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  1. Weboh

    Zeldas you've played (in order)

    MM (got to like, the first dungeon)>WW>MC>OoT>MM (to Stone Tower, but the Collector's Edition CD always encounters a glitch on it. I found that out after almost clearing it twice)>TP>SS>ST>MM (on the 64, but just as I was about to beat Stone Tower, someone bumped it, dislodging the cartridge...
  2. Weboh

    October Giveaway Contest: Favorite Zelda Quote

    "Mr. Fairy! You shouldn't walk on tables with your shoes on!" --Tingle, Wind Waker Okay Tingle, the next time I walk on tables, I'll be sure to take my shoes off first... :shrugs: Tingle is the bomb.
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