Art The Newcomer

    I like it
  8. Storm Fox

    General Art What Kind of Manga Would You Want Me to Make

    Come on guys, keep it coming
  9. Storm Fox

    General Art What Kind of Manga Would You Want Me to Make

    Title: Main Character: Male/Female Genre: Main Character Name: Other Character Names: World Name: Weapons: Summary:
  10. Storm Fox

    Pot Noodles

    Anyway is fine. ZZZ
  11. Storm Fox

    Breath of the Wild More Aggressive Enemies

    heres one head to head
  12. Storm Fox

    Breath of the Wild Your Zelda Wii U Idea.

    Story line: 2 heros Link and Zelda Game play: Link regular control Zelda gamepad hidden skills for both players. Enemies: combination of enemies from diffrent series. Game World: more places to explore in Hyrule (you can got to the underworld, skyloft, the good old ground and diffrent worlds)...
  13. Storm Fox

    A Link Between Worlds Possible Bosses

    I think theres gonna be someone stronger then ganon in the final boss
  14. Storm Fox

    Breath of the Wild Who Do You Think the Zelda U Villain Will Be?

    I think the villian will be some thing new thats not in the vote. may be it will be ganon and dark link combind or links shadow i voted for no one
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